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Idlib Militants Go Wild, Create New Group To Capture Aleppo City

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It looks that militants have gone wild in the Syrian province of Idlib amid a lack of any real progress in their “‘revolution” to overthrow the Damascus governmetn and to establish own rule in the country.

Now, they are forming a new armed group, which is set to capture the city of Aleppo, which was fully liberated by the Syrian Army in 2016.

The formation of this very new group was announced on June 11. It’s entitled Kataib al-Majd and allegedly has about 2,000 fighters.

Idlib Militants Go Wild, Create New Group To Capture Aleppo City

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Following a series of deceive defeats across Syria since the start of the Russian military operation in the country in 2015, some militant leaders have appeared to be unable to change the crouse of the war. However, they are still capable of drawing money from their foreign sponsors. So, the formation of the separate group to capture Aleppo city may be a useful tool to achieve this important goal.

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Trustin Judeau

They should just stop embarrassing themselves and began process of dismantling.How many battles they have lost since mid 2016 – Aleppo city,Eastern Ghouta and the other Damascus pockets including Eastern Qalamoun,North Homs,they lost 1/3 of Greater Idlib and probably there is more


The smartest militants are the ones at the top sending the followers to their obvious death, then steal the funds and head back to Turkey.


The Smartest Headchoppers are already gone…

Promitheas Apollonious

not the ones who changed uniforms and now are on the other side of Euphrates, occupated, by fukus, hopefully not for long.

Feudalism Victory

Itll be the turkish army


They are in Afganistan organizing a war against Iran and Russia.


Yup but Russia & Iran already talked with the Taliban…so they have taken countermeasures…ISIS will be Chopped up everywhere they Pop Up theirs Heads…They became a sorry ass bunch of failed Headchoppers without a Caliphate… it will cost the U.S. Fortunes to build a New Terrorist Organisation…Destroy them All…

Baron Von MuleBanger

Hello friend! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hisham Saber

There are also at least 14,000 Afghan volunteers fighting with the Syrian Arab Army and NDF in Syria. They are mostly around the Deir Ezzor pocket. Itching for a chance to scrap with the foreign occupiers the Kurds, U.S., French, British, and now, possibly some Italians.

Hisham Saber

Laughable, Iran and Russia? They cant even win one battle since 2015.

The Iranians and Russians know that they can do terror attacks, but that’s about it. And the Iranians and Russians are anticipating them.

Brother Ma

As Turkey is to FSA what hidey-holes are to vampires; home sweet home!

Feudalism Victory

Its turkey

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hey man where u been? We miss u

Promitheas Apollonious

so soon SAA will help 2000 to go meet with the 72 LGBT, made to the image of their creators uk/usrael, waiting for them, in anticipation.

Sounds good to me.

northerntruthseeker .

Seriously??? These morons think they can take back Aleppo with only 2000 fighters? I do wonder what these idiots are smoking?

Lets see these idiots try to attack Aleppo and see how the SAA wipes them out in no time flat…

Promitheas Apollonious

rumor has it, that they smoke camel shit.

Feudalism Victory

Turkey is behind it

Promitheas Apollonious

No. turks smoke donkey shit, with a touch of turkey in it.


Yes, together with USA-Israel-NATO, always.

Mustafa Mehmet

?????? you want middle finger to. brainless moron

Promitheas Apollonious

hey mongoloid stop hassling me and following me around. I humor you for been a retarded turk, but that is not an excuse for you to be a complete loser also it is embarrassing for you.

Hisham Saber

There is no one more embarrassing and childish here than you. Sorry. And im no Turk.

neil barron

It’s the Captagon!!

Feudalism Victory

Its turkey

Val Shadowhawk

Never gonna happen.

Feudalism Victory

Turkeys strategic goal is to take aleppo. Theyve been slowly surrounding it. Look for them to attack the main highway connecting it.


Then Aleppo will be the start of WWIII…I presume… The Franz Ferdinand of the Middle East…

Wise Gandalf

Then Aleppo will be the start of WWIII

sure not

Hisham Saber

Syria/Damascus will never let the Turks take Aleppo. It would be a disaster for the Turks to even try.

Feudalism Victory

Militarily they could. Assad can barely hold it against their mercs. A direct turkish attack would be irresistable. Iran and Russia together would need to help hold it and they wont attack a nato country.


They won’t “attack” a NATO country but they will certainly retaliate militarily if the Turks go on the offensive in Aleppo. The Turks would get absolutely fucked up if they were to attempt something like this.


I hope Russia intelligent and aerospace force be alert and ready when these mercenaries start their attack.


Maybe they are smoking pages of the Koran

Amine Mansouri

fuck u

Hisham Saber

moron of the week award goes to……….temujin1970

If that’s the date of your birth, you need to grow up. Really.

Augsta “Augsta”

yeah they’re smoking the pages of the Quran after they f****** your mother in the ass you f****** prick…

Muja Suria


Icarus Tanović

Smokin crack everly day and everly night!


These guys are utterly delusional. Which can be very fun to watch crash and burn. On the other hand is it any less delusional then a lot of posters here posting stuff like Syria taking back the Golan Heights? Or the Palestinians taking back all of Palestine?

Unless a miracle happens in the shape of the US intervening directly and invading Syria with ground troops, going toe to toe with Russia Aleppo remains firmly in the hands of Assad. Similarly unless a miracle happens in the shape of the US utterly abandoning Israel, Russia and China arming its adversaries to the teeth free of charge and the entirety of Israeli’s nuclear arsenal miraculously disappearing (maybe Putin knows Yuri from Red Alert 2?) Israel is here to stay. Including in the Golan Heights. Unfortunately.

