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In Major Defence Policy Shift, Brazilian Defence White Paper Advocates Preparing For Possible War With Neighbouring Countries

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In Major Defence Policy Shift, Brazilian Defence White Paper Advocates Preparing For Possible War With Neighbouring Countries

Brazil has the largest military in South America

The Brazilian Armed Forces are preparing for a military confrontation in South America, a drastic turnaround in the country’s foreign security policy which suggests the country’s generals are no longer averse to the idea of being junior partners in the US’ imperial projects in the region.

According to a report published last Friday by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo, the latest version of Brazil’s Defence White Paper declares that, for the Brazilian Armed Forces, South America is no longer a region free of possible warfare, and therefore the Army should be prepared to intervene in the “solution” of regional problems.

“We must constantly evaluate emerging tensions and crises in the strategic environment, with possible negative impacts for Brazil, so that the country is capable of contributing to the solution of possible controversies or of defending its interests.”

“The updated version of the Defence guidelines does not cite potential adversary countries, but notes that there are more tensions and crises in the South American region, where Brazil has the largest Army,” the newspaper report states.

The Brazilian Defence Minister, General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, stated that the plan is simply the updating of an official State policy and that it has already been reviewed by President Jair Bolsonaro.

When mentioning the current tension between Brazil and Venezuela, the new Defence White Paper declares that the idea of ​​a possible conflict with the Bolivarian country is not that farfetched and it identifies Venezuela as the most critical point of tension in the region.

The hypothesis of conflict with Venezuela surfaced in 2019 when Brazil participated with Colombia in a supposed humanitarian operation which attempted to deliver food into Venezuela by force through border areas, as part of an action sponsored by the United States. LINK

The document also maintains the attention inherited from the Government of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2010), on the area that the Brazilian military calls the Blue Amazon, the strategic riches of the 8,000 kilometres of Atlantic coast.

The document suggests reinforcing the Navy’s presence on the north Atlantic coast, in the state of Pará, and notes that for the protection of its lengthy maritime coast Brazil is building a nuclear powered submarine with French technology (pursuant to an accord signed by former President Lula de Silva).

“The Amazon, as well as the South Atlantic, is an area of ​​geostrategic interest for Brazil. Protecting biodiversity, mineral and water resources, as well as energy potential, is a priority for the country”, says the official document. It also notes ongoing preparations against potential adverse “foreign interests” in the Amazon jungle, the largest water and biodiversity reserve in the world, 60% of which belongs to Brazil. LINK

According to the report in the Brazilian newspaper, the revised defence manual will be delivered next week to Congress, in a political context in which, for the first time since 1985, President Jair Bolsonaro has appointed military officers to head nine of the government’s ministries.


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Peter Moy

Brazil would be better off using it’s armed forces to secure it’s borders from illegal gold miners, people smugglers, drug gangs, poachers, etc. It is still a relatively poor country with a per capita Gross Domestic Product of only the equivalent of ~$8,900 dollars (US) and really cannot be involved in any wars. Add to this the fact that Brazilian society is downright murderous with more than 50,000 killings per year (murder rate is 29.52 per 100,000 residents). The geniuses in Brasilia should address domestic problems first but something tells me that morons and reckless freaks in Washington, DC have some influence in Brazilian foreign policy.

Brother Ma

Bolsonaro is just a Brazilian- speaking Pence. Same stupid brain and religion of Christian Zionism! Catholics should Kick his arse out now!

Tommy Jensen

Gold miners, poachers, people smugglers……..??
A free man has the right to wash some gold from everywhere in the nature he finds it, plus he has the right to shoot animals anywhere if they are for his own food and clothes.

A free man also has the right to save any beautiful woman out of the clutches of a beast or a dragon, and smuggle her safe over the borders to his Tarzan home in the jungle for security reasons.

But I agree that Brazil is too important a country for Latin to change the stabilising course it have had for many decades.


Hmm, many works of fiction have portrayed a major war in south america happening in 2020s. I never gave them much credit in the past, but perhaps it is possible now.

El Mashi

The Brazilian generals are doing too much ayahuasca. Currently, Brazil’s army is infected with Corvid 19, and the Coronavirus pandemic is out-of-control; whereas, in Venezuela few deaths have been registered and few infections detected due to early intervention, and much help from Cuba and China.


Brazil sneezes and Vanezuela disappears from the map, along with Maduro the bastard.

