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In Continuation Of The “Turkish Policy”: Turkish Housing Associations In Aleppo Countryside

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In Continuation Of The "Turkish Policy": Turkish Housing Associations In Aleppo Countryside

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

The Turkish forces started the process of building housing associations in the district of Jenderes in the Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo, in order to settle the militants there after offering them for investment and sale, which falls within the context of the “Turkish policy” followed by Turkey in the areas under its control.

Sources revealed that the Turkish authorities had started a project to build two housing associations around the villages of Kafr Safra and Hajj Hasna, so that the houses of these two associations will be “residential villages”, which will be offered for investment and sale at special discounted prices to the armed factions loyal to Ankara.

The sources quoted that the Turkish forces were working to establish the first association in Kafr Safra in cooperation with the “Ihsan Relief and Development” Foundation, which is supported by it, while the task of building the second association has been assigned to the “Turkish Red Crescent” in cooperation with the governor of “Hatay”.

The Turkish forces seized large areas of a mountainous site around “Kafr Safra” to build its association consisting of 247 housing units, while the Red Crescent is working to build 400 housing units within the second association located near the village of Hajj Hasna.

The construction of the two associations is one of the most dangerous Turkification methods used by the Turkish authorities in Afrin, especially since the two projects will cause a major demographic change in the region. The resettlement of non-indigenous population, in addition to the above, the problem of hundreds of properties seized by militants, belonging to citizens living in the territories of the Syrian state.


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Président Assad, président Putin, do you agree to give away pieces of Syria (YOUR LAND, président Assad) to the UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS only in hate for the KURDS not to have an agreement with them (REMEMBER THAT SHIITE TOWNS OF NUBL AND ZAHRAA WERE SAVED BY THE SAME KURDS YOU SOLD TO THOSE BEASTS) ? KURDS that, in HUGE SHAME, RUSSIANS BETRAYED in AFRIN and the BLOND SHITHEAD IN HASAKA. What do you sa?

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

Nor the Russian nor Syrian government have given any land to Turkey…just because one side says something doesn’t mean anything…Turkey is using those land to not take in their terrorists which Zion and yankees left behind. Normal Kurds don’t hate Arabs and no Arab hate Kurds, it is a lie to say such things, it’s you that believe that and in your point of view. Kurds in N-Syria have no right to most of the land, their population is 2-3 million and yet they want to control 1/3 of Syria, it never going to happen. Even now remember most of Kurd’s “troops” in Syria are under US control, and they not Kurds they are Arabs. As long Kurds terrorists follow Zion+yankees goals they are not welcomed by anyone in M.E. Also, Kurds don’t want to talk to the Syrian government or Russia, remember when Turkey attack them they lost all of NE-Syria in 2-3 weeks because they sold themselves to yankees, so cut the BS and stop playing the victim card, your kind isn’t any better than Zion.

Your kind helped Zion in Iraq and Syria with help of the US, you people backstabbed Russia and Syria’s block by welcoming and taking the side of the US. For what? In hope of yankees and Zion cut part of Syria and give it to you people. Did you think that would gonna happen if not then why? The Kurds don’t have the power nor manpower to deal with ISIL in the first place you use, women, as soldiers. It was Russian, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq that helped Kurds, and you people bite their hands…Russia, Syria trust the Kurds before you backstabbed them and made deal with the devils, now crying and blaming others just like Zion huh.

Why don’t you say everything Kurds have done to poor Arabs kids in N-Syria, why Russia and Syria had to come in to stop Turkey? Why didn’t the US YOUR BEST FRIEND didn’t help you when Turkey attacked? Go do your history again and don’t take part which you like. When ISIL taking over it was Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon that give Kurds Weapons, Food, and safety to fight back…where were your best friends the US and Israel? Ohhh yea they funded and aided ISIL to kill your kind and Arabs, but they now are your best friends, you can’t blame them because you still want to believe they back you and cut part of Syria and give to your kind. The Lion, The Witch, And The Audacity Of This Bitch.

It seems that both Russians and Americans retreated giving way to the GENOCIDALS… The BETRAYERS. If président Assad is surprised of this, why hasn’t immediately deployed Army and anti aircraft weapons during Afrin invasion, for instance? And them all together, aren’t they against jihadi terrorists? And what are the thugs commanded by the UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS AND TRAINED IN OCCUPIED ANATOLIA TO DEVELOP TERROR ALL AROUND THE WORLD (LYBIA, CAUCASUS, SYRIA, IRAQ, NOW SOMALIA, BLACK AFRICA AND KASHMIR)?

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

Russia wasn’t in N-Syria because of the US – who led the US in N-Syria? Kurds. Why are you lying? Syria and Russia jump in helped Kurds, but even back then Kurds didn’t want to work with Syria and Russia – when the US left and Kurds were getting killed left and right, the Kurds agreed to ask Syrian and Russian help. SAA would have crashed with the yankees, Kurds, and Turk if they jump right in…do understand the meaning of shit show?

No Syria, Iran’s block, and Russia are against Wahhabi terrorists, the US-funded and aided ISIL, the US even said that ISIS in Syria are their allies – because they are attacking Syrians…yet Kurds had a wet dream that by leading the US in and asking for money, they would help Kurds to cut part of Syria and give it to Kurds.

Get this in your head buddy, ISIL/Jihadi terrorists are just mercenaries…they fight for money. In the end, the USA, UK, NATO, and Zion were the ones that funded and aided them in M.E to set their power and steal more land or do what they did to Egypt…that failed right in their face and now Turkey is using them for Turkey goals.

“help”? With a rope

Dancing khazars of 9/11

Boo hoo hooo kiddo he is right, Kurds like us Turkic Khazars 😂 stealing 1/3 of Syria and saying those land “belong” to Kurds as if 😂😂. If Russia, Syria, and Iran didn’t help Kurds our brother Turkic would have all of N-Syria by now…LMFAO. Also, worship us more your useless Kurds 😍 let us rape and make you our slaves what’s the problem ya. Grow your hate against Arabs and Iran’s block and join us the god chosen people.

Weren’t they in Afrin, giving way to the BEASTS and JIHATUGS? You are LYING or CLOSING YOUR EYES

Furkan Sahin

Putin is suck Pedro Castillo Peru Libre and Venezeula Maduro is better than him


I called this. Turks are rebuilding empire. Northern Syrian schools teach Turkish and Turkish currency is being used. Soon, Turkish settlers. Businessmen already there.


Haha ^^

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