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In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon’s Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Joe Biden appears to be getting worse.

In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon's Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name

After bumbling through a public appearance last week – at one point mumbling “What am I doing here?” while forgetting the names of key Democrats, the President of the United States on Monday couldn’t remember the name of the Pentagon, or his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin – who spoke minutes before Biden took the stage to offer remarks during International Women’s Day.

Perhaps that’s why Biden’s handlers won’t let him answer questions:

On Monday, the Washington Post noted that Vice President Kamala Harris is taking an “unusually large role” in shaping Biden’s foreign policy – having spoken with six world leaders independently of Biden, and was a “vocal participant in deliberations over how to respond to Iran-backed militias’ attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, as well as whether to sanction Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” according to the White House.

Of course, both Biden and Harris did refer to the “Harris administration” on more than one occasion during the 2020 election.

Bombs — away?

In late February, dozens of House Democrats asked Biden to relinquish sole authority to use nuclear weapons, since “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war,” should Biden – or a future president – choose to launch nukes without consulting advisers.

Two weeks later, a bipartisan group of Senators introduced legislation which would strip Biden of the ability to launch military operations without first seeking congressional approval after Biden bombed Syria.

Former Clinton insider Dick Morris predicted that Democrats will invoke the 25th Amendment on Biden “So that a strike could not be launched without consulting with his Cabinet or with leaders of Congress, something that no president has been asked to do in 76 years since we’ve had the bomb,” adding “I think both of those indicate that the Democrats have in the back of their minds, and increasingly towards the front of their minds, moving to oust Biden under the 25th Amendment.”

Amazing, considering Biden received the most votes in history.


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Hasbara Hunter

What am I doing here? What am I doing here? I’m gonna lose track here…or I already lost it…where’s my track..can anyone tell me where I left my track? Nurse…Nurse…I think I just shat me Panties….


There have been past times when the rich and powerful in the world have totally lost the plot for various reasons, but never before has the whole world been able to see a leader of the most powerful ( in weapons only, not human resources) as a complete imbecile.

In the past, many, or most kings and queens etc have been insane, but this was usually limited to a nation, not the world. It was rumour rather that knowledge in the past, as opposed to fumbling and bumbling on TV today :)

The USA today is a complete laughing stock with nuclear missiles.
The ‘Great Reset’ has an even chance of resetting the world back to the stone age, and if that happens , money will be worthless :)

Hunting zionist oligarchs might be rather fun.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah hunting ZioNazi-Oligarchs that sounds nice for a change…I’m getting bored with hunting HasbaRats….


Perhaps there’s a business opportunity here, HH?

Escorted hunting holidays with zionists as the prey.
Shoot them and leave their carcass’s for other animals to eat.


Do not fret. With Tommy’s advizes, logiks and freedom values, all will be OK!


Thank the Lord for Tommy. :)

Just Me

It is no great secret that Biden is totally senile and just a moron for public display. Even his German Shepard Major is crazy and bit a secret service agent. It is embarrassing that the Jews and deep state could only find this idiot in a country of 330 million retards.

comment image

Clarence Spangle

comment image

Hasbara Hunter

Who are you?

Clarence Spangle

Ја сам витез Наредба Змај.
comment image


Clarence is ‘ A knight of the Dragon team’.

Hasbara Hunter

Oh…okay…thank you…I’m back on track again….I thought it was some Russian Spy tryin’ to Novichok me before my inauguration….what am I doin’ here?


You give a very accurate description of the Sleepy Joe Biden.
If he was Russian, the Western media would have been lampooning and mocking the Russians without mercy.

It shows the cowardice of the Western self styled elite who prostrate themselves in front of Biden , who is obviously just a senile old man controlled by others in the shadows.

I can hear the drums of war, not too far away now.

Is this what Covid19 is all about?

Hasbara Hunter

COVID-19 definitely is a Smokescreen to distract the Sheeple…but I can also smell a lot of Panic amongst the AngloZioNazis…they have to keep up their Lie no turning back & the War that they want to create & desperately need for their War based Economies will turn everything in glass in the Blink of an eye and they know it…The Elites are pretty stuck between a Rock & a Hard Place….


