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I’m Against NATO but I’m Not for Neutrality

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I'm Against NATO but I'm Not for Neutrality

The article is translated by our friend to show a Serbian view on the current situation in the world. 

This article originally appeared at IN4S, translated from Serbian by Slavko Kovačević

We have to remember that, 16 years ago, NATO aggression on Serbia and Montenegro started, claiming 3500 lifes, of which 2000 were civilians. For 3 months hospitals were destroyed, religious buildings, bridges, hydroelectic dams, media buildings, and the damage was estimated to over 100 billion dollars.

NATO used in this aggression live rounds with depleted uranium, which are prohibited by all international conventions. This gruesome strike on former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was done flagrantly with the breach of international rights and without the approval of the Security Council, and the consequence of these wrongdoings is later pogrom of Serbs in march 2004, break up of Serbia and Montenegro and the recognition of the so called Republic of Kosovo.

Our patriotic citizens, like members of Yugoslav Armed Forces, took part in defending the fatherland. In the other hand, there were some people in Montenegro led by Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) , with Milo Đukanović on top of everything, who werent just eager to answer the call to arms but did everything in their power to aggravate functioning of our defense systems. Lets remind that the president of DPS was member of the supreme Council of defense who on the session of the Council in december 1998 voted for decision that in a scenario in which aggression was to took place, FRY gets defended by all means, and after the attack on 24th of march in 1999 he point blank crossed to the side of the aggressor. In every democratic states this act is considered as a high treason, especially the fact that he visited the headquarters of the aggressor in Bruxelles carring important documents which helped the aggressor to achieve higher death rate. It is unthinkable, for example, that british queen, german chancellor or french president betray their country and cross over to the occupational forces.

We remeber all victims of NATO aggression with reverence and we remind that the first victim has fallen in Montenegro, in the barracks of Danilovgrad. The most important reason why the citizens are against becoming a member of this military alliance is this aggression, and the brutal consequences. Schooled and well paid promoters of NATO, whose main goal is to get us into NATO, wont manage to erase the memory of those who died in those 3 months of aggression, from Danilovgrad to Murino.

Those peacemakers and democrats killed: Bojana Tošović from Merdare, 11 months old, Milica Rakić, 3 years old, while she was sitting on a potty and getting ready to sleep, Branimir Stojanović, 6 years old, on a bridge in Grdovica gorge, Irena Mitić, 15 years old, Milica Stojanović 12 years old, Dalibor Tasić 14 years old from Vranje, Miljana and Vladimir Milić, brother and sister, and their neighbor Miomir Milenović while they were keeping sheep in Čubrine livade. NATO also killed Olivera Maksimović and Julija Brudar and their friend Miroslav Knežević from Murino. And they life was just starting. This list of innocent children victims is huge, and its just from Serbia and Montenegro. Imagine the list of the similar children faiths from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria and the whole of Africa and South America. Which end justifies those means? And the loudest patrons of Montenegrin integration into NATO will find it hard to justify this.

I had to begin my stand with this emotional story, because it is one of the main reasons why I am against our joining NATO. Our stand is that the citizens should decide on a free referendum whether we should join or not join NATO. There are also much more reasons to put up to this story.

Why I am for the alliance with Russia?

In its long history, Montenegro was always thankful to Russia for the help it offered. Montenegro was never part of any military-political alliance which was in any way hostile towards Russia. In the context of this there is an interesting statement of president of the Rusian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: “Small countries in NATO are not asked for opinion, instead decisions are made by mightier members which favors their goals. Further decision to deploy missiles on the territory of newcomers in NATO would be a threat to the security of Russia and we would be forced to take military measures to eliminate this military threat. And not against the countries on which territory are the missiles, but against the missiles itself.” What a historical shame it would be to get into a war with Russia! There would be no Montenegro without the help of brotherly Russia. Are we to war Russia! Like we already dont have problems over our heads, instead we should accept this much of a risk?

The last words of Metropolitan bishop Petar I Petrović Njegoš to his successor Petar II Petrović Njegoš were “pray to God and hold on to Russia”. It is interesting to remind of the will of St. Peter of Cetinje, who just before he died cursed unbelievers of his last words and those who would not do as instructed.

” If there is any man in our people who would not find those words and recommendations as true, or if he would not obey as instructed, instead if he would dare to create intrigue and strife in our people by words or doings, who ever he would be, on my deathbed I curse him for eternity, him and his kind and children as well, so they all perish! The same will await those from God who would dare to divide us from believing in pious and Christ loving Russia, all those Montenegrins and Highlanders who would ever think of departing from patronage and hoping in singlebearing and orthodox our Rusia, God grants them to rot alive and good will pass him for eternity! To those good, believing and all those who obey my letter I give my blessing from kin to kin and for ever and ever! Amen. “

Will this curse and anathem catch up the wrongdoers – it is yet to be seen. However, after the secession from Serbia and recognition of false state Kosovo, official Montenegro perpetrated another historical treason: imposing sanctions to brotherly Russia. Montenegro along with Albania, Andorra, Luxemburg, Island and Moldova, according to Stabilisation and Association Process, imposed european sanctions against Russia, which include travelling ban and freezing the accounts of russian and crimean officials.

By this act, centuries old friendship and brotherhood between Montenegro is Russia is being tested like never before in our history, and Euro-Atlantic Montenegro forgets the 200 years of help from Russia, from 1711 to 1916. This is best confirmed by the book “Montenegrin finances” by Ph. D. Mirčeta Đurović, in which the author describes how Russia helped for 200 years, both financially and militarly, concluding “if there was no russian help there would be no Montenegro”.

Written by:  Goran Kiković, historian

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