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In Last Action As President, Trump Declassifies “Operation Crossfire Hurricane”, RussiaGate Documents

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In Last Action As President, Trump Declassifies "Operation Crossfire Hurricane", RussiaGate Documents

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On January 19th, in his last day in office as US President, Donald Trump declassified documents to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation and other documents related to the probe into the Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential elections.

This was issued in a Presidential Memorandum that has since been removed as the White House website is now featured with new President Joe Biden.

The dead link can be found on this link.

“Declassification of Certain Materials Related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation,” was the title of the memo.

The memo can be read on Twitter:

And on the following link.

And, ye another link, on Web Archive.

Just in case, here is a screenshot:

In Last Action As President, Trump Declassifies "Operation Crossfire Hurricane", RussiaGate Documents

Click to see full-size image

In Last Action As President, Trump Declassifies "Operation Crossfire Hurricane", RussiaGate Documents

Click to see full-size image

Crossfire Hurricane was the code name for the counterintelligence investigation undertaken by the FBI from July 31st, 2016 until May 17th, 2017.

It looked into alleged links between Trump associates and Russian officials and “whether individuals associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign were coordinating, wittingly or unwittingly, with the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

Trump originally ordered the declassification of all documents related to the Russia probe in September 2018. But the FBI and other intelligence agencies persuaded him and urged him to reconsider to protect “allies.” The issue basically disappeared until after the retirement of DNI Dan Coats in August 2019.

Still, he accepted the redactions proposed by the FBI on January 17th.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) described Crossfire Hurricane as “a massive system failure” and “one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ,” he merely expressed hope that the FBI and the DOJ would reform themselves and never prosecute people for political purposes ever again.

It is unclear what the documents contain, it is likely that the Russian probe actually found nothing at all, but either way if they were actually released the truth would come out, even with heavy redactions.

If they aren’t released at all under President Joe Biden, it would also be apparent that a failure is being protected.

Regardless, the campaign to censor social media to combat “Russian disinformation” is moving in full swing, with MSM and the victorious side of the US politicians pushing their neo-liberal agenda forward.

As reported by Foreign Affairs, “Putin’s Russia” needs to be contained.

Apart from a length analysis of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged persona, this is notable:


Containment must start at home. Russia’s recent intrusion into U.S. government and private-sector cybernetworks clearly demonstrates that the United States has not invested enough in defending against Moscow’s attacks on U.S. digital networks. The Biden administration should work with Congress to devote more resources to containing Russian cyberthreats, especially against critical infrastructure such as the U.S. banking system, electrical grid, armed forces, and nuclear weapons systems. It should also take greater responsibility for enhancing the cybersecurity of all Americans. U.S. citizens expect the armed forces to deter or repel physical attacks from U.S. adversaries. Why shouldn’t they expect the same in the cyber-world?

In order to protect the networks of private citizens and the private sector, the U.S. government will need to stop relying on commercial products and private actors for cyberdefense and bring more of the necessary technology and expertise in-house. At a minimum, the Biden administration will need to increase the staff and budget of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos has also smartly suggested that the administration create a cyberspace parallel to the National Transportation Safety Board, which could investigate attacks and recommend ways to prevent them.”

Also sanctions against Russian companies should continue, and even more so, Russia should be completely isolated from U.S. Business.

As such, the crusade against Russia is just beginning, and it is accompanied by a wider censorship of every conservative voice that attempts to stand against the neo-liberal agenda – these voices will all be painted as “Kremlin agents,” which is simply a new word for the USSR-era “dissident”.


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We are all Russian trolls now

cechas vodobenikov

did they declassify CIA paid employees that post at SF?
alises known: jens, bacon, tratz, jake wohl, freeman, etc

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