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JUNE 2020

Implication of creating a modern integrated management of the Syrian air space


Written by Valentin Vasilescu; Originally appeared on voltairenet.org

The new Russian system of integrated management of data on the Syrian battlefield, is not uniquely conceived to prevent Israeli aggressions. It also makes it impossible for the United States and France to provide air support for their illegal bases in Syria. This is why, anticipating defeat, Ambassador James Jeffrey has called for US occupation forces to be withdrawn.

Implication of creating a modern integrated management of the Syrian air space

nder international law, the defense of the Syrian territory, even the parts occupied by anti-government, separatist terrorist groups, is the responsibility of the Syrian government. The same applies to Syria’s territorial waters and its air space. Russia has been invited by the legitimate government of Syria to support the Syrian army in its fight against terrorists. But, even in this context, Russia is not arrogating to itself the right to replace the Syrian government as the holder of the sovereign right to defend its territory and its air space.

In the past, going beyond the limits set by international rules and UN decisions, the USA and its allies (NATO in particular), have proceeded to a military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and have imposed a no-fly zone over Libya and Yugoslavia.

In contrast, the Russian contingency in Syria is not an occupation force and accordingly, has not received from the Russian President, the mandate to occupy the Syrian territory or to create a no-fly zone over the entire country, even though it has the operational capacity to do so.

The agreement that Russia concluded with the United States and Israel to avoid accidents which implies the accidental destruction of its planes, is limited to air spaces situated around the air base at Hmeymim, the Russian installations in the governorate of Latakia and the naval base near Tartus, including the installations located around the port of Tartus. This agreement has been respected and this is evidenced by the Russians never launching their AA missiles, except against the drones of the armed Islamists that threaten the air base at Hmeymim.

On 17 September 2018 when the Russian airplane IL-20 was brought down, the Israeli F-16s were very close to violating the agreement with Russia by targeting objects situated in the prohibited area, only 10 km from the north of the Hyeymim air base. Despite this, the Israeli planes were not destroyed.

The terrain situated on the Syrian-Lebanese border is mountainous so that radar detection of the Syrian AA defense and the direction of the Syrian AA missiles is impossible for targets flying at a low altitude in Lebanon or near the coast of Lebanon. Lebanon does not have any AA missiles. This is because its government depends on Saudi Arabia to fund its army. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia was the main provider of funding, new recruits, arms, weapons and training for the terrorists fighting against the Syrian national army.

Either Saudi Arabia has no interest in arming Lebanon with its AA missiles prohibiting Israeli planes from flying over Lebanese territory or it has a very close political and military cooperation with Israel. In any event, Israel has often used the Lebanese air space to attack targets in Syria.

On the eastern border, Northern Syria and the territory occupied by Daesh (including the governorate of Raqqa), there are no Syrian radar stations. The area is occupied by separatist Kurds and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported and armed by the US.

Russia has deployed a radar plane A-50U (similar to the US AWACS) in Syria. This plane is maintained in the area of patrol for 9 hours and simultaneously pursues 150 air targets over an area with a radius of 350 km, without being affected by any type of relief. Up until now, the coordinates of these targets have not been transmitted to the Syrian terrestrial radars because the latter do not have a system of automatized management capable of communicating with the A-50U (the Russian radar plane).

With the implementation of the Russian system of automated management, Polyana D4M1 in the Syrian army, the information collected by the A-50U planes, as well as the Russian observation satellites and radars of the last generation of the Russian S-400 batteries at Latakia will arrive at the command posts of the Syrian air forces and thus to all the Syrian AA missile systems.

However no arm is infallible and Israel, following its custom, will seek and will find flaws in the system Polyana D4M1 that has been set up by the Syrian army. All the more since, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a vast number of Jews emigrated to Israel. Some of them were renowned scientists in the field of Soviet weapons and their integration into industry and defence has brought a substantial advantage to Israel.

These Israeli experts, originally from the USSR, experts on Soviet techniques, knew that on 17 Sept 2018, the radar for surveillance of the air space and the radar for guiding the S200 AA missiles were situated near the launching ramp that is more than 100 km from the Russian plane. At this distance, the radar space of separation between the Russian plane and the false echoes of the F16 planes created by very weak systems of disturbance, is barely perceptible. That is, the systems superimpose, one on the other. These experts also know that if the Syrians respond to the attack, the S-200 missile would bring down the Russian reconnaissance plane and not the Israeli combat planes. Who has the most to lose?

Until now, the Israeli air force raids in Syria have not caused great losses that could change the outcome of the battle. For the Israelis, it was more about projecting an image of prestige, to show international public opinion that they could strike military targets in Syria without Russia intervening.

Astonishingly, Israel is not the big loser of the implementation of the automatized management of the Syrian airspace (which now includes the S-300 systems). Israel can avoid confronting the AA Syrian Defence, renounce attacking several targets in Syria. It can also, to maintain its image, strike by means other than the air force, the zones deprived of military targets after giving prior notice to the Russians.

The biggest loser is the US. Both in the territories occupied by the Kurds of the SDF, and also at the border with Jordan, the US has illegally created military bases. Syria is a founder member state of the UN. In contrast to the Russian soldiers, the status of the US, British, French and Turkish is that of the aggressor, for they are acting in Syria either on the side of the groups fighting against the government or the independent troops. The US fighter planes that bought down the Syrian airplanes above Syrian territory on the pretext that they were threatening US troops were acting on Syrian territory on the side of anti-government groups.

In the US military bases, there are some members of the Special operational forces, that is to say, a light infantry without the support of the artillery. These bases will not be able to resist a single attack on the soil by the Syrian army supported by the Air Force. If the US realize that its Air Force will not be able to pass through the AA Syrian barrage without suffering heavy losses, then any air intervention will become inopportune. When we speak of the barrage of the Syrian AA, we are referring to three things: a/the automatized system for the management of the Syrian air space; b/the systems of AA missiles and c/the equipment of interference: Krasukha-4 and R-330ZH Zhitel. The latter annihilates the command centres for the management of the fighter air force (AWACS), the systems for navigation, the centres for controlling the fire and guiding arms on board US fighter planes.

Implication of creating a modern integrated management of the Syrian air space

The only solution left on the table, will be for the Pentagon to withdraw its troops from Syrian territory.

Anoosha Boralessa



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  • RusskiiTroll54

    Checkmate FUKUS?

    • Sinbad2

      I’m not sure it’s checkmate, but definitely check.

