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“I’m Not Saying We Won, But We Won”: Joe Biden And The Most Suspect Election In Modern U.S. History (UPDATED With More Vote Fraud Examples)

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"I'm Not Saying We Won, But We Won": Joe Biden And The Most Suspect Election In Modern U.S. History (UPDATED With More Vote Fraud Examples)

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UPDATED: There is already little doubt that something is very wrong with the US Presidential election. Nonetheless, more and more evidence of vote fraud in the favor of Joe Biden that appears online not only demonstrates the scale of hysteria and systematic censorship in the modern United States, but also leads to an important conclusion. The global blatant lie about some mysterious ‘democracy’ and ‘fair election’ in the United States was just destroyed. In fact, the Washington establishment does not know what it is.

For years, the US has exploited the democracy narrative for its own favor on the international scene. Under the claims of defending this ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, Washington was destroying countries, toppling legitimate governments and sponsoring terrorism. All these were done under slogans the real meaning of which the US does not even know.

Something is going wrong during the vote count:


The final results of the US elections are not in as of the morning of November 5th, and it is unknown when they will be ready.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are accusing the other of election fraud, and both are entering cases into court to dispute parts of the results.

And to be fair, for a country that is quite vocal about transparency in votes around the world, US elections have never been known for being transparent.

For example, now only forty international observers were allowed to monitor them: less than one per state.

And, it is becoming clear why, in some of the most significant states to achieve presidential victory, the number of votes during the counting suddenly changed in an absolutely incredible way to please the “candidate from the old elites” – Joe Biden.

The violations in the US elections are as follows: in Michigan, incumbent President Donald Trump was confidently in the lead after processing 81% of the ballots, ahead of the opponent by 4.3%, or almost 200 thousand ticks.

A US Postal Service employee from Michigan has reportedly turned whistleblower, telling Project Veritas that his supervisor instructed mail carriers to collect and segregate new ballot envelopes received after the election cutoff so that they could be fraudulently back-dated with a November 3rd postmark.

“We were told to collect any ballots that we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, et cetera, for outgoing mail, at the end of the day, we are supposed to separate them from the standard letter mail, so they can hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date—and put them through the Express Mail system—to get wherever they need to go,” the Insider said.

“For clarification, today is the fourth of November,” he said.

According to election data company Decision Desk HQ, there was no ‘magical overnight ballot dump,’ rather, it was a ‘clerical error.’

The Detroit Free Press provided some more data.

“The data from Mackowiak’s second map showing Biden receiving 100% of the newly counted votes was released at 5:04 a.m. by Decision Desk HQ which showed Biden with 2,130,695 votes at Trump with 2,200,902 votes. But that data was not correct. A tweet posted later by Decision Desk HQ at 5:43 a.m. brought both Trump and Biden’s vote count down, with Trump at 2,217,540 votes and Biden at 2,019,899 votes. In a tweet this afternoon, Decision Desk HQ wrote, “This morning there was a clerical error in the Shiawassee, MI county presidential data.” The company explained, “Once we identified the error, we cleared the erroneous data and updated it with the correct data as provided by officials. We stand by our data as reflected on results.decisiondeskhq.com.”

Then they counted another 6% of the ballots – and suddenly they added 130 thousand votes to Biden.

"I'm Not Saying We Won, But We Won": Joe Biden And The Most Suspect Election In Modern U.S. History (UPDATED With More Vote Fraud Examples)

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Technically, this is possible: in the United States, voting by mail is popular, for example, somewhere there is a bag of ballots lying around, which those who count reached just then.

The problem is that in this mass of 130 thousand votes entered into the system, there was not a single one for Trump or for three more candidates from small parties.

130,000 votes, all of them for Joe Biden.

And it’s very, very similar to stuffing. Trump has already called the situation “very strange” on his Twitter account.

There are numerous accusations that put the election into question.

As Trump notes, and many of his tweets are being tagged as “fake news”, Biden votes are simply being “discovered” in many states where Trump was in the lead, and with a significant margin.

