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Imarat Kavkaz Terrorist Group Leader In Syria Killed In Greater Idlib


The so-called Caucasus Emirate (Imarat Kavkaz) terrorist group announced on May 16 that its leader in Syria Abdullah Tsumada has been killed in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Tsumada was killed late on May 15. The group provided no details whatsoever on the circumstances surrounding the terrorist’s death.

Syrian sources, however, claimed that Tsumada was killed in his house. Members of the group believe that ISIS was behind the killing of their leader. ISIS cells maintain presence in Greater Idlib and are known for targeting other terrorist groups.

The Caucasus Emirate is a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda, which has been active in and consisted of persons from Russia’s North Caucasus. It has been officially active in Syria since 2013. The group went through a series of splits in Syria, especially after the rise of ISIS in 2014 (a large part of the group joined ISIS). As a result of internal conflicts and serious the group’s influence in Syria was reduced almost to nothing, just like in Russia.

The killing of Tsumada is for sure a major blow to the terrorist group’s very small remnants in Syria. More details on the assassination and who was behind it could appear in the next few days.




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