  • Tudor Miron

    Well… I would not say that things are that “cut and dry” but I agree that Syrian air defence is much more than it used to be.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes, they have shot down an important Russian airplane down. Hip-Hip.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        haha not as many as US F-22 junk being destroyed in storms…

        • Sinbad2

          It seems that only about 50% of F22’s are airworthy at any given time.
          They had 187, and according to reports 22 were destroyed, so now they have 165, and only 83 will be operational.
          America is a dead man walking.

          • John Whitehot

            yeah, but watch out for any MIC excuses to start producing them again and charge the taxpayer with another couple trillions.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      hahaha US is country of total morons, 16 of the F-22 flying junk were left in the open when the storm hit Florida and all were destroyed. The moronic pilots fled the base prior to the storm. There are some very funny photos of the jets even on roofs.

      16 F-22 Raptors severely damaged, destroyed by Hurricane Michael

      CLIMATE change has done what decades of warfare has failed to achieve:
      destroying and damaging the US Air Force’s F-22 Raptor fighters.

      • John Whitehot

        “CLIMATE change has done what decades of warfare has failed to achieve:
        destroying and damaging the US Air Force’s F-22 Raptor fighters.”

        Except that F-22s were never employed against any opponent having anything more modern than F-4 phantoms or Mig-23s in stock.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Even antiquated Serb SA-2 downed a US F-117 and the Syrians with a SA-5 looking birdstrike crippled a F-35. The most modern US taxpayers funded Zionist F-16I did not cope well against a Iranian upgraded Sayyed SA-2 over the occupied Golan.

          • Bob

            Syrian air defenses shot down a Turkish reconnaissance RF- 4E Phantom that had violated north Syrian airspace – back in 2012.

          • Sinbad2

            They did that with a gun, everybody thinks you need missiles, but a radar controlled gun is just as effective, and a lot cheaper.

    • SF is still repeating one stupid bullshit theory about “breakthrough” in Syria by boosting S300 SAM capacity.
      S300 and S400 were deployed in Syria already 4 years ago. The only difference is, that from now some of the hardware is “officially” under command of SAA.
      But practically (as whole system is integrated) it will be Russian generals who will give green or red lights to shot down Israeli intruders. So practically nothing changed.
      Maybe adding more S300 HW will boost existing capacity 10, or 20 or 30 percent, but it is hardly a breakthrough. Please keep calm and look at Syria unbiased. SF should stop posting the same propaganda bullshit over and over again (circa 20 articles about boosting of S300 capacity was already published). This is really annoying.
      There are not HW gaps in Syria air defense.
      The biggest problem is in Putin’s command as he is reluctant to USE EXISTING S300 and S400 against Israel. As I said, S300 and S400 are in Syria 4 years already. They were used probably just once, at the first US cruise missiles attack known as2017 Shayrat missile strike. They were never used since that time, even Israel shot down multiple Russian aircrafts (and Syrian as well, for example SU-24 over Golan heights in 2018).
      What is more important, Putin described IL 20 incident as “tragic accident”. So please SF, stop repeating bullshit about problems with existing S300 capacity. Problem is probably only in Putin’s (and SF) heads.Thirdly.

      US and Israel military doctrine were never rational. They are based on hubris, lies, violations of any existing deals and ignoring common sense and diplomatics.

      Putin&Lavrov are still repeating the same useless aproach and making new and new “deals” with Israel, which results only in delays of SAA advance and caused catastrophe in IDLIB and East Euphrate bank.
      I don’t know why SF repeat the same stupid bullshit, that Israel will withdraw military presence from Syria since new S300 are deployed.
      It is very stupid idea on pair with thinking of 3 years old child.

      Please improve quality of articles here.

      • But practically (as whole system is integrated) it will be Russian
        generals who would give green or red lights to shot down Israeli
        intruders. So practically nothing changed.

        But something has changed, Zo Fu.
        Previously the Israelis were averaging a strike on Syria every three days… (200+ in 18 months). And now, despite Israeli yelling, whining and threats to destroy the S-300s – – – there have been NONE.

        And that NONE has nothing to do with their F-35s being grounded for “faulty fuel lines” because most strikes they conducted did not use the F-35.

        “US and Israel military doctrines were never rational … are based on hubris, lies, violations of any existing deals and ignoring common sense and diplomatics” but they were never suicidal. Perhaps, unlike you, the IDF does not assume that ‘because the systems are integrated,’ Russia has assumed sovereignty of Syrian airspace. … So how about YOU do a little more thinking before you slate Southfront for thinking like a 3 year old?

        • Israel is meddling in Syria’s affairs for some 50 years. You can bet they will find a hardware gap in boosted S300 system very soon or they simply create false pretext”justifying” Israeli preventive strike against them.
          For example. Israel can use IDLIB proxies for staged “chemical attack”. Then Israeli vassal – US Navy – can once again make Russian air defense system busy with Tomahawk salvo (you know mainstream media propaganda, Assad is animal and his regime uses chemical weapons on his own people and US Israel must protect them).
          Once S300 are spotted and out of ammo, Israel can trigger it’s F15 and F16 fleet and deal with S300 launchers once forever.
          It is just first option that I can imagine. I can give you hundreds of similar scenarios examples. S300 are far to be unbeatable. What Israel does is working on “best” and “cost effective” solution.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            stop watching too much holyshit it is effecting your judgement as well turning your eyes brown as the shit hit the brain.

          • There’s nothing new in what you say there, Zo Fu.
            The only thing’s that new is this:- for 2 days short of a month there have no Israeli strikes on Syrian territory.

            Not even glide bombs or missiles launched from Jordanian, Lebanese or Iraqi airspace. Not even ground-based missiles launched from Israel.

            … And that tells me they’ve concerned for the launchers too.
            Israel might be squealing like a stuck pig but at the moment, it’s a penned stuck pig.