President Trump is still reportedly up by hundreds of thousands of votes in PA, but as more absentee ballots are opened his lead appears to be shrinking. With Biden winning some key calls in Michigan and Nevada, Biden’s campaign decided to launch its transition team website, preemptively, as if they’re absolutely certain of the victory, for some reason.

Mark Levin summarized the following:

Essentially, the situation of the elections in the US, while everybody is watching reminds of what transpires in countries such as Ukraine, where election results are always questioned and claimed as fake.

Trump will challenge the results in court, so will Biden, likely.

But the fact of the matter is that the US Democratic party, experts in exporting color revolutions all around the world, have achieved the questionable success of introducing a color revolution to their own country.

It all began with the BLM riots, and facilitating riots all across the country, and the political chaos to which it all leads will likely become a staple of life in the United States for the foreseeable future.

And it is evident how much censorship Trump and his aides and supporters are faced with, after all, most of their tweets are tagged as fake, can’t be shared, so on and so forth.

"I'm Not Saying We Won, But We Won": Joe Biden And The Most Suspect Election In Modern U.S. History (UPDATED With More Vote Fraud Examples)

At the same time, posts such as Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated head – that of Donald Trump, remained on Twitter for hours on end, without issue.


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  1. Damien C says:

    During the pandemic the Democrats collected votes from their voters and hand delivered them in huge batches because the Trump supporter in charge of the mail system deliberately got rid of sorting machines to slow down voting mail thus making it liable to disqualification.

    So the Democrats collected their own and delivered it for inspection by the electoral offices so thats your explaination, there will be a mass surge for Biden at the end of polls because so many democrats voted by mail its that simple.
    Biden will probably win Georgia Nevada and Pensylvania and just possibly N Carolina also with the mail in ballots.

    Now if they counted the mail in votes first biden would have a huge lead and Trumps polling day votes would have cut it back but the election result would have been known yesterday that Biden had won because there wouldn’t have been enough votes for Trump to come back from.
    Would you then be asking to keep the mail bags coming is hope I suspect so

    Democracy is the winner here and remember there will be nearly 2,000,000 votes not eligable for tally because of court ruling limiting delivery times. of that 2 million the vast majority would be Biden votes. Which has helped Republicans win at least 1 house races so far.
    Voter supression has deprived nearly 8 million voters of their democratic right under the Trump administration the absolute overwhelming majority would be non republican votes. You’re either for democracy or against it!
    You can’t pick and choose when it suits you.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      democracy is certainly not the winner here.

      What we have is a corporate fascist state, beholden to business interests only!

      Think with your mind not your feet!

      1. Damien C says:

        Mike when the electorate turns out is huge numbers democracy is the winner, now that is an absolute.
        When people are blocked from voting in acts of supression that is fascist
        When 95% of the wealth of the nation is handed back to the top 1% in tax cuts then that is beholden to the corporate and multi nationals.

        When you call untrained armed militias to take to the streets and wind them up with tweets and statements like “Be ready” “They’re stealing the election” “Time to act” When everything is above board and legal but you don’t like the way the people voted

        Then that is when you’ve become a dictatorship.

        My guy didn’t make the final two but its a legal election and a total nonsense that votes in the mail shouldnt be counted, what sort of moron would argue such a point

  2. Sauron says:

    And you would think by time the elections should progress to fairness.

  3. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Kids, take it to your nearest Jew bank, BIDEN WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT. He has already sent Iran a very conciliatory message. Former Vice President Joe Biden discusses his foreign policy in New York Times and sends a signal to the world — including Iran — that the U.S. will once again will engage, ”The message needs to be that any framework the U.S. agrees to has to be respected”. We want to re-engage Iran. BTW, unexpectedly Zarif has gone to South America, including Mexico ( to meet with Biden transition) team, most likely.

    1. HitlerWasRight says:

      or civil war which is better

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Let’s hope so. The rednecks will definitely would accept Jamaican Kamala Rastafarian as their president for sure.

