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In Dramatic Move, Merkel Announces Decision To Start Removing Coronavirus Shutdown Measures

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In Dramatic Move, Merkel Announces Decision To Start Removing Coronavirus Shutdown Measures

IMAGE: Bernd von Jutrczenka/Reuters

On April 15, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a decision to start removing coronavirus lockdown measures in the coming weeks.

Germany will reopen many of its shops on April 20 and some of its schools from May 4 in all 16 federal states of the country. Under the decision, Merkel said, stores up to 800 square metres will be allowed to reopen once they have “plans to maintain hygiene”.

Heads of some regions, as well as the leaders of large enterprises, who pointed out the negative economic consequences of the lockdown, insisted on the quarantine curtailment. However, the Ministry of Health opposed. Therefore, it was decided to easy restrictions mainly for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Chancellor said Germany had achieved “interim success” in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and preventing its health system from being overwhelmed. Strict curbs on social contact will remain in place and Germans will be encouraged to wear masks in shops and on public transport.

In Dramatic Move, Merkel Announces Decision To Start Removing Coronavirus Shutdown Measures

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A ban on large public events will be upheld until August 31 to prevent possible mass transmissions of the virus, which causes a highly infectious respiratory disease called COVID-19.

Merkel noted that a full return to the normal life will be expected in a few weeks or months. Restaurants, bars, cinemas, hotels and fitness clubs will continue to be closed, and church services will be banned.

A closer look at the administrative measures and limitations introduced by Germany earlier:

The main intent of the federal government is contained in Angela Merkel’s address from March 18, 2020, the Russian language text being available at https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/coronavirus/statement-chancellor-1732354

Socio-political emphasis was placed on full transparency, or public openness and consistency of federal and land governments. The democratic core of the German political system is emphasized several times. Accordingly, this key address to the society is not about harsh measures of compulsion but rather the appeal to civic consciousness of citizens and socially responsible behavior.

A separate and particular emphasis was made on the necessity to observe social separation of 1.5m.

Moreover, while in mid-March 2020 the responsibility to establish specific restrictions was given to lands, already on March 22 federal government began to standardize measures, and rhetoric changed as well. (https://www.bundesregierung.de/resource/blob/992798/1733226/d1abd72b7073991584d48db842f4b0f3/2020-03-22-streaming-merkel-bundeslaender-gebaerdensprache-ausschriftung-data.pdf?download=1).

1. Thus on March 22 the following list of recommended and mandatory measures was introduced for all of Germany:

1.1. All citizens are to reduce to absolute minimum contact with people outside the household.

1.2. Public places are to observe social distancing of at least 1.5 and ideally 2m, except for individuals mentioned above.

1.3. Public places may be visited only 1.3.1 singly, 1.3.2, with one individual not from the same household, or 1.3.3. with individuals living in the same household.

1.4. It remains permissible to go to work, take care of the needy, shop, visit doctors, participate in necessary meetings and exams, and engage in individual sports activity and movement outdoors, and participate in other necessary activities.

1.5. Given the seriousness of the situation in our country, it is unacceptable for people to assemble in public places and apartments and other private places in order to spend time together.

1.6. Public feeding establishments are closed. Exception is made for delivery and take-out.

1.7. Service sector and personal hygiene enterprises such as barber shops, cosmetologists, massage salons, tattoo parlors, and others, are closed.

1.8. All businesses, especially those where visitors are present, hygiene and prevention measures must be preserved to protect both workers and visitors.

1.9. These measures will be in force for no less than two weeks.

The process of unifying and expanding the restrictions did not place limits onL

–individual movement of citizens.

–individual physical activity outdoors.

–There is no ban on in-person business activity, except for those mentioned in 1.6-1.7. For example, Bavaria, one of the most affected regions, continues to operate its metal industry. Even a worker’s COVID-19 illness is not considered to be a reason to shut down the entire firm.

2. The March 27 packet of measures included a change in the Working Hours Law. In particular, it included exceptions for physicians, medical personnel, service personnel of hospitals, and social workers.

That packet also modified and simplified some aspects of civil, tender, and criminal process law. (https://www.bmjv.de/SharedDocs/Gesetzgebungsverfahren/Dokumente/Bgbl_Corona-Pandemie.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=1).

