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Idlib City Is Preparing Ticker Tape Parade For Assad

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Idlib City Is Preparing Ticker Tape Parade For Assad

Syrian government forces did not stop their operation in Greater Idlib with the success in the western countryside of Aleppo city, and continued making gains in the province. During the past 24 hours, they took control of over 10 settlements.

Furthermore, they forced members of the mighty Idlib rebels to retreat from Sheikh Aqil, besieged another Turkish observation point, and set a foothold for a possible offensive on the city of Darat Izza.

This town, located 30km west of Aleppo, had an estimated population of approximately 42,000 in 2013. In the modern Syria, it is most-widely known as the stronghold of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham that hosts its key forces and facilities in this part of the province.

The fall of Darat Iazza into the hands of government troops will also disrupt a link between the Turkish-occupied Afrin region and armed groups hiding in the countryside of Idlib city. Thus, Ankara will not be able to freely redeploy its proxies from one part of northwestern Syria into another. On the same day, President Bashar al-Assad congratulated the Syrian people and the Syrian Army with the victory in western Aleppo.

However, he said that this achievement “does not mean the end of the war” and declared that the military will continue combating terrorism in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib. Turkish threats to launch a war on Syria if its forces do not stop their anti-terrorism campaign, al-Assad described as empty words. The televised speech of the president came amid reports that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham started evacuating its remaining weapon depots in the Mount Simeon District of Aleppo province towards the region of Afrin, and the border with Turkey west of Idlib.

These developments indicate that the group does not really believe that it is able to defend Darat Izza in an open battle with the Syrian Army. It is interesting no note how the public rhetoric of pro-militant media outlets changes depending on the military successes of the Syrian Army.

During the previous stages of the conflict, they preferred to call the Damascus government a bloody dictatorship that is killing peaceful moderate rebels all around Syria. Then, it evolved into the regime fighting against the ‘Syrian revolution’, while ‘Assad sectarian militia’ evolved into ‘Assad forces’. After the deployment of the Syrian Army in the vicinity of Idlib city, ‘Assad forces’ started slowly becoming ‘government troops’. It seems that when the army enters the city itself, Idlib grant-eaters will welcome the internationally-recognized government. Taking into account the recent developments on the frontline, they probably should start preparing posters featuring great leader Bashar al-Assad immediately.

Therefore, the main hope of Idlib groups and their supporters is the Turkish diplomatic efforts in the framework of the Astana format. On February 17, Moscow and Ankara started a new round of negotiations on the situation in Idlib. The Turkish leadership’s current main goal is to stop the Syrian advance and to consolidate its own influence in the scraps of the militant-held part of Idlib. In turn, it will likely have to surrender a part of its lovely moderate rebel groups that are publicly linked with al-Qaeda.

If Russia and Turkey find no understanding on the situation, Ankara will continue making attempts to protect Idlib groups with a variant of military and diplomatic measures. This will likely lead to a further escalation of the conflict.

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good article!! :)

Karen Bartlett

Go, SAA, and God go with you!

Liberal guy

Ya so true


Don’t worry, he is already there!


How exactly is gonna Turkey further escalate the conflict?


If Erdo went completely mad he could order a mass air attack against Russian assets in Syria , followed by a mass ground assault of 300,000 men + 1000 tanks I suppose.

However , the consequence of that would likely be a re-modeled Ankara , on the lines of Raqqa and a similar end to Mussolini and his wife. :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s too late for that, he’s already completely mad. But when he’s finally got his back up against the wall and he has nowhere else to run [refugees swamping his border], then the Russians will have to really watch their backs, because by then he’ll be psychotic and totally out of control.
The EW jamming systems the Turks used in Aleppo were very effective from what I saw, so I think that’s what we have to worry about now, if they can take out the Russian and the Syrian Air forces using their own systems or even new US jamming systems, we could be left very vulnerable, and since Trump and Putin are both saying they want to cooperate to solve the refugee problem in Idlib, I suspect sometime before the end of February [Erdogan’s deadline], Turkey will receive a new batch of US manufactured EW jamming equipment.
I hope the Russians have effective countermeasures to protect their Air Force, if not that plentitude of Turkish rocket artillery [40 km range] stationed at the Turkish border, will run rings around the unprotected SAA artillery, numerical superiority will see to that.


I agree.

Just as its is impossible to predict anything but violence from rabid dogs, it is the same predictability exhibited by Erdo, Trump and their associates.

bouncer dogsly

The Eu are scared to act because they fear another refugee crisis. I do not think even another fake gas attack would bring a western response. The problem is, what is Erdogan going to do with over 20,000 crazed jihadi nutters crossing his border, and from THERE into the EU. Europe and Turkey has played with fire supporting arming and funding these foreign proxies, and now ALL COMES HOME TO ROOST. The Us will bolt once Idlib falls as all eyes will turn to them. Assad should set up a phoney ISIS to attack the US soldiers – the US would find that hard to explain.
For all those criticising Russia for not downining a few Israeli planes. Putin know international Jewish banking can destroy his economy overnight. Putin is in this for the long game. Russia and Iran, and in fact China too (they has special forces on the ground in Syria killing Ugher Muslim fighters). All these nations knew the out-of-control West had to be stopped in Syria. If Syria had fallen, it would have been onto Russia to stir up their muslims, then Iran and then China. America now has big social problems. It has hollowed itself out fighting Israel’s wars. I have friends in the US and socially it is falling apart – I live in the UK, and we have a crazy Boris Johnson promising to spend tens of billions in a UK that is 2.3 trillion in debt with civic services falling apart. the West is reaping the whirlwind, from the self inflicted 911, then Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Libya then Syria – NOT FORGETTING WHO STARTED UKRAINE.. The West is burnt out and now Iran has ballistic missiles that can reach London – IT IS GAME OVER NOW FOR THE WEST AND NOW THEY HAVE A MUSLIM PROBLEM GIVEN TO THEM BY ISRAEL ON THEIR DOORSTEP. ONE FALSE FLAG IN EUROPE BY ISRAEL AND EUROPE GOES UP IN SMOKE. BUT TENS OF MILLIONS NOW WIDE AWAKE TO WHERE ALL THIS “MUSLIM” TERROR IS REALLY COMING FROM. ISRAEL ARE WEARING OUT THE FALSE FLAG.