        1. HitlerWasRight says:

          and its jew husband

        2. Proud Hindu says:

          Kamala harris is in our pockets ;)she is half indian hindu

          1. Magic Puro says:

            Whose are those ‘our pockets’? Not sure how it matters that she’s half Hindu. She’s a sold out puppet who will do anything for the Establishment.

      2. Magic Puro says:

        Apparently, it’s a matter of time.

    2. hththny says:

      he s too old. he will die în office..

      1. HitlerWasRight says:

        or with a few rounds to the face

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          You Nazi racists should accept the new diverse America.

          Harris’s ancestral village in India gets festive

          Villagers in the Indian ancestral home of Kamala Harris painted slogans on roads
          wishing her victory on Thursday, as Joe Biden, her Democrat running mate
          in the US presidential election, moved closer to the White House.

          Thulasendrapuram, located about 320 km south of Chennai, is where Harris’s maternal
          grandfather was born more than a century ago.

          “From yesterday, we are excited about the final result,” said Abirami, a resident of the village. “Now, we are hearing positive news. We are waiting to celebrate
          her victory.

          1. HitlerWasRight says:

            shut up cannon fodder

          2. Proud Hindu says:

            He is a stupid communist asshole a disgrace to india.I have blocked him so i cant see that assholes comment.ignore that communist asshole.Communisms days are numbered

          3. Concrete Mike says:


          4. Magic Puro says:

            He strikes me as a bent over degraded snake. The kind who would turn on his country and people.

          5. Magic Puro says:

            What exactly is the point of your rambling? Nobody gives a fuck where Malaka is from. Biden-Harris represent the Establishment who will fuck this world up to a point of no return.

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Yep, but imagine that stupid Kamala as Pres :)

        1. zman says:

          I imagine you prefer evangelistic end-timer and Israel lover Pence?

          1. Ivan Freely says:

            You’re not seeing the bigger picture. Harris could pick Hillary as VP and then Hillary will remove Harris (similar to what LBJ did with Kennedy) and then blame it on Iran.

          2. zman says:

            Boy, that’s a whole lot of conjecture and frankly plain silly. Are you aware that the step-in President (Harris) would nominate a VP replacement and that CONGRESS WOULD HAVE TO VOTE ON IT. I thought not. So essentially the Republicans would willingly elect Killery? Why TF do they even put forth a candidate? People, please educate yourselves on civics and government.

          3. Ivan Freely says:

            Hardly silly. You do realize that politics make strange bedfellows?



            Why TF do they even put forth a candidate?

            It’s called theater especially 2016. Nobody ever believed that Trump would win, but he did.

          4. zman says:

            Regardless your reply, your post was wrong. The President does not appoint a VP. Anyone can blather BS and claim it’s possible. A cow could jump over the moon…if it had missiles strapped to it. As for your Trump win, that election was far more ‘irregular’ than this one. GW won too, with a losing vote, with the USSC deciding it basically. Trump won through the Electoral College…not popular vote.

          5. Ivan Freely says:

            Trump won through the Electoral College…not popular vote.

            As it should be. Read the US Constitution again. Assuming you bothered to in the first place.

      3. Ivan Freely says:

        Or someone will invoke the 25th if they’re impatient.

        1. Magic Puro says:

          Of course. That’s why Harris was brought in.

  4. HitlerWasRight says:

    trump needs to crush these cheating dogs with M1A1 tanks

    1. Proud Hindu says:

      Trump is responsible for arming turkey as well fyi

      1. HitlerWasRight says:

        bullshit, turkey had f16s before trump and trump stopped thm getting patriots and f35s

        1. disqus_W1eFsMfKhi says:

          But he certainly arms israel.

      2. Magic Puro says:

        Lol, no. Get your facts in order.

    2. zman says:

      Yeah, that’s a real option. If they did, it would be Israelis driving them.

  5. JIMI JAMES says:

    Check out the fugly skank,face of the ass of the bulldog x2 geri cans stacked,typifies demoncrat ill brats: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4cc94adfe933479a3427c0f3dee0eda0924af19df75e4795761fb9d6a4802ae.jpg

  6. johnny rotten says:

    Whatever happens, whoever the president is, the West is fucked up, that of the outsider trump was just a funny parenthesis that showed the whole world the real shitty face of the empire, if now the free LGBTQXYZ will govern the fall will be even more fast.