These changes include:

2.1. Delaying a criminal process and criminal procedures due to the danger of pandemic beyond the period specified by current law. The norm entered into force on March 28. This allows judges to suspend court proceedings for no longer than 3 months and 10 days if it cannot continue due to SARS-CoV-2 prevention measures. At the moment, the key procedural activities cannot be interrupted for more than 3 weeks, and, if they’ve continued for more than 10 days, for more than a month.

2.2. suspending the obligation to issue a bankruptcy annuncement until September 30, if the bankruptcy was not caused by Coronavirus.

2.3. Business entities which were obligated to announce bankruptcy are now allowed to continue further activity, including:

–continue ordinary payments, including those which support or renew business operations or reorganization. Payments are considered legitimate and in good faith.

–paying off new loans that were provided during the suspended bankruptcy procedure is not considered discriminatory toward creditors if done by September 30, 2023.

–credits and collateral should not be considered a reason to delay bankruptcy procedure during the period of suspension of bankruptcy proceedings.

–other processes ensuring the protection of the business entity during the suspension of the obligation to declare bankruptcy.

2.4. Innovations in the realm of civil law concerning relations among corporate founders, stockholders, and directors, as well as changes in the rules governing legally binding decisions of corporate actors. Thus companies now have the ability to hold, for the first time, virtual meetings without physical presence of stockholders, participants, or directors, and adopt legally binding decisions.

These innovations have the potential to radically change both business and social life.

3. In addition, FRG Ministry of Justice is placing emphasis on family law, children’s rights, and parent-child relations when the family is running a business. It emphasizes the immutability of German family law basics under conditions of restrictions: corona virus does not change the fact that the underaged are dependent on parents to develop own personalities. Therefore regular contact between the child and every parent is, as a rule, in the child’s best interest. The child thus has the right to maintain contact with each parent.

On April 3, it was announced that the restrictions listed above would be extended. There were no additional restrictions.

It should be noted that the federal government decided to ease the lockdown restrictions not only under the pressure from regional authorities and the business community. German medics studied the COVID-19 issue in details and the Germany leadership demonstrated that it was able to remain in touch with the reality despite the global media hysteria. The federal government closely works with the scientific and medical communities receiving from them regular scientific, sociological, pandemic and other consultations and reports.

For example, an interesting insight into the COVID-19 outbreak was provided by University of Bonn. Spectaror reprots (source):

“A team at the University of Bonn has tested a randomized sample of 1,000 residents of the town of Gangelt in the north-west of the country, one of the epicenters of the outbreak in Germany. The study found that two percent of the population currently had the virus and that 14 percent were carrying antibodies suggesting that they had already been infected — whether or not they experienced any symptoms. Eliminating an overlap between the two groups, the team concluded that 15 percent of the town have been infected with the virus.

This number matters hugely because it tells us what we need to know in order to judge how deadly the virus is and also how easily it spreads. It tells us, ultimately, how useful the methods are that we are employing in order to combat the virus. As explained here before, the question of how many people already have the infection is at the heart of a debate between epidemiologists at the Imperial College and Oxford university.


The 15 percent figure from Gangelt is interesting because it matches two previous studies. Firstly, there was the accidental experiment of the cruise ship the Diamond Princess, which inadvertently became a floating laboratory when a passenger showing symptoms of COVID-19 boarded on January 20 and remained in the ship, spreading the virus, for five days. The ship was eventually quarantined on February 3 and all its 3,711 passengers tested for the virus. It turned out the 634 of them — 17 percent — had been infected, many of them without symptoms. The mortality rate on the vessel was 1.2 percent — although, inevitably being a cruise ship, it was a relatively elderly cohort.”

The figure of 15% for people carrying antibodies is especially important amid the fact that antibodies for COVID-19 reportedly appear only after a relatively notable period of time. Therefore, the people carrying the antibodies may have passed through COVID-19 much earlier.

The German decision to ease the lockdown rules is also linked with the general care about the health of the nation. The immune response to COVID-19 differs for various people from the first hours of infection. It depends on hereditary factors, environmental factors (for example, the polluted city air) and habits (for example, smoking or sports). These factors affect the state of immunity of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. People that live a healthy lifestyle quickly produces interferons – the first signals for the body about the need for antiviral protection. The very same people have more chances to pass through COVID-19 in a light form.

