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JUNE 2021

In Maps: Government Forces Liberated About Half Of Eastern Ghouta From Militants

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In Maps: Government Forces Liberated About Half Of Eastern Ghouta From Militants

Click to see the full-size map

Syrian government forces have liberated about a half of the Eastern Ghouta pocket from militants since the start of the government’s military operation in this Damascus subrub in late February.

On March 8, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated the villages of Hawsh Ashari and Hawsh Qubaybat, the Jisrin farms and the Air Defense Battalion base. On March 9, government troops continued their advance aiming to separate the remaining militant-held pocket into two parts.

In Maps: Government Forces Liberated About Half Of Eastern Ghouta From Militants

Click to see the full-size map

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David Bedford

whoever comments on this first fantasises about their mum giving it to their dad with a strap on.


Straight from the horse’s mouth.

David Bedford

you just couldn’t resist could you LOL

Christian Gains

Ass ignorant as I am, still, it certainly appears that the Syrian forces are squeezing the E. Ghouta zone SERIOUSLY WELL…Which I suppose will collapse fairly soon…and then, will Syria then have cleared out the major groups, and freed the major territories? (I note that Russia is offering Militants safe passage OUT of E. Ghouta??? Is that REALLY good???

I honestly hope so, as this Civil War has been devastating to a once beautiful land, with gorgeous architecture, not to mention a fine people…Sadly I’m not to keen on their Leadership…It seems Leadership throughout the Earth has deteriorated considerably, with FEW OBVIOUS exceptions, MOST of which are NOT in the WESTERN REGIONS!

Feudalism Victory

TRUMP 2020


It’s not very morally satisfying to have the Jihadis escape a bullet with their name on it and an unmarked grave in the desert, it still beats a long and costly fight that will see a lot of SAA soldiers get killed or injured as well.

Also the sooner this battle is over, the sooner the West will be placed for a fait accompli where a military intervention would be pointless. And very hard to sell to their own populations. ‘Oh no, look at those dastardly Syrians and Russians bombing innocent civilians, won’t somebody please think of the children!’ is a lot easier to sell then ‘We’re going to bomb the regime to make the world safe for Israel’.


First off, it’s not a civil war. It’s a war of aggression. Offering militants safe passage to Idlib has proven to be very successful.It saves civilian and SAA lives, and then the terrorists fight and kill each other. Win win. What’s wrong with Assad? He’s kept the country from falling to the zionists.


If you were to compare Assad on a one to one basis with western leaders he would win every time. He wins on a Political level, an Educational and Intellectual level. This war in Syria is not a civil war, it was instigated by the Yanks because Assad would not knuckle under to their demands. Yanks pulled in a few favours from the Saudis’, who then organised the head chopping fanatics; 90% of whom are from outside Syria with over 50% of those non-Arabic. You have it basically right in the first paragraph


That’s a good chunk of terrain in the south! :)
But the next stage may be more difficult.
comment image


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see you, they slowly come to my velociraptor-line. :)


And without the need for large teargas attack, sir :D


teargas attack is helpful in fortified towns, during 3rd, 4th stage. we trained this at chemical unit. of course not grnades, but bomds dispersing in air, assad has nice barrel bombs, or by mortar shelling. modified ammo. there are necessary some tricks, but assad had chemical weapons, they know this.


But still a bad idea for any chemical agent released.
The west is looking for an excuse to attack Syria.
And more BS video of people in hospital. :(


Maybe. But western countries also use teargas. Teargas is not mass extinction weapon.

Something has to think out the syrian high command. Mainly the tunnels are dangereaus.

Wahid Algiers

NOT “may be” but “will be”. The concentration of the rats increases and the terrain gets more urban. At last the SAA have to face street-for-street and house-for-house fights with all unvisible threats.

Joe Doe

Yes, its gone be harder to fight in urban area. Rats will use tunnels and hideouts. SAA needs to look for those tunnels and eliminate them or gas them


Unless something changes, the war west of the river is entering the mopping phase. As the Syrian government coalition has an increasing ratio of troops and equipment west of the river, in comparison to dwindling resources on the part of the regime change forces. This combined with the experience of the troops doing the clearing operations, is a big part of why they’re going a lot quicker than they used to.

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