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In Maps: Military Situation In Southern And Eastern Damascus

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These maps provide a general look at the military situation in eastern and southern Damascus.

In Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Arab Army, the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard have established control over the town of Jisreen and besieged the militant-held town of Sabqa from the northern, southern and eastern flanks. This town may become the next target of the government advance.

In Maps: Military Situation In Southern And Eastern Damascus

Click to see the full-size map

In the Yarmouk camp area clashes continued between government forces and ISIS. The main fighting is taking place in the areas of Joura and Assaly.

In Maps: Military Situation In Southern And Eastern Damascus

Click to see the full-size map

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The liberation of East Ghouta is a job of three days but Syrian government have divided his own army onto several pockets to delay the army advance. It will allow more casualties. Its not good. If this is the government strategy then it will take one month to liberate East Ghouta.


3 days if you plow through cities with no regard of civilians…

Politolog Externista

sooner with a foab … nobody left.


They don’t have the man power, you’d have to level much of the area ahead of the advance. A lot of innocents would die and the international up roar would be deafening.


I take it that you have not just battlefield and urban-warfare experience but have held senior command positions in similar operations. If not, may I suggest you leave tactics of this operation to those who are trained, tried and trusted.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This has been a mop up operation for two days now and the SAA and Russian reconciliation center with the Syrian Government are focusing on removing the Terrorist groups with little harm to civilian life. The SAA has been not as active since Tuesday-Wednesday so everything you see are carefully planned out operations to free up areas with citizens and evacuating the Terrorists out as quickly as possible as only HTS would be a problem others are willing to leave.


Show us your 3 day Rambo plan arm chair general on exactly how you would implement this military maneuver:

“Syria should increase their power on East Ghouta and the terrorists will itself agree to surrender”

Are you going to marshal up a division out of thin air, or leave all of the other battlefields undefended?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well Jaysh al Islam has negotiated a surrender so Douma will be cleared slowly of those hold outs, priority is civilians the manpower is there to do this as even the US and NATO numbers are not even half way close. Just remember 18 million live within the Government areas , the refugees numbers are incorrect as they also list Iraqis in those numbers with Syrians refugees.


I’m not aware of any large scale government relocations of opposition fighters. Civilians yes, fighters no. 75% of Ghouta has been cleared, fighters who didn’t die, desert or take green bus rides, have fallen back into the remaining 25%.

I think that the desertion rate has been high. A lot have changed cloths and walked out, mostly at night.

Of course there are negotiations going on, but there’s also a lot of fighting by both sides to keep the pressure on to get the best terms. There are also opposition groups not negotiating who are involved in hostilities. So it’s a mixed bag. But it’s getting to the point where it’s completely hopeless for the opposition and they face death or surrender within a limited time frame, their choice.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well was talking about Yarmouk camp as this was old news about them leaving Yarmouk camp and why ISIS took advantage of the situation. The SAA is encouraging ISIS to spread themselves thin there leaving them open for attacks in that region.

Even in East Ghouta Faylaq al Rahman had negotiated to leave from there but they are embedded with HTS making it difficult to leave. Jaysh al Islam I would love to see dead as they are even more hardcore of the “moderates” but we shall see.

Right now they are expecting a false flag attack to be staged in At Tanf region by ISIS forces as there are no real rebels in the region, US ships are readying for cruise missile attacks. The rhetoric in the UK is so toxic and the 5 eyes have done their want as usual and wretched France is being just as abusive as the UK.

Had figured all this would be used as a distraction to what is actually happening in Syria the gamesmanship of media distraction is hilarious as the west wants nothing found out about their complicity in the willful destruction of Nations for their lust for booty and warring constantly.

My suggestion on the west attempts in the media distraction is to ignore it as they are nothing more than caught little children and want to blame someone else.


I stopped watching the Jew tube 35 years ago in the US, toxic is a good description. Most of my information comes from the emerging new main stream media, the internet. Though I’m working to supplement that with off planet information sources to get a fresh perspective on what’s happening here and elsewhere in the multiverse.




comment image


There’s a lot of armchair generals in the comments section of southfront who have never fired a gun in their entire life, let alone know anything about military strategy or tactics. Its one thing to have informed opinions on politics and foreign affairs.

But to sit from your home thousands of kilometers away and comment on military tactics when one knows fuck all about the military situation on the ground and just modern warfare in general is the epitome of infantile grandiose delusions.


End of the month more likely


They’re into the most built up areas now, those take longer to clear. And the committed fighters have pulled back into them with what equipment and supplies they could move ahead of the government forces overrunning their positions.


I Just don’t see how pocketing the rebel held area it slows down or puts in a worse tactical position the SAA !!! On the contrary this move creates a clear tactical advantage for SAA worsening to an unsustainable degree that of the rebels.

Since the start of the offensive I was hoping it would not take too long for SAA to isolate the big cites from each – other and consequently the terrorists, this will speed up substantially the process of liberation of Western Ghouta, and this has been achieved in a short time and in a magnificent way.


Manpad and technical assistance through aid conveys.

javid soltani

nop I don’t think so , the operation will continue till 3 more week then the full pocket will be liberated in 3 week with less casualties , that’s why other wise this pocket would be liberated very long timeago

Anthony Paul Mapes

Any one that follows tactics and history can draw the parallels between the way the SAA are conducting there operations and the that of jiap in the dem bien phu campaign against the French in indo china (Vietnam), both are isolating manageable areas whilst setting up defensive coordens.
Mop up one area then move onto the next, truely tactics and strategy always repeat themselves but then again most military planners would call themselves an avid student of Cesar!

Richard M

Yarmouk is like bizarre neapolitan ice cream, only made of turd instead of ice cream!

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