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In Coordination With Russia, France Sends Humanitarian Aid To Government-Held Areas In Syria (Video)

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On July 21, France sent 50 tons of medical aid to the government-held region of Eastern Ghouta in coordination with Russia, according to Reuters. A Russian An-124 cargo plane shipped the aid from the central French city of Chateauroux to the Russian Hmeimim airbase in the western Syrian governorate of Lattakia.

“The aim of this project is to enable civilian populations better access to aid,” a joint Russian-French statement said, according to the UK-based news outlet Middle East Eye.

The France-Press Agency (AFP) reported that the French aid will be distributed in Eastern Ghouta under the supervision of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA).

Commenting on the issue, French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that France had secured “guarantees” from Russia that the Damascus government would not obstruct the distribution of the aid and that it would not be misappropriated or diverted for political purposes.

Following the arrival of the aid shipment, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron discussed the humanitarian efforts in Syria over the phone, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

“Particular attention was paid to the humanitarian aspects of the Syrian settlement, including the implementation of the joint Russian-French initiative to provide humanitarian assistance to the population in Eastern Ghouta,” the Kremlin said in an official statement.

This is the first time a Western country delivers humanitarian aid to a government-held area since the outbreak of the armed conflict in Syria. The Russian-French cooperation on this issue will likely expand in the upcoming months.

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All to much humanitarian help is used as a PR tool, which removes its true value. Just because two state oppose each other on many issues doesn’t mean they can’t cooperate on this.

Bill Wilson

It looks better than doing nothing.


Or killing Palestinian women and children, you two dick sucking Israeli shitstains.


It’s French adaptation of poison the well courtesy of the jews.


Again, your full of shit Israeli troll farm.


I think it falls under the category enlightened self interest. So in that sense all humanitarian end gets used for PR reasons. Governments do good things because they know it also looks sexy on the 8 o’clock news.


You know what christian charity is? Benefiting from charity as a politician does removes the societal benefits. Charity builds trust, cooperation, economic efficiency, and is really the only way to eliminate long term problems like poverty. Giving to get, however, does nothing. And stealing from one to give to another, no matter the circumstances, makes things worse.

S Melanson

Are you suggesting the Altruistic French gesture is not given without measure? Oh you are so right. It is with the hope that this much to little much to late gesture will have us forgive them for contributing to the destruction of Syria and the enormous price paid in Syrian blood.

It is like sending orphaned kids some band aids to make up for bombiing their neighborhood, destroying their homes and killing their parents, brothers, sisters and friends they used to play with.


Oh, so friends always have the best intensions while enemies have tge worst? Ever stop to think that this may have nothing to do with politics?

S Melanson

You are right. I misread your post, I thought you were saying the gesture was a PR stunt. My error. Your post is very insightful and I agree with you – I posted above that the aid is a hopeful sign regardless.


Even if you send the whole france health ministry…you will get “0 GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS” for rebuilding Syria you french pieces of shit ! Keep trying…

Bill Wilson

Bashar’s daddy’s cronies have a lock on the rebuilding contracts which will impede any international rebuilding aid. Even Russia is reluctant to provide much due to that.


Another Israeli piece of shit troll farm, why don’t stay more concerned about corrupt Bibi and his cronies in Tel Aviv. Oh yeah and nice fake Goyim name you have there Kazar.

Jan Lavicka

it’s maybe the first “aid” not to terrorists from the pedophile west :-D

leon mc pilibin

Slimey french after years of bombing civilians,are looking for contracts in rebuilding the results of their treachery,,,no chance in hell,even ASSAD said that the countries involved in Syrias destruction will never get any rewards,,the nerve of these zionist scumbags,its not long since they wanted to bomb Syria back to the stone age.Sick fuckers.

Pave Way IV

“…the French aid will be distributed in Eastern Ghouta…”

Yeah, sorry about the failed regime change, the half-million dead Syrians, Wahhabism, the botched CW false flag in Douma, destruction of your East Ghouta cities and ZATO’s total abandonment of you head-chopping ‘rebels’ (and your subsequent ass-kicking by the SAA). Here’s some crackers and blankets from France to kind of make up for that. Bon appetit and bon courage, you pathetic, useless ZATO stooges – you’re nothing to France any more.


I don’t really believe this is some kind of actual help even. Remember the HIV tainted blood packs.

You can call me Al

You vile French scum. “Please forgive us, for killing thousands of you, here are lot’s of onions, garlic cloves and fucking frogs legs”. You are not getting nought in the rebuild.


Mate remember their HIV tainted blood packs.

You can call me Al

Oh. Nothing would surprise me.


The French and their pathetic imperial pretensions of a has been, hopefully the New Caledonians vote yes for Independence in Novembers referendum. One less territory that the French own, will be one more step for these pig headed frogs to realize they are no longer an empire or a great power.


Where are the White Helmets??? Back in Washington or London????


The ones that were in East Ghouta? They hitched a ride with the other Jihadis up north to Idlib and Turkish occupied northern Syria.

jade villaceran

they go to israel by bus and will fly to canada and europe


Russia is being stupid.

Russia knows that France will send weapons and communication equipment hidden in the “humanitarian aid” delivery.

Don’t be surprised if “flour” and “rice” from France turns out to be semtex and C4 for a spate of terrorist car bombings.

S Melanson

It would be risky for France to do so as the shipment is delivered under Russia’s watch. Also, the area has been cleared of any organized resistance so it is unclear how such equipment or munitions would serve any purpose other than to potentially expose French duplicity.

I think this gesture signals French acceptance of the reality in Syria – they lost, Assad and allies have won. This is also a positive signal regarding how the situation in Eastern Syria will be resolved. I am hopeful.


froggy gays delivrered humanitarian aid totally hypocrisy!!


lol chateauroux is the principal base of us army before the NATO expelled the general de gaulle an 1966 early!!!

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