            “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

          • If I compare Israeli-Syria war to poker, Syria didn’t won anything and lose nearly everything. East bank of Jordan is firmly in FUKUS-Israeli hands. Probably forever. Unfortunately including Omar oil field. All Israel needed to use was “Kurd” card. Israeli loses – zero. Syria lost integrity and genocide against Syrian population is ongoing.
            Next one sad example is IDLIB. Well, USA lost some proxy fighters in IDLIB, payed by Saudi mainly and discredited it’s own White Helmets and fired some Tomahawks without actual outcome and it caused some embarrassment on international scene . But Russia lost much more, about hundred servicemen, 17 airplanes including transport one with general on board. But SAA lost the most. They have to fight literally with “tooth and nail” for every village, pumping station, road and jihadist pocket just to see, that encircled militants are evacuated somewhere else by buses and helicopters because of secret political “deals” between Russia and Israel. I doubt Syria was invited to those “deals”. The outcome is, that SAA had to destroy the same militant groups 3 or 4 times and despite it they are still operating in IDLIB. And you can bet on it that they are plotting more serious provocations then “just shelling” SAA positions with GRADs and mortars as we saw recently. The only good aspect is that Assad survived – for this time- and that the military situation is somehow stabilized.
            Recent S300 deployment just put stakes in the poker game a bit higher, but it is far to be considered a victory.
            Now Israel is on the turn and only time will tell who will suffer and who will be the winner.
            Let me remind you, that during Syrian war Israel has lost just one F16 shot down by Syrian S200 and that’s all. Syria lost 100+ airplanes and suffered 400.000 casualties, mainly civilians and much more emigrated from the country .

          • Sinbad2

            “If I compare Israeli-Syria war to poker”

            Poker is a game of chance, war is not.

          • John Whitehot

            “If I compare Israeli-Syria war to poker”

            the typical US way of losing wars.

            their hand is known, they can’t possibly bluff anymore.

          • What do you want? The world to burn just to burn a postage stamp sized country called Israel? Israel is not worth it.

            Battles might be won in number of planes lost but wars are not.
            You obviously have not noticed so let me tell you.
            Syria is winning their war.
            And there is nothing Israel can do about it – except whine and screech “IRAN!”

          • Israel is like a mouse in your food storage.
            If you don’t deal with mice but start making “deals” with them, you are literally screwed and you will loose not only your kitchen, but whole building.

            What Russia is doing is very shortsighted and it will backfire spectacularly.
            Syria in current shape with unprotected Idlib and East bank will sooner or later fall including Russian airbase and port in Latakia as SAA power will be overrun by fresh militants reinforcements, Kurds, Turkmens and all proxies you can imagine which are pouring to Syria from whole the world.

            The only thing Israel must do is making “deals” with Russia and then break them, cause some “minor” damage, then ASAP make new ones and repeat the process.
            This is precisely the way how Russia behave in Syrian war.

          • John Whitehot

            “They lost 17 planes ”

            what the fuck are you talking about?

            you are a lying scum.

            Russia lost only ONE plane to enemy action, the SU-25 over Idilb.
            The others are the SU-24 hit in cold blood by Turkey and the recent IL-20.

          • Wakey wakey – – –

            Syria was is not Syria is now!

            There will NO MILITARY RESPONSE from Russia – why should there be? Because you want war? Do you have even an inkling of an idea what war between Russia and Israel’s backer will entail? Obviously not.

            Russia will go to war if they attack RUSSIA. Anything else they will do whatever it takes not to give them the war they so desperately try to provoke. LIVE WITH IT.

          • John Whitehot

            “Let me remind you, that during Syrian war Israel has lost just one F16 shot down by Syrian S200 and that’s all. Syria lost 100+ airplanes and suffered 400.000 casualties, mainly civilians and much more fled the country .”

            strange, because Syria is at war with terrorists, it’s not israel that shot down the syrian planes (provided they really lost 100+ of them, which is probably exagerated and includes all the aircraft that were left on airbases taken by the terrorists, hence in no condition to fly).

            and, israel lost 1 F-16 publicly, the truth may well be another one, but it’s not that you’re interested in speaking any other truth than israel’s one.

            Syria won because there is nothing the rebels can do to achieve their objective to remove Assad as president. Get over with it, try to get along with your lives.

          • 1691

            How much time do you need to realize that israhell lost its ‘greater israhell dream’?
            The Yunon plan? – down the drain!
            Get real.

          • Sinbad2

            Russia has not been shooting down American Tomahawks, it has been disabling them electronically. Also using their long range missiles on a low value target would not make sense. Any Tomahawks that survived the jamming would be destroyed at short range by Pantsir systems.
            Russia has been preparing for an American attack for 70 years, they know what to do.

            PS the US will do absolutely nothing , until after the election.

          • John Whitehot

            well, Tomahawks have a guidance system that should be almost jam-proof – TERCOM+GPS+Inertial.

            Even if GPS is jammed, inertial should bring the missile near enough to the target for the TERCOM system to turn on and perform terminal guidance.

            If the Russians really found a way to jam that (and it would be the inertial system), it would mean that they are at least one generation ahead in electronic war.

          • Sinbad2

            TERCOM doesn’t work at sea, or over desert. GPS is easily jammed it seems.
            As for inertial yes it should get close to the target, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
            The US has made 2 major missile assaults on Syria, and both have failed.
            And that was before Russia upgraded the equipment.

          • John Whitehot

            TERCOM is for terminal guidance.

            it doesn’t work at sea, and absolutely not with moving targets. it needs a scene to match the images it has been stored in its memory.

            i would say that to fool it, one would have to change the landscape of the target area so much that the system would not be able to match them correctly.

            though there is still a likeness that the US lied in some aspects of the tomahawk strike (i’m talking abt the first one); i wouldn’t either discount completely that the ship crews did not operate the equipment correctly either willing or not. These latter deductions are all very low chance, but cannot be ruled out 100%.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            If i remember correct, the Coalition Tomahawks fired against Iraq during Desert Storm, went over Iran, due to the flat and featureless terrain in Iraq, so much improvements have not been made there?

            Relying to heavily in GPS?

          • John Whitehot


            but i can tell that during 1991 Desert Storm, gps weapons were still not in service.

            most of the “coalition” guided weapons were LGBs, and Maverick missiles.

            The A-10C wasn’t around yet, so the A-10A pilots employed the TV/IR sensors on the Mavericks to acquire ground targets for LGB too, with the tiny screen they had in the cockpit. That allowed their Pave Tack lasing units to designate targets for high flying F-111s or other types.

            I’d say that the tomahawks used in DS1 were from the earlier blocks, using only inertial+TERCOM.

            At any rate, don’t think that inertial navigation is inferior – it’s still a vital element in both military and civilian aviation, and it’s self contained – the user does not need other platforms or links to operate it.

            As for the desert thing, i guess you can use inertial to get the weapon over the target area, which is supposed to be some kind of building. Otherwise, if you’re targeting empty desert – nuff said.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            Yeah it was the early blocks of Tomahawks, with the inertail/analog guidance hence the longer detour into Iranian airspace.

            I believe that GPS was first officially used during DS1 with the US Army left flanking maneuvre far out west, resulting in the famous “Battle of 67 easting”.

            I could be wrong though, age is creeping in.

