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In Maps: Syrian Forces’ Advances Against ISIS In Southern Damascus


In Maps: Syrian Forces' Advances Against ISIS In Southern Damascus

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Syrian government forces have reached the Palestine roundabout between the district of Tadamon and the Yarmouk refugee camp as well as captured a number of buildings in the northwestern part of the district of al-Hajar al-Aswad. MORE HERE

Summing up the recent developments it becomes clear that ISIS faces its last weeks in southern Damascus as the terrorist group does not have enough resources to oppose the ognoing advance by government forces.

In Maps: Syrian Forces' Advances Against ISIS In Southern Damascus

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  • Rob

    By fraud and by tricks how the US, UK and Israeli migrants took the Palestinian land from Palestinians and hold all Palestinians oppressed and hostage. There is any big crime than this?

    • scott_ewing

      None I can think of.

  • Smaug

    This is taking longer than I expected. But I suppose that unlike Gouta the SAA is not making reconciliation deals.

    • Bill Wilson

      They tried to but got no takers.

    • No longer than Raqqa or Mosul.

    • Chris P

      Perhaps, you did not notice, but this is not the Tiger Forces attacking this time. New troops are getting more war experience now. The streets are much closer and it was a larger area than the Ghouta Cheese area. This attack should have started 2 months ago too.

    • Mike

      To bad you are not there with your ISIS, buddies, sparing us your pointless trolling.

      • Smaug

        Mike, seriously. You have better things to do than harrass me, I already know what your game is so bug off.

  • Just like Raqqa and Mosul. The Orcs put up a nasty fight. Of course in Raqqa and mosul the Orcs get redeployed to fight again. These Yarmouk Orcs get redeployed to Shaitan’s Brigade! :D

  • Feudalism Victory

    So this goes away. Isis in the east is rounded up what next? Defend Aleppo from Turkey? Attack the Golan? Accept partition?

    • Ronald

      Defend Aleppo’s western front and clean Idbid.
      There will be no partition.

  • Ronald

    Remarkably the Canadian PM has stepped up to the plate and called for a full inquiry into Israel’s use of “excessive force” in its confrontation with unarmed civilians in Gaza on Monday.
    Considering that a Canadian doctor was shot and his assistant killed, he may have been in a position where he had to. Still a positive note on an otherwise shameful subject.