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In Nazi-style Move Ukrainian Police Requested List Of Addresses And Phone Numbers Of Jewish Citizens

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In Nazi-style Move Ukrainian Police Requested List Of Addresses And Phone Numbers Of Jewish Citizens

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Ukraine’s National Police department demanded Jewish community of Kolomiya to provide police the list of all Jews with addresses and mobile phones and Jewish students in universities with addresses and phones.

The reasoning behind is to fight international organized crime groups.

“Please provide us the following information regarding the Orthodox Jewish religious community of Kolomyya, namely: The organization’s charter; list of members of the Jewish religious community, with indication of data, mobile phones and their places of residence,” the letter reads.

The letter was signed by Myhaylo Bank, a high-ranking officer in the national police force who handles organized crime. The letter did not explain his unit’s particular interest in Kolomyya’s Jews.

Then it turned out that not everything was in order and the main headquarters of the police began an investigation into why the Ivano-Frankivsk police department requested the list.

Israel’s ambassador to Kiev, Joel Lion, addressed Ukraine’s presidential office, ministry of foreign affairs and interior ministry, tweeting on Monday: “I received phone calls from the highest officials of Ukraine strongly condemning this act of Antisemitism.”

“It’s a total disgrace and open anti-Semitism,” Dolinsky told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “It’s especially dangerous when it comes from a law enforcement agency that we have to fight the very thing it is perpetrating.”

He also said that he has had no explanation yet from Ukraine’s national police.

“After my tweet and intervention of the Israeli Ambassador in Ukraine, they started an investigation. I was told that all police officials related to the letter were called to Kiev. We believe that there was a document behind this letter which they received from the centre. Everyone is already informed and we are waiting for an official explanation,” Dolinsky said.

The US Senate also issued a swift statement condemning the actions and expressing its surprise at it.

Of course, all of this comes as some sort of a surprise, despite, Lviv being located in Western Ukraine, which at this point is infamous with its various monument to Nazi collaborators (deemed “national heroes”), and the Ukrainian government clearly allowing the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions to do as they please and lead the country’s general policy in regard to Eastern Ukraine.

Following numerous reports that dub Ukraine as the “global Nazi hub” stories such as these are surprising, and not seen since the “Nazi invasion of Ukraine.” The narrative, however, is that these are isolated incidents, and the “Nazi invasion of Ukraine” didn’t fester for 70 years and is still present there and not really an invasion, but rather a somewhat popular ideology.

This time the attempts to carry out these actions didn’t pass, but how far off in the distance is some sort of identification to allow for easy separation of people? Like some sort of golden circle, or another figure, maybe a star?


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Jens Holm

It a good sign it was stopped. Ukranine has to clean so many things. Until then they have no chance being a good country with long life and some kind of happiness for most of the inhabitants.

I again will recommend, that they vore back those 3 provinces, which never was Ukraine for real and with some small compensation. Its bad trade with everlasting more or less war there forever.


Maybe their Jewish prime minister and their Jewish president just wanted to know where all their coethnics live, so their ethnic nepotism will go smoother.

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, its is just propaganda and luckily the holol cunts have not blamed Russia for the Jew plague so far.

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionist cunts are doing far worse to the Palestinians, whose lands they are stealing, killing their children and organ harvesting. Actually, in the US the Americunts are killing rather than taking names and kicking ass. The Jew cunts are devious scum though.

Watchdog reports record number of anti-Jewish incidents in U.S. last year

Rhodium 10

Nothing special as Jewish Oligarchy are ruling Ukraine..it is similar when Jews comunity living in GB,Canadá and USA during WW2..did not move any finger to save Jews in Europe and didn´t recommend to bomb death camps…


You know you just have to check wikipedia or do a Google search to see how wrong you are?

Rhodium 10

wikipedia? they spread fake info always favoring western interest!..thats why Russia wants to promote a Russian Wiki.


Not to be a party pooper, but those are not two entities that I would use for reference…on anything. Might as well quote CNN or FOX.

Tony Murphy

Wikipedia? Now that’s funny!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Where are Jews, there is organized crime. The cops are just doing their job.

Zionism = EVIL

90% of white children trafficking, organ harvesting, money laundering, ponzi scams and drug running is conducted by Jew cunts and their fake cancerous state.

Raptar Driver

Yes they are doing their job, to take their cut. That’s what this is about.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Ukraine must be getting a Ford factory soon then.

Lone Ranger

Waiting for hasbarats defending these ukropnazis…

Pave Way IV

Fake, manufactured anti-Semitic ‘outrage’. Does anyone remember the tactic used in the fake ‘Donetsk letter to the Jews’ just before the US shithole-ization of Ukraine? I expect an avalanche of such nonsense in the buildup to the Israeli land-theft this July. Poor Israel – always the victim.


I predict that once the investigation is complete, the Judeo-ukro oligarchy will select the appropriate patsy from one of the goyim in the police farce to blame for this despicable act of semitism… .

Tony Murphy

Sounds like a sensible move to me.

AM Hants

Zelensky – Zionist President. Guess Zionist are not too respectful of bibliotic Jews?

Soros, his mentor, who funded the Ukraine coup d’etat. The Zionist who found the best times of his life, were back in the 40s, when he was a Nazi collaborater.

Igor Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community. Who went on to create the Nazi ‘Azov’ battalion



If Ukraine has a reason to suspect from them they did the right thing to do. You can’t keep acting blind to jewish crimes around the world just because they were targeted at 1940.

AM Hants

Off topic, but, does include Ukraine, if you look into Crowd Strike and Alexandre Chalupa.

Has anybody seen the list of people allowed to snoop on General Flynn?

Gateway Pundit has printed a list of about 50 involved in his FISA spying.

Usual crowd, including Biden and Brennan. Together with UN Ambassador Samantha Power. JACOB Lew, Secretary of Treasury. Wasn’t he working closely with Soros, when they put together the coup d’etat? What did the cyber berkut leaks turn up with regards Soros and Lew?

Why was Turkish and Italian Ambassador given access as we as so many NATO Members. Wonder if they were also connected to NATO’S Think Tank, The Atlantic Council.
No doubt, need to sit back. Munch the popcorn and watch the show. Somebody with links to Syria, also involved. I

cechas vodobenikov

no surprise that US allies w Ukraine—both Nazi nations


A good example how identity politics have poisoned our society – the mere mention that jews might be involved in international crime and it gets shut down by israel or US politicians. Apparently it is inconceivable that suspecting jews for anything cannot be anything other than anti-semitism. Good way to protect criminals if you ask me.
Investigations should be allowed to proceed without any interference, let the results show who is guilty, and if the investigators are biased. End of story.

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