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Idlib Militants Who Refuse To Lay Down Arms Have To Arrested Or Eliminated: Top Russian Diplomat

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Idlib Militants Who Refuse To Lay Down Arms Have To Arrested Or Eliminated: Top Russian Diplomat

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Idlib militants who refuse to lay down arms and continue attacks on government forces have to be arrested or eliminated, Russia’s Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov told the country’s state-run news agency RIA Novosti on October 6.

He stated that this attitude has been repeatedly declared by Russia and its partners, including the internationally recognized government in Damascus.

Bogdanov added that Russia continues contacts with Turkey on the situation in Idlib in the framework of the agreement reached by the sides on September 17.

It should be noted that according to the reached agreement a 15-25km deep demilitarized zone has to be establsihed between the government-controlled area and areas in Idlib, northern Lattakia and western Aleppo controlled by militants. The zone is set to be fully established by October 20.

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These are US stooges similar to Israel that take advice from US and UK.


Yer not perticalully quick on the uptake here S/front and …. “The zone is set to be fully established by October 20” ….when did those extra 10 days come into play?

Feudalism Victory

Lol good catch. Erdogan has no intention of with drawing anything from anywhere and will delay indefinitely.

I look forward to the russian plan to deal with it.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

or both lol :))))

Hisham Saber

The militants cant help themselves from stopping the fighting , and will continue either shelling or committing atrocities on civilians which will force the Syrian Arab Army’s hand.

Btw, their are Chinese specialists embedded with the Syrians at the Idlib line ready to take custody of many Uighur fighters. They have been, and are very interested in them.

Idlib will be back in full Syrian government control soon. Its a step by step process. Divide, conquer, divide, conquer, and try to save as many civilians as one can.


How it is possible that monkeys avoiding tittup.That belongs to their nature.It shouldn’t be surprising for anyone.Soon they will give a logical reason for a full scale Govt operation under the consent of Turks.Same as Israelis did by downing Russian plane. Stupidity can’t be hide for a long time.

svenne svensk

The militants and isis and al Qaida have won and they finally got there califat in idlib.

The russians and syrians Gould just kill all the militants but the uS and uk france isreal turkey stopp those plans and now they got a califat in idlib :-(

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