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IED Attack Targeted Turkish Forces As They Withdraw From Posts In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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IED Attack Targeted Turkish Forces As They Withdraw From Posts In Syria’s Greater Idlib

Turkish forces are seen in a convoy on a main highway between Damascus and Aleppo on August 29, 2018. (AFP)

On November 11, a Turkish convoy transporting equipment from an observation post located in the town of Kabtan al-Jabal in western Aleppo was targeted with an improvised explosive device.

Russian sources said the Turkish convoy was being escorted by Russian forces when the attack took place. As a result of the attack, military equipment was damaged. Moreover, an unknown number of Turkish soldiers were wounded.

The Turkish observation post in Kabtan al-Jabal has been besieged by the Syrian Arab Army since February of this year.

Opposition sources revealed two days ago that Turkish forces were preparing to withdraw from Kabtan al-Jabal post and another post located on the Anadan Mount in northern Aleppo

Earlier this month, Turkish forces withdrew from a post near the town of Murak in northern Hama. Back then, an attack targeted a Turkish convoy moving equipment from the post.

Turkish forces are currently making preparations to withdraw from Shir Mughar post in northwestern Hama as well as from Maar Hattat post in southern Idlib.

Turkey has apparently decided to withdraw its troops from all the posts besieged by Syrian government forces. Greater Idlib militants may be attempting to hinder the withdrawal by attacking Turkish troops leaving these posts.


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