Brother Ma

Excellent summary.

R PLobo

The US has already abandoned the entity – read between the lines and look at what has happened since 2011. The US is completely bankrupt and its military is a paper tiger they had to send orc mercs to fight. If they could have invaded Syria they would have long ago – same goes for Iran. However, the US like all empires cannot even have the appearance of defeat so it relies on propaganda and deception to maintain power. Golan and Palestine liberation is only a matter of time – soon – like all colonial entities when the end comes it comes fast. By killing the Iran deal – Trump guaranteed the total demise of the zionists.

Promitheas Apollonious

the reason they are a paper tiger is because they recruiting more lesbians and rainbow warriors in their army so they turn it into a rainbow parade of perverts and queers exactly like the IDF is.

That they are bankrupt that is old news and will only come to full effect when the nations around the world stop using the $ as their trading tool that is not very far now to go into full effect.


They make it into habit of zealotry to their militarism propaganda all the while expanding and take more than they can handle of the illegal wars they can think of. Their enemies never decreased while they make addition.
As a result they wanted a military that both cheap and edges over their quality to their peer while at the same time trying to make combat against third rate country more efficient. Yeah their goalposts all over the place.
F35 originally intended as a cheap and technologically more advanced than their peer replacements for their airpower sharing most of it’s parts in common.


All I see is continued US support to Israel in the form of free cash and prizes. Israel already has a squadron of F-35’s when not even a single NATO ally of the US has them. And as long as the petro dollar gets supported the US is not yet bankrupt. It still has the largest military in the world and the means to deploy it. Don’t confuse supporting orc mercs instead of directly invading for various reasons with not being capable to do so. The US can invade any country in the world which is not armed with nuclear weapons and which is not called China, Russia or India. Putin obviously thinks its not wise to face the American military directly, otherwise he wouldn’t let the US fire its cruise missiles at Syria.

As for Israel, it’s a friggin’ nuclear power! Regardless on how well or not well the IDF is, and I think they would like crazy when invaded (because who wouldn’t?), Israel still has between 200 and 300 nukes and it will nuke any invader back into the stone age. And that is why I think the mere idea of the Golan and Palestine being liberated is wishful thinking akin to what these orcs think can be done about Aleppo. Even worse because 2000 orcs storming into Aleppo when all of the crack SAA units are engaged elsewhere might enjoy some luck. It wouldn’t be the first time (remember ISIS suddenly storming Al Qaryatayn out of nowhere last year AND TAKING IT?). Whereas I can think of no realistic scenario where some army can mass on Israel’s border and invade successfully, and not get nuked into oblivion, as does the host country and countries of origin.

Hisham Saber

The U.S. is in no more of a position to prop up Israel, nor is NATO, nor France , nor the windbag British. They have been thoroughly beaten by two insurgencies by threadbare , lightly armed, with IED’s and AK-47’s, in Afghanistan, which is still going on after 17 years, and effectively routed in Iraq.

Israels Achilles heel, is its size, which is very tiny. So any use of nukes by Israel would be suicidal for the apartheid state. Every square millimeter of Israel is mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy. The first to be obliterated would be Ben Gurion Airport, and all airfields, so as not to give Netanyahu and his moronic ministers a chance to escape their impending doom.

In the coming regional war, Israel will be overrun. Simple as that.

Feudalism Victory



it is possible..Aleppo is half surrounded


More or less surrounded. But if they want to conquer Aleppo they have to surround it completely first, and what are the chances of this happening? They are more likely to win a lottery.

Empire's Frontiers

Great news.

The jihadis are welcome, invited even, to mobilize their forces under aerial surveillance.

What limited strikes might come against the city will be readily silenced, if they even have time to unhook the trailers, let alone load a cartridge.


Ramadan is about to end on the 15th.
When that happens, the SAA can fight again.

Hisham Saber

The the big battle of destruction of the U.S., Israeli backed terrorists in southern Syria will commence. Dar’aa, and Quintera. It promises to be a big scrap, with the Syrian Arab Army having deployed their best, most experienced mechanized divisions, the Tiger Forces, 4th Division and many others. The equally experienced NDF has also masses at their jump off point.

Im betting the farm that Israel is very, very nervous.

John Whitehot

we must be witnessing the long term effects of captagon usage on the jihadists brains.
apparently, there is a complete rejection of reality.

this reminds me somehow Hitler being convinced that the Steiner-gruppe would break the encirclement of Berlin and march on Moscow.

Joe Dirt

More proof you can paint the map red all you want but Asssssssad will never have full control of the country agian.

Assad will have every last Syrian kill just to stay in power.


The whirled won’t register any threat to Aleppo until Assad has to fight them off. There should be enough militia and local fighters to stop them gaining any hold on the city.

northerntruthseeker .

I am sick and tired of these evil JIDF/Hasbara agents that come in here and try to ruin and disrupt any conversations and comments…

You want to see what we are up against in terms of those Jewish freak idiots? Look at this link and pay attention to the picture at the top of this article.. Notice where it says “DEATH TO GOYIM”….


Yes, there it is in black and white… These Jew freaks are all over the internet these days, putting up their phoney baloney comments while their real goal is and always has been… DEATH TO GOYIM!

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