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‘I’ll Probably Just Die This Way’: Body-Cam Footage Of Moments Leading Up To George Floyd’s Murder Released

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'I'll Probably Just Die This Way': Body-Cam Footage Of Moments Leading Up To George Floyd's Murder Released

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On August 3rd, the UK outlet Daily Mail leaked police body-cam footage from the arrest that led to George Floyd’s murder on May 25th.

The videos are two, the first, shorter one above shows the police officers pulling Floyd over and ends with their efforts to push the increasingly panicked 46-year-old security guard into a squad car. It reportedly came from the body camera of Minneapolis officer Thomas Lane.

The video begins with officers Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane Floyd’s blue Mercedes SUV on the other side of the street. Lane goes to the driver’s side where Floyd is sitting at the wheel and Kueng approaches the passenger side, where Floyd’s ex, Shawanda Hill is in the back seat and a friend, Maurice Hall, is in the front.

Prior to approaching it, the officers are approached by a Cup Foods employee. “Before they drive off. He’s parked right here. It’s a fake bill from the gentleman,” he tells the policemen.

It is clear from the video that Floyd was not trying to run away – he had plenty of time to leave the scene before police arrived. But instead he decided to sit in his car with two friends, giving the cops the opportunity to approach.

Lane is seen knocking on the car window with his flashlight, but Floyd does not immediately open the door. Once the door is open, Lane immediately pulls out his handgun and points it straight at Floyd’s head.

“Hey man, I’m sorry,” Floyd says and apologizes again before Lane gets belligerent.

“Put your f***ing hands up right now! Let me see your other hand,” the cop is heard saying.

Floyd does not immediately put his hands on the wheel. “Put your f***ing hand up there,” Lane orders him. “Jesus Christ, keep your f**king hands on the wheel.”

Floyd tells the officer he had been shot before, and Lane replies: “Keep your f***ing hands on the wheel.”

The second video, which is 18 minutes long and reportedly comes from the body-cam of Officer Alexander Kueng, it starts inside the store where Floyd allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit bill and ends with police discussing the arrival of the ambulance as they restrain Floyd on the ground.

Neither video contains graphic violence in them.

Floyd repeatedly pleads for his life and begs for his mother, asking the cops if they plan to shoot him and insisting that he’s claustrophobic and can’t sit in the police car.

Floyd resisted as the cops tried to force him into the back of the car, telling them he suffers from claustrophobia and anxiety and how Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, leading to his death, ignoring Floyd’s repeated cries of ‘I can’t breathe.’

Floyd is even heard predicting his own death. ‘I’ll probably just die this way,’ he is heard saying.

Transcripts from the videos were released in mid-July but a judge in Minneapolis had ruled the video could only be viewed in the courthouse, meaning few people have had the chance to watch the powerful images.

Officers Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane were the first ones to arrive at Cup Foods, the store in the Powderhorn Park section of Minneapolis. That is where George Floyd had attempted to pay for cigarettes with a fake $20 bill.

Both Kueng and Lane were in their first week as Minneapolis police officers.

Chauvin and a fourth officer, Tou Thao, were called in to assist. All four were fired the day after Floyd’s death.

Chauvin, 44, has been charged with Floyd’s murder and the other three face charges of aiding and abetting murder. The events have led to months of Black Lives Matter protests throughout the country over police racism and brutality.


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Jan Lavicka

another fake uSSSSSS “democratic”/pedophile/nazi agenda

Jens Holm

Fokus is wrong. He died.

The main thing is to make another kind of culture among police and also the criminals. Ïts only a small repair grips like that shoulkd have been forbidden decades ago.

Its that same about the fokus on blacks. Vital changes has to implemented in the whole nation. And I allow me to add it also very much should be implemented that all minorities should insist in remaining in old days in bad habitutes as well.

This is not a white thing only, but they are more responsible, beacuse they are the biggest minority. Even so I allow me to say, that most whites are not as descriebed here as well as they have levels too.

All has to be invested in but also follow the given light. I see very bad traditoons among the poor and helpless too.

A very coomon one is contraseption just saying no dont work We see the many unwanted and unnneded children. Those Young mothers and even their socalled fathers has no time for education and remain as their mothers and fathers in old as breathers for unwanted as emplyers and therefore also being kepot as 10 dollars or less in stupidist jobs.

So better schools and wellfare by good socialworkers making better traditions is a must. I agre in Trump in this: So many has arrived to America with no usefull skills. Everybidy has 2 hands. So a more limited entrence would make possible improvements for the the ones already being there.

Some might say I dont care about all those emmigrants, but I do. They should change their own countries and in in USA the counies and parts of them. I am not ready to pay for people doing nothing and having intensions for remaining so in the next many generations.

So We as a minium has to split up a lot of things. That also includes helping the parts which can be helped. We do that in Denamrk and have succes for it including them as taxpayers very well. But we sometimes pay a lot before most of them are doing well. But most people can understand, that if You dont giove good food, the cow will give none or not much milk.

But as a result we have replaced too hard working police with socialworkers. I anytime prefare unarmed socialworkers in streets and homes for police even in the low end education version.

USA is too much market in this.