            I actually learned the difference between the A-10a and Charlies when i started simming DCS A-10C, but thanks for the info!

          • John Whitehot

            “I believe that GPS was first officially used during DS1 with the US Army left flanking maneuvre far out west,”

            Very likely.

            but gps in ’91:
            To plan and execute mounted maneuvers – yes.
            to guide weapons – no

            afaik the JDAM munitions were implemented at the turn of the century.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen


        • John Whitehot

          i concur mostly, although i’ll tell you what – i don’t think israeli f-35 are anything near ready to perform combat tasks.

          AND the USMC f-35b that crashed in SC, the day after a USMC f-35b performed ONE combat task in a-stan sounds pretty much like bs, especially since the only pic of the crash i’ve seen is a column of black smoke rising beyond a hill. If anybody has better pictures of the accident, i’d really like to see them – because right now there is a high likeness that the F-35B actually crashed in a-stan, in the process of doing that mission.

        • S Melanson

          Very very good counter to Zo Fu. Something has definitely changed.

      • Tudor Miron

        Telemetrie, you never answered why did you change your nickname to ZuFu.
        Regarding your groundless accusations – your anti Putin agenda is well known and your trying to reasoning in absurd to say the list. Twisting facts is an old and beloved strategy of your kind. But you have a serious problem – https://youtu.be/tZC_eruZX5A

        • Because SF cowardly banned telemetrie.

  • John Whitehot

    “The biggest loser is the US”

    Strange. The changes were implemented as a consequence of Israeli actions.

    But the biggest loser is the US, which can’t strike Syria at will anymore.

    Israel instead, will benefit from scientists that migrated from the SSSR in the 80ies – and not be the biggest loser.

    The first paragraphs of the article were good, but around the middle you could find its payload.

    • Douglas Houck

      I didn’t mind the article.

      Yes, the Israelis have been a bother but nothing major (trying to show their military superority) and if need be they can simply not shoot air to ground missiles risking loss of their aircraft after the S-300 system is up and running. With the US it’s different as they have illegal bases which the Syrians have recently stated they will eliminate after cleansing Idlib governate of jihadist rebels. The only way the US has to protect their bases is with air support. With the integrated air defense management system installed that will be hard if not totally impractical. How do they justify their illegal bases in the first place.

      It’s been suggested before that the S-300 system was more to stop the US and it’s allies from causing more chaos than to stop Israeli aggresion. Time will tell.

      • John Whitehot

        seems that most have missed a certain line from a Shoigu statement to the press post the Ilyushin incident, that went more or less like “Israeli pilots behaved in an absurdely unprofessional, reckless way, which we have never seen for example from american pilots (over Syria)”.

        I think that somehow it’s a clear statement on what are the causes for the changes in the air defense network.

        • Douglas Houck

          I agree with the cause for the changes, but the extent of the changes (how many launchers, # of missiles, integration air defense system, electronic warfare, etc. seems to imply that Russia was concerned about more than just the Israelis. At the time this occurred, the US and allies were making a lot of statements about bombing Syria for use of chemical weapons. The level of air defense systems given by the Russians to Syria was also to allow them to defend themselves against the implied open agression of the US/allies.

          Hopefully, it will never be needed.

          • John Whitehot

            you aren’t taking in consideration that Russia has made a clear point in proving that they “do what they say.”

            Shoigu’s declarations, to those able to interpret them, amount to say that “the changes have been made due to israeli action and they are aimed to protect solely against that side”.

            Which doesn’t mean that if the US go mad and starts a total war, the air defence would not be used against them – it means that whatever agreements on airspace control policies and rules of engagement with the US coalition still stand in place – while the israeli planes will have their abilities degraded.

            If Russia (or an equivalently equipped and trained Syria) jam satellite systems, israeli planes will have no way to launch their glidebombs from lebanon or from the sea: they’ll have to enter Syrian airspace proper, and then face the integrated air defense in place.

          • Douglas Houck

            I understand your logic and it’s reasonable. Thanks for your replies.

            Since Syria has stated they will not rest until all of Syria is under their control what will the Russians do vis-a-vis the air defense system and the de-confliction communication line when Syria goes after the Kurds, etc?

          • John Whitehot

            “Thanks for your replies”

            Thanks to you.

            I can’t say much about the issue you are talking about.

            I don’t have an opinion at this moment, although I reckon that probably things in that field are taken a small step at a time.

            although I can say with a certain degree of safety that the US will not wage a war on a higher level than what happened so far, nor the Syrian government will enter a “frontal assault” mode with the US.

            If the kurds keep their allegiance to the zionist entities, they will probably be betrayed and sacrificed again, and Turkey will probably take on them again.

            But it’s really only speculations with little basis.

          • Douglas Houck

            My thought is the US wants to know what the S-300 can do against their various weapons systems so they can plan accordingly, and will get Israel to go up against them. Expect something before the year is out.

      • jorge

        It’s obvious that the S-300 are a mere necessity of the war, and that the zionist jews are only a bad smell flower of the western imperialist rulers.

    • John Mason

      Most of those jewish scientists from USSR would be suffering from old age and dementia by now.

      • Jens Holm

        I wrote above, that the Yougest must be 90 :)

        • HardHawk

          that is because you are an idiotic hasbara.

      • John Whitehot

        in any case, it was not the point i proposed.

        i wrote the above because it’s not the first time – actually, it happens almost daily – that i read around more or less technical articles which seem keen on “reassuring jews” on one side and “stirring up yanks” on the other.

        you don’t even need to be an adult person to get from where such “editorial line” may come.

      • HardHawk

        if you was thinking before calculating you know is referring to the new settlers in Israel, that come to the shithole after the 90s. From ukraine and several other ex soviet union countries.

        • John Whitehot

          for all you know they may be GRU agents spreading disinformation lmao.

          jokes aside, do you realize that the article was technically valid until the author got into the “jewish immigrants” bullshit?

          It’s crystal clear he’s dropping red herrings for jews – not too blatant, somehow concealed, made for those people with above average intelligence that can infer things..

          • HardHawk


  • Smaug

    A whole lot of rhetorical word play, abusing all the buzzword they can think of while not answering the question in the headline. The worst of it is that it goes out of its way to deny Russia is a occupation force while characterizing the homegrown Kurdish militias as an occupation force when neither controversial tidbit is needed for the discussion at hand (I know a lot of people that would dismiss this as propaganda).
    That said, the only thing here that is patently false is that the US is losing. That is straight up slander because we’ve completed all our objectives except regime change in Syria which to be fair was due to Russia’s deterrence factor and the Obama administration’s isolationist attitude. Finished objectives include purging ISIS, preventing a Turkish or Damascan invasion of Kurdistan, and preventing further spill overs of the war or continued use of CWs.

