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JUNE 2021

In Maps: Possible Objectives Of First Phase Of Expected Syrian Army Advance In Daraa Province

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In Maps: Possible Objectives Of First Phase Of Expected Syrian Army Advance In Daraa Province

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Currently, the Syrian-Russian delegation and representatives of local militants are negotiating a possible reconciliation deal in the area. The deal would allow Syrian government forces to restore control of the area and would allow militants to settle their cases or to withdraw to other militant-held areas.

However, if the deal is not reached, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will be forced to implement a military option. In this case, the Nassib border crossing and nearby areas will likely become the first target of the SAA advance.

As always, government forces will rely on massive artillery and air strikes and the advantage in military equipment.

On May 23, Iran officially annouced that its forces will not participate in the operation. Thus, Israel will have no justifications for its possible strikes against the SAA in the area.

As soon as the Nassib border crossing is liberated, government forces will focus on militants operating near the occupied Golan Heights.

In Maps: Possible Objectives Of First Phase Of Expected Syrian Army Advance In Daraa Province

Click to see the full-size image

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Since when Israel needs justification to act aggressively and rabidly? They have the western governments (with 3 veto seats in UNSC) and MSM, there’s their justification.
I’m sure even without Iranian and Hezbollah presence in the south, the occupying regime will justify it’s attacks by a single astray bullet, which will be fired by their own terrorists into the Syrian occupied Golan by the way.

I think everybody is caring to much for Israel’s fragile little feelings. I know the alternative is the possible military confrontation, but I can’t help it, These Zionists ask too much.

Ishyrion Av

I don’t think it was about Israel feelings as it was about not giving an excuse to attack. However, Israel doesn’t need excuses, but still.


israel has brand new weapons and 3 veto seats in UNSC (one is the most powerful country). Syria has no weapons and no veto seat in UNSC. So, you understand why israel can do whatever she wants.

Ishyrion Av

Russia and China has veto rights in UNSC. However, UNSC doesn’t matter anymore.
Now I find out Israel is a she… :D Blonde, brunette, white, black, between?


Israel has always been a bitch on heat.

Ishyrion Av

yes, yes, but how she looks like? Maybe zika slika can unravel the mystery???


Nothing overly fancy or attractive. I think something like this:
comment image?w=748&h=498&crop=1

I’d ask if I didn’t block it before, but again, no point engaging a Hasbarat.

PS: Curious choice of the robe, like the most famous depiction of Moses (SA) by Charlton Heston, plus 2 blunt horns. Or Ms. Piggy ears, I’m not sure!


Persian girls are much prettier.

Ishyrion Av

I think she is imagining some horns… Interesting choice now for what were two thousand years ago people of God. But again, they failed in idolatry many times, those times and these times as well.

Val Shadowhawk

A rabid one.


Yes, I have known a few and they can be very dangerous :)


israel has veto and Syria doesn’t. Don’t talked about Russia or China.


you don’t have any idea about the ballistic missile arsenal that Syria & Hezbollah both possess. you have never seen war and should not speak about things you do not know.

zika slika

ayatollah you are ignorant Idiot or you probably been in coma since 1967 war, they do not need anything because they are superpower.
Israel love PEACE
Palestinians Eloquently Assfucked Cunt Explored Torah. 24:16

.. they will fry you from 100 km + and you would not even notice until you are kebab,… you have demo in Star Wars…you are a bit late industrial revolution plus two centuries………, so wait your turn and then strike back good luck

Ishyrion Av

uhoooooooo, Israeli bot on the ground!!!!

Rakean Jaya

it wasn’t ‘war’ in 1967 , to be precisely,it was Israels invasion to its surrounding neighbors with full support from western corrupt establishment in form of diplomatic cover and weaponry, and with support of thousands ‘militias’ from most East European countries.

Val Shadowhawk

Hasbara. Get lost. Nobody here with a body temp is interested in hearing your inane BULLSHIT!! Fuck you and ‘israel’. The illegitimate, baby killing monstrosity now teetering at the edge of its demise, by its own filthy mass murdering terrorist hands. Good riddance, when it finally goes down. Now, go fuck yourself. You freak.


Israel did not conquer golan in 1967. The syrian army retreated without a fight and the israeli army advanced unopposed for three days. Israel was focused on egypt. The betrayal of a syrian general was a gift.


