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Idlib Militants Receive Large Batch Of Poisonous Chemicals With Help From White Helmets: Russian Military

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Idlib Militants Receive Large Batch Of Poisonous Chemicals With Help From White Helmets: Russian Military

FILE IMAGE: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

On August 28th, a large supply of poisonous chemicals was delivered to the militants in Syria’s Idlib with the assistance of the White Helmets group in order to stage a chemical weapon provocation and blame the Syrian government, according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

Major-General Aleksey Tsygankov, head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria, said in a statement that the Russian military has received information from several sources in the Idlib Province that “a large supply of poisonous agents has been brought to the city of Saraqib on two trucks from the village of Afs.”

The chemicals were delivered to an arms depot, used by the militant group Ahrar al-Sham, “accompanied by the eight members of the White Helmets organization,” Tsygankov said adding the cargo was met by two high-ranking Ahrar al-Sham commanders.

“Later, a part of the load was put in unmarked plastic barrels and transported to another militant base in the southern Idlib in order to stage the use of chemical weapons and subsequently blame the government forces of employing poisonous substances against civilians,” the Ministry of Defense statement read.

Earlier, on August 26th, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that “foreign specialists” had arrived in Syria and may stage a chemical attack using chlorine in “the next two days.” RT cited the ministry as claiming that it will be filmed for international media to frame the Damascus forces.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said the operation is planned to unfold in the village of Kafr Zita in Syria’s northwestern Hama Province in “the next two days.” Konashenkov said that “English-speaking specialists” are already in place to use “poisonous agents.” In addition to that a group of residents from the north has been transported to Kafr Zita and is currently being prepared “to take part in the staging of the attack” and be filmed suffering from supposed “‘chemical munitions’ and ‘barrel bombs’ launched by the Syrian government forces.”

RT further cited the Ministry of Defense spokesman who said that the groups of residents will be used to assist “fake rescuers from the White Helmets.” They would be filmed and the footage would be shown to “the Middle Eastern and English-language media.”

The Russian Defense ministry warned that the US, UK and France would use the attack as a pretext for airstrikes against Syria.

Reinforcing that concern, the statement on August 28th commented on the deployment of USS Ross with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board to the Mediterranean as well as the arrival of other US warships to the Persian Gulf and Qatar all of which were part of the preparations for the attack.

Even earlier, on August 23rd, PressTV cited Syria’s official news agency SANA, which quoted unnamed sources and local media, which reported that “the so-called rescue group has been particularly coordinating with terrorists from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri outfit, formerly known as al-Nusra Front.” The White Helmets had reportedly been witnessed doing unusual activities as information was being reported about militants were preparing to carry out a chemical attack in the areas between Jisr al-Shughur and the northeastern countryside of Latakia province in an attempt to hold Damascus responsible for the attack.

Previously, Washington warned that it would respond to chemical weapons used by “the Syrian regime” with retaliatory strikes. The strikes would supposedly be stronger than the ones conducted by the US, the UK and France in April, which also happened in retaliation to an alleged chemical attack.

The Douma attack in April was also reported by the White Helmets, who as reported by RT, are “an infamous Western-backed aid group that has been caught red-handed working with the terrorists and producing fakes to smear the Syrian government and its allies.”

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Promitheas Apollonious

WELL………… the response can be both ways this time and not empty threats.

Concrete Mike

Lets hope so…there must be a way to dispatch these terrorist scums quietly.

Something simple like an ied would be best, perhaps the turks could do that for us. Doubt it but speculation is fun…its why we come here hehe.

Promitheas Apollonious

where you think the material comes from as well as the white helmets route getting them there, if not from turkey?

Concrete Mike

Clearly it comes from turkey, there are also many faction in turkey. A friendly one could help out…wishful thinking i know. But we forget that our enemy is very divided…we can use to our advantage .

John Whitehot

wouldnt it be possible to destroy the precursors and kill or capture the “foreign specialists”?

Tudor Miron

That would be very nice.


Then ideally, trade their bodies for a live Yulia Skripal. Admittedly it’ll surely look harder in Idlib than behind a keyboard, but it seems part of what is holding Russia back is psychological.

