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Idlib Is Burning. New Proxy War In Deir Ezzor

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The series of unfortunate events involving the US-led coalition, Turkey and Turkish proxies continues in Syria’s Greater Idlib.

Late on August 19 and early on August 20, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham near Haranabush and al-Sheikh Bahr in southern Idlib with what pro-opposition sources called “long-range rockets”. Despite multiple claims in pro-opposition media about fierce SAA strikes, no casualties were reported. The SAA likely used BM-27 Uragan or BM-30 Smerch heavy rocket launchers. The BM-27 has a range of 37 km, while the more advanced BM-30 can hit targets up to 90 km away.

On the same day, unidentified gunmen destroyed communication towers used by the Turkistan Islamic Party near the town of Ras Elhisn, which is located right on Turkey’s border. The Turkistan Islamic Party, which as well as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has an al-Qaeda-like ideology, is an internationally-recognized terrorist group mostly consisting of Uyghur militants. The group has a strong presence in northern Lattakia, western and southern Idlib and is one of the main allies of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. The terrorist group’s main stronghold is Jisr al-Shughur.

Over the previous few days, the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a series of airstrikes on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham across Greater Idlib punishing the group for the recent IED attack on the joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 highway. Meanwhile, two US combat drones crashed in the region as a result of a mysterious incident that pro-US sources described as a midair collision.

If the situation in Idlib further deteriorates with such speed, the Turkish attempts to stabilize it by deploying additional troops and equipment there will appear to be not enough to keep Turkish al-Qaeda friends under control in the area.

A Syrian pro-government group known as the Popular Resistance in the Eastern Region (PR-ER) has claimed responsibility for the recent rocket attack on U.S. troops in Deir Ezzor. Three unguided rockets landed in the vicinity of the CONICO gas plant, where U.S. forces are deployed, late in the hours of August 18. The U.S. military confirmed the incident without reporting any losses.

The PR-ER said in a statement that the rocket strike was in response to an earlier attack by U.S. forces at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near the village of Tal al-Dhahab in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. The U.S. attack left a Syrian service member, Malik Muhammad al-Muhaimid, dead and injured at least two others.

The PR-ER first surfaced over 2 years ago declaring the aim of fighting the US occupation of northeastern Syria. Since then, it has claimed responsibility for several attacks on US forces. However, the group’s activity remained relatively low recently. The intensification of its actions may be linked with the growing tensions between the Syrians and US forces in the region.

Meanwhile, Turkish proxies also entered the game on the banks of the Euphrates. On August 18, the pro-Turkish armed group “Gathering of Rebels in the Land of Deir Ezzor” released a statement threatening Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Kurdish forces in the province with attacks.

It also claimed responsibility for the IED blast that killed a Russian major-general near Deir Ezzor city. The group self-identifies as a unit of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). This was, however, denied by the SNA. Pro-Turkish sources claim that this armed group was created by the Kurds to discredit the Syrian patriots on Turkish paychecks. It’s as if there is something that can done to discredit pro-Turkish groups more than what they have done by themselves.

Deir Ezzor province seems to be becoming a center for the new proxy battle for the Syrian energy resources.

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El Mashi

“Syrian patriots on Turkish paychecks” LOL.


South Front sense of humor… Usually Turks wait for their”Syrian patriots” to get killed before writing paycheck…


Throw some pontoon Bridges over the Euphretes and attack with air cover,they wouldn’t know what hit them,don’t anounce it just do it one day at dawn,take those oil fields back.

Jens Holm

If You need a job I can recommend You for the Syrian army as fieldmarhall…


https://youtu.be/jvgo-WnlHD4?t=156 No but you could recomend the guy who planned this crossing of the Suez.


I think that diversions, IED attacks, against US patrols is the best way to go. With any open war US will bring NATO air cover in the region.


Good point but if Syria had full no fly zone they would lose aircraft,but you could be right.


And how wold you suggest that Russia or Syria imposes no fly zone over the heads of Americunts and Kurds?! That would be an act of war. “Non fly zone” is NATO created bollocks that translated means ; “Free ticket for bombing”

That would never pass in UN because those SDF Kurds, are officially recognized as fighters against terrorism in Syria with US assistance. And can’t be unilaterally imposed either because it is an act of war. It is obvious that US are there on demand of Israel to prevent Assad to re-assert his authority over the rest of the country And because those Arab tribes are cowardly cunts that on top don’t care much about Assad either

Icarus Tanović

Hit them some more! Not enough.

Ivan Freely

New proxy war? When did the previous one end?


“previous war” ended few hours ago….why are you asking? :-)


The World has to get rid of US, Israel, Britain, Canada!


Dollar implosion will take care about that…. And their endless speculations in financial market casino in tens of trillions of worthless paper that will bring them to total bankruptcy when global economy enters depression.


But you do realise that’s the plan.


I have seen that story if those guys can in advance announce what is going to happen in the future than execute it exactly the way it was planned, than that is the most disturbing thing one can imagine.

David Robertson

But what they intend for Evil, God intends for Good. They are presently engineering the demise of their global monetary and banking system, the foundation of their dominion, believing that they will be able to use the ensuing chaos to reestablish themselves at the top of the hierarchy with what they call a Global Reset. They will however be removed from power just as their spiritual masters were removed from power in October, 2017 and came down to the Earth to assist their servants in this realm to resist their own removal.

They have now accelerated their plan for world government which means they are being exposed and this is waking people up to their evil nature. So the people of the world are being brought to an existential decision by our Creator and each of us will have to choose whom we shall serve. As the Lord Jesus Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Therefore, choose Life.


