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IED Explosion Targets Russian Military Police Patrol Damaging At Least One Vehicle

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IED Explosion Targets Russian Military Police Patrol Damaging At Least One Vehicle

On June 9, an improvised explosive device exploded on the route of the patrol of the Russian Military Police near the town of Ayn al-Arab (also known as Kobani) in northern Syria. Initially, Kurdish sources claimed that at least 3 Russian service members were injured in the attack. The Russian reconciliation center denied these claims saying that nobody had been injured in the explosion. Photos from the site of the incident show that the TIGR infantry mobility vehicle was significantly damaged. Attack helicopters were deployed to cover the return of Russian troops to their permanent deployment location.

No group has claimed responsibility for the IED attack. However, pro-Turkish sources as always blamed US-backed Kurdish armed groups for the provocation. Just recently, the number of incidents in northeastern Syria between US and Russian patrols increased. Both the forces of the US-led coalition and the Russian Military Police work to limit each other’s freedom of movement. On top of this, the US military openly admits that it is working to prevent the Russians from strengthening their positions in this part of Syria.

Later on June 9, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish Army conducted a joint patrol near the border town of Derbasiya. The patrol took place without incident. At the same time, the Syrian Army reinforced its positions at the Tabqa Military Airport. Over the past weeks, government forces have significantly increased their military presence in this part of Raqqa province.

On June 10, artillery units of the Syrian Army struck fortified positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies near the villages of al-Fatirah, Fulayfil and Dahr al-Kabir in southern Idlib. Following the recent clashes near Tunjarah, militants have increased their activity along the contact line. Pro-government sources claim that al-Qaeda-linked groups are preparing a major attack on Syrian Army positions.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also reacted to the current tensions by claiming that the Damascus government was increasing provocations and Turkey would not allow Idlib to become a conflict zone again. It is interesting to note how the Turkish President manages to describe regular violations of the ceasefire regime by Turkish-protected al-Qaeda groups in such terms.

Turkey’s silent agreement with terrorists allowed its forces to set up a network of observation posts along the M4 highway in southern Idlib and even to secure the joint Turkish-Russian patrols along a part of the highway.Nonetheless, the continued tolerance of the presence of the terrorist groups in Greater Idlib creates strong preconditions for the destabilization of the region.

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Per Jensen

The fact is that the US, Turkey and their allies simply support the regime-change terrorists in Syria. And Russia must know. But what can Russia do? The terrorist supporters clearly calculate to exhaust the Russian economy forcing Russia to withdraw from Syria just as Russia did from Afghanistan in 1987. And again, Russia must know their strategy. And the US controls the economic system. Decent people can only suggest Russia to go on fighting terrorism in Syria, but the EU and all organized political parties, including the “left” parties and most individuals in the West support the US, its regional and their local terrorist allies, So what is prospect?


You can’t exhaust the economy of Russia as it is. They have been trying for the past 6 years to an even greater extent than during the cold War.

Icarus Tanović

Jensen is obviously an dickhead.


Low iq cia/soros flogged!Just you wait n see,either way they’re fkd and for good!


Hey duped head,cccp controlled over 60% afghan,they dif not invade for the sake of cocksukn anomynous cia/drug trade but rather adter mission accomplished legit commy leader back in,they were afterward overwhelmed by the great disinformative cia/gorbachev campaign then, Certainly unlike moderinsed and far more wisened russia of todays,soon see 100%proof of that! Incase you weren’t aware russia allready sheweed the oil knife down americas throat + they sht, The rest to become [part of mordern history where all you misinformed,low iq bots to cry in rage:

Per Jensen

What a mob debate quality.with contra -“arguments” like,dickhead, duped head and other curses/shitwords..And people can barely spell. Who wants to get a rubbish bin in response to one´s posts? All this on a serious platform like Southfront. What you do is scaring away people who want a serious, qualitative and open debate that you don´t find in mainstream media. What a shame!


Eurasia doesn’t need dollars.


Nor does gold and oil fore that matter,may the countdown begin:

Icarus Tanović

That attack on Tigr was a job of some British spy, just like one they’ve capyured today in Palmyra.

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