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Impotence of the US Navy or Insanity of the US Leadership


Impotence of the US Navy or Insanity of the US Leadership

AFP 2018 / US NAVY

The US Navy’s guided missile destroyer McCampbell entered the Sea of Japan to challenge Russia’s maritime claims in the area, US Navy spokesperson Rachel McMarr stressed on December 5.

“McCampbell sailed in the vicinity of Peter the Great Bay to challenge Russia’s excessive maritime claims and uphold the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of the sea enjoyed by the United States and other nations,” McMarr said.

Peter the Great Bay is the largest part of the Sea of Japan as well as home of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

The strange thing is that the US Navy and mainstream media outlets show this as some kind of “success” in the standoff against Russia. Are they sure? It’s hard to image that a similar “victorious report” may have released by the US Navy in 1960-1980s. The statemen is just humiliating for the US naval power, especially amid the current crisis on the international scene.

How did the US reacted to the November 25 incident between a Ukrainian naval group and Russian coastal guards in the Black Sea? [Let’s ingore what side staged the provocation] Did the US Navy deploy its forces in the Black Sea or at least close to a small Russian naval group involved in the operation in Syria? Did the US Navy at least showcase a US nuclear submarine near Russian northern borders demonstrating a weakness of Russian naval forces in their heart? No, the US Navy chose an indecisive direction near the long Russian naval defense line in order to sail “in the vicinity” of it.

All what we have is speculations in mainstream media outlets that the US has started making preparations to sail a warship into the Black Sea in order to respond to the ‘Russian agression’.

“The US military has requested that the State Department notify Turkey of its possible plans to sail a warship into the Black Sea, three US officials tell CNN, a move they said is a response to Russia’s actions against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov,” CNN wrote on December 5.

Western diplomats and media would welcome warmly a showcase of the US naval power near Russian borders [live-fire drills for example or another kind of formal demonstration of the US capabilities of striking Russian military targets]. But, the guided missile destroyer McCampbell challenged, from neutral waters, “Russia’s excessive maritime claims and uphold the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of the sea”.

There are several explanations of this situation.

  1. The spokesperson of the US Navy is just an “Idiot” and was not able to express the real meaning of the move.
  2. Russian “GRU” infiltrated the US Navy and is able to stage global provocations undermining the US global dominance in the media and naval spheres.
  3. The Washington establishment feels “gulty” for its inability to impact the slow collapse of the influence of the Poroshenko regime within Ukraine and is sending a signal to “Ukrainian partners”.

The third explanation is even worser sad for supporters of the Washington establishment narrative. The fate of the Poroshenko was in fact predetermined when Mr President made his bet in the “global standoff”. So, there was no need to publicly humilate the US Navy to send any kidn of signals. If one continues speculations in this direction, this may be described as a part of the wider “anti-Trump” propaganda effort designed to show that he cannot ‘deter’ the Russians or all of these versions can be partly true simultaneously.



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  • seawolf

    Its both, symptoms of a falling imperator.

  • Why not sending fleet of Russian nuclear subs / destroyers / battle cruisers to New York Bay.
    Subs to be surfaced of course.
    Just please be sure that “Russian freedom of navigation” enforcement will not violate any international rules and claims of the USA. Keep at least 12 miles distance from the coast please.

    • Sinbad2

      Dumbing your self down to the level of the US is not the answer.

  • Robert McMaster

    The Americans undertake these naval provocations because the Chinese and Russia howling in response makes them look weak and stupid. But the U.S. actions have no teeth, are empty ceremony. Which makes them look weak and stupid. Russia+China should turn a cold shoulder to this. Rise above it. “Yes, we see what you are doing but an empty drum makes the loudest noise”. And when they want to sink intruders it will be the entire global U.S. fleet. All at once. So, just be patient as you will get your response. Eventually.

    Of course, dosing those American ships with some debilitating EW stuff might be enjoyable. Watching the Big Bozos drifting around frantically.

    • so

      On the contrary. I never see Russia or China howling in response to the USA yelling and screaming. Responses are always very controlled and efficient.
      However If I were China this morning I would be rounding up every US government worker and telling the US government(whatever that is) that I would kill one for every hour that our kidnapped citizen (CFO Meng) was not on a jet bound for China. I guess its good I’m not the president of China. Now that’s howling.

      • Robert McMaster

        Oh, of course they howl. It’s just standard diplomatic talk. But it all wears thin in the face of repeated American provocations. Which is pretty much all they can do having so little ammunition of substance remaining in their armementerium. The point is that China and Russia need to employ tactics that show how empty U.S. threats are. Not to get caught up in mere ritual responses. I agree with you that some teeth would be be appropriate.

    • Human kind is doomed

      “Of course, dosing those American ships with some debilitating EW stuff might be enjoyable. Watching the Big Bozos drifting around frantically.”

      That would be gold! That would be hilarious! It would made my day!

  • I’m surprised they referred to it as ‘Peter the Great Bay’ instead of the ‘Sea of Japan near the port of Vladivostok’ like they do with the ‘Arabian Gulf’.

    • Padre

      You had to remind them, did you?

