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JULY 2020

“I’m not a war criminal”: Bosnian Croat General Drinks POISON During Appeal Hearing At The Hague


"I'm not a war criminal": Bosnian Croat General Drinks POISON During Appeal Hearing At The Hague

Slobodan Praljak

UPDATE: Slobodan Praljak has died after he drank liquid from a flask while listening to his sentencing in a UN court.

Slobodan Praljak, was one former Bosnian Croat political and military leaders during the Croat–Bosniak War, appeared to drink POISON during an appeal hearing at The Hague. He served as general in the Croatian Army and the Croatian Defence Council, an army of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia.

Praljak was appealing his sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment in 2013 for alleged war crimes in East Mostar when the incident took place.

On hearing that his sentence had been upheld Praljak told the judge: “I have taken poison”. After drinking the poison, he told the court: “I am not a war criminal, I oppose this conviction.”

The hearing was suspended and the presiding judge called for a doctor.

There is no confirmed info about Praljak’s state of health.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was established by the United Nations in 1993. Praljak and five other Bosnian Croat political and military leaders was convicted in 2013 of persecuting, expelling and murdering Muslims during Bosnia’s war.



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  • Frane Frlan

    There was no “Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia”, whatsoever.
    But, here it is quite accurate analyses of events in which Praljak was involved:

  • MeMadMax

    Now that the truth has come out, the common man(excluding muslimes) should be hailing this man a hero.

    RIP Hero.

    • Frane Frlan

      He is dead. Hopefully his grave will be in Croatia, so I can visit and piss on it.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Well, none of you two scumbags do it better. One exclude muslims as human beings and the other dont respect the dead.

        • Frane Frlan

          How can one respect the dead of an animal which belongs to the same tribe and did non-humane crimes in foreign country in the tribe’s name? He is directly responsible “officer” and “general” we have been told to shoot at, if receive a pure human killing and destroying population command. I was definitely ready to that, so don’t you tell me what should I respect.

          • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

            What foreign country you talk about? Frane, you have no basic knowledge about war in Bosnia. Croats, Serbs and so called Bosniaks (“so called” is the essence of your delusion) are domestic peoples of Bosnia. Muslims (of Croats and Serbs) declared them self as Bosniaks in 1993 and claimed that Bosnia is only their country. But that is their word against history and constitution of Bosnia. So, he wasn’t in foreign country. Mladić wasn’t in foreign country. They fought for their people in their own country.

          • Frane Frlan

            Bosnia as federation republic of Yugoslavia has the same rights to become independent State as Croatia. By Yugoslav constitution.

            BTW: Majority of Bosnians voted for that independent state, including majority of Croats.
            I presume that you are either Bosnian of “Serb” or “Croat” roots, according to name and philosophy – Bosnian Serb.

            They fought for their people in their own country in the way that one was first killing Croatian civilians in town of Zadar, Šibenik and other coastal towns and inner towns and villages in Dalmatia (protecting Serbs in Zadar, Šibenik and Dubrovnik, that was a first job of Mladić). After that he continue in Bosnia with his fight. Praljak was sent from Zagreb (capital of Croatia) to Bosnia for assuring new borders of Croatia.

            And no, you are wrong – they both animals (Mladić and Praljak), essentially, because of their unprofessional behaviour, lack of humanity, protectors and promoters of rape, mass killing, exterminating and cleansing territories.

          • Frane Frlan

            I’m not into your philosophy of “where is one Serb – there is Serbia”.
            And I do not give a shit about Mladić. He is not my problem.

            Bosnia as Republic of Yugoslavia had constitutional rights to depart from union, as well as Slovenia, Croatia and others.
            That means -to became independent state. Which was voted for, and majority of Bosnians and Bosnian Croats choose Bosnia as independent state.

            From that moment onward, Bosnia is independent state.
            So, no Croatian soldier from Croatia should be in Bosnia uninvited. This individual was sent from Croatia to Bosnia to assure “new Croatian borders, by any means possible”. That included organising rape, mass killing of civilian population, killing of war prisoners, removal of population, and destroying civilian infrastructure.

            I do not believe in the fascist ideology of “where is one member of my nation, this should be my territory”.

