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If Armenians Want Revenge, Azerbaijan Will Destroy Them: President Ilham Aliyev

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If Armenians Want Revenge, Azerbaijan Will Destroy Them: President Ilham Aliyev

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On April 13th, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev gave a speech at the “New vision for South Caucasus: Post-conflict development and cooperation” international conference held at ADA University.

The speech could be viewed and listened to on Aliyev’s facebook page.

Azerbaijan is ready to sign a peace agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh, but “does not see” readiness for similar steps in the statements of the Armenian side, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

“I have already said that we are ready to sign a peace agreement on Karabakh. But we do not see any reciprocal steps from Yerevan. On the contrary, statements by the Armenian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister talk about Azerbaijanophobia, Turkophobia,” he said.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that Baku has no military plans on the border with Armenia.

“You asked about what will happen after the Russian peacekeeping contingent leaves the region. We have borders with Armenia in Tovuz, in Zangalan. Our border troops are in close proximity to the Armenian side. Are there incidents? No. The Armenian army is demoralized; our troops are five meters away. But we have no military plans,” he said.

In his words, questions and plans for the modernization of the Armenian army together with Russia raise questions.

“We conveyed our position to the Russian partners. Why is this being done? Any thoughts of revenge will be severely suppressed,” the President of Azerbaijan said.

He said that the Azerbaijani had been told to fight with dignity and respect. He disregarded all the alleged war crimes and destruction of historic and religious symbols.

“As for our behavior during the war, it was clear from the very beginning that Azerbaijan is waging a war not only of the XXI century, but also a war, so to speak, of a new ethics. When the war began, I immediately ordered my military to behave with dignity and restraint, to do everything possible so that the civilian population does not suffer,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

Additionally, Aliyev said that he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin the information about the discovery of Iskander-M missiles in Karabakh.

“I asked this question because the Azerbaijani people want to know the truth. Our Defense Minister also wrote an official letter to his Russian counterpart. It has already been 9 days, but there is no answer, ” Aliyev said.

Earlier, Azerbaijan reported on the discovery of fragments of Iskander-M missiles, which, according to Baku, were used by Armenia during the escalation of the conflict in Karabakh in the fall of 2020. The fragments of the missiles were shown by representatives of ANAMA.

The agency said that fragments of two missiles were found in the city of Shusha on March 15 during the clearance of the territories from mines, the modification of the missiles is now being clarified, but they did not explain on the basis of what the conclusion was made about their use in the fall of 2020.

“On April 1, I had a telephone conversation with my Russian colleague Vladimir Putin. Usually, as you know, the content of telephone conversations is agreed between the two parties, joint, agreed information is given. But I do not hide anything from the Azerbaijani people and I believe that the Azerbaijani people should to know about everything. We discussed this issue (with Putin – Ed.). On my instructions, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan sent an official letter with photographs, evidence. But so far we have not received any response,” Aliyev said.

At the same time, Aliyev called the statements of official Yerevan about missiles “strange”.

“They either talk about unexploded missiles, then they say that it is a secret. So, they were used after all. We are waiting for an official response from Yerevan. I will tell you more, we have enough information, but we are waiting for official explanations,” he said. Aliev.

Some of his most notable statements throughout the speech were the following:

“Azerbaijan wants peace, but if the Armenian side tries to take revenge, we will completely destroy them.”

“We will remember our history, but we do not have any territorial claims to any countries, including Armenia,” he said.

“Azerbaijan considers Armenians living in the territories controlled by Russian peacekeepers to be its citizens.”


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johnny rotten

When the cursed Yankee designed the PNAC and then tried to put it into practice, it was revealed that it was only lies and ended up in a huge failure, removed the failure will only remain the lies, their only success so it was that To instigate many to lie, now everyone feels authorized to shoot lies and false promises every time they can, this is the only sad heritage, that the failed empire of evil will leave in the world after its departure.


all they touch becomes rotten so what you expect the devil likes his rotten trees and flies

John Tosh

Russia warns U.S. warships to steer clear of Crimea ‘for their own good’

The cowardly Central Intelligence Agency is playing chicken with American military lives!
Remember so many good CIA agents were roasted like barbecue in Syria when Russia sent a missile into the control and command center of ISIS in Syria.

The only thing the CIA could do was to start killing Russian Ambassadors in Turkey, the UN and of course planting a bomb on the Russian Airline out of Egypt (killing 224 people).

If the CIA decides to play chicken then die well!


the cia is not what is once was neither is the usa as a whole


Armenia’s destiny is a great school for all who profess to be friends and allies of Russia. For the last more than three decades it has been Russia’s modus operandi to turn its guns against own allies as we have seen in the Balkans and elsewhere. It would have been unthinkable for the things to turn so sour for Armenia if it had courage to embrace NATO instead of Russia. Better ever than never; it should do it immediately in order to cut its future losses.


you are mistaken russia with he soviet union


armenians arent even slavs XD


you know why iran didnt do much for armenia either?


you cant just behave like hitler and expect people to protect you afterwards only because you have one or two villages build on the graves of your enemies while their villages are ruins used to house animals


i mean the karabakh republic was little nazi village and it was going to end badly either way so let it be the aliev imbecile to ruin this messy party


the russians will pretty much defend armenian mainland as will iran but this imposter karabakh republic meanwhile nobody will defend that not even armenians defended it


dont worry nobody will defend the imposter azerbaijan republic either when iran will take back its provinces of arran and shirvan so the issue will work out just fine


NK isn’t inherent Armenian land, it’s disputed. Russia isn’t here to settle land disputes between two of it’s ex republics. Russia’s agreement with Armenia has always only applied to Armenia proper.

John Brown

No thank your god George Soros for turning Armenia into his anti Russian slave bitch who loves to take it balls deep from Azer the way Soros wants it to.


‘…it has been Russia’s modus operandi to turn its guns against own allies as we have seen in the Balkans…’

Firstly, so when exactly did Russia recently turn its military against any Balkan state – particularly one they would consider to historically be a brother nation, if not a formally allied state, ie Serbia. When?

Secondly, the Armenian’s primary regional historical enemy – Turkey – is the biggest NATO player in region, and a direct military ally of Azerbaijan. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is a secular, historical, Muslim – Christian animosity between NATO’s regional representative, Turkey, who murdered vast swathes of Christian Armenians during the first world war, and Armenia. On the whole, then, it’s not really an option for Armenia to suddenly buddy up to the NATO alliance.

Fair treatment

If Turkey wouldn’t help Azerbaijan they won’t stand a chance.

Furkan Sahin


Fair treatment

You are day dreaming for a peace treaty. Armenia they already started rebuilding their military capabilities to take back the entire land. But this time will be much different outcome..


Isn’t sale of Iskander-M banned under Missile Technology Control Regime?

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