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In Less Than A Year, ISIS In Mozambique Has Gone Entirely Out Of Control

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In Less Than A Year, ISIS In Mozambique Has Gone Entirely Out Of Control

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In the first four months of 2020, the situation in northern Mozambique deteriorated significantly, and rapidly.

ISIS militants have carried out numerous attacks, primarily targeting Catholic missions and churches. However, increasingly deadly attacks are being carried out also on other locations.

“The attacks are becoming more and more religion-oriented, and the world is closing its eyes,” commented Bishop Luiz Fernando Maria Lozano who works in the most vulnerable province of Cabo Delgado.

So far, as a result of ISIS’ attacks over 200,000 people have fled the region.

“Many want to come back, but until the situation stabilises, one cannot think about it,” Lazano said.

“I’m talking about over 200,000 people who had to flee from there. This is an obvious injustice. This is a very poor population, which as a result of another conflict loses its few possessions,” Lazano emphasized.

In Less Than A Year, ISIS In Mozambique Has Gone Entirely Out Of Control

Weapons that ISIS captured from local troops. Click to see full-size image

In order to prevent the chaos spilling onto its territory, on May 7th, Tanzania deployed troops along its southern border with Mozambique, following the rapid increase in ISIS attacks.

The troops were deployed to boost security especially as intelligence indicates that Jihadists from Tanzania have been exploiting the porous border to join the ISCAP (ISIS in Central African Province) terror organization in Mozambique.

This is also the second time that Tanzania has deployed troops to her border with Mozambique to strengthen security in an attempt to ensure that the crisis in the latter does not spill over to the East African nation.

In April, ISIS reportedly massacred at least 50 people in Muidumbe district when they over-ran the district’s capital Namacunde and occupied the district police com-mand.

Media reports say the United Nations has recorded 28 attacks in the area since the beginning of 2020, which killed up to 400 people.

Leading up to the decision by the Tanzania government, ISIS militants have been adopting new techniques and increasing the frequency of their attacks in oil and gas-rich restive north.

Mozambique has been trying to undertake counter-terrorism activities, however, they appear to be proving ineffective.

Currently, it appears that ISIS is trying to bolster its ranks, raiding villages and forcing the villagers to join the militants. If they refuse, they are killed.

The very first time ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack in Mozambique was in June 2019, and since then it has become much stronger in the area and undeterred in its activities.

Back in June 2019, ISIS issued a statement claiming involvement in an apparent gunfight with the Mozambique military in Cabo Delgado province, although an insurgency expert expressed caution over the claim.

“The soldiers of the Caliphate were able to repulse an attack by the Crusader Mozambican army in Metubi village, in the Mocimboa area,” said the statement, according to a Site translation.

“They clashed with them with a variety of weapons, killing and wounding a number of them.

“The mujahideen captured weapons, ammunition, and rockets as spoils.”

In Less Than A Year, ISIS In Mozambique Has Gone Entirely Out Of Control

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In Less Than A Year, ISIS In Mozambique Has Gone Entirely Out Of Control

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The Zioterrorists that troll here would urge the Mozambican govt. to make peace and surrendent to ISIS so the American supermen and wonderwomen can come from the Pentagon to save the country from ISIS.


Time to call for help from Russia, Iran or even China, clean up those bastards from earth forever! I hope they finally would help those poor African nations like they did in Syria, none can wish for such help from UN, they are pretty much useless garbage bin.

Porc Halal

The influence of oil-reach islamist-terrorist countries like saudi cuntrabia, qatar, and jewish-born globalist financial elite on UN is total…you can say that those terrorist entities are driving the agenda of the UN…


Time for people (probably Muslim) to come here and blame “Zionists” instead of their expansionist jihad religion….

Concrete Mike

And whom supports the sunni salafist fanatics? Its western intelligence services.

Your quite the specimen coming here telling us what to think, shunning opinions. Get the fuck off your ivory tower, if we want to dissent we will dissent.

If I feel the zionists had something to do with this, I will speak up.

Your just a stinking gatekeeper, fake leftist peice of trash!


Oh .. I touched a nerve…. Lol… Now tell me more about how Islam is innocent and Zionists are the pronlem….
If they are taking advantage of jihadi retardation maybe your religion has too many retards to take advantage of. But you’ll hide behind “Zionist” and “religion of peace” while ignoring the retards.

Rafik Chauhan

look like you have iked the Zionist ass and find it sweet . have you sold your sister and mother to white master in west specially israel and US.


So pointing out that Islamists are a problem for Africa is being a US Zionists….. Hmmmm, now I understand the muslum propaganda narrative. “No matter what people do in the name of our religion, blame Zionists coz actually fixing the problem is admiting Islam has a problem”.

Jonathan Cohen

Mozambique has ABORTION RIGHTS! and is therefore worth defending, unlike Syria, Iran, Gaza, Venezuela and the Vatican.

Liberal guy

These cowards only want violence even with their so called jihadi brothers


same thing happened in Syria When radicals came.

Rafik Chauhan

if This Whabhi scum isil take over even one Africa nation. it will be death and destruction. this people isil they don’t follow islam at all they are they to destroy islam and muslim. they want to create civil war between Cristian and muslim. and they are supported by businessman from US and Zionist israel. this 2 country don’t care about Africa even id it destroyed for resource. ISIL want it foothold in Africa they should be killed.

Albert Pike

Well yes the mighty mining South African 800 mil. $ president, adopted son of Harry Oppenheimer, blessed by Lubavitch on his inauguration, doesn’t do anything – so it is all in Zions interest…

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What could possibly go wrong following a global, supremacist,imperialist, genocidal, terrorist, death cult founded by a child rapist, thief, killer, liar, torture,vengeance and genocide teaching, slave trading, wife beating demon savage named Mohammed?


ISIS jihadist terrorist devil savages are evil and so is the terrorist, imperialist, racist Shiite terrorist ideology and its fascist, despotic, corrupt, deceitful allies like Russia and China.


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