            BTW: he did not protect anybody, the whole Bosnian Croats political gang was dismissed (ordered from Croatia) after few months of unnecessary killings and devastation, and Croatian politicians dismissed the idea of taking territorial advantages in the neighbouring country.

          • dstay

            You have many disillusions here.. IN Yugoslavia constitution only Yugoslav constitute nations (Slovenians, Croats, Serbs, Muslims, Macedonians) had right for self determination, republics did not had that right. The problem started when Croatia unilaterally removed Serbs from its own constitution in 1990, (Serbs were constitute nation inside Croatia republic before that act), and than Croats declared independence and made unilateral secession from Yugoslavia in which they were supported by Vatican, Genscher and others. Serbs only fought to stay in one country as they have contributed the most in creation of Yugoslavia and were scattered along communistic borders of Yugoslavian republics.

          • Frane Frlan

            NO it is about Republic rights. NOT nations.
            After new constitution from 1970′ each Republic was with it’s own will inside federal state, and each republic parliament had right to separate from the union of federal republic.
            It is your delusion the the communists draw the borders, because you been defeated by the force which did it. Turks.
            Borders of Republic of Croatia are exactly the same today, and in federal Yugoslavia, because the Turks came exactly to that border, and overrun Serbia and Bosnia. Serbians in the border path of Croatia came there as minority which fled from the Turks. Those Serbs and Croats fought together with Austrian and Hungarian help, with the Turks for 500 years. On exactly same border.

          • dstay

            Speaking abut Croatian borders and Turks its totally false. When Istria was exactly part of Croatia before communist gave it and draw lines inside Croatia? Or Dubrovnik? Or Dalmatia? Border with the Turks held Serbs, in the Krajinz area. The same Krajina Serbs you fought against it and ethnically cleansed from there homes and land in 1995. Even Austro-Hungarian empire recognised Krajina as an area and entity which was given rights and autonomy for its service in stopping Turks.
            For your info Yugoslav Constitution was declared exactly in 1974 and I read it, please do the same and talk about rights that is written in it. Yugoslav constitutive nations had it and not republics. And Serbs were constitute nations inside Croatia untill 1990. The Serbs from Krajina you fought..

          • Frane Frlan

            And again, it is you choice whether or not to admit how the Serbs came in border area of Croatia. That border was made by the Turks.
            “Krajina” was never Serbian territory, and never were the Serbs there only nation which fought against the Turks in that military area without any historical administrative rights.
            But, you see, you failed to “protect” the Serbs wherever they lived, actually you left them on mercy of your arch-enemies, and there is no turning back on that point, as there is no turning point on Kosovo defeat.

          • slayern2

            Turks? Complete nonsense, like saying that romans drew these borders because some of them resemble roman imperial borders, or roman provincial borders, or byzantine borders, or whatever rubbish….. ottomans and their borders are completely irrelevant here, borders between republics were created by Tito/communists. Everything else is bs.

          • Frane Frlan
          • slayern2
          • Frane Frlan

            So, clearly, somebody defend that area, during 5 centuries long Turkish invasion and presence, and this is military site, you are well off-topic, and quite ignorant.

          • slayern2

            That’s you: ignorant and clueless, making ridiculous claims and pathetic logical fallacies, completely debunked now. Turkish invasion has nothing to do with Tito, or his borders. Nothing whatsoever. Not just off-topic but extremely stupid.

          • Frane Frlan

            So tell me please, where is the border of Serbia today, towards Bosnia, and where is the border of Croatia towards Bosnia today? Today we have “Tito’s” borders, which more or less exactly matches the borders in 1809. Those borders were the same like from 16th century. But your point is that Tito place them?
            You clearly see the map from 1809 and you are saying that Tito made the borders of Bosnia. :)

          • slayern2

            “So tell me please, where is the border of Serbia today, towards Bosnia” – exactly where it was 1500 years ago, as you can clearly see on my map :D

            Let me try to explain you one more time, slowly: we don’t know Tito’s criteria for those borders – ethnical, geographical, economical, historical, cultural, political, who knows, ask Tito. They were arbitrary and nothing to do with ottomans, the ottoman empire ceased to exist decades before, while Turkey (*turkish republic) had zero influence on Tito and his communist/dictatorial regime. So when you say : “That border was made by the Turks” that’s absolutely not true. Turks did not make that border. Tito did. Why the fck I even have to explain that?