    1. Frank says:

      Frankly speaking, America is fucked.

  7. Антон С says:

    The most fair and democratic elections, as always.) No foreign observers, no straight voting (1 voter – 1 voice) without electors, voting via mail (how to check identity of a voter at counting?) Whole political system, including 2-party system (1 in reality), is the fraud to fool people and prolong the power of oligarchy.

    1. Steve Standley says:

      That’s exacty right. It’s all lies. Anyone who thinks Biden won’t do the Biding of these people is dreaming.

      1. Антон С says:

        My point is skeptic to all so called democratic procedures even in my country, not only in the US. I don’t know my local legislators (city level and regional), I don’t know who are those members of parties except few people. That’s why i’m ignoring local elections as 2/3-3/4 of other people every time in any country.

    2. AM Hants says:

      Compare it to the Russian Presidential Election.

      18 Presidential candidates in 11 time zone Russia.

      Foriegn witness observers, with no restrictions on where they could go.

      All polling stations and counting venues under complete surveillance.

      Count comes in, any decrepancies immediately reported, with explanation, together with solution.

      How long did it take 11 time zone Russia to deliver the count?

      President Putin ‘Is America a Banana Republic? Yes or No’

      1. Антон С says:

        +web-camera on every voting station.

        “How long did it take 11 time zone Russia to deliver the count?”
        First results are published right after closing last poll stations in the most western region – Kaliningrad, in 20:00 of local time (21:00 in Moscow), Sunday. At next day morning, Monday, – publishing the results after counting ~90-95% of bulletins. The Central election commission do the results refreshing in real time. Total results are published in Tuesday or Wednesday, need to read the law about elections. but it’s always almost the same as it was in Monday morning.

        Is this the answer or delivering the count was about delivering bulletins to the election commission of district/region?

        1. AM Hants says:

          Still waiting for first results in US election.

          1. Антон С says:

            There are some finno-ugric tribes living in distant arctic regions of Russia. A helicopter with electoral commission flies to them to count their votes 1-2 months before main elections. This practice heavily was criticized by democratic activists and human right defenders. Now we have 100 million votes via post service and many of them are given before main elections. That’s why elections are so long, but it’s alright for human lefts defenders and democratic activists. “It’s different!” as the love to repeat in such cases.

          2. AM Hants says:

            Watching the Russian elections, must admit to being seriously impressed by the organisation.

  8. zman says:

