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JUNE 2021

In Photos: 15 Killed In Deadly ISIS Attack In Southeastern Niger

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In Photos: 15 Killed In Deadly ISIS Attack In Southeastern Niger

A destroyed ACMAT Bastion APC. Click to see full-size image.

On May 16, ISIS news agency, Amaq, released photos from a recent attack by the group’s cells on the Niger Armed Forces.

The attack, which took place on May 4, targeted a post of the Nigerien military located near the town of Einthusan in the southwestern region of Tillabéri. At the time, the post was manned by soldiers from a special anti-jihadist forces called “Operation Almahaou”.

ISIS claimed that about 20 Nigerien soldiers were killed as a result of the attack. However, the Ministry of Defense of Niger placed the death toll at 15 only. Four other soldiers were wounded.

During the attack, ISIS fighters destroyed two French-made ACMAT Bastion armored personnel carriers. The vehicles can be seen in Amaq’s photos.

Three days prior to the attack in Einthusan, ISIS cells ambushed a military unit in the Tahoua region in western Niger. Back then, 16 soldiers were killed and six others were wounded.

ISIS cells have been working to expand their influence in Niger for a while. The Nigerien government is yet to take any serious measure to address this growing threat, despite receiving support from many sides.


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Fog of War

Why does Nigeria even have an army ? They seem completely incompetent and useless.


I think you mixed Niger with Nigeria,

Fog of War

Yes i did. But my sentiment still stands.


No. Black man likes to kill black man. They are good at doing that. Unfortunately, the rate of homicide is slower than new births.

jens holm

If Nigerians live in Nigeria, who lives in Niger?


Love it. Black man kill a black man give me satisfaction.

Davide Herzog

It give much less pleasure to me as if those countries wil become like hell millions black men will invade europe !
Sometimes I think this is the main goal globalists want to score by isis : create enough caos , unsafeness , misery to force dozens millions black men to invade Europe and destroy the last opposition to the self elected race…


amerikans dressing as Nigerians


Nigerian Lives Matter

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