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IED Attack Injures Several Syrian Soldiers In Damascus

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A bus transporting Syrian soldiers in the capital, Damascus, was targeted on November 7 with an improvised-explosive device (IED), which had been planted by unknown operatives.

According to local sources, the attack took place in the al-Woroud street in the district of Qudssaya in the northwestern part of Damascus.

“An explosive device explodes inside a bus in al-Woroud street, west of Damascus, wounding the driver and a soldier, they were taken to hospital for treatment,” a source in Damascus Police Department said commenting on the attack.

There was no immediate claim for the attack. However, cells of ISIS and other terrorist groups are known to be active in the Syrian capital.

Many civilians were killed or injured in similar attacks over the last year. Most of the attacks targeted figures known for supporting the Damascus government or local officials, who facilitated reconciliation deals around Damascus.

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Jens Holm

Syrians had white helmets and were civilians in a brave and provocative way. Maybee they celebrated comming home from the Hesbollah-Assad made Lebanon:(

klove and light

told u so that was gonna happen……giving ahuge area per Agreement to the islamists…and Idlib beiing protected by erdogan getting backed up by Putin……this latest agreeemnt gave the sunni Islamist Fresh air to breath!!! ty Zionist Putin…….and it will get way worse…….all Folks tend to Forget that Turkey is still a fucking NATO member, Building up in the North, and US NATO Forces Building up in the south east….and in between now SAA with SDF, where as SDF fights with SAA in the North and AGAINST SAA in the south with their US Partners!!!! wake the fuck up…Putin is a Zionist stooge!!!!

Question…..what happens if direct warefare happens between the >US/NATO Forces and SAA stationed now in the North east and North??? they have no air cover there…….it is a so called fucking POCKET in Military Terms…and SAA has now over 15 pockets in the North and North east…..again if direct confrontation between SAA and US/NATO happens, they rae dead meat in those pockets……they should have cleared the west first–afrin and Idlib…..only Zionist Putin with his bs Agreements made this IMPOSSIBLE…..now through again Putin Agreements total havoc occurs in the North and North east something that only the enemies of syria would want…..u folkd tend to Forget how Evil satanic zionism is…

You can call me Al

RIP. Find these vermin and eliminate them.

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