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Importing One-Size-Fits-All Democratic Values In Ukraine: The Biarritz Partnership

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Importing One-Size-Fits-All Democratic Values In Ukraine: The Biarritz Partnership

Elena Zelenskaya (the first lady of Ukraine). Click to see full-size image

The post-2014 coup political regime established in Kiev continues its campaign to promote the so-called ‘Western values’ in Ukraine.

Ukraine has become a participant in an international project to protect women’s rights, which also includes support for abortion, LGBT partnerships and sex education in schools.

A few days ago, Ukraine received the official status of a member of the so-called “Biarritz Partnership”.

This action gave impetus to the enthusiasm to all social justice warriors in Ukraine, and throughout, but also strikes concern in all those who support the traditional values.

Many Orthodox media resources, and not only, have already expressed serious concern about this.

So what is the Biarritz Partnership?

It all begins with the G7, it is a gathering of the 7 most powerful countries in the world, it is not an official organization.

It is simply an annual meeting of them where opinions are shared, and a sort of agenda is agreed upon, but nothing “too formal” takes place.

As a result of most of the meetings, general statements are made with no legal significance and none of them are formally binding.

Very few people know that the G7 format is considered an outdated format of international communication that is not particularly effective. It is being replaced by other formats, for example, the G20.

However, the G7 meetings are still being held, and in 2018, when Canada was the informal chairman of the G7, the Prime Minister of this country Justin Trudeau created an Advisory Council on Gender Equality, which was supposed to study this problem and present its views.

In 2019, the G7 chairmanship passed to France, whose president not only extended the work of the Advisory Council for the period of the French presidency, but also renewed its composition and terms of reference.

The Council has 35 members, including three Nobel Peace Prize winners, representatives of various non-governmental organizations, private enterprises, governments, journalists and artists.

The Advisory Council is not a state or international public law body, and the representatives of governments who are members of the Council have the status of individuals rather than representatives of the state.

Also in 2019, this Advisory Board at the G7 meeting in Biarritz, France, presented two papers on gender equality.

These were:

  • Recommendations for Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Girls and Women.
  • Call to Action.

On the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, the leaders of the G7 agreed that it was time to take the fight for gender equality to the next level and decided to create an international coalition to fight gender inequality.

This initiative was named: the “Biarritz Partnership for Gender Equality” or abbreviated: “Biarritz Partnership”.

The G7 countries under this Partnership have pledged to adopt and implement a progressive legislative framework for gender equality, as well as to promote the idea of ​​joining the Biarritz Partnership for other countries.

In Ukraine, the topic of joining the Biarritz Partnership was raised by the country’s first lady, Elena Zelenskaya.

Speaking on December 10, 2019 at the forum “3rd Ukrainian Women’s Congress”, she made a corresponding appeal to the head of state and the Cabinet of Ministers.

And it went well.

In May 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers approved such an accession, and in September it officially took place. Ukraine has undertaken the following obligations:

  • Develop a barrier-free public space that is friendly to families with children and people with limited mobility;
  • Educate children on the principles of equality between women and men;
  • Prevent Violence;
  • Reduce the gender pay gap;
  • Create more opportunities for men to take care of children.

Zelenskaya, calling to join the Biarritz Partnership, said:

“First of all, we are talking about the future of Ukrainians and Ukrainian women, about families who should be comfortable combining their career with their personal life, to the children of the society with appropriate inclusive infrastructure, family and child rooms. Barrier-free space is, moreover, ensuring decent living conditions for people with disabilities, where the gender component must also be taken into account.”

But President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife kept silent about what was contained in the texts of the documents of the Advisory Council on Gender Equality.

What awaits the participants in the “partnership”?

The Biarritz Partnership offers affiliated members the following:

  • ensure gender parity in national, ministerial and representative delegations,
  • provide quotas for women (reserved seats) in national parliaments,
  • support NGOs, feminist groups and organizations that are necessary to achieve gender equality,
  • provide comprehensive education about sexuality and healthy relationships in and out of school,
  • ensuring access to modern contraception and safe abortion services,
  • eliminate gender stereotypes and social norms, including ideas of masculinity, which are harmful to all genders,
  • ensure the principle of consent, recognizing that sex without consent is rape, marital rape should be criminalized,
  • budget for a gender perspective,
  • encourage men to do 50% of household chores, including childcare,
  • make parental leave available for same-sex parents.

In the sphere of state administration, it is planned to introduce artificial quotas for women to occupy leading positions, which in fact is positive discrimination against men.

As part of the fight against domestic violence against women, measures are proposed that can be used for abuse.

For example, the principle of consent to sexual intercourse, without which such an act is recognized as rape and is punishable by imprisonment for a rather long period. The status of the spouses is not taken into account in this case.

A wife can endlessly blackmail her husband by threatening to send him to jail.

At the same time, whistleblowing is strongly encouraged. Not only should a police officer or a doctor who suspects that domestic violence is happening report it, but, for example, a pizza delivery man or a courier should also do the same.

Anything that contradicts gender ideology, and this is primarily religious norms, must be eradicated, and not just anyhow, but through “bold actions.”

In the text of the document it sounds like this: “Transformation of cultural norms and customs by bold actions, ambitious policies and means enshrined in laws.”

For some reason, the idea of ​​masculinity is recognized as harmful “for both sexes” and must also be eradicated.

To implement the principles of the Biarritz Partnership, the state should allocate money for this from the state budget (0.7% of gross national income), change its legislation, as well as “Create a specialized independent body responsible for receiving complaints of gender discrimination”.

The Biarritz Partnership presupposes the imposition of gender ideology, sexual promiscuity (under the name “realization of sexual health”), abortion (under the name “safe termination of pregnancy”) starting from the school education.

Firstly, all these actions are beautifully hidden between quite plausible measures. The “partnership”, in particular, implies parental leave for men, creating conditions for the movement and socialization of disabled people, improving health care and many other good things.

Therefore, critics of the Biarritz Partnership can always be accused of not pitying people with disabilities or against the development of the health care system.

And secondly, the Biarritz Partnership itself is an example of how states, contrary to the principles of democracy, are imposed an ideology alien to the people.

The aggressive propaganda of the modern neo-liberal values is ongoing in Ukraine amid the large-scale campaign against the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). The Kiev government, with help from the US State Department and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, even created a special pseudo-church organization, the so-called independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine, to push the pro-Western agenda and fight the traditional conservative values popular in the society. It is interesting that pro-Kiev ‘patriotic groups’ that formally declare their support to conservatism fully support this trend. Therefore, Ukrainian radical nationalists and Neo-Nazis are de-facto united with radical neo-liberals in their fight against the church and traditional society.


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Here we go Femi-Nazi ideology and LGBTQ “renaissance” of Ukrainian society.
Turning men into feminized fags and wimps and women in full time bitches while having pedophilia flowing in abundance and family and moral and traditional values in tatters.

Zionist Jew magic potion poisonn for every “modern society”.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

Waste of money to indoctrinate people to live against natural laws. BTW: nature is very politicaly incorrect.


comment image

Lone Ranger

Same democratic values cia tought al-cia-da and isis…


I highly doubt they’re headed towards LGBT acceptance when Azov will kill any gays.

Regardless, Ukraine is fucked, and siding with Amerika’s depopulation campaign will certainly purge the very few countries we have left of Euro-caucasian genes.

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