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In Photo: Syrian Army Captured ISIS Vehicle In Deir Ezzor Desert

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In Photo: Syrian Army Captured ISIS Vehicle In Deir Ezzor Desert

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Units of the Syrian Army have captured a vehicle used by ISIS cells for operations in the desert area in the province of Deir Ezzor.


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Zionism = EVIL

The headchoppers financial situation is not looking kosher since their Americunt and Jew rotten cunt masters have gone broke, so the headchoppers have now downscaled from Toyota Hi-lux to patched up junk jalopies. Soon the Saudi morons will be driving the same :)

Assad must stay

jalopies hahahaha too funny

Assad must stay

Tremendous job as usual SAA


Exactly, “TREMENDOUS” and INCREDIBLE, EXCELLENT, with this action…, the war is over.

Wayne Nicholson

I wouldn’t even approach that vehicle without a can of gas and a match …. just looking at that bedding makes me itch ….. they scored a nice shovel and burn barrel though.

Zionism = EVIL

It has come straight from the set of Beverly Hillbillies thanks to Hollywood Jew cunts :)


I was thinking the same. The ‘owner’s bedding is as dirty as that of the IDF base hastily abandoned for a while when Hezbollah retaliated lst year.

Jimi Thompson 2

One day the world will have the pleasure of seeing a headline that reads…

“The Satanic Terrorist State Of Israel Has Been Leveled… There Are No Survivors”


Captured truck isn’t all shiney, but its the mechanicals that count. Being in the desert counts for a plus, since theres gonna be little rust.

After all the bedding and clothes gets torched, it will likely make a fine vehicle for the good guys.

Im a mechanic and fabricobbler from the rust belt, it would be nice if our old vehicles were in such a crud-free condition as this one is.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SAA are finally going to Deir ez Zor and doing the job the Iranians and Hezbollah and NDF should’ve done, hopefully they can drag the Russian’s along with them too, but I’ll bet they can’t, there’s a mysterious barrier all around Deir ez Zor airspace that effectively keeps Russian combat aircraft from flying there, it doesn’t stop Russian transport aircraft though, just Russian combat planes.
The Iranians have been there in southern Deir ez Zor [DZ] for the last 2 years and in complete control of the whole area, and yet Isis has grown in DZ to such an extent it now threatens towns in Homs, Ar Raqqah, and US held northern Deir ez Zor, and now the SAA have to go in and assist Iran to do the job of eradicating Isis, mmm.
This is a good start, because if the SAA don’t do it for Iran the US will cross the river and do it for them, so the SAA need to get rid of Isis pronto, Syria doesn’t want to give the US the same excuse Turkey used to take over northern Al Hasakah, but southern Deir ez Zor will become the US’s excuse if Isis is allowed to operate in southern Deir ez Zor the way they have been.
Does anyone know why the US are building up their troop numbers, vehicle capabilities and infrastructure all along the Euphrates, they don’t need that many men or that much equipment to protect the oil, the Kurds are already doing that, and why are they all focused on southern Deir ez Zor, duh, I wonder why.
Good on you Assad, Deir ez Zor is Syria’s sovereign territory which means you can go anywhere you like in your own land, and so can the SAA, and so should your allies Russia, they should be allowed to go anywhere you want them to go as well, there shouldn’t be anywhere in Syria that’s out of bounds for the SAA and Russia, especially southern Deir ez Zor.
Wipe out Isis and do the job Iran and Hezbollah and the NDF were supposed to do, show all the morons who read SF just what a patriotic force of Syrians can really do to Isis, it’s certainly going to be a hell of a lot more than Iran’s been doing there for the last 2 years that’s for sure.
Look at the way Iran treats Deir ez Zor president Assad, and that’s what’s starting to happen elsewhere in Syria too, so you should’ve listened to the Russians, they were right, so tell Iran to shut up and send the Russian air force in, those Russian attack choppers are the perfect anti Isis weapons, at least in the open deserts they are, and since that’s where Isis is, that’s where they’re needed.
Kick the Iranians out of the T4 airbase and let the Russians use it instead, or at least make the Iranians share it with Russia, oops, sorry, I forgot that’s impossible, the Russians don’t want to and can’t share a base, they have to replace the Iranians, so just replace them.
At last and about time, this is what should’ve happened 6 months ago, so better late than never, at least they haven’t run out of time yet.

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