Even if the Syrian army had truly acted as you say (Israeli propaganda), this would change nothing to the fact that any penetration of the army of the Zionist colonial regime on the territory of other countries is an invasion and any act of remaining there a conquest.


If you weren’t such a stupid sick fuck, you’d actually be funny…but you blow it with your anal sex fetish every time.


The insult to other people does not give you the rightness of your argument.


zio-crack addiction, is a veritable mind killer, as this typically hubris drunk ethno-supremacist indoctrinated zio-foot soldier’s words illustrate. The smug sense of ethno-superiority that oozes from the pores of these brain washed cult followers makes for a fair bit of comic relief ehen juxtaposed over the self evident idiocy and vulgar banality of their brain dead ingestion of Zionist myth making and narrative.

Come on cupcake, give us your best…. zio-crack bafoon show.

Dr. Pro Liv

that explains your anti-Russian comments as well


Israel LOVE PEACE………in your dreams. Israel LOVE POWER, and she will create any necessary WAR to get it (using other countries, normally).


L’00″K everyone – ISIS has it’s only presence in that area of Syria RIGHT ON THE BORDER OF israHELL – the FSA have provided a buttress between ISIS (Israeli Intelligence Services) and Syria and it’s on record (to add to the rest of IsraHELLi Crimes) for the whole world to see – and the whole will see it – 100% of all Countries Intelligence Services already have that information.

I Just love it that IsraeHELL is well over teetering over the brink of it’s demise. Dancing with the DEVIL has become the only thing the FAKE HERDOIAN BAALIST state can do. And before the Hasbara Troll starts on me I am white Western Non Muslim. Ahaaahahahaha. YEARS of Israhell helping ISIS, PROTECTING ISIS on the border of ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED GOLAN HEIGHTS (and everywhere else Globally especially Libya) – LYING about 100% of everything untll it really is a PSYCHOTIC MENTALLY ILL STATE and ONLY that – and YEARS of attacking ANY entity that is fighting Terrorism.

No amount of Fake News will change that. We have the internet, screenshot, full page screen capture and MILLIONS of us and growing in number daily globally are doing EXACTLY that. Every move IsraHELL makes contributes to its demise. And that day is so nearly here. HOORAY.

Joe Dirt

oh fuck off


And yet another thought provoking comment from Joe. :D

Val Shadowhawk

NO! YOU go fuck off. And take your fellow ‘israeli’ thug keyboard creeps with you.

Jacek Wolski

Says you and the keyboard army ? keep tap tapping away, I command you!

Val Shadowhawk

That’s supposed to be ‘funny?’ You ain’t. Now find a high cliff and jump off. Time wasting troll pissant.

Jacek Wolski

‘Ain’t’ does not form part of standard English and should not be used in formal contexts! Having problems structuring an English sentence together? Superheroes are suppose to be cunning linguists. You are none of the above ? But keep trying harder! And remember, only baby steps at this stage of your cognitive behaviour therapy. In small increments you will get there one day my special friend! ?

Val Shadowhawk

You are blocked as of now. Not going to waste my time replying to such puerile ‘personalites’ here. Adults are talking. Scram little troll.

Jacek Wolski

Oh, you are one scary super-duper villain! Shrek? Is that you? ?

Val Shadowhawk

I totally agree!

Dr. Pro Liv

Is it “Israeli feelings” or Iran itching for war?!
It is old saying full of wisdom.;
“You better do not start, what you can not finish it !”

If I was sure that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah can finish up IsraHell 100% sure…. I would be first for that.
Bringing up war on the new level will start only WW3.
Russia is not for starting the WW3 over the Golan or by directly attacking US-NATO troops.
And your hopes (in the back of your head) that you will drug in Russia (China even less) in that world war might fail. And Iran might end up with plenty of war on their hands.

One does not start WW3 over the peace of territory like Golan or over the facts that IsraHell are bastards who deserve punishment ! US and NATO are standing right behind them.
For the moment there will be no other solution for Golan but UN and diplomatic methods.
US dollar will collapse and time will come to fight Empire and their stooges but that time is not
here yet !


This time Syrian and Russian are together in Daraa South Syria to launch large scale military operation against terrorists. No excuse for Benjamin and Avigdor to retaliate on false flag projectiles. LOL.

Bill Wilson

Looks like Assad doesn’t want to upset the Druze.