            Your logic is: there is a pyramid in Las Vegas, Ancient Egyptians built pyramids, so ancient Egyptians built that pyramid in Las Vegas!

            (yeah thats off-topic but there’s no other way to explain you)

          • Jens Holm

            He moved sava too.

          • slayern2

            ‘He’ moved the river? Jens the Monkey is trying to say something. No one knows what not even the monkey himself…

          • dstay

            Edvard Kardelj, Vladimir Nazor draw the borders.. Tito comrades, Slovenian and Croat. Where do you see Croatia at this historic maps of yours? They gave it nicest parts without any logic or historic legacy.
            Also very IMPORTANT fact that during the Ottoman time, and Austro Hungarian time, there was no distinction between Croat and Serbs, in fact they didn’t call them self Serbs and Croats, but only difference was religion and the called them selfs Orthodox and Catholics, (*they called Muslims, Muhamedans in today Bosnia). THIS Is because they speak the same language, the same DNA.. THERE ARE NO two tribes in Africa or any other part of the world who speak numbers 1-10 in the same (and write) and are called by two different names, only Croats and Serbs. Before the WW1 and kingdom, they wanted to live in one country, there was love and brotherhood. But Danube group didn’t liked it and created fiction and terrible things that happend.
            In Dubovrnik area, please check census of population from late XIX century in Dubrovnik, something like 95% are Serbs Catholics… Tragedy that two vrothers did that to them self. IN psychology is called friction of small differences.. All the best… Please this is also partially respond and to Jens Holm. RIP General.

          • dstay

            Edvard Kardelj, Vladimir Nazor draw the borders.. Tito comrades, Slovenian and Croat. Where do you see Croatia at this historic maps of yours? They gave it nicest parts without any logic or historic legacy.
            Also very IMPORTANT fact that during the Ottoman time, and Austro Hungarian time, there was no distinction between Croat and Serbs, in fact they didn’t call them self Serbs and Croats, but only difference was religion and they called them selfs between only, Orthodox and Catholics, (*they called Muslims, Muhamedans in today Bosnia). THIS Is because they speak the same language, they have same DNA.. THERE ARE NO two tribes in Africa or any other part of the world who speak numbers 1-10 in the same way (and write) and are called by two different names, only Croats and Serbs. Before the WW1 and kingdom, they wanted to live in one country, there was love and brotherhood. But Danube group didn’t liked it and created friction and terrible things that happend.
            In Dubovrnik area, please check census of population from late XIX century in Dubrovnik, something like 95% are Serbs Catholics… Tragedy that two brothers did that to them selfs. IN psychology its called “friction of small differences”.. All the best… Please this is also partially respond and to Jens Holm. RIP General.

          • Jens Holm

            Nice map. I bought a new paintshop pro at black friday. I feel like being 5 years old again https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b4ad48d381e5a5705b1f97462e3beba9bd243c78cc2f926bbd07762f8fa8846.jpg

          • slayern2

            You are 5 years old… or at least your IQ is….

          • Jens Holm

            No, they were not. They were mainly copied, because those borders make sense.

            You can even read about them in the history books from rome or in greek texts for setling.

          • slayern2

            Whut? Sod off moron, you don’t even know what we’re talking about, you’re just spamming retarded comments as usual.
            Go play with Solomon or something.

          • Jens Holm

            Yes, kraina was never serbish. Almost none besides serbs ask for protection of others in the whole Balkan.

          • Jens Holm

            It depence how long You go back and how.

            Its obvios that things happend there because Preussen expanded hard and then threw Austria-Hungaria out of germany of today by war.

            Here Austria-Hungary only could grow by going into Balkans and did. Hungary even got a harbour in Rijeka by very strange bordelines with Austria. So we have a maximum there crossing into Old and Muslim Konstantinopel.

            The minimúm has same kind of substance. Its was important for France, Britts, Italiens(Istria) and partly aemerican to reduce Austria-Hungaria into no-power states. Therefore jugoslavia also got as much as it could/would take.

            here after WW1 Jugoslavia actually was a kingdomand a not kingdom and a nation made by pressure and some serbian greed for being the big one from the advantures and folklore of kosovo polje.

            The next was very different, but I dont think You cant deny those old borders.Those area along the Adriatic sea has town by town and area by area changed ownership.

