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In Photos: Explosions At Venezuela’s Petro San Felix Heavy Oil Project

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Venezuela continues suffering various unfortunate ‘accidents’. First it was the major blackout. Now, explosions are being reported at the Petro San Felix heavy-crude upgrading project in the eastern part of the country.

At least two storage tanks have exploded on the site, according to reports and photos appearing online.

Venezuelan heavy crude upgrading projects turn tar-like Orinoco crude into more valuable grades of oil. The main reason is that moving the heavy crude from production fields requires mixing it with some form of diluent that allows it to flow through pipelines.

In Photos: Explosions At Venezuela's Petro San Felix Heavy Oil Project

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Explosions At Venezuela's Petro San Felix Heavy Oil Project

Click to see the full-size image

In Photos: Explosions At Venezuela's Petro San Felix Heavy Oil Project

Click to see the full-size image


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William Wallace

By the time the United Snakes of America get finished destroying the Infrastructure in Venezuela, the people will have nothing left. What a shame and the world stands by and does nothing.

Freemon Sandlewould

It’s the ZioNAZI control grid and given what you said is true one has to wonder if it’s world wide now. Including Russia and China.

You can call me Al

Agreed, people have said it before and I have laughed it away……but not now.

This Is Bad

Truly disturbing… Came across an article in relation to this ‘incident’ claiming that Blackwater contractors may have carried out the attacks. Would be utter ignorance not to consider such a scenario taking place Afterall the CIA was heavily involved in the previous attacks on Electricity transformers. This is another attempt by Washington to use independent institutions to destabilize the situation until they have a full pretext to get involved [Same strategy Syria, Libya & Ukraine] destroy enough infrastructure to cause popular discontent. Surely an invasion here is on the drawing board a full on conflict will implode anytime soon.


Don’t worry, Venezuela ist’s capable of defend itself, and has powerful allies to ask help.


Really? The U.S. is responsible for this? Nothing to do with nearly 20 years of total neglect by the amazing cleptocracts Chavez and Morales? Drop the conspiracy theory. This is totally self-inflicted.


Go see if outside is raining, blocked.


‘Drop the conspiracy theory’ – err, lol.

Do you seriously deny the US-CIA are aggressively attempting to de-legitimize and remove the current government of Venezuela? Do you seriously deny the US-CIA operates paramilitary/activist/saboteur training programs and facilities in the neighboring state of Colombia? Do you seriously deny the US-CIA has very long history of this exact foreign policy behavior – to topple non-compliant South American leaderships – as literally illustrated in the now public domain CIA saboteur manuals issued to Nicaraguan mercenaries and paramilitaries throughout whole of the 1980’s? Troll it along now.

Concrete Mike

Drop the script!!!

US is responsible for this. Your leaders are quite overt about this.

Cant you fucken read? Anything than NYT or Jon Bolton’s twitter or Pompeo’s used napkins!!


The filthy US terrorists are destroying Venezuela without needing to bomb it like Libya and Iraq. If the Venezuelan people surrender as they wish, the dog Guaidò will be the end of the poor people, he will return 30 years back to die of sickness and hunger in the street, while the Yankees will steal everything.


More humanitarian aid from Eliot.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

So, this is how the US Evil Empire (USEE) ends. The whole world with a free media gets to see that the USEE spreads chaos, destruction and war leading to whole countries being bombed/blacked-out back to the stone age while the Eurasian countries struggle to build a future for mankind. If Venezuela falls then Russia, China, Iran, India, Turkey will be next. Will these countries even try to protect Venezuela? Do they have the guts to stand up to the USEE?




Yes, USA all the way to her demise :)

The same as Rome.


they are not like Rome, they are as Punics of the worst darkest ages.

Elisabeth Jenders

It’s been long planned – like project Nitro Zeus to take out the power grid – https://www.mintpressnews.com/did-the-us-recycle-a-bush-era-plan-to-take-out-venezuelas-power-grid/256113/ How sick in their heads must these people be who plan such things? No values but their own superiority?


You mean superiority in barbarianism? They are the only one engaged in such activities. No competition there so they are No 1 or the only one…. soon to be only remembered.

This Is Bad

Can you post a link to the current positions of US’s Carrier strike groups in the Southern Hemisphere.


cia and the opposition working hand in hand to make life unbearable for the venezuelan people. sabotaging the orderly working of the society, sabotaging venezuela’s life line – the oil industry. isn’t it time that someone got a bead on the perpetrators of these outrageous crimes:


So, getting it, huh. The use of mercs, is so old it pre-dates everything, exept, uh, sex, but it makes also, another issue more usefull for the enemy whom uses them, namely plausible deniability, do you know what that is, and how much its been used, to the mind boggling ignorance regarding whom benefits, the locals, more muslims is killed by other muslims this days than ever before, the shere level of mindleless terrorism, aka bombing markeds, an grave sin, to cover the use of mercs, either locals or not, that is been used by the Moronikans and Brits/France, ISISrael for 50 years, since the first atempt to over throw Syria ended, and then we have Saudi-barbarians, flushing cash everywhere, buying whores, their second speciality, in all shades possible.

Pakistan, is in an intresting situation, as much as the Indian vassals are, do not whine and yell about the splinter in the other mans eyes, when you dont see the rod in your own. I hope, since, the issue is a bit more complex, that the future, adults must start to be more pissed, to have idiots running this is dangerous, the shere level of costs is mindboggling, and like two people standing in an sea of gassoline and brags about how many matches they have. I am in fact starting to be an fan of public wipping, not of ordinary people, but of politicians in this level with this much power can behave as raving loonies, and never mind the even more dangerous generals, whom by the way is well plased in their bonkers deep into the montain side, yeah, no problems with pretending to have balls, when everybody else is dead.

This list, is what is happening in Venezuela, everybody knows it, its not rocket science after all.

PS: Yeah, wounder if not the truth about BoingBoing is coming slowly out, dripping, huh, compangase lousy designe flaws, with AI (shit in, shit out) and didnt bother to inform people using this flying briks, and now, yeah, even I see them on their noses, somebody, knew, somebody hide it, and some, just shutted up, silence, is, after all Golden. I guess the technicalitys, witch I didnt bother to dive to deeply into will emerge, after this, show of how and whom is desiding what, and can we after all, the latest two days even, trust this f…. at all.

DO copoRats have this much power, do they.

Hang em all.



But people, these facilities and depots are being destroyed for the sake of democracy! That’s good, isn’t it? They are either democratically owned by US corporations or not owned by anyone (that is destroyed). I’m starting to get it, democracy is kind of fun isn’t it? If people don’t want to convert to our democracy we smash the hell out of them, it’s all they deserve, poor dears… And if they do convert to our way, we get to keep their factories and refineries and stuff. So we win what ever happens. Yay, democracy to all!

Concrete Mike

Now your getting it.

Here is an honorary zionazi membership card first 3 months free!


Wow! I’m so going to wear it proudly everywhere I go.

Chris Chuba

I wonder if these are old fashioned ‘saboteurs’ or if these are cyber crimes. If it is human infiltration then hopefully the Venezuelans will catch a few before the act and a few high profile public executions will have a deterrent effect. If it is cyber then they need to as Russia for help.


It seems the US is now dumping oil into the water supply. They are the lowest of the low, not fit to be called human.


CIA must stop its secret operations in Venezuela. Only Russia can stop these criminals.

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