    This is about as sorry a piece of ‘journalism’ as I’ve seen here. As I sit here and write this Arizona HAS NOT been declared, contrary to what is quoted in the article. Pennsylvania’s process is open to observers, going so far as to stream the process to those interested. As for mail ballots, everyone knew this was coming due to the C-19 BS. Mail ballots have been used for how long?, but now they are suspect. Trump himself votes by mail ballot, but that is different. Verifing signatures of early and mail-ins does take time, as they DO NOT start counting them until voting day. Now, if they just counted them to get it done fast, without verification, what would be the mantra then? Trump is mounting legal challenges in Michigan(stop counting mail-ins), Wisconsin(recount) and Pennsylvania(which he will likely win). I have yet to hear of Biden challenges, not saying they are not, but have not seen it. People here going on about Kamala, but ignore Pence as if he is no threat. Pence would be the worst possible option as a president. He doesn’t need to be a paid shill, he’s a true believer. War with Iran would not be just a possibility, but more than likely. He would make Trump’s Israeli ass kissing look feeble. Quoting that POS Levin is indicative of accuracy here. Georgia, N Carolina, Alaska? Alaska is Trump, but the other two are yet undecided. One would have known Trump would take this route of whining if you listened to him crying that only votes in place on Tuesday should be counted, as he knew those using mail-ins would not be helpful to him. As I sit here, they just showed the Penn process. There ARE Trump observers there and have been. Another lie in this article. What isn’t mentioned is what Trump son in law Kushner did in Michigan the last time around. They used an army of lawyers to contest 240,000 votes, which was never finished, yet they were thrown out. These votes were only from dem areas. But that’s OK, right? “Biden just now: “I’m not here to declare that we’ve won, but I am here to report when the count is finished, we believe that we will be the winners.” Wow, that’s really indicative of ….what? Yep that’s really nefarious.”I’m Not Saying We Won, But We Won”, Trump’s comment from yesterday is just fine. So the article declares at the end that there has been a color revolution here. This article is full of innuendo and nothing else. Funny how when this practice (innuendo) is used against Trump, it’s all unsubstantiated. But when it befits him, it’s likely all true. While I have no use for either candidate or party, I have even less use for piss-poor journalism that’s only apparent goal is to continue division. It’s too bad this was just a propaganda piece and not an article with sources statements vetted by fact. I like this one the best:
    “We were told to collect any ballots that we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, et cetera, for outgoing mail, at the end of the day, we are supposed to separate them from the standard letter mail, so they
    can hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date—and put them through the Express Mail system—to get wherever they need to go,” the Insider said. No where did he say or insinuate that these votes were not actual peoples votes, on the contrary, he says the are collected from outgoing mails. Were they pre-dated? I don’t know, as this is the first mention of this I’ve seen. But, the innuendo is that they were…what? Just predated? No, that this is supposedly indicative of ballot stuffing. “The violations in the US elections are as follows…” More innuendo being stated as FACT. This article belongs on Fox or Breitbart. And before any of the Trumpets here start bleating, no I did not vote for either. As far as elections go, this one is far less suspect than the 2000/2004 debacles. People should know by now that it doesn’t matter who wins, they all have the same boss and will do what they are told. Trump hasn’t been any different, just look at his Israeli pandering.

    1. AM Hants says:

      Please explain why so few turned out to see Biden. Trump was in the lead, then after a mega break in counting, Biden has the largest number of votes, for any US Presidential Candidate in the history of the USA? Plus, if that was the case, why did the Dems lose so many Senators and Members of Congress? Why, after the counting break, in one state, were all 138,000 votes only for Joe Biden? No change in voting numbers, for other candidates? 138,000 fresh ballots, which gave Biden a 20,000 lead. So Trump must have been at least 110,000 votes ahead, before they found those 100% Biden votes. What are the odds of that happening?

      1. zman says:

        You do realize that those very same mail in ballots also contributed to the republican gains in congress, right? Going by your assumption, this would have to have been a big conspiracy, with the republicans on board as well…rendering ‘illegal’ ballots with Biden for pres and republicans for congress. Biden getting more votes than anyone in US history…This was the largest voter turn-out in a very long time, I don’t recall the data from an article I read, but are you also aware that Trump himself got more votes than he did last time? Did he steal votes to exceed his landslide of ’16? See, that works both ways. The ‘found’ votes you are talking about were already in the system and did not ‘just come in’. Even Trump stalwart Fox news is not giving this any mileage. Then there are the states where Trump is leading, he is not contesting those mail-in votes?…only those states where he is behind. Trump set this confrontation up when he told his supporters to vote on Tuesday only, knowing that democrats urged their supporters to vote early. That is when he started his claims that the dems would use vast amounts of illegal mail in ballots and that only votes on Tuesday should be counted. In several states where they count the early and mailed ballots first, Biden held a good lead, but when the Tuesday votes where added, Biden fell behind and lost (Ohio for one). Should it be claimed that the voting machines were tampered with because the totals changed dramatically? The opposite is true in those states where mailed-in and early votes are counted last…as in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Finally, GOP spokesman are saying that even if Trumps law suits are effective, it would not change the outcome. As for the amount of people that turned out to see Biden, I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. I guess that one could postulate that the dems, pushing the C-19 BS, did not ask people to turn out and Biden himself had few appearances. Trump, on the other hand, did not push the C-19 BS and encouraged people to turn out, ignoring the so-called C-19 risk. All in all, I think the C-19 BS was the real decider in the US. The American people, as others around the world, are swallowing the C-19 crap hook, line and sinker. The dems used this (blame Trump) to the maximum and it looks to have been effective, although going by the closeness of the totals, not entirely so. My objections in my post were not really concerning the election, but the journalism in the article. This is why there is so much contention today, because media, alt included, will color their articles with their opinions instead of fact. Let us not forget the 2000 election either. If you think this was contentious or manipulated, what is your opinion of that election? That was the very first election in US history where the metric (post vote polling) we (the US) uses to validate or invalidate elections world-wide where we were observing, showed that election to be fraudulent. Then the actions prompting the USSC to illegally render a decision to do what? STOP counting votes in Florida…where Gore would have won and taken the election. So, as far as this election went, either the collusion was extreme, includes republicans in the plan by knowing how many votes it would take for them to win seats (as claimed by some that ballots were created for Biden to edge Trump out) on the very same ballots. For this to be a reality, everyone in congress had to be in on it. Sorry, I just don’t see it. It would be a very complicated and involved scheme that I doubt would stand any sort of scrutiny. The only thing Trumps sour grapes are going to accomplish is to further divide the country, creating more chaos. Who desires chaos and conflict?