            About Istria I will also add, that Italy also are a very new state having the same border problems. We see them today at the border of France, we have seen Tyrol(and south Tyrol with Bolzano(Bozen)) and also Istria. The rest of Dalmatia has never been a part of Croatia. venice has had it. The Popes have and some harbours were roman and even old greek colonies.

            My mission about it: Well just take the most nationalistic historytellings and lies away and calm down around commas.

          • Jens Holm

            And those borders are mainly older. At the time of Ceasar, Brutus, Cleopetra and Antonius, the border between Rome and East Rome(which became Konstantinopel) made that long stribe of land named as Dalmatia, which now is a part of croatia.

          • slayern2

            More idiotic spamming without any trace of intelligence…
            “Macedonia: There is not a single slave there and we hardly speak their language, but we need a road and a railway to Thessaloniki or something.”
            Wtf that means you NATO buttlicking braindead moron?

          • Lav

            Hey you lying c0ksuker there was not a single albanian living in Kosovo (or macedonia) till Ottomans brought albanian tribal hordes with them in late 17century as savage auxiliaries after the committed a large scale genocide against Serbs.Not to mention Enver Hoxha who eradicated ALL national minorities in Albania. Keep your dirty KLA terrorist propaganda for yourself you shameless, lying PoS. And keep sucking muslim d1cks.

          • Lav

            WRONG. Nations not republics.

            Ustav SFRJ
            “Narodi Jugoslavije, polazeći od prava svakog naroda na samoopredeljenje, uključujući i pravo na otcepljenje,

            Socijalistička Federativna Republika Jugoslavija je savezna država kao državna zajednica dobrovoljno ujedinjenih naroda i njihovih socijalističkih republika.

            Socijalistička republika je država zasnovana na suverenosti naroda i na vlasti i samoupravljanju radničke klase i svih radnih ljudi.”


          • Jens Holm

            I partly agree. Some parts has had more independency, so Bosnia should be able to have almost self rule/autonomy with no problems.

          • Jens Holm

            There was none or almost none croation soldiers from croatia in that. They only helped the local 15-20% croats in Bosnia.

            I agree with the rest. Finally I will say Mladic was serb and the suicider was croat.

          • Frane Frlan

            Around 4000 Croat soldiers from regular Croat Army from Croatia was there (around few months). Bosnian Croats had around 45 000 soldiers. Army of Bosnia (mostly muslims) had around 80 000 soldiers, but weaponry for only 45 k soldiers.
            Some of the Croat brigades from Croatia refused to go over the border to fight in Bosnia. Especially after brilliant idea of not defending Croat pockets in the northern Bosnia, along the Sava river. Idea was to leave that area to Serbs, which assures connection of Serbian parts of Bosnia with the motherland, and cleansed Croats from that northern part supposed to be transferred to south (Hercegovina), from which Muslim population supposedly should be cleansed and deported.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats not correct and very manipulative. Bosnia are populated by Southern slaves, whoch came in from north. None says all in the later Jugoslavia ever has been been Christians of Rome or Konstantinopel.

            So Your assumption Bosniaks as muslims should come from either Serbs or Croats has no credibility.

            You also forget 2 things happend in Jugoslavia before anything at all happend in Bosnia.

            1) Slovenia was released after a small war and 2) A terrible and blody war went on between Serbs and croats.

            So the next is a lie too. Bosniacks did NOT DECLARE BOSNIA LIKE YOU WRITE.

            They tryed to become neutral as possible to avoid war like the one Serbs and Croats did to each other. What was Your expectations ????????????

            They should join serbs, but 70% in Bosnia was not serb. Joining Croats ????? Even worse according to many serbs and few croats.

            And we saw the solution by Milosovic and Tudjman on a piece of paper dividing.

            A joke writing Mladic was not a Serb for regaining most part of it for Serbia. You can put up a carrot on that.

            And You are totally wrong. Fighting for Bosnia is not killing many 1000`s of its inhabitants and throw muslims and also serbs out in 10.000.

            Fighting is insisting for peace and fight for that being not split up. Bosnia had been Turkish since 1482 and therefore 40% were muslims.People teeling they now were sekular by TITO advises for integration was killed and deported too.

            And acutually it was the croats which began the killings and etnic cleansing by that. Muslims did none of that.

