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IMPORTANT: SouthFront has to Decrease Video Production

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Dear friends, readers, supporters

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is pushed to decrease video production. We are struggling to change this, but its clear that there will be no more full video production at least 1 week.

Since the projects start, we were able to produce so much exclusive content only due to your support. Thank you for this!

The other side of the story is that the donations received were never enough to keep the project alive with such number of original content that you’ve seen.

The SouthFront video team is “drowning” in bills and can’t make ends meet because producing videos for the project is a hard daily work which doesn’t allow to concentrate on other projects or another job successfully.

We will make every possible effort to continue to produce exclusive and high quality videos covering the crucial developments over the world.

However, we dont have resources to maintain full scale video production by now. Thus, we have to significantly decrease production for at least 1 week to find resources and restore our capabilities.

If you have a possibility, if you like our content and approaches, please, support the project. Our work wont be possible without your help:

IMPORTANT: SouthFront has to Decrease Video Production

IMPORTANT: SouthFront has to Decrease Video Production

OR find other ways to donate here: http://southfront.org/donate/

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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T h a n k y o u . )


This is one of the first sites I visit each day to be up-do-date in the Syrian and other conflicts.

Come on, we are not talking about millions needed. I gave 20$ last month, this site is read around the world, there will be some others able to help keeping this site online.

And so much also for “Russian propaganda” directed and financed by Moscow. Fact is, independent information has to finance itself – public money only for NWO and NATO propaganda.


30 seconds commercials before every video, as part of the video. Or more commercials on the site.

Greetings from Macedonia.

Elaine Ossipov

I love your content, and think you have been the best, most consistent, up-to-date analysis on the internet of the war-torn areas. It is a true shame if you are not able to continue this. I donated before, and again just now. Cosidering that neither my husband or myself are currently working, this should show you the value I place on your video’s and news services.

May blessings be upon you and your loved ones, please stay stafe above all!

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