The same reason was behind the decision of the federal government to allow people to engage in sports activities and motivate them to act in this direction even despite the current lockdown.


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Get ready Germany.


The virus is Hegelian problem, reaction, solution theater to increase political, economic and social repression. It’s no more dangerous than the seasonal flu and doesn’t remotely justify the fascist containment measures that are being misused to take away people’s jobs, rights and freedoms.

Zionism = EVIL

You are rational person and we have been simpatico from day one. This hoax is a lockdown template for the Zionist agenda in the future and the dumbass sheeple have bought this hook, line and sinker.


They may be trying to contract the economy to the point where they do irreversible damage that results in an uncontrollable collapse to consolidate control over the disaster that they created.


This is American exceptionalism?comment image

Assad must stay

Way too early I think

Zionism = EVIL

Not really, it is an ovreblown Zionist farce to manipulate the western sheeple. The Americunt arseholes and their terrorism has killed over 300,000 Syrians so far, not to mention 30,000 Yemenis and now 15,000 Libyans, the Zionist cunts have shot and maimed over 5,000 Palestinian children in Gaza, and I can go on an on, the Pimpeo virus killed a few hundred old, obese and frail people in the west. The Americunts are dying in large numbers as they have no health care system as the corrupt Jews control medicine and pharma. Let’s keep perspective, old people and others with weak immune systems will die regardless. The virus is a complete hoax.


For germany yes!


If you use a mathematical model with 15% of the population infected. The US with 350 million people and 28,000 “coronavirus deaths”. That’s 52 million infected.

3,700 of those deaths were cases where the deceased wasn’t even tested. Using the Italian health ministry findings that only 12% of those who die with the virus have it as a causal factor of death. The true number of deaths in the US is 3,360 or fewer. Which with 52 million infected, puts the mortality rate at .006%, which is only 6% of the seasonal flu.

The virus scare is a huge scam.


So let’s take the best case scenario of S Korea. They did early mass testing and tracing and still had a 2% mortality rate (they where prepared with previous plans from Sars, etc). So if US has 52 million like you suggest, deaths would reach 1 million if the US was well prepared. NOT
Perhaps you think every health agency in the world is lying? You really have to understand, rate of spread is the problem, on top of higher mortality rate, plus overwhelming the countries health care system like in Italy. :/


You’re using conflicted death rate calculations comparing estimated infections for 100% of the population with tested cases using less than 1% of the population. If you tested 100% of the population you’d get about the same death rate as the estimated rate which is fairly accurate.

Of course you know all of that and are misrepresenting and vastly overstating the true death rates to support the scam.


The virus scare is a huge scam. The US states with the most restrictive lockdowns and containment procedures on average have the highest deaths per million and the states without lockdown and the least restrictive containment procedures have the lowest deaths per million. The simple explanation for this is that the states with the highest deaths are lying to get bailout money to subsidize their economies that they imploded by deliberately committing economic suicide when it was completely unjustified.


The deaths in NYC seem to support your statement. NYC deaths surpass all other hot spots, so a city bail out by threat of bankruptcy is a possible motivation for questionable numbers.

This is a learning experience for all, possibly both methods can work together, we can change.

It primarily impacts the old and those with other issues, they might focus on ‘self isolating’.
Isolating those hospitalized outside of high density areas would also help.
Those under 60 can get back to work, preventing ‘economic suicide’.

China only shut down one province of 22, but they did focus on vitamine therapy.
They moved 50 tons of vitamine C into Hubei in Feb/2020. ( B1, C, & D ).

Their may be a second wave, we need to work using knowledge to beat this, but without force.


There are a lot of reports of cures. And that’s probably part of the reason why the number of deaths is so low on most of the planet.

It’s pretty clear that most of the cases are people already dying who are simply catching it but not dying from it as a causal factor.

Upwards of 99% of the fatalities are comorbidity cases even amongst the elderly. It’s very low on the list of leading causes of death. The seasonal flu surge can bring some medical facilities to capacity in peak areas. There are procedures to deal with that so that everyone is cared for properly.