            Those Croats did not fight for Bosnia at all. They killed for landgrabbing and for taking the muslim possesition incl. lives.

      • Jens Holm

        He is a Bosnian Croat killing many, many 1000 muslims in Bosnia. When the muslim Bosniaks recovered, they took an almost equal revenge because of that.

        He also made the famous old bridge in Mostar shot away.

        So if You go there, remember to take some extra water.

  • pet

    I am surprised that the Russians and Mr. Putin personally
    couldn’t do anything for the poor man. Russia has excellent relations with
    Croatia as they were allied during the war in Yugoslavia, when Russia shipped lots
    of arms and ammunition to support Croats throughout 1990s.

    • Frane Frlan

      From which planet you felt? Russia were allied with Croatia?
      You are classical example of one knowing shit about Croatia or Yugoslavia. But you still have a need to express this shit.

      • dutchnational

        Correct. Russia was ever an ally of Serbia. Still is.

      • nesa
        • Frane Frlan

          Again, you don’t know what you are talking about.
          I am the acting person from that era, and no, you missing the whole point.
          1. Russia supported survival of Yugoslavia, and they supported Serbia and Yugoslav Army against “separatism”. Which I found completely understandable.
          2. Army (which was COMMON) started with attack on Croatian border towns, Croatians, Slovenians and some Bosnian left the army and joined defence Republic police and special police.
          3. Croatians has been robbed for the arms and ammunition of civil defence, which has been under the jurisdiction of Republic authorities, but JNA partially confiscated weaponry (partially destroyed it) under treat to Croatian authorities that they will engage a full scale attack on Croatia.
          4. You should know something about arm embargo imposed on “Yugoslavia”, with Serbs having all weaponry of the “6th army in the world”. You should know the Russia role in that arm embargo. During the first years of war, Croatians were butchered, and annihilated from 30% of Croatia because of that arm embargo.
          5. As having many of the Yugoslav army factories and knowledge of producing weaponry, Croatia started with it’s own production, but it was in very limited numbers. A mostly ammo first few years.
          6. Mayor income flow of small arms was Austria, Slovenia, Italy, South America
          7. War ends basically everywhere, when Croatia raised up it’s own weaponry industry and organised army. Including professional brigades.

          Some basic historical facts:
          1. At some point in history there was East and West Roman empire.
          2. Somehow it happened that half of the South Slavic tribe left on eastern border of West, and another half on Western border of the East.
          3. Those on the east become Orthodox Christians, and those on the west Roman Catholic.
          4. Russians are Orthodox Christians.

          Generally, because of the historical influence (culture, tradition), Croats are mostly Austro-Germanofilic nation, Serbs mostly Russofilic nation.

          Yes, some of the politicians in Croatia have excellent ties with Russia, and in general our relation is good, but there is much bigger and stronger connection between Russia and Serbia.

    • Starlight

      No, Russia soft supported Serbia (the soft support actually damned the serbs in the end), but also wanted peace in the former Yugoslavia. But Russia refused to use Empire rules to ensure peace- so Israel and the West were able to run riot in Yugoslavia.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    The International Court is a joke and nothing but an extension of the Empire. Why else can the International law breaking ‘west’ never seem to find their way there? If you’re a victim of NATO’s atrocities or the Empire’s illegal wars of banditry, which you defended against while holding some significant rank or title, you can rest assured of a mock show trial at the Hague. There’s no point in hiring a lawyer as everything was already planned and decided before the names were even attached to the so-called crime.

  • Rob

    Next is Netanyahu.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Is it true? I cant believe it.
      If its really really true, then Trump really got to the bottom of the swamp. I knew Trump could do it when I voted for him and then he did it. If you can dream it, you can do it.
      You did it Trump. YOU made peace and YOU made America great again!

    • Starlight

      The ICC has stated publicly it will never seek the prosecution of a British, American or jewish war criminal.

      • Rob

        That is why they have done genocide of humanity in the world. Now America and their UN/ICC have no power because new world power is emerging and that is called Global Power of Justice.

      • slayern2

        Because this ‘tribunal’ is for natives only, American/NATO colonial Übermensch are absolved by default. This guy destroyed ONE bridge, NATO destroyed dozens in Yugoslavia alone, including those full of people… they deliberately bombed TV stations, even the Chinese embassy. No war crimes there, right?

