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Idlib Will Be Among Key Topics At Talks Between Russian, Turkish And Iranian Presidents In Tehran


Idlib Will Be Among Key Topics At Talks Between Russian, Turkish And Iranian Presidents In Tehran


The situation in the Syrian province of Idlib will be among the key topics at talks between Iranian, Turkish and Russian presidents in Tehran later this week, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told media on September 4.

“The situation in Idlib continues to be a subject of particular concern to Moscow, Damascus, Ankara, and Tehran. The fact is that there is a hotbed of terrorism there, a fairly large group of terrorists has settled there. Of course, this leads to general destabilization. This undermines attempts to re-introduce political and diplomatic regulation,” Peskov said.

The Kremlin spokesman added that the situation has to be solved and the terroirsts have to be defeated.

“It’s undoubtedly necessary to deal with this problem [of terrorists in Idlib]. We know that the Syrian Armed Forces are preparing to solve this problem,” Peskov noted.

He further added that unmanned aerial vehicle, which militants launch from the Idlib de-escalation zone pose a threat to Russia’s bases in Syria.

“This represents a significant threat to our temporary bases, and the Russian president has spoken about this. It is from [Idlib] that various unmanned aerial vehicles are being sent which pose a threat to our temporary bases,” he said.

Meanwhile, reports appear that the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces are pounding militant positions in western and southern Idlib. Some sources describe these strikes as a first step of the preparations for the ucpoming offensive of the Syrian Army on militant positions there.



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  • Brother Ma

    Key word. Pounding!!…. keep it going and make it work! I am not a geostrategist.

    To me it is easy! Block all roads and starve them out whilst bombing the hell out of them. Do not even send ground troops in! We know who is bringing in weapons and feeding, watering and nursing them.ErDOGanis!! So warn the Dog and that is it. Block off all exits and kill them all. Any Turco supply trains/ convoys”to them? Light them up!!🔫💣 “when you shoot ,shoot..do not talk!”

  • Merijn

    The Headchoppers are saying it themselves: They are going to Die in Idlib….Great…Save some Ammunition & Casualties among Civilians and put a Bullet in your Own Head….NATO-JIHADISTS…

    • FlorianGeyer

      This is what its all about Merijn.
      Identity politics Zionist Style to fracture nations.


      • Merijn

        Hahaha that Guy is right… most European Men are too afraid to do anything….It almost looks like he got some $hekels to make this movie…As soon as People stand up and react to “Foreigners” thinking they Control things it will soon be over…

    • Brother Ma

      Wonderful …all the better. Fertilizer to make the desert bloom!

  • Merijn

    Bloody Traitor… Your Jezus will come for you soon bro no worries…. pray a little Harder….


    • FlorianGeyer

      These creeps are all insane Merijn. If there was really a god, he/she/it would have sterilised most Americans years ago.

    • AM Hants

      Seen how they stand strong. You will see them put their dresses on, make themselves up, then try and run. Posing as women, if the US cannot fly them out. How many special forces are in Idlib?

  • Tommy Jensen

    I urge Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani to avoid unnecessary violence in Idlib and enter into a dialogue about peace.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Before or after they eliminate the vermin that pollutes their lands?

      • FlorianGeyer

        Revenge is best eaten cold, so after the vermin have been killed I think.

        • AM Hants


    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Cold Coke does rock, there’s no denying this.

  • potcracker2588

    turkey cannot be trusted…ps, assad and hezbollah dont trust him 1%……..turkey will have to be removed by force from syria…thats happening right now…
    turkey has and is suppling ALL islamist groups in idlib with logistical help, weapons,etc.. including HTS which have a strong alliance with the turkistan islamist group which again is getting direct orders from turkish secret service….as russian general pointed out last week, HTS has recieved over 1000 armed drones from TURKEY for the upcoming battle…….
    this was all planned on day 1 of the turkish invasion of syria with the green light of russia….
    Be sure that syria,lebanon/hez, iran are well aware of what is happening and will not stop at achieving freedom of the still occupied territories…thus…
    turkey still is a NATO memeber…..its not if….but when full scale battle breaks out between turkey, a nato member, and SAA and its allies…when the death toll rises of turkish force…..all turkey has to do is call in artlcle 5 of nato…all nato members will HAVE to defend this nato member….it was all planned from day 1…….all on orders….the world is tilting

    • FlorianGeyer

      Article 5 does not apply if a NATO nation has illegally invaded another country as Turkey has.

    • occupybacon

      Erdogan do not afford to lose more regulars in Syria, he’s going down at home. He is barking at USA and EU for years, so the West dislikes him a lot, SDF may attack positions inside Turkey and Trump will make jokes on twitter about it. He will lose Idlib faster than we expect.

    • Alan Foo

      You are wrong. Attacking Turkey inside Syria does not trigger nato article five.

      Only when Turkey is attacked inside Turkey and that Turkey had not attacked others first. Article 5 is not automatic

  • potcracker2588

    hahahah…and the fucking satanic jews just bombed syria gain… hama area ….
    and just like turkey which got the green light from russia to invade…them satanic jews are getting the green light for years from russia to bomb in syria……..

    USA and RUSSIA.. 2 sides of the same coin…all are following orders…to achieve the goal of the AGENDA

    a one world government, with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
    ALL countries that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic state of israel are part of this agenda.

  • AM Hants

    Chemical Attacks in Syria Lost Int’l Public Opinion Credibility – Journalist

    ‘…It can be assumed that at least 2,000 White Helmets are present in the province of Idlib, the last territory occupied by jihadist terrorists, where almost 3 million Syrians are still hostages. History teaches that the bloodiest part of a war has always been the last, when the losers have nothing left to lose…’


    Who funds the ‘White Helmets’ and why do they not want Syria/Russia to vapourise them?



    Trump 2013


    Trump 2018