Promitheas Apollonious

I was thinking the same thing. They have all this detailed info that comes only if you have under surveillance every thing so why they did not stop them, or if not possible in any case eliminate the threat. Russians have drones as well.

John Whitehot

The info is not detailed at all.

if the information comes from HUMINT, or SIGINT, the locations and the persons may not be known.

It could be they intercepted cell phones and they overheard conversations about the possible attack.

Detailed info would be:

– The exact location of the “laboratory”, of the chemists and the target. – Names, codenames, pictures and whereabouts of the terrorists. – Details on possible vehicles used, type, color, registration numbers.


because they are part of the agendaaa

Concrete Mike

No, i would bet the russians are waiting, they dont want to jeopardize the de escalation agreements.

If they crazies do fake a chemical attack there will be hell to pay, remeber when a group a russians was attacked in homs or hama..i forget where…anyways, lets wait and see


because they all are part of the agenda

Sue Thomas

Stores are in a built up city, no doubt near a school or hospital. An Air Strike would be as good an actual CW attack in terms of propaganda value.

Richard M

Francis Gary Powers on steroids! :D

John Whitehot

thinking about it, imagine those foreign chemists.

they go to Syria, prepare chemical weapons to kill children, women and elders with their hands, then they go back to their homes in their countries, and go on caressing their kids with those same hands.

I don’t think a comment is really necessary, those that call themselves civilized have passed long time ago a level of bestiality that no known animal ever reached.


US, UK and their all stooges are responsible for chaos in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. They don’t wanna peace, stability and prosperity in the world.

They secretly enter in other countries and kill civilians, scientists and politicians there. They are drug abusers, brutal evil. God protect our world from them. Ameen.


US, UK and their stooges are squatting in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc.


Some losers and drug abusers in the world for example US, UK and their stooges have come together and want to invade every country in the world.


I am beginning to think that the White Helmets are stone age bandits. It seems that they have no technology and cannot read. This is the third (or more) article that I have seen written about this. Perhaps we should give them a hand. We could try smoke signals and say “Knock it off you idiots! The entire planet is watching you and they are going to vaporize you.”


No this is exactly what is missing: consequences commensurate to the crime. Yes the entire planet sees; but our heroes know damn well that a very powerful section of that planet sees and supports them fully. The ones that got out via Israel are now receiving a heroes’ welcome in Britain, Germany, and Canada (may be a bit of a tradition for them given how many Nazis found refuge there).

Were Russia to systematically give these people what’s coming to them, there’d be a litany of “worse than Hitler” articles in the liberal press. Moscow is quite image-conscious, and therefore says “alright let’s go a bit soft on them, and we’ll just be called regular Hitler instead”. Bottom line Russia is being bullied because bullying Russia works.


The only thing that I would change is that Russia does not want to be the ones to pull the trigger on WWIII. I think that they are hoping that if they give their enemies enough rope, that they will hang themselves.


The Syrian government should prepare leaflets with this information to be dropped over the Idlib territory and requesting that the perpetrators be arrested or “eliminated” or at least exposed and examined for any participation in this underhanded false flag activity aimed at innocent civilians. Let them be pared around the towns as an example to the world…


Good idea.


There will be hell to pay for those terrorists. Their identities are known, there is no way to hide except maybe sex change.


They would do that anyway!

Richard M

Capturing alive at least one of these technicians is necessary. Of course FUKUS will deny anything and everything but the world will know and that may be enough to stop the FUKUS False Flag attack.

Gregory Casey

I am going to presume that both Russia & Syria & Iran have these fakes under surveillance now that they know the how, who and where. That being said, with the nature of the territory in which all this movement is happening with takfiri hanging out on every street-corner, getting to those engaged in this latest fake attack may prove exceedingly difficult. As soon as those women and children who have been captured and kept in the custody of these head-choppers are moved ……. presumably by bus or in a convoy, Russia & Syria will know that the “show” is awaiting Curtains Up ……… then is the time to strike: before these despicable individuals actually set about murdering the innocents they hold captive.

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