Why would he, the Druze are very loyal to Assad.


It will be a Blessing and another great victory for Syria, f the can recover and seal all the Southern borders.


Taking out the eastern salient first does look like a good plan.
SAA front lines are shrinking, freeing up more troops for operations.
Paint it red! :)

Alexis Goldwasser

We reserve the right to defend our borders against Iran who has said time and time again that they want to wipe us off the map. To this end, we require permission from nobody.

Brad Isherwood

Just blow up the Dome of the Rock for your Blood Sacrifice temple.
Then Armageddon can happen.
That’s when Israel gets the living shit kicked out of it,
And at 11:59….YHWY or Jesus ( pick one )..shows up to save their @ss’s!

And if YHWY or Jesus do not show up. ..

Bwwwhahaahaaa! : )

Jacek Wolski

Didn’t your mamma tell you Santa Claus ain’t real?


Just be sure to pay the back rent on the blue bit.

Promitheas Apollonious

you lucky they have not yet do exactly what you deserve, but give it time what it goes around comes around.

Doom Sternz

You would need to provide a link where they say that, but i suspect its just bigotry on your part.
There is no morality or decency in Israeli policy. The Nuremberg Trials were very clear, the supreme international crime, is the crime of aggression.

George Evans

it would be poetic to put the Ashkenazi leaders in Tel Aviv on trial in Nuremberg for their crimes against humanity…


They are not your borders, filth.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

And iran requires permission from nobody to develop its nuclear potential, or to operate in syria, because they were given assads approval to be there, YOU ARE JUST INTERFERING!!

S Melanson

The widely cited quote of newly elected president Ahmadinejad “wipe Israel off the map” is both a missattribution and a mistranslation of Persian (Washington Post, Did Ahmadinejad really say Israel should be “wiped off the map”?, Glenn Kessler, October 5, 2011).

The correct translation is “this occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the arena [page] of time.” Further, they were not his words, Ahmadinejad was quoting a statement by Khomeini although slightly misquoted – in square brackets is the word Khomeini actually used. It should also be noted that the real power broker in Iran is not the President, it is the supreme [religious] leader, in this case Khamenei, so the statement carries far less weight than if it came from Khamenei.

Of course the phrase “wipe Israel off the map” is far more sexy and so forget about honest reporting and go with that. It is certainly more appealing than the correctly translated version as it is directed not at Israel itself, but towards Israel’s occupation that is illegal under international law and the subject of many UN resolutions.

That said, there is no question that Israel is hostile to Iran and Iran is hostile to the existence of the Jewish state. So if there is to be a non-military solution to the stand-off, start with honesty and then add to that some mutual respect by having an open mind towards those with views you may disagree with. Peace.


sweetheart, just like all Israelis who do not denounce the evil racism of apartheid Israel, you are complicit in this racist crime against humanity.

That means that you are an ugly monster. Shun Israelis on all media. Any person who supports the racist system that Israel manifestly and demonstratably is, abdicates their own humanity and is themselves an inhuman monster who is ugly in their soul.

So sorry Alexis, you probably think of yourself as being attractive too, but in rwality vecause you support the evils of Zionusm, you are yourself a monster.

Live with it… every time you look in the mirror you stare at the visage of an inhuman freak… a racist ugliness worms around in your brain.

You Israeli Zionist freaks of nature are all monsters and Israel is a crime against humanity.

The Mossad was behind 911, American patriots know this now.

Jacek Wolski

Do something about it then. Talk is cheap wannabe American patriot.


We will… when the time is right for the restoration of the Republic and the arrest and trial of the neocon PNAC traitors who have betrayed our country.

We know who they are, and we can build out the webs of connections that relate them to one another. There are millions of us, and there is no single head to chop off… the movement is growing as more and more Americans wake up and become aware of the Zionist criminal syndicate operating on our soil.

We will eradicate it… but when circumstances are ready.

You keep taking your little blue pill, the revolution will not be televised.

Jacek Wolski

I have always found television to be an end to it’s own means as the media espouses its own virtues. And blue is not my favourite colour. But all the best on your quest towards the summit of that crystal mountain! ?


There are millions of Americans who are becoming aware of the oligarchic globalist criminal syndicate.

FYI: It is not “my quest”, it is not some personal Quixotic mission… it is the quest of humanity… the historic struggle of the common man against the organized elites.