        1. AM Hants says:

          How can a senile old man, who cannot recognise his teenage granddaughter from his dead son, suddenly, in the midnight hours, get 138,000 votes, when nobody bothered with his campaigning? How come they keep voting, well after the voting closes and only accept Biden Votes, from those born in the late 19th century?

          1. zman says:

            Actually, I expected a more intelligent reply from you. Your reply only shows your bias, as you mention nothing of GOP shenanigans, as if they haven’t occurred. But you’ve looked for that too, right? Instead of asking the same questions over and over, why not try finding answers to your questions? But, you are not a Trump supporter. Right. But it’s OK. I expected to see a lot more sour grapes bitching and moaning from Trump supporters. I expect poor loser Trump to pick up his toys and leave any time. If you would like to see the reality of the situation, read this….https://fort-russ.com/2020/11/the-logic-behind-the-american-vote/
            I’d say RTW has it about right.

  9. Mike says:

    US elections…get the popcorn out and enjoy as it will last awhile. Democracy in the US? That’s funny!

          1. disqus_W1eFsMfKhi says:

            I couldn’t help but connect this to the ‘bricks’ showing up on the sidewalks for BLM/ANTIFA use to destroy the town(s).

  10. RichardD says:

    Conceptional Illustration

    SpecOp Force Organization Chart

    1st Regiment

    A Company

    Platoon 1

    Squad 1
    leader, member, member, member

    Squad 2
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    Squad 4
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    Platoon 2

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    1. RichardD says:

      This was the end of day statement at the close of trading on my options account showing the balance increase as a result of today’s run up in the price of silver.

    1. RichardD says:

      These are the values of the trade block options ladder at expiration:

      $25/oz. – $100

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  11. Me&Myself None says:

    What a bunch of cry babies! What a bunch of losers! — Please get the big cry baby, buffoon, orangutan out of the withe house soon, so the country can get back to normal. If he still wants to be president, he can then participate in Israel’s next election, since he did so much for them, while ignoring the needs of Americans.

    1. zman says:

      Well, I can’t stand Trump, for reasons different from most and will be elated to see him go. But Biden is going to screw us to death with the C-19 BS. He, I think, is going to get an eye opener when Americans get really tired of this lockdown crap. All this C-19 crap is not over, neither are their plans to inoculation everyone.

      1. Magic Puro says:

        You nailed it. The Phase 2 of COVID19 will make the past 8 months look like a walk in the park. Bankers want another lockdown to crush economies further and flood the markets with more QEs.

    2. Magic Puro says:

      Back to normal? Lol, I hope you’re stocking up on TP. Get ready for another nationwide lockdown.

  12. AM Hants says:

    Whether you like Trump or not, if the blatant and open theft of the democratic vote is allowed, what comes next? Absolutely no accountability as President Putin said, ‘Is America A Banana Republic?’. Yes or No.