Brother Ma

Hey ,why did you pricks steal the Baptistery from the Bethlehem cathedral ,the second most important landmark in Christendom? Did you grow stones after the terrorist Erdogan did similar to Agia Sofia?

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

Why did you orthodox xian pricks stole Beelzebub from the Jews ?

Brother Ma

What are you on? Ecstasy ,cocaine , laughing gas? What the hell are you talking about Jews , Beelzebub and me? What do I have to do with them ?

Hassan Ghonem

None of your business


Does Maduro still feel smart about letting Guaido and his ilk pretty much do as they please? The word treason is overused in politics, but Mr. Guaido’s escapades fully meet the legal definition. Yes Uncle Sam is weaker than he claims to be; but so, of course, is the Bolivarian Revolution in Caracas. Each of the coup attempts may look clumsy, but sooner or later one will succeed purely by accident. Hang the scum.

In Hong Kong, trash like Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai, and Joshua Wong were posing proudly with cruel war criminals like Pompeo and Marco Rubio, in effect saying “We are Uncle Sam’s point men for HK, you can’t touch us.” The Hong Kong govt was intimidated, and with help from left-over pro-British teachers and judges, the blackshirt militia was able to smash up HK pretty good. Now the grown-ups took charge, instated the Security Law, and read those Washington pawn the riot act: henceforth behave nicely, or go to jail. Seems to have had a salutary effect.

Brother Ma

All true. Guiado should have been disappeared like Hoffa a long time ago. No body ,no nothing. He even looks like the ex US president so is a US pointman. Lol


Guaido’s looks are highly relevant, if you call him “random guy” you once again have underestimated the Dark Throne. In Venezuela, Washington, the self-proclaimed anti-racist champion, supports the Western(ized) old comprador elites against the indigenous population: comparing photos of the pro-US “parliament” and the actual Assembly shows a dramatic contrast. Handsome Guaido has been carefully picked and groomed to have a poster boy who at least plausibly looks like he’s an actual Venezuelan.

Hassan Ghonem

U cant compare China to Venezuela. Maduro has nearly no regional allies and the country’s defence capabilities cant fend US for more than weeks and that is just the US Naval & aerial bombardment without without Colombian or Brazilian ground incursions


Yes, that’s the intimidation aspect I’m talking about: “Better do nothing, you’ll only make it worse.” But of course the US can attack whether Guaido is or isn’t, ehmmm, punished according to the law. Perceptive people have noticed that Trump the Showman is a bit of a bluffer: in the international arena, he cannot fully admit that Guaido & Co are his lawful property; in the domestic arena, he cannot afford to lose a few thousand USMC orcs in brutal jungle combat. This is not only about Guaido: this is about showing the fence-sitters that there are consequences to betraying Venezuela, which up to this point have been sorely lacking. Again, in Hong Kong, all those “Independence or Death” wannabes turned like a leaf two days before the Security Law took effect.

Maduro has nearly no regional allies

A poignant truth. Those with mixed feelings about the Empire should have a long, sober think how easily the Dark Throne smashed up the Bolivarian arc in South America, and how thoroughly. It’s nice to play by the rules when possible, but it seems to have been a grave mistake to leave the pro-US support infrastructure in place. The counterrevolution in say Bolivia isn’t about to make the same mistake.


Seems southfront got a Brazilian member, one of the narco-communist-leftist-gay criminal gang that run the country for 30 years, that understand only about smoke drugs and have gay sex. They are known in Brazil as “mortadela” because they only do something if they get a mortadela kit (ham sandwich + marijuana + money). Gay sex they arrange by themselves, among themselves. The mortadela kit is paid with the money stolen from Brazilian tax payers and from George Soros They are led by two former Brazilian presidents and criminals, Lula da Silva, known as Luladrão, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, also known as FHC and THC. The last is a near 100 years old man that speaks about marijuana everyday, and for this became known as THC.

Brother Ma

Your last sentence made me laugh and laugh.We should call Bolsonaro “Real” because all he thinks about is Mr Pence of the USA.?


Oh yeea and the fantasy begins…

chris chuba

Don’t we have great allies. Rather than take care of their own people they prepare for aggression against their neighbors in accordance to our plans. Yep, just the way we like them. How about naval drills to sink legitimate maritime tankers in the name of peace. So Brazil considers it aggression if a country does not allow convoys to cross their border.

Trap Is Not Gay

Protecting the Amazon forest – nothing to do with any USA Venezuela-dirty job.

Tommy Jensen

Whattabout the worlds lungs?? Whattabout them?

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