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In Maps: Government Forces Retake Large Chunk Of Syrian-Jordanian Border

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In Maps: Government Forces Retake Large Chunk Of Syrian-Jordanian Border

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Government forces have retaken a large chunk of the Syrian-Jordanian border, including the Nasib border crossing, from militants over the last few days. MORE HERE

While some sources say that most of militant groups operating in southern Syria have already accepted an initial reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government, the situation in the area still remains tense because a radical part of the militants, led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, still contributes efforts to undermine the deal.

In Maps: Government Forces Retake Large Chunk Of Syrian-Jordanian Border

Click to see the full-size image 

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Mehdi Ali

This is commendable


Looks like they do not want the terrorists to escape and sneak across Jordan border, I see now why they secured the crossings. Enemy must be weak at this point for SAA to hold such attenuated positions…which is good.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are apparently more surrender and reconciliations coming with several towns in the Western Syria Inkhil , Nawa ,Jassim,Hara and Jaidar would be a huge blow.


Nice keep cleaning them SAA.


the rest djihadist FSA east daraa encercled!!

R PLobo

The merc payouts have come to an end and the resistance machine can now not be stopped. What will the baby killers do when a harden well equiped battle army masses at the contact line of the occupied Golan. The entity has already been contained by the SAA and Hezbollah. Now Syria will demand that the iof get out or else. Trump gave the gangsters what they want – Occupied Jerusalem is your capital go fuck yourselves but do not count on the US to save your asses in the Golan.

Pave Way IV

Time to arm the piss out of the Druze militia (give them those captured tanks and TOWs) and have them move west through the cauldron for rodent extermination. The Druze were pissed off at the head-chopper infestation for years. Time for a little payback, Druze-style.


Syrian Civil War Map is showing almost the entire area east of the M5 as being cleared completely, not just the border:


– Syrian Civil War Map –


Oscar Silva Martinez

I stopped following up this war reports like a month or a month and half ago, however I’ve resumed my daily followups today and I can see the big ISIS pocket near Dier Zor is completely gone, did I miss something here????


Through June the SAA launched a campaign against ISIS based in western Deir Ezzore desert – and as result majority of remaining ISIS retreated to Homs region.


The crossing on main highway is important as the Syrian state lost all customs and excise control there since 2012 – that is significant state revenue source – and all cross border traffic has just been war-lord controlled criminal smuggling environment in these years.

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