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JUNE 2023

In Maps: Battle For Bakhmut From February To May 2023

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Die Grünen sind Kriegstreiber

trump is the favorite candidate. even msm agrees. and if he wins, ukranazistan will be no more. ask hillary :)


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Peter Jennings

the trumspter seriously damaged his goods with ‘covid’. i don’t see him getting the votes he did last election.


the seizure of bakhmut was originally intended to facilitate russian offensives to encircle large ukrainian forces in the east and specifically to take the large and fortified city of slovyansk from multiple directions. bakhmut was not a primary russian objective during the early phases of the war, and the russian military command aimed to secure donetsk oblast’s administrative borders by seizing major ukrainian strongholds such as slovyansk and kramatorsk directly.

Trevor Dietrich

russian offensive operations in severodonetsk and lysychansk proved extremely costly and slow, consuming a high proportion of russian offensive capabilities in donbas. this forced the russian military command to deprioritize the wide encirclement in donetsk oblast in order to complete the seizure of those two cities.


the large encirclements were unnecessary since ukraine continually fed bakhmut with men and material, degrading their overall capabilities. with bakhmut taken the russians can either sit back and wait for the ukrainian “counteroffensive” and further degrade ukrainian and nato capabilities or push forward to slovyansk and kramatorsk.


world is moving from fossile fuel energy dominance to renewables and cleaner environment. this is disaster to putin’s russia.

Degeneration Of Russia

because russia is shithole who doesn’t care much of environment?

Peter Jennings

this is a disaster for everyone on this planet, especially those in the woke west. so-called ‘renewables’ will never be able to compete with engines run on petrol or diesel. diesels engines are responsible for the rise in asthma yet all the greenie’s are still driving around in them because it’s cheaper.


when you say world, you really mean occidental countries dominated by usa. not, the world is not only those countries.

Kjetil Bjarnesen

the successful ukrainian counteroffensives in kharkiv oblast in september 2022 that liberated izyum ended the prospect of a wide encirclement of ukrainian forces in the east, thus depriving the attacks on bakhmut of operational significance.

Peter Jennings

there are no successful ukrainian counteroffensives. it’s a bbc construct.

Markus Kallio 🇫🇮👍🇺🇦

the kremlin desperately needed any battlefield victory as russian forces suffered a great military defeat in kharkiv oblast in september and in lyman (about 43km north of bakhmut) on october 1. putin had also faced significant backlash after declaring partial mobilization on september 21.


so almost a year ago was the last russian “defeat” (really just a tactical withdrawal) and ukraine has been losing ever since.

Peter Jennings

only this us/nato rabble can turn a russian withdrawal into a victory. this is how they brainwash their troops to thinking they have a chance on the battlefield. they also tell their troops that their weapons are far superior, until they find out way too late that their top brass was lying to them all along.

Peter Jennings

your comment is laughable. talking of past ‘victories’ isn’t going to make things better.


not my friend, russia does not need desperate victories. russia has a plan for the region and acts according with that plan.


yes because russia expected to take kiev with 10,000 troops. it was a negotiation tactic that worked until boris johnson told zelenskyy not to negotiate. since then russia has expended 10 percent of its military against all of nato

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