The icing on the cake, if we are all incinerated, is that we will all be able to witness the obliteration of Israel by conventional missiles first :)

Hasbara Hunter

Anyone seen Harry the Camel?

Hasbara Hunter

*Camilla Haggis I mean….


Yet again, I’m apologizing to the ladies. Please don’t look under the spoiler if you’re lady-like:

Since you mentioned Camel, I’m looking for a “toe” like crazy. All I could find was some part of a Moose! :(

What is happening to me? I turned into this foul-mouthed misogynist troglodyte! I need help ASAP!


Garga, farbat is upset at me now……mege k maan be-adab o befarhang hast……..lol. He’s not talking to me.


I don’t know what to say.
@Farbat makes it very hard for me to back him. OTOH, IMO you’re too quick to accuse many people of being trolls, or multi-account. I suggest pay more attention to how they write before calling them doc or whatever.

And you know what? nobody and I mean NOBODY can be more Bi-adab than me when I want to be. Don’t take it seriously and try to enjoy conversing others, learn from and pass on what you know to others.

هر سه تا ایرانی هستیم و عاشق ائیران ویج. اگه ما نتونیم با هم کنار بیایم که کارمون تمومه. راستی، من و هرکی میشناسم به سردار محمد رای میدیم. نظرت چیه؟


aray inha farbat kheli upset shod now…….he hate me now. I want Qalibaf/ Raesi ticket because then both ends will be content!!!!!…..no more excuse of fokouli vs aab gosht khor hezbollahi anymore. It will solve our superficial internal problems in one shot.


He got upset for what? Did you accuse him of being a multi-accounted troll? If yes then I suggest you make up to him any way you see fit.

Reisi or Qlibaf won’t come to the race. They are in the right positions, each is the head of one branch now and it’s crazy if they resign to become a candidate in the election of another branch’s head.

Clarence Spangle

comment image

Robert Ferrin

Lol and people refuse to see that the United States is nothing but a banana country by electing Biden, the Chinese were right its nothing but a paper tiger.!!!


Lmao, this guy and the office he represents have become a complete joke. It was so painfully obvious the guy had been going senile for several years at least, yet his handlers still dressed him up and marched him out on stage like the empty suit he is.

At the rate he’s deteriorating he’ll be gone before the end of the year. Then the bitch Harris will formally take over, as was the plan all along.

Oh and cutting off the feed before he can answer questions… American comedians used to make fun of other countries for such things… my how the tables have turned.

Jaime Galarza

Yes, I saw all those stupid American shows where they made fun of how funnily backward Third World countries were. Look, America, how does it feel to be the laughing stock of the world?

Just Me

comment image


Curious thing – in last decades have been two major national ‘Catholic faces’ of the Democratic Party in US – who have both electorally drawn (in both their respective careers locally and then nationally) very heavily upon the residual social and political capital (ie, goodwill) of the JKF Catholic Presidency legacy:




….and was a “vocal participant in deliberations over how to
respond to Iran-backed militias’ attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq….

Didn’t you get the memo?
According to John Kirby, Pentagon’s spokesman they are now called Shi’a-backed militia groups:

They will keep Biden until they commit an unthinkable atrocity, a real catastrophe, then they will invoke the 25th and the president Harris’ reign will begin, all fault’s will be Biden’s doing. In the meantime we can play and guess who will be Harris’ vice.

Until then, they just pretend he’s sane and fit for the office. The problem is that Zombie Joe doesn’t make it easy for them.

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Most of these gaffes in the video were cherry picked incidents of his stuttering problem, instead of him trying to get it out he’d give up.


Americans who voted for this president because they were the laughing stock of the world with the previous president are getting it handed to them now…


“She met her Jewish husband, Douglas Emhoff, on a blind date in San Francisco”

– 5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris –

comment image


The Jews rape 1,000 children worldwide every week. Blood sucking Jew baby raper.
comment image


Not long again before Ms. Ka-Mala(‘Devil-Spirit’) takes the reigns and the Real fireworks display starts! haha , there just ‘biden’ time now lol

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