Dr. Pro Liv

One day you will get what you deserve from Muslims and nobody will be there to help you.

Lena Jones

Enough with your gob already! EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, except of course invaders and occupiers are NOT given this defense as they are killing to protect their stolen loot. YOU CANNOT BE BOTH AN OCCUPIER AND A VICTIM!

And pray tell, dear, where exactly do israel’s borders begin and end? Expansionism thru war is a crime against humanity, something your klepto, nanny state will never tell you.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hehe maybe iran is saying this, but in reality it will :))) disinfo at its finest :))


No they will not be there, but Israel will lie, they always do.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Then israel better be careful not to hit any russian units operating with SAA, or they may be in big trouble :))

S Melanson



The Golan heights and Southern Lebanon is also occupied by terrorists, I hope Syria can also liberate those areas from the terrorists.

Jacek Wolski

Putin says NO!


This would be a logical path for the SAA to take, assuming that a major offensive takes place. There are reasons to believe it will not; first Iran has an undeclared war with Israel. Russia will not take any risk of clashing with a nuclear NATO member nor will they deliberately aggravate Washington (panic is undesirable when nukes are involved).

South Front does not understand Israel’s intentions, Tel-Aviv cares about one thing only: the security of its citizens. Everything else from international law to diplomacy comes second. Assad himself does not seem to give a rip about Israel even though many in his government what it destroyed and express that with belligerent rhetoric.

Any major offensive in southern Syria will generate fear in Israel about what the SAA will do. Hence such an offensive would require coordination with Tel-Aviv. These are the reasons such an exposed area has not been the scene of any major battle as all sides are unwilling to commit anything but small scale forces.

This is why I think that only minimal forces are being sent to Daraa in order to gain the upper hand in the continued small scale fighting. If I were the SAA the next major target will be against ISIS, where politics isn’t an issue.


Yeah israel hates when Syria tries to disinfect it’s own land.


Oded Yinon Plan…. proves everything you said is a lie. Zionist myth making and narrative spinning does not erase those three words and the intent and the anti-humanist racism at its core. Fulfilling the Oded Yinon Plan is and has been every single Israeli governments objective, since itvwas formulated.
Israel, and specifically the mossad and unit 9000 (that was recently hit in the aGolan) are up to their lying evil necks in the game of terrorrist puppetmasters. ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, and they have an excellent relationship in their enclave next yo the mothership.

You are not going to find a lot of zio-crackheads here, so your parrotting the zionist narrative of history that plays in your head is going to fall flat. Israrlnis an apartheid crime scene which is goung to get shut down sooner than you probably think.

Boycott Israel, shun Israeli people, make them know that they are racist monsters… on all forums everywhere. Israeli people who do not denounce Zionism are complicit in the crimes against humanity that the Zionist state and its racist brown shirt settler thugs are guilty of.


If Hitler were alive today, he would make a rant just like yours.


oh so now, according to you, I am like Hitler…. hahaha

Your zio-crack addiction is worse than I thought.

My message:

Boycott the racist apartheid fascist death squad state of Israel, shun its citizens who do not renounce and denounce the anti-human evil of Zionism. These people, are complicit in the crimes against humanity, which their beloved Israel commits, and which they overwhelmingly support.

Zionism is functionally the equivalent of the worst possible historical image of Nazism, the IDF have now become the Gestapo (high fiving each other and celebrating each new kill, as they murder people in the Gaza concentration camp with ethno-supremacist joy. And I have watched these videos made by those IDF snipers who are massacring people in Gaza, so I have seen this racist behavior with my own eyes)

Gaza and the other walled in isolated, Palestinian bantustans in the occupied West bank are caged in, completely blockaded apartheid ghettoes, existing under the military control of the state of Israel. The whole edifice of the state and society in Israel is based off of and predicated upon racism.

Gaza is the Warsaw ghetto of our time and Israeli racists like you are supporters of this terrible crime.

And you compare me to Hitler?



Missiles must be ready to fire to Israel planes. For sure, Israel will attack Syria army (using whatever excuse cross they evil mind “Iran basis, right to defense herself, missiles fired to Golan Highs, attack to Israel soldiers, response to Iran attack,..”).

guardianofretro .

The isrealish people are not koshjer

Jacek Wolski

Too bad, I’m retro kosher with Isreal and so is the rest of Australia.

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