    • Abramo Putra

      To say that the Americans have won the wars is like idiots. Have they won in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan? They have waxed ISIS and Al Qaeda, they have destroyed half the world by starting by knocking down the twin towers with 3,000 Americans killed. Good boy, congratulations, together with Israel you govern only on cemeteries.

      • Smaug

        You’re a failure at propaganda, but I was talking to you I’m a-talkin’ to South Front about this article they shared.

        • come-and-take-it

          The US has gained nothing except the loss of American blood and treasure. The whole deal revolved around securing pipeline routes to Europe and denying Russia and Iran the same. The US has failed and is getting boxed in in northeast Syria. Look at the map dufus.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats very incorrect. When USA could not remove or replace Assads or the hardliners there possibility nr 3 is kind of fullfilled.

            Parts of Syria is totally out of Damaskus control. Great parts of the rest are ruins in infrastructure, buildings and productions. More then half of the population is not at home.

            Thats a succes seen from the outside. You must be blindfolded into USA and Jihadists should take over by Your Masters.

          • come-and-take-it

            Horseshit Jens. The citizens of Syria elected Assad and we should allow them to determine their own political future. The only reason Syria is a mess is because the US chooses to balkanize any sovereign state that doesn’t play their game. The refugee crisis in Europe, the Iraq war and the failed state of Libya are just part of the devastation US imperialist foreign policy has wrought. Who fed you the US kool-aid?

        • HardHawk

          unlike you who are just stupid

    • Tudor Miron

      Did official Syrian government invite Kurds to grab Syrian territory and invite occupation force (US)? Smaug, that’s you hwo is going out of your way to justify obvious violations of international law. I suggest that you better watch around – it is your country that is going to change a lot and fairly soon and I doubt that you’ll like the end result. It will come from within (seemingly) but rest assured – in reality it will be organized by the same powers that created it.

      • S Melanson

        Yes and I will add this tidbit to think about.

        Western powers have proposed a Kurdish state carved out of four nations before and certainly Turkey remembers the Sevres Treaty giving Kurds a state at expense of Turkey. Sound familiar – creation of Israel.

        So creating a Kurdish State at the expense of others will, like the birth of Israel, have long term implications that will bring strife and violence for decades to come. But that is long term, which is outside processing range of short sighted US policy makers. US policy creates the conditions for the disasters of tomorrow, bravo.

        Lastly, Assad knows he must tread very carefully when dealing with the Kurds and will not agree to autonomous Kurdish region that will antagonize Turkey and Iran. Especially after the Kurds stabbed him in the back.

        • Jens Holm

          USA and the Coalition never had done that at all. NEVER.

          From when ISIS came out of hand USA has wantes some anybody else to take over the inner parts of Syria and the main part should be moderate FSA arabs.

          But there was no support for that strange mix of FSAs and Kurds like oil and water. Later on parts of the arabs and kurds has changed to the better, but none see any arabic leadership to keep ISIS out and down.

          NO STATE. Assads giving Afrin to the Turks avoid any good relationships to kurds and even many others in Syria.

        • HardHawk

          Antagonize turkey and Iran………. You assume that it will not antagonize mostly Syria? Having a new Israel created on your own land you think it will not be antagonizing Syria especially owning almost all her resources in oil?

          As for turkey I dont think Assad give much of a shit for turks and do not see them as a friendly force unless you think he ever forget who stole Syria’s oil and been supporting isis day one.

          Many of you have very short memories or selective ones. I dont think Syrians forget what flags kurds was waving, when they was believing they get to steal pieces of the countries that give them hospitality, to create another abomination as israel is, in ME. I been watching you posting and you seem not to see the peripheral picture but take events selectively. I guess living a situation post by post and answering to articles that change every couple of hours make you lose perspective.

          • S Melanson

            Which is why I read posts by you and others to gain a better understanding of what is a very fluid situation in the Middle East. I have been distracted a bit as I got sad news from a long time freind. That said, I reread my post and now see where you are coming from.

            I was trying to convey that the Kurds should have low expectations when negotiating with Assad – even if Assad were amenable to Kurd autonomy (which he is not), Assad does not want to give Turkey any excuses for further intervention – Assad cares about Turkey in regard to how Syrian interests are affected. So far Turkey has been no freind of Assad and is a major regional power with Erdogan seemingly playing both sides. As for how events unfold, who knows, for me still unpredictable.

            As for forgetting who stole the oil, I am pretty clear that Assad remembers given I state ‘Kurds stabbed him in the back’. I do not explicitly state the reasons as I considered the reasons apparent enough – oil and siding with USA to partition Syria – this betrayal despite Assad’s historical treatment of Kurds that is far better then they are treated elsewhere. A bitter betrayal for Assad and he will not forget, for that I am sure.

          • HardHawk

            k my apologies misunderstood the meaning of what you been trying to convey. Assad as well Russia, they see turkey as easier adversary than the whole of nato in ME. The Russian plan from the get go was to have the turks attack the americans and by doing so will have created a big crack within nato alliances. The plan still is a go. All you have with the turks is the size of the carrot you giving them.

            Kind of like the whore who trying to hide it but the joy will not let her. To me and few others it is kind of obvious what is about to happen as we also watch what is happening in the balkan area where the turks support and arm as well export isis fighters into albania and Kosovo to name few places as well Skopje. That is not only directly against Greece but also Serbia and in Serbia already have few times mobile their armies who are also Russians inter graded in them, so do the maths. I dont think Russian and turks alliance will last much longer now, since turks according to their mentality, got what they wanted from the Russians and to my opinion is no way, they will abandon nato, as it what give them not only cover for their planing in albania, but also their drive for the gas deposits in Mediterranean.

            Greece is kissing Uk/Usrael ass and the stooges they have as politicians are nothing but errand boys for NWO , but none calculate to the citizens armies that are forming not unlike when Italy decided to attack Greece. All is left now is someone to light the fuse.

          • HardHawk

            Then I have misunderstood, what you been trying to convey. Look the interest and strategy, of the turks in Syria and also Balkan area then also see her alliances within Georgia and Ukraine and dont fall for the surface day to day bullshits both turks and Russia, have released at times.

            Unless the Russians are planning to sell all their friends and allies for turks then what you see it will not be long lived. One thing I know of Russians is they never forget an enemy and always play the long haul getting what they want and always chose the place and the time.

            turks on the other hand is like the impulsive gambler, that always count his money before the game is done.