Many more years of jail dont solve things. You only gets many more in jail. So the good work is to do whatever You can to the criminals, so not so many goes to jail and fx has a volunteer job and usefull education as well as a job after that version of conviction.

USA by its behaviorisme also has trapped itself much too much. Profiling is only one of many bad results just as the lie detactor and vital mistakes in the “Judge Judy Style”. You do catch a lot of crime and a lot of other things by that. But are You not in the profile, they not even look for You.

Another good example are pedofiles. For many many years only men has been looked for. But facts are 40% of it is done by Youngsters at the victims age and 10% are women. So accusing by afraid children often is taken as “the man nearbye”.

Its also biased a lot focusing at girls and women, but facts are 50% of all those victims are boys and men. Well the difference seemes to be its very vísible and important, if the crime act makes children too.

Lazy Gamer

So which is the primary reason why George couldnt obey the instruction of a police officer? a. Americans are stubborn so they insist in individual liberties b. African Americans are conditioned to resist arrests due to unfortunate cycle of police harassment feeding persecution leading to resistance and hence receiving more police harassment c. He was claustrophobic even though he was originally in his own car. d. he just did not want to go to the police station and was under the belief he could convince the officers.

These first two officers appear reasonable unlike Chauvin. Still, why was there an arrest when he was just inside a car. Any alleged crime would have already ended by then and it does not appear to be a continuous crime. Police should have investigated first. For all we know, he was only handed the fake bill without his knowledge.


“He was claustrophobic even though he was originally in his own car.” There is difference (psychological) between being in your own car and between being locked in the back of police car with windows covered with metallic bars and such. There are different types of claustrophobia I presume + stress with handcuffs – panic attack. So straightforward logic that you try to apply sometimes doesn’t necessarily apply in his case. It would be normal that he was already seeking medical help with claustrophobia problem before this tragic incident.

Lazy Gamer

If he was claustrophobic, the first defenders should have been his companions. It is a disease of the mind and naturally, his companions should have right away informed the police if that was indeed the case. In fact, his companions should have taken the initiative to calm him down if that was the case. As it stands now, it apparently seems like an excuse not to get in the car. But i still am not dismissing the possibility that he might be claustrophobic or at least conditioned to cause alarm upon arrest. Even more unfortunate is the possibility that he knew nothing about the bill. What is the normal procedure for cops to apply when the suspect appears to go cray cray? It definitely should not be a knee in the neck. lol


His companions,his companions… I don’t know who those people with him were and if they are his close friends, relatives or something else and neither do you. Maybe they were happy that police doesn’t intend to handcuff them so they didn’t talk at all if not asked.

Also I would not brag about to everybody I know if I am claustrophobic. If he has medical record of reporting claustrophobia as problem than those cops have an extra problem for forcing him to get in. That’s all I have to say (since we both don’t know the facts developing this conversation is pointless ) Take care.


his ex and a close friend..


So that was his close friend?!? Thanks.

Well that’s whole another pair of pants there…

And he has no medical record of claustrophobia either I suppose? It seams that I am ill informed person on that subject… It seams I’m talking too much and knowing very little on that subject.

Albert Pike

It was a PsyOp during a planed Pandemic which affects Black people more negative then white people. Now if Covid19 Creators want to to kill of more black People then white people, then it make sence to create a BLM psyOp…


OK maybe… lets not forget that COVID is also PsyOp and manipulated by numbers to create panic and reinforce some absurd rules.

All in all, explaining like that sounds nice, now.

But kind of tiring to create planned operation out of everything that happens. In economy is bubble everything and in real life is conspiracy everything. They try to put more control, more rules over our lives and freedoms for sure. It is much more simple actually.

Nothing was planned! They simply trying to use any occurring situation to their advantage to usher us in obedience and strictly controlled servitude. (THEY REACT on EVERY SITUATION and create response in real time)

Mass vaccination is already intrusion in very basic freedoms so people should wake the fuck up before it is too late. This is not about nations, about left and right this is GLOBAL totalitarian repression of the highest degree getting ready to take control over the planet.


Ah they did inform the pigs! You missed that part.. there is no excuse for 4 murders to handle a fake $20 bill.. or taking a life for so little.. yea I know slaves are cheap but they did cost a lot more than that even when legal..

Charles Homer

Here is an article that explains exactly why America’s police forces have become increasingly confrontational with the citizens that pay their salaries:


The use of deadly force is just part of the business plan that is being used when dealing with the public, a business plan that has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans at the hands of those that are hired to protect us.


So the drugs that killed him per the official Autopsy is bunk? All racist. Has anyone looked at the symptoms of a fentanyl overdose? The cop has his knee on the side of the neck, not on his throat.

I’m for police reform but tried and convicted by media isn’t my idea of how it should work.

I am hoping that defunding law enforcement actually happens. These cities will turn into war zones. Cities like Chicago and Baltimore are that already. Then people will be crying they need protection but at that point only martial law will slow it down. Then they’ll complain about the racist military. There is no winning in this. Stupid is as Stupid does. America is ungovernable and needs to break up. Then people can migrate to whichever zone they cater to.


This happens mostly in the US and Israel.. why is that ? answer that one ahole.


Hello Americans, your society makes anyone decent want to vomit.

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