        How about 500.000 Iraqi children? No. Kill a few hundred islamists in Europe and you are a ‘monster’, kill 500.000 Iraqi children and be proud like madeleine Albright. They are so full of sh*te.

  • Attrition47

    I was under the impression that only Serbians were capable of war crimes in the eyes of the Hague judges….

    • Starlight

      No, tamed Serbs serve the empire very well indeed. To tame the serbs, some bosnians and croatians have to be thrown to the wolves as well. See Ancient Rome, or the Mongol Empire for similar pacifying tactics.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      African blacks usually qualify too when the Empire sets it’s eyes on their resources.

    • Larmian

      Croats can be guilty as well but only if they fought against muslims. Muslims cannot be guilty at all and their American masters cannot be even indicted.

  • Raptar Driver

    Enough of the war crimes insanity, don’t you know war is a crime unless you are acting purely in a self defense manner? This only keeps the wounds open and festering longer, let’s put this to rest already and let the old man Mladic who was and is a true hero, live the rest of his short time in peace. Sometimes the criminals are the ones pretending to bring justice!

    • Starlight

      These were war criminals, but who started these wars and forced such men out of the woodwork and into positions of killing power? In Britain and America today are many such men- but they will only rant and rave and never be allowed to mass murder in their own lands. But Britain and America seek to empower such deranged men in target nations.

      Monsters always live amongst us, and most never get the chance to do anything truly awful. It is in the nature of great evil to seek out such men and promote them and give them immunity when useful.

  • Starlight

    Sentenced by Tony Blair’s zionist victors court- the same Tony Blair who started the Kosovo War on FAKE NEWS lies, and bombed the CIVILIAN Serbian TV HQ (same function as the bbc), murdering all the innocent CIVILIAN workers inside, when a BBC journalist contacted London and told Blair’s people that the last foreign correspondent had left the building.

    Atrocities happened during the Yugoslavia civil war- most of which were down to Israel- since Israeli government agents were on the ground directing atrocities and providing arms for these atrocities. Google the bread queue massacre, for insatnce, when survivors discovered Israeli marking on the fragmentation bombs used.

    The real issue was NOT the local brutes who engaged in war crimes, but the foreign actors who caused the wars in the first place. Tony Blair was not in place at the beginning, but as soon as he could, he took charge and turned the artocity dial to 11. The ICC (international criminal court) has publicly stated it will never seek the prosecution of a British, American or jewish war criminal.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes, and his grandmother spanked him too.

      You need all the things which happend before that incl. diving into Slovenia, Croatia+Serbia, The war, killings and the deportations before that.

      You also forget all local albanians was fired and not even replaced by serbs as well as closing their university and You made 1 million people leave the province.

      Before anything “Blair” , “Israel” and You also forget Your etnic cleasning there.

      None from the outide started anything. You did by not listening to the rest of Jugoslavia. They did not want you to run them and they never will.

      • slayern2

        Your granpa still spanking you, you braindead imbecile…

  • Solomon Krupacek

    all of you (croatian and serbian) were war criminals.

  • so

    War Crimes? Where’s Billy Bob Clinton?

  • Veritas Vincit

    ‘U.S.-NATO-allied proxy warfare operations in such regional conflicts (associated with the pursuit of political, commercial and strategic objectives) in violation of international law’

    – “In 2002, an official Dutch inquiry revealed that the intelligence agencies of Iran, Turkey and the US organized a vast arms smuggling operation into Bosnia, with financial backing of Saudi Arabia, to deliver the arms to radical Islamist groups. The Pentagon was intimately involved in this operation….

    …… In 1997, the KLA began fighting against Serbian forces, and in 1998, the US State Department removed the KLA from its list of terrorist organizations. Before and after 1998, the KLA was receiving arms, training and support from the US and NATO, and Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, was close with KLA leader Hashim Thaci…. Both the CIA and German intelligence, the BND, supported the KLA terrorists in Yugoslavia prior to and after the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia…. Others that engaged in arming and training the KLA included the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), British Secret Service (MI6), the British Special Forces (SAS), and three British and American private security companies… the war in Yugoslavia was waged in order to enlarge NATO” (Breaking Yugoslavia, Jul 21, 2008)

    Despite involvement in proxy warfare operations (covert war of aggression, in violation of international law) that included the support of terrorist groups, it is understood U.S.-NATO war criminals will not be subject to a court that clearly engages in verdicts that serve geo-strategic and associated political agendas. The ongoing and globally expanding wars of aggression/proxy wars of the U.S.-NATO-allied bloc will not cease until these unfolding developments reach their logical conclusion.