You are going to far in your story and claims you make concern only you since they are your interpretation. If anybody “came down to Earth” that has happened in your head and I am not interested in that kind of story immediately ! There are some serious conspiracy freaks among you people from the West… and self proclaimed 2 cent “prophets” like you. Hardly worth listening at all.

You ruin some very serious stuff with your rubbish alien, shape shifter or whatever other adaptation of the Bible theatrics! Everybody knows that those people are diabolic and evil yet for fuck sake stop your super-natural exaggerations !

We European Christians are very far from American type Protestants of your kind

David Robertson

You are very wide of the mark. I am Scottish/British by birth and upbringing, British and Canadian by citizenship and a Christian for 43 years, by calling, revelation and choice, who does not belong to any religious denomination or any non-denominational church. That you call yourself Christian at all is surprising, given your recourse to profanity and your denial of the spiritual realm. At best you could be described a s cultural Christian, which is no Christian at all.

However, setting aside the fact that you are clearly not a Christian, that you deny the spiritual is not at all unusual for those brought up and educated in Europe during the past fifty years or so. Indeed, the higher the education level the more likely is the tendency to atheism or agnosticism. The Devil, the Deceiver, i.e. Satan, the Adversary of God and humanity, has ensured that his existence is hidden. It makes his job that much easier.

Incidentally, I have made no reference to alien shape shifters, whatever they may be. My statements have all been propositional and well within human experience. They are also shared by many all over the world who are unknown to me but who have taken part, as I have, in spiritual warfare aimed at bringing about the very circumstances we have witnessed and are living through for the past 13 years.

That you disparage the language of the spiritual is also to be expected since you do not speak it or understand it. Given the unbalanced nature of the modern intellectual, and since, as G.K Chesterton observed, the intellect is incurably externalist, such a person never gets to see the inside of anything. The tendency to imagine that only such intellectual knowledge is of any value consigns such a person to a very truncated state of human experience.

However, the ultimate test of any prophecy, although I make no such claim for what I have said, is whether it comes to pass. If you read my statements in this light you will see that my most salient prediction is that the present rulers of this present darkness will fail in their designs. Whether that is true or not is yet to be revealed to you.

That I and many others know this to be true is founded on a sure hope that is in turn the result of many years of watching and witnessing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bring about the destruction of Mystery (Hidden or Secret) Babylon, in response to the prayers of the saints all over the world. You have not participated in these campaigns so cannot be expected to understand their import or their results. That is no excuse however for your scoffing at something you do not understand. It suggests that you lack the humility to advance in any field of study.


I am Christian all right far from perfect with “profanities” and all, but I am not pedophile, rapist, faggot and what not …that is so common among you Westerners. You are very polite and yet many among your “polite” West many of you like to rape children…

Also I do not write Bible like long text when I want to say something like you do. I am Orthodox Christian and as such very far away from your Anglo-Saxon approach. You are boring me to death with your explanations and I find that extremely pretentious when people like you start to interpret the Bible. I did read the Bible and I do not need any explanation thank you.

I didn’t even ask you anything about all that and you have already started to preach as if I was interested… Sorry I am not going to read all that you are trying to impose.

I am not interested in your Biblical explanation and I have told you that in first comment.

Bye !

David Robertson

You simply don’t know whereof you speak but you do not confess your ignorance so you must remain in darkness. As I have said, “It suggests that you lack the humility to advance in any field of study, afflicted as you are with the hubris of youth.” As I also noted you are a cultural Christian and therefore no Christian at all.

I am sure there are many Orthodox Christians who are truly believers in the Lord Jesus Christ but you are not one of them. If you were, then you would not address a fellow believer in the way you have written to me. You would know that the Body of Christ is not divided. You would welcome any knowledge of the soon coming of the Lord and the end of the rulers of this present darkness. It is sad that you do not.

David Robertson

How do you propose the “World” do that? Given that the first three mentioned are actually at the top of the present world hierarchy and therefore control the present world system. In any event we don’t have to do anything, other that agree with the Divine Judgement. The powers you mention have already been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Their end is already decreed and has been underway since 2007/8 as a result of spiritual warfare campaigns that began in 1993 and continue to this day. The latest result was the removal of the wicked spiritual powers from their positions of authority in Heaven in October 2017. They have come down to the Earth to assist their servants on this realm to resist their own removal, which is the cause of the turbulence in the world at the present time. They will inevitably fail since their destruction has been decreed.

The NWO, the Next World Order, is already on the way. It is the Kingdom of God. Look UP for our Redemption draws nigh.


Situation in Syria is warming up for bigger conflict. Attacking the US forces as much as possible is the soft, weakest enemy spot in Syria.

David Robertson

Is this now what is termed a “frozen conflict”? I was wondering how things were progressing in Syria and it seems they aren’t. I did hear that the US troops had destroyed the barley and wheat fields in North East Syria, on Trump’s instructions, preparing the way for widespread starvation. That is why I am revisiting this tragic country. South Front is one of the more reliable sources of information I believe.

Trump says he has changed the neocon US interventionist foreign policy but it doesn’t seem so. Since that policy was created by Israel and since Trump is a good friend of Israel it is very unlikely that he has changed the policy. I notice his latest gambit is to plead ignorance whenever the question raises doubts about his claims. That in itself is clearly nonsense since of all people he would have knowledge of everything that is going on. I am not afflicted with TDS but I also know that the first casualty in any conflict is the truth.

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