          • S Melanson

            Thanks for this and your previous reply. Also, I think I could have worded my first post better and your reply alerted me to that so all is good.

            As for your two recent replies, what you say I have heard from others as well, particularly the Balkans becoming a powder keg – a term applied to the Balkans in the decade leading up to WWI.

            The decades prior to WWI saw the Ottoman Empire steadily retreating from the Balkans as a declining power. Is Erdogan eyeing the Balkans as part of some megalomaniac plan to resurrect the old glory of the Ottoman Empire?

          • HardHawk

            actually I click to view your answer in discussion and did not see my reply to you so I re wrote a short version of it. Promitheas spoke to me about you and that you are a gentleman and an intelligent analyst. So I did not want you to think I ignored you because I am not.

          • S Melanson

            Thank you and appreciated. Note that I have experienced the same. It seems replies often are not shown when using view in discussion. In such cases, I go to my profile which lists all my posts to see if the reply in question is there or not.

      • Jens Holm

        Yes, Assads did ask kurds. And americans were kind of accepted with no feet on the ground as well.

        So mny has totally memory lack.

    • BlueInGreen

      The same CW that terrorists use and is conveniently blamed on the Syrian government?

    • BlueInGreen

      The goal was to cut Iran off completely and that failed. The goal was to change the Syrian government and that failed. The goal was to isolate and weaken Hezbollah and that failed extraordinarily. The goal was to close the Russians off from a warm water port and that also failed.


  • John Mason

    Russia sitting on the fence and making deals with the US/Israel when both are in violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty has backfired on Russia. If the US coalition can not be removed from Syria and they eventually affect Russian security in Syria then the Russians will have to pack up and leave and all this effort to support Syria is for naught.
    It would have been better for the Russians not to sit on the fence and asserted itself from the onset and the same applies to NATO who wouldn’t be knocking on Russia’s door if Russia had asserted herself.

    • jorge


    • Promitheas Apollonious

      remove the pink glasses it help you see better.

    • Sinbad2

      You are mistaken, Syria might be unhappy with the US occupying Syria, but for Russia, it is an advantage to have the US tied down in Syria, the same applies to Afghanistan.
      Keeping the Americans busy elsewhere, gives Russia time, to increase its strength, whilst the the US weakens itself in pointless wars.

      If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces
      are united, separate them.(Sun Tzu)

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        US is not tied down in Syria. They have minimum force there with the kurds and idf as the foot soldiers among other things if they need them and playing the game of globalization last cards I doubt they have a problem sparing here and there few thousands cannon folders.

        • Sinbad2

          You count men, I count the planes and ships. As you stated the troops are cheap, and easily replaced, the planes ships bombs and missiles are not.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            well I counted those as well, but last I check was not only US involved in Syria and the brits and the frogs are also there in force. Maybe you should count again.

            Having less than 1% of your armed forces in ME means absolutely nothing in the bigger game.

          • Sinbad2

            It’s about the money, they have spent $5.6 trillion fighting wars in the ME, your obsession with troop numbers might have been valid in your day, WWI, but today wars are fought with machines.
            You once mentioned you had an Audi, they are good for about 300,000 kliks, and then they go to the tip. The same applies to war machines, you use them, they wear out and you have to replace them. Surely even you can understand that.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            here we go again about the money. you sound like a broken record are you sure you are a down under and not an american? Nothing is about the money with powers who play the globalization game and forgive me if I dont answer again to your assumptions and your need for money.

          • Sinbad2

            Why did the US withdraw from Vietnam?
            Because the war was bankrupting them.
            You are obviously some kind of hippy who thinks the world runs on sunshine and pot, but it doesn’t, even your pot costs money.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            no… I am, not your father. look else where.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            my Audi has half a million clicks and its ECU have been tuned up with Revo 2 programming, one I did myself. it goes 0-100 in 4.2 seconds and runs on 275×45 front tires and back. Never given me a problem and the engines if you know how to take care of them and treat them right as we have with nanotechnology oil treatment, they last for 1 million give or take few clicks. Now offer opinions of what you know kid because you are getting very boring at times with your assumptions and lack of knowledge.

          • Sinbad2

            “nanotechnology oil treatment”
            What a sucker.
            Half a million kliks, what a pussheap.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you showing not only your ignorance, but your stupidity kid.

          • Sinbad2

            I’m showing my ignorance, your the guy who thinks that the engine is the only wearing part in a machine. You talk about your low profile wide tyres, but make no mention of the brand or model. There is a huge difference between a good Pirelli or Michelin and a cheap Chinese tyre. As for your zero to 100 in 4.2 seconds, BS.
            A brand new Audi RS4 with a 450hp motor manages it in 4.1 seconds, and that’s with a professional driver.

            As a mechanic I have worked on many cars, including Audi’s and they are well made, but they are not of the same build quality as a Mercedes or Porsche.
            They are disposable cars, like most vehicles these days.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            what the tires idiot have to do with how long the engine last? the nanotechnology oil treatment goes into the engine gear box and differential so it prevents and fix natural wear.

            And as a mechanic you get zero here and stop bullshiting your way around as always. yes and a 750 foot pounds, A8 does this in 4.2 If you indeed was a mechanic and knew anything beside changing tires and cleaning the astray`s in a car you also know that HP is irrelevant, in the acceleration of a car and torgue is what make a car to accelerate faster that the HP is increased is a by product.

            My family is 3rd generations mechanics and we been building race cars when you was in your fathers balls so spare me and forgive me if I never respond to your BS again.

          • Sinbad2

            You are just making stuff up.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you are uneducated in what you claim to be your profession and show the extent of your stupidity at the same time. Now off you go you just shown me how stupid you are so I will not waste my time and pixel space on you. Eventuality all idiots show their real face and you not an exception.

          • Sinbad2

            Look man a new v8 A8 twin turbo will do a 100 in 4.2 when they are new, on a set of Michelins with a real driver at the wheel.
            Your car has done half a million kliks, so it can’t be a twin turbo, cause they just don’t last that long. Also you are running some no name brand tyres, and you are no Schumacher.
            You make no mention of the transmission, but I bet its an auto. If you tried doing a flat out zero to 100, in a manual/tiptronic of your age, the clutch would explode, very common in Audis.

            I’m sure your car is very nice, but stop lying about it, you don’t even know which engine its got.