    – “All aspects of global security now lie in ruins. There are no more international guarantees for security and the country responsible for the destruction of the global security is the USA. Russia does not intend to reform the world according to its own views, and will not allow itself to be reformed according to foreign views. Russia will not close itself for the world, but anyone who tries to close it to the world will harvest storms. Russia will not act as the savior of the world either, as in the past. Russia does not want war and does not intend to start a war. But today, Russia can see that the explosion of a global war is almost unavoidable and is prepared and will continue preparing. Russia does not want a war but is not afraid of a war. Those who get Russia involved in this process will learn the real meaning of pain”. [Vladimir Putin] (At the Threshold of a Third World War, Southfront, 12/09/2016), etc…..

    It is regrettable that many Western legal bodies (that clearly pursue political/geo-strategic agendas) continue to protect U.S.-NATO-allied war criminals from prosecution as unfortunately it is likely all shall in time suffer the consequences of the ongoing/expanding crimes of this military bloc as the successive and gradually globally expanding wars of aggression that are unfolding will likely in time be recognised as one.

    • Jens Holm

      All is well describes since long time ago.

      Serbs had the whole army arsenal incl. jets and helicopters. Croatia had almost none but could buy free in eastern Europe as long as they didnt involved heay stuff like artillery.

      In the middle you had the Bosniacs, which only had hunting riffels and knives. None would help them. It could be bacause they were muslims. The saudis and several other jihadists finally did. You forget that around 1000 professional Al Qaida soldiers were imported and made the first Bonian army and mainly by men which had killed or deported family members.

      Those soldiers helped those light armed soldiers into structure and did a very good job. The problems of today remains. Many of them stayed and some after that has become hard criminels and has supported ISIS in all levels.

      What else do You want to “surprice us with”.

      I forgot one thing. Muslims there were muslim in a Balkan/Europe version. Today most of them are conservative muslims, which dont fit and before Your greedy advanture of destruction, all in Jugoslavia had the same or almost the same context.

      Now You are like different countries even insisting in Your version of Your language is the correct one. Thats why I in many matters prefare people like the reformed marxist in SDF/NDF from the rest.

      • Veritas Vincit

        You are welcome to believe whatever you want or indeed dislike me for whatever reason suits your imagination (you do not know me and you have no knowledge of my cultural beliefs which clarifies your assumptions and statements about me have no basis in fact). Such behaviour is irrelevant.

        Your reply also does not change anything I have mentioned above.

        If my assessment is incorrect, you have little cause for fear. If it proves correct, you will have cause for concern. As unfolding developments are progressing to more advanced stages, it is likely you will not have long to wait to find out.

        P.S. Your comments also show communicating with you is pointless . You are a time waster I have no more time for.

        • Frane Frlan

          I bet that you never visited Kosovo, and you never had a contact with Albanian/Srbian from that territory.

          Otherwise, you will surely understand that nobody can influence on the relationship of those two.

        • slayern2

          Jens is just a clueless troll with a single digit IQ… something like Solomon Krupacek but even dumber.

      • slayern2

        That was a big mouthful of diarrhea (not that I really read all that idiotic crap). ‘Oh poor muslims, blah, blah…’

  • RichardD

    The Jews pedophile rape 1,000 of their cult babies every week during “medical” blood rituals. Mass rape is an ICC crime against humanity.

    Israel Minister of Health

    • RichardD

      “The Rome Statute Explanatory Memorandum, which defines the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Gender , recognises rape … as crime against humanity if the action is part of a widespread or systematic practice. …

      An act of oral penetration can constitute rape”


      Israel’s chief rabbinate says oral suction at circumcision is preferred …
      https://www.haaretz.com › Jewish World › Jewish World News

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    USA court room protected by NATO and UN.Imperialist and supremacist guest house of oppressing people which their dislike and hate.

  • gustavo

    I wonder when Netanyahu, Bush, Blair, and Aznar will be judged for crime against lesa humanity……maybe never.