    Over on Gateway Pundit, videos and witness statements of cars and trucks, dropping off ballot boxes, when Trump was in the lead and counting venue was having a long break from counting. All of a sudden Biden gets 138,000 votes, to give him 20,000 lead. Windows being boarded in other venues. Independent witnesses banned. Dates of birth, in multiple Biden supporting ballots 1 Jan 1900, despite only year appearing in majority ballots. Addresses that do not tally, owing to citizen moving to other states. USPS workers admitting to changing date stamp on late ballots. Project Veritas reports.

    Can you imagine the hysteria if the Russian election tried those scams? Anybody remember the Russian election with 18 candidates and everything under public surveillance. When the votes came in, anything untoward was shown and explained, with apology if needed. Nothing was missed.

    1. Magic Puro says:

      if the blatant and open theft of the democratic vote is allowed, what comes next?

      Anything beyond imagination. And that’s bloody scary.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Even the genuine Dems, must surely realise it is no way to win an election. God help the USA as they enter complete totalitarianism.

        1. Ralph London says:

          AM, have you seen this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfUkxjDMD6U&feature=youtu.be

          Steve Pieczenik claims Trump knew about voter fraud so set up a sting operation.

          1. AM Hants says:

            Yep, saw it this morning. Think it was a link in a Zero Hedge comment. I am not ‘support Trump’, but, very anti-globalist or whatever they class themselves. Plus, if they steal the election, with help of Judiciary, Corrupt Politicians, Media, Tech companies, etc, what comes next? Do feel Corona lockdowns, over in EU nations, including UK, has been timed to link into the scam.

            Cannot see Trump not being prepared for what he knew was coming. You do not end up being a New York Property Mogul, without knowing how to play the system. Hope the guy in the video is talking the truth.

          2. Ralph London says:

            That’s Steve, a Jew, who admits that the jews/’jews’ (neocons with evil yanks) did 911.
            However, recently, he flipped, and started talking about the need for the NWO.
            Just like Alex made an important contribution by revealing skull & bones, Steve made an important declaration regarding 911.
            Then there is this, if the voter fraud sting (& if true) doesn’t work out as planned:


          3. AM Hants says:

            I am reading a few articles on Gateway Pundit, where I am bann d from commenting, for some reason, with regards Dominion Voting machines and a glitch, favouring Biden and friends. Interesting how they have managed to fix it and the timing, as Congress and Senate are seeing results switching.

            I can see it being theatre to keep masses split, using ‘divide and hate’, to keep the elites game of chess interesting, as the voting continues.

          4. AM Hants says:

            I am just munching on the popcorn, keyboard whinging, as to whether election is stolen or the voter gets what they want.

            Admit I cannot stand Biden and his face screams ’60s media con artist’. 49 years and how much has he made working for the state. For me he represents Bolshevik-Nanzi-Rockerfeller Team.

            If Trump comes through and I would not be surprised if he did, then it is ‘Make Israel Great Again’, back on track. Like him for domestic policies and pure humour, but, not a fan of his foreign policy. Trump represents one chain of team Rothschild.

            Back in the 19th century, wasn’t the game of chess, exactly the same, with the electorate the pawns?

          5. AM Hants says:

            Think I saw a different, shorter version this morning.

          6. Ralph London says:

            Ok, good.

        2. Magic Puro says:

          Genuine or not, I think they’re mostly hell bent on getting rid of Trump. Not sure they have a clue of what’s coming though. Anyway.. God help the US and the Rest of the World. What the Globalists have in the works is rather sinister.

  13. AM Hants says:

    Allegedly all the legal ballots have been watermarked. Just in case a recount is needed.

  14. disqus_W1eFsMfKhi says:

    Thank you SF for this report. This just proves how Obsolete the UN truly is. How Obsolete NATO. How Obsolete funny$money is. How Obsolete every thing whatsoever connected to empire truthfully is(rael). Corruption rules and has been ruling for too long. Pathetic is an understatement.

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