          • Sun Tzu

            HP is proportional to acceleration capability

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            on gas engines yes it gives high revs fast. if you search it you also understand that what moves dead weight, from stand still it is torgue, that make a car accelerate like bullet into a gun barrel. and if you notice and have some expiriense you also know that hp alone burn fuel like a thirsty desert. High torgue will give you the power with out the crazy fuel consumption. And I am talking of diesel engines not gas engines that are at the end of their evolution, plus reprogramming their ECU, gives you really nothing special, in the form of performance. Hence the need of very high HP.

            Let me give you an example. Tie back to back a saloon 2.0 l to a formula 1 with 1000 hp and see which one pulls the other.

          • Sun Tzu

            P=Torque x angular speed.
            For any Torque delivered in the performance curve, Power will still be proportional to angular speed

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            yes you know the formula. But when you square your engine then you have very low rpm and full torgue power from idle speed, so you use full break HP in low rpm, to benefit the torgue.

            Wiki will not help you, practical expiriense will and obviously you dont have it.

          • Sinbad2

            The fastest Audi diesel does zero to 100 in 6 seconds, that’s according to Audi, but I’m sure you know better. You stated 4.2 seconds, which is the turbo charged petrol v8, so obviously the petrol engine has quicker acceleration.
            But now the engine life makes more sense, if you hadn’t been so deceptive, talking like it was a turbo petrol V8 I wouldn’t have questioned the mileage.
            But you haven’t really said it’s the V8 have you, it’s probably the V6 diesel, which is a much slower and more sedate, and more suited to a senior citizen.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            what part you did not understand stupido that my engine it is Revo tuned up? Meaning we reconfigured the factory settings with one of our own? If you indeed was a mechanic and not a gas station oil changer, you know that all cars coming out of the factory are tuned so the average driver to be able drive them.

            Now off you go, you really make me, not only tired with your stupidity but also bored. And stop wasting time on google trying to sound smart you sound more stupid with every post you making on the subject and is not the first time I find you lacking in knowledge and filling the caps with your imagination.

            If you are a mechanic, then smaug it is an astronaut.

          • Sinbad2

            Do you know which engine your car has?

          • Sinbad2

            It is the V6 isn’t it, you know they say that men who boast about the size of their engine, do it to compensate for a small penis?

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            if you looking for someone to screw you you come to the wrong person kid.

          • Sinbad2
          • Promitheas Apollonious

            your brothers? That figures why am I not surprised?

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            if you dont think money, you think c*cks but then is to be accepted from an idiot as your self.

            Is that your mommy?

    • “It would have been better for the Russians not to sit on the fence and
      asserted itself from the onset and the same applies to NATO who wouldn’t
      be knocking on Russia’s door if Russia had asserted herself..”

      Russia wasn’t in a position to “assert herself.”

    • Brad Isherwood

      The War on Terror is complete fraud John.
      Putin never called the US or Israel out on 911.
      Putin spoke of 911in dialogue which Justified**….The Fake War on Terror.
      Putin was years later going into Syria.
      I’m thinking the Globslists ordered him to get moving and get into the war.
      Russia with held the Syrian Mig 29 contract, YAK 130,..along with S 300 and Mig 31.

      Russia sent Russian Mig 29 smt to Syria.
      Syria does not have any Mig 29 smt…..that Elijah M article is spin.
      Syria has upgraded Mig 29 sm’s. …how many is ???
      They have rails for R 77 missile which is IR homing and perfect to kill F 35 or F 22 as they have large IR signatures.
      Candidly. …I’m very disappointed withitinerary and the Israel Bromance.
      Hopefully this relationship has crossed lines where Russian MoD will not put up with Israel’s
      Trickery anymore.
      The many years sanctions and humiliation are direct motivator for Putin to signal the old routines are finished.

      Russia has older Su 30 which could be upgraded thus giving Syria 2 Squadrons of capable Gen CAP with quality radars, interlink and the R 77 missile + other general 4++ missiles.
      Even if Russia delivered just 8 Su 30s to Syria, …it would be serious issue to IAF used to roaming where ever it wills.

  • RichardD

    The war is transitioning from clearing the terrorist proxy held areas to clearing their sponser’s held areas. Backing those violating Syria’s airspace out of the remaing airspace that they’re violating around Al-Tanf and east of the river. And detering them from attacking Syria from outside Syria is the remaining task that needs to be accomplished to resolve that part of the problem.

    Upgrading and expanding Syria’s Mig-29 fleet. And possibly adding some Mig-31 or other planes with more extensive AWACs capability could also be helpful.

    • Jens Holm

      For Syrian private oil Co the russian weapon industries Inc.

    • John Whitehot

      mig-31 aren’t necessary.
      they are designed to defend large airspaces, with ranges involving hours and hours of flight – namely the north of Russia.

      as for the Syrian Mig-29s, I’ve read articles and seen pics about Syrian pilots currently training in Russia.

    • I don’t understand the point. What Israel’s F16 and F15 do is hit&run missions from Lebanon and Golan heights airspace. They are breaching Syria airspace just for seconds during the attack.
      Mig 31 is a supersonic long range interceptor for objects flying high and fast, for example for U2 spy plane. Israeli F15 and F16 are flying low above the terrain and therefore relatively slow (in subsonic speeds) so they are hard to detect from ground radars. Mig 31 is absolutely useless for intercepting them as it is virtually unmaneuverable against F16 in close distance combat in slow speeds and lacks missiles capable shot down low flying objects (radar homing don’t work well for objects near ground).
      Mig 29 is a better option, but still, it lacks advanced sensors to detect low flying F16 and what is even more important, it is a light fighter jet with low range and not able to refuel in air and is not stealthy as well, so Israel can just detect them by Golan heights ground radars, wait until they have to refuel and then hit and run and destroy them on the ground. Tactical advantage is clearly on Israeli side.Nevertheless tactical disadvantage, Mig 29 is double inferior to Israeli last blocks models of F16 and F15.
      What you suggest would be absolute slaughter.
      You people don’t have absolutely clue what are you talking about.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        “They are breaching Syria airspace just for seconds during the attack.”
        It does not matter if they are in Syrian airspace for seconds, minutes or hours, they are still violating Syrian airspace

        “Mig 31 is a supersonic long range interceptor for objects flying high and fast, for example for U2 spy plane.”
        You are thinking of the MiG-25 there i think, the in-service MiG-31 is tailored to detect and intercept low-flying objects; for example cruisemissiles and B-1´s.

