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Idlib Militants Use Turkish Uniforms In Attempt To Terrify Syrian Troops. Spoiler: They Failed

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Members of Idlib militant groups are using Turkish uniforms in an attempt to terrify Syrian troops and prevent Syrian Army attacks on their positions, according to a video released by journalist Lindsey Snell.

The journalist claimed that the video was filmed on February 10 in western Aleppo. Nonetheless, by February 17, Syrian government forces had liberated the entire western Aleppo countryside. Furthermore, the Syrian Army advance is developing.The filmed militants are now reportedly dead. So, apparently, this trick did not help.

Idlib Militants Use Turkish Uniforms In Attempt To Terrify Syrian Troops. Spoiler: They Failed

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Ashok Varma

Turkish uniforms are hardly anything to write home about.

Daniel Martin

Well, the Turks should then not be whining out loud when their regular troops get blown to pieces in Syria by the SAA, RUAF on the other hand I frankly can’t see any difference between the two


Erdogan provided the headchoppers Turkish uniforms. This makes the Turkish army a terrorist organization deserving elimination.

Black Waters

That’s some NAZI shit right there, Cerdogan using this kind of tactics probes that analogy right.


Absolutely right. Erdogan is a warmonger with no honor. He should be ashamed for siding with the most cruel gang in ME. Hopefully many of his uniformed soldiers will “stay” there – six feet under…


mdr!!! pathetic turks and djihadists!! :)

Traiano Welcome

The uniform of an army that has never accomplished anything for their own country let alone for the world at large.


Well, that army did defeat the British at Gallipoli and the Greeks after WW1. And they used to be VERY good at overthrowing elected Turkish governments as well.

Traiano Welcome

It’s just not that same army any more. Those guys are long dead. Just like Erdogan is not Ataturk:

“I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of
the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government;
it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to
learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the
teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they
will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not
interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his

Samuel Vanguard

Turks are determined to do everything to push SAA back,i see a Turkish offensive against SAA that will include it’s proxies and armor.


Well they rebranded various terrorist groups so many times. This time Ahrar al Turki? Jayish Turk al Nusra? Hayat Turkistan al Sham?

The Man

And the Turkish Ignorant Turds Scum, known as “TITS”.

Lee Vanderheiden

Well put.


This doesn’t look like the uniform of Turkish soldiers.The uniform of Turkish soldiers is more obvious.A nice PR.

jhon malakiat

turkish is rats. just simply like wahhabist and moslem brotherhood rats.


Wahhabism originated in Arabia in 1744 and gained a political qualification with the support of the British. In 1805, the Wahhabi revolt, which plundered Medina in 1806 and captured Mecca, was suppressed by Mehmet Ali Pasha, the governor of Egypt of the Ottoman State.


If Turkey deems not a party to the conflict (not having declared war against Syria) then the terrorists wearing Turkey uniforms and Turkey are deemed to be violating the Geneva Convention Rule 62.
They are then classified as fair game.

The Man

Absolutely… and the retarded Turds, er, I mean Turks, are now setting themselves up for more losses as the SAA will shoot anyone in a Turkish uniform! Gives a great new meaning to “Turkey Shoot”!


comment image these are sold out

Toni Liu

Hah they better wearing this mask around the village, it might be confuse people a bit


When did the turkish army started using AKs? And did she ever seen a turkish soldier?

Zionist Internet Warrior

dont worry, Israel will come save Idlibistan’s jihadis from SAA/Russia ?


Yea,looking at arabs exterminating eachother makes my heart bleed…Lol


Syria troops terrify of Turkish ? Erdogan is just dreaming, and he will wake up to reality very soon.


If you have to pay people to put on Turkish uniform it tells you that it’s a mighty unpopular detail for Turkish soldiers. As per usual it’s not the Turkish soldiers on the ground who are to blame, but The Bloody Erdogan Regime

cechas vodobenikov

they were afraid to display their fascism by wearing US uniforms?


Wearing a Turkish uniform is not about trying to scare Syrian soldiers. It is about not being shot on sight. The Geneva Convention on treating prisoners of war applies to “uniformed soldiers” and not mercs, pirates, freebooters or spies. So wearing a uniform MAY save your life, but it’s not guaranteed. You may be taken as a prisoner and then you might have a chance to get out of Syria in a prisoner exchange of some similar program (if the locals don’t recognise you as the main perpetrator of some hideous criminal acts). I guess it may seem like worth a shot if you are a foreign jihadist.


It does not matter if these terrorist gangster factions are wearing clown outfits; their ass will still get eradicated by the Tigers.
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