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MARCH 2021

IED Explosion Rips Through Convoy Of US-led Coalition In Iraq’s Samarra


IED Explosion Rips Through Convoy Of US-led Coalition In Iraq's Samarra

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Late on January 26, a supply convoy of the US-led coalition was targeted by an IED explosion near the city of Samarra in the northern Iraqi province of Salahuddin.

Iraqi sources provided little details on the attack, but according to reports, there were no casualties among US personnel.

The attack took place just a day after another supply convoy of the US military was struck by an IED attack in the southern city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province.

Attacks on US supply convoys in Iraq take place on a regular basis, but they often led to the material damage or casualties among private military contractors and local US allies only.

This allows to conclude that such attacks are rather a tool of permanent pressure on US forces in the country rather than attempts to really inflict casualties on US personnel.




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