    • FlorianGeyer

      I very much doubt if the US military involved even know who Peter the Great was :)

    • You can call me Al

      With them, it would be the Sea of Texas, for the sheeple.

  • a clearer report was released by the defense chief of Russia Igor Konachenkov regarding the incident: the cowardly american bastards came to about 100km of the coast of their naval base in Vladivostok and were under the guidance of the Russian fleet’s guided submarine destroyer. then when the Russians decided that the gig was up and it was time to go, they escorted the scum and they couldn’t run fast enough and settled at around 400km from the Russian coast deep in the sea of Japan.
    it’s just so sad and humiliating what has become of america of late. they are so powerless and suicidal it’s pitiable. their rants and actions are becoming extremely erratic and dangerous. i simply liken them to a bunch of mosquitoes or cockroaches breeding in the toilet, they’ll fester for some time, but they’ll have to be dealt with eventually. the americans are bugs waiting and itching to be swatted.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ” it’s just so sad and humiliating what has become of america of late ”

      I think its hilarious :)

      • You can call me Al

        Ik ook / Me too.

        Stupid Yank muppets.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    SO…….. americans manage to sail in international waters with out damaging their ships to collide with a merchant ship and sink themselves. I guess that is a great achievement and I am sure the russians watching the ship sail by definitely shit in their pants…….

  • Floyd Hazzard

    All bluster so no offence should be taken. These ships have no defence against the hypersonic Kinzhals. In military terms, right now Russia is without peer. They have the best defended, the best electronic suppression and the best offence. The S400 has the F35 scared $#!+(€$$. America needs to stop trying to be everywhere abs circle the wagons. They need to cut everywhere and invest in weapons development.

    • Redadmiral

      Yanki mic and state already bankrupt. Unfortunately, their death throws could kill us all

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Defend? is this how is called in the land of the morons, (usa), going into someone else house and try to bully them into submission?

      • Human kind is doomed

        Pretty much so!

      • FlorianGeyer

        That’s what criminals do Promitheas and te US military are well practised on ‘House Invasions ‘ :)

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          I been following today also the progress of two of their spy planes EP-3E Orion call sign 157316 and Boeing OC-135B call sign OSY12F . Both been locked by the s400 and fighter russian planes went to meet them.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Where was that ?

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            Crimea. One flew out of Borispol airport and went over the north borders over lake Sivash. The other come from the sea side as close as ten clicks. They both left when the russians scrambler their airforce and the S400 batteries went hot locking them up.

          • FlorianGeyer


          • You can call me Al

            Hack in and then press the red button then.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            easier said than done. I wish I could sometimes.

      • Floyd Hazzard

        It’s trying to prevent them from spreading in power so yes it is a defence of the empire. I know what you are saying but the one losing prestige is America. They are trying to defend against that.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          I dont think they care about prestige. Is something else they care about but in any case they are losing in all fronts.

    • SG

      “He who defends everything defends nothing.” – Frederick the Great of Prussia

  • Tudor Miron

    Here’s RuMOD official statement on the matter: “Did not come closer than 100km from 12 miles territorial waters”. “All they could “demonstrate” was their feiled attempt to brake away on maximum speed from forces of Russian Pacific fleet that where shadowing it. At this point in time they “demonstrate their bravery” 400km + away from Russian territorial waters” said Major General Konashenkov.

  • verner

    to use what someone else said herein earlier – they are ‘failing and flailing’ seriously lost at sea. poor fu…ers, and the eminent moron in the wh heaving away the best he can!

  • Human kind is doomed

    They were pretty lucky no oil tanker was around!

  • hvaiallverden

    Come on, what is this, an fly by, nothing more, the boats where sitting dykes anyway, and are massive targets, but, since its an waist of time to dig further into this, its an hysterical MSM run hype, dont even bother me at all and is more for internal abuse in the Imperial Banana republic UssA, and thats it, nothing more, and it reminds me, since I am pre-stone age. aka before internet, this reminds me of good old cold war scarmongreling, and the responce should be, of course, keep an eye on the morons and dont ever under estemate the Impisses in their ability to create clister f…. of biblical proportions in an hart beat, an yawn.

    I may go fishing, and the pop corn is untuched.
    Have an nice day.


  • Smaug

    The answer is neither. South Front doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about.

  • Sinbad2

    The US is terrified, this sort of thing is bluff, dogs bark out of fear.
    The Americans are now reduced to taking hostages, first that Russian woman, and now this female Chinese executive. These are the actions of the weak, not the strong.
    Things must be much worse for the US than it appears.

  • R Trojson

    More Russian propaganda. US ship said it would sail through the Sea of Japan staying in international waters. We can all agree that it did exactly that. Russia on the other hand wanted the US ship to sail into Russian waters so it could cry to the international community that the big mean US Navy is bullying Russia again.

    Then there is the Russian Navy and their fleet of Aircraft Carriers. Clearly the envy of the world. But seriously China’s Navy is superior to Russia’s. Yes, that third world country China.

  • Carlos M Alvarado

    The US empire is coming to the end, They will create more wars before the final collapse