There are no legitimate reasons for imposing the types of restrictions being implemented for this virus alone. It’s a different matter if there is a bioweapon issue involved.

It may have been a new bioweapon when it hit China and they aggressively confronted it. Once they got a handle on it they scaled back considerably. The


I believe it is a bio weapon, but it’s not designed to kill en masse, but to scare the world’s population into willing submission of restrictions, travel bans, surveillance apps, and other onerous measures that will not come down after the pan(dem)ic is over. Nation states are of course well advised to treat this as bio warfare, even if just for practice.
The good side is that globalist bs is largely collapsing everywhere. That is, open borders, mass immigration, closet socialism, questionable unions (EU), and it is also reducing military posturing somewhat.


The virus is clearly being used to implement fascist political, economic and social repression and control. I agree that there’s a real possibility that it’s a bioweapon. Whether it leaked from the Chinese lab, the Chinese used it against their own population and others as a false flag, or China, Iran and others were attacked with it by the US and or others remains to be determined.

China doesn’t have a history of false flags like the west that I’m aware of. The US/Jew world order has a long history of this type of behavior and has been very belligerent to both China and Iran. So if it is a bioweapon, it was probably a leak or an attack. If it was an attack. Attacking Wuhan could have been an attempt to place the blame on China.

Alex Jones points to a preexisting plan to use biowepons for transitioning to a global hegemony cyborg future via a genocidal/omnicidal population cull that the Chinese are primary players in. And he wants Xi Jinping and the WHO director executed to prevent it. I missed the part of his rant prior to the call for executions. But the last part of it I did catch was something about what sounded like some type of US military strike against China.

I’m not on the same page as him about his anti Chinese bias. I view the Chinese as positive actors. And the Jew world order types as negative actors. And his conspiracy theories seem far fetched on the surface. But there is a lot of credible source material that he references that support his globalist’s fascist hegemony drive accusations. So I go where the evidence leads. And his globalists when you look at who these people really are, are overwhelmingly Jews and Zionists.

Whatever the truth is about how the virus problem started. Never let a crisis go to waste works both ways. NATO is the hardest hit economically by their own self destructive behavior. Which widens the military and economic gap that Russia and China created as they overtook the NATO Zionist Jew world order in the military and economic spheres to bring the Jew world order forever war hegemony drive to a halt.

At this stage I’m bobbing and weaving like most people trying to deal with the turmoil in the hardest repression hit areas. I’m not under lockdown like most people. Though my income took a 65% reduction hit. Which I’m in the process of mitigating to return it to where it was before the virus or even better. Despite the extraordinary circumstances from the economic collapse where I’m living and working.

I’m living and working on the ocean coast, but I have 40 isolated 4×4 accessible acres paid for in the mountains 150 miles east of here. In a fairly low population density area bordered by wilderness and a large Indian reservation. That I’ve been putting off building on. That I’m now working on putting a cabin up on. Along with a garage for supplies and equipment maintenance. To be able to stay there for an extended period of time if it becomes necessary.

It’s about 15 miles west from a city with a population of a little under 100,000 that’s the largest city within a 100 mile radius in a mostly flat agricultural and desert area with some rivers running through it. Separated from the densely populated coastal regions by a mountain range that my property is on the east side of.


The simple explanation may be that the Jew world order NATO Zionist psychopaths have lost the ability to victimize the planet with their hegemony drive due to Russian and Chinese military and economic superiority. So they’ve started victimizing their own citizens instead.

Zionism = EVIL

This Pimpeovirus nonsense has gone far enough, there is a factual report by a German scientist who refutes the whole hoax, I was going to post it but somehow these days any video or photo on this site gets deleted. New form of censorship I guess. Anyway, as any rational person knows this whole idiocy has a more sinister agenda and was blown out of proportion as the number of deaths is less than what the Americunt arseholes cause by random gunfire every year, not to mention endless wars for Zionism and gas grabbing in the middle east.


Same fknuts,also claimed russia lost the oil war,really?
Infact its rather the exact opposite that is happening,this decimation of fake economy has not even begun,yest therre will be much mire extrutiating pain for the nwo/deep fake media/soros!


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