        “useless for intercepting them as it is virtually unmaneuverable against F16 in close distance combat in slow speeds and lacks missiles capable shot down low flying objects (radar homing don’t work well for objects near ground).”
        The MiG-31 was never intended for “good old dogfights”, hence its calssification as an interceptor, not a fighter, and its missiles and electronics are more than able to “look-down/shoot-down”

        “Mig 29 is a better option, but still, it lacks advanced sensors to detect low flying F16 and what is even more important, it is a light fighter jet with low range and not able to refuel in air and is not stealthy as well,”
        The MiG-29 and F-16 is in the same class; similar problem, similar solution.
        And no the MiG-29 cannot AAR/IFR, but it does not need to, its a frontline platform (NATO designation is “Tactical”) and therefor is not required to AAR/IFR.
        The F-16 was build to replace alot of different platforms, being a true multirole fighter being able to AAR/IFR was just a natural step.
        And the F-16 is no more “stealthy” than a flock of birds

        “wait until they have to refuel and then hit and run and destroy them on the ground”
        Read up on the Six Day War and that comment is kinda grounded, because the entire world learned off the Egyptian mistake.
        NATO designation is “Standing Patrol”

        “Mig 29 is double inferior to Israeli last blocks models of F16 and F15.”
        MiG-29 would most likely loose a BVR fight against a F-15, but again, the F-15 is a interceptor, its meant to dominate BVR.
        MiG-29 vs F-16 would go down to pilot skills, proved by dogfights after 1991.

        “You people don’t have absolutely clue what are you talking about.”
        Sorry, but here its you that are wrong and clueless.

        • RichardD

          Well said. With the right munitions, and full Russian sat com integration in and near Syrian airspace with the most recent upgrades. I think that you’l find that a Mig-29 will hold it’s own in BVR combat.

      • RichardD

        You’re a lying Zionist shill.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          That is an understatement. it seems now days hasbaras chose Chinese names for their avatars. I wonder why?

      • John Whitehot


        It is true that they don’t enter Syrian airspace, but that implies that they fly high to deploy their weapons, especially since they seem to be using glide bombs mostly.

        “Israeli F15 and F16 are flying low above the terrain ”

        is wrong.

        “Mig 31 is absolutely useless for intercepting them as it is virtually unmaneuverable against F16 in close distance combat in slow speeds and lacks missiles capable shot down low flying objects”

        completely wrong.

        the Mig-31 has a PESA monopulse radar which is DESIGNED AROUND the concept of shooting down low flying cruise missiles or supersonic planes.

        Seems you forgot to read the chapter about “Look-down Shoot-down Radars”.

        “Mig 29 is a better option, but still, it lacks advanced sensors to detect low flying F16 and what is even more important, it is a light fighter jet with low range and not able to refuel in air and is not stealthy as well, so Israel can just detect them by Golan heights ground radars, wait until they have to refuel and then hit and run and destroy them on the ground. ”

        Yeah, that’s because in some realities everybody fights war according to Israel’s will. In this reality though, there are tactics that don’t necessarily are made to please zionists.

        The Mig-29 can fly low, and with radar off to defy the israeli radar behind the golans, and then attack by R-27ET missiles using only its OLS. It’s just an example, made to show that your tactical mentality is built around pentagon or zionist propaganda – something that will make you lose real wars all the times.

        “You people don’t have absolutely clue what are you talking about.”

        you neither.

      • Sinbad2

        If they used the Golan Heights, they would be breaching the UN obligations, and as Golan is in fact Syria, they would be engaged and destroyed.
        They sit off the coast and also use Lebanon. Now that Russia has jammed that airspace, the aircraft would not know their position, and could not aim their bombs and missiles.
        Your rant on this and that plane is irrelevant, Syria/Russia don’t need planes to stop these creatures.

      • Tudor Miron

        Revealing how little you know regarding fighter planes was not a wise move from your side. In Russia we call it “farting in the puddle”.

        • Sinbad2


      • Promitheas Apollonious

        it is ok, not to understand. Single digit IQs very rarely do, especially when they parroting. Go back to your handlers and request to upgrade you from 16k capacity to 64k and you begin to get it. Pass from the reception to get the forms you need to fill up for the upgrade so you get in line for it.

        • Sinbad2

          Pot calling kettle black.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        I just found out that there is a MiG-29 that have IFR/AAR capability, its the MiG-29SMT/UBT/UBM, among refueling probe it also have glass cockpit

  • Jens Holm

    Its filled with inaccurasy and mistakes fx:

    1) The coalition has free entrence from Turkey/Incirlik as well as Syria.
    2) Syria or Russia could ahve or has radars at Palmyra and DEZ
    3) The illusion telling that Jews in Israel are from USSR is a WAS, many many years ago, but was a good start. If You take 1948 and say the radart experts were 20, then the yougest of them today are 90 years old :)
    4) We also see the same joke about F35s. Who says Israel only has those. I dont see that at all.

    4a) I see the same argumentation against all facts here again and again. I just have written about the usual Nato drill in Norway. In You bony heads comments, You expect Israel and we are sitting as very stationary stupid ducks and willfly things in blindfolded. Who says we need to fly in anything at all if not needed.

    You never learn. We see exact the same for Your armies. They not even know their enemies and loose a lot for hardly bnothing again and again somming like a very big elephant.

    The old joke is the same: How do You eat an elephant – Well bite pr bite.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes……. why dont you take 1990 and after when the jews come in force running away from Putin and justice? I guess shekels, can not buy good help now days.

    • Sinbad2

      “3) The illusion telling that Jews in Israel are from USSR is a WAS, many
      many years ago, but was a good start. If You take 1948 and say the
      radart experts were 20, then the yougest of them today are 90 years old
      In 2015 891,700 people in Israel were from Russia, or the Soviet Union, that’s 14.21% of the population https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Israel

  • John

    I think it will be a while before the true effects of the S-300 systems become apparent. That said, the Israelis fought tooth and nail to keep them out of Syrian government hands. For them to say it does not matter now is nonsense. That kind of reaction, wether as an aggressive nation or a 7 year old on the block, is always one born of feelings resulting from defeat. No matter what is said, the arrival of the S-300 AA systems into the hands of the Syrian government puts a very big wrinkle into the plans, ideas and conceptions of many who oppose it. Step by step, in a deliberate march, Syria is getting back on it’s feet and this will change dynamics in the region. I wish well to all.

    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      100% agree with you

    • Kell McBanned

      Well said

  • gustavo

    We are waiting for Israel to attack Syria with its F-35 planes and try to destroy the S-300 system there. Then the whole future history will be written for Israel.

    • putinbeater

      be patient. the day of the shame for s-300 will come