as I always say – the problem is the jews in palestine! get rid of them and problem solved. it’s entirely mind-boggling that a group of jews have managed to kill and steal and lie for some 100 years without anyone saying either boo or baaa. the illegal settlement called israel needs to be discontinued now,

Arbaches Glaukus

Do not forget the Sweden. The filled it with trash immigrants, and changed this nation once and forever …


Did your Master race get polluted?


Sorry to disrupt your dreamy rant..Europe and US isn’t on the demise due to a couple of wars from the 90’s/2000s … It is the 2008/9 economic crash that made these countries fall into irrecoverable debt… This crisis was caused by their own banks btw.. sure a war hurts but not to the point where Civic services fall apart.. and Muslims in Europe is not a new thing… Not all Muslims are terrorists… You must relax and breath easy! There therel

Pave Way IV

Don’t know about the ultimate cost of the 2008 financial crisis to European taxpayers, but in the US, it certainly didn’t ‘cost’ more than our Global War on Terror.

Estimated cost of treasonous, dual-citizen neocon’s Global Wars of Terror (post-9/11) to the U.S. taxpayers so far: $6.4 TRILLION, none of which has been paid back and we’re still borrowing more. It doesn’t matter if we stopped all our wars today – we’re not even keeping up with interest payments on the existing debt. There is no special war bond kind of thing that identifies those wasted tax dollars. It’s all just rolled up in the U.S. national debt of $24 trillion, MOST of which would have been paid off by now if we hadn’t declared a War of Terror in 2001. There also wouldn’t have been any 2008 financial crisis in the U.S. without our War of Terror.

Total Inflation-adjusted U.S. taxpayer cost (debt + interest) of WWII: $4.2 trillion.

Cost of 2008 financial crisis: 1) ~440 billion TARP loans, all of which has been paid back by the banks along with interest, 2) 787 billion Obama ‘economic stimulus’, all of which has been siphoned off by Khazar political elites and cronies, and 3) the invisible, uncountable ‘cost’ of lowering the economic status of 300 million Americans to the benefit of the other 2.7 million (2008 pop).


Wow very informative!


Well said and a valid appraisal of the US,NATO FUBAR.

When the ‘woke’ in Europe and the US wake up, there will be mayhem on the streets.

We will get what our corrupt governments have paid for with our taxes.

The Wahabi terrorists who find their way to Europe also have NATO manpads now that were generously donated to Al Nusra and friends by NATO member , Turkey.

The first passenger aircraft hit with these weapons would cripple the aviation industry overnight :)

Greta Thunburg and friends would welcome the loss of aviation fuel production though. Green Box ticked.


Most of those bankers are jewish khazar turks so what you say makes sense.

Bill Rood

The US “hollowed itself out” long before 911. At least one state of the art steel rolling mill was shipped to China, probably others along with a great deal of manufacturing equipment, textile mills etc. The manufacturing sector is now completely dominated by weapons manufacture, so the US economy will collapse without chaos and the wars it “justifies.” Now, after having shipped all that wealth to China, US leaders are whining about “unfair” Chinese trade tactics, and the dumbed down US public buys it.


that is not ticker tape, that is nancy pelosi on the roof

Islamic Power

Bashar will be assassinated soon

Ricky Miller

Right, your jihadi street gang bangers and other “dead-enders” are going to get to him now, after many years of trying? Possible, but unlikely. It seems that you would have a better chance when Damascus’ suburbs had militants all up in them doing whatever jihadi militants do, and when the Syrian Army was literally in their last holdout positions. Now? Bashar al-Assad drives out to see his forces and even went to Hama to look out over the combat area. Let’s face it, the guy is turning into a legend, which will grow in the coming years like Ho Chi Minh or even Saladdin. And you and your “Muslim” ilk are the ones who tried to sell out Syria to the West; Washington’s little helpers. No legend for you, just infamy and shame.

Liberal guy



Actually Jolani can become an urban legend for losers :D

Tim Williams

The madman of ANKARA will be publicly executed

Ricky Miller

Nah, like Mustapha Kemal he’ll probably drink himself to death while trying to drag Turkey into the future. At least the Kemalists had some quality success, President Erdogan is actually taking Turkey backwards.

Traiano Welcome

Even Jesus Christ was assassinated. All the good men die at the hands of the evil ones.

Islamic Power

muslims dont believe he died, neither does the bible, its made up by the church

Liberal guy

The truth is more of ur terriost brother’s commanders in idlib will be assassinated u fool.

Concrete Mike

Thats funny when you cry you sound like israeli bitch.

Some takfiri you are LOL


You have a point..look at Gen.Solemani… I expect an attempt at Gen. Sohail

Islamic Power

america will take him out…

Xoli Xoli

Trump is world destruction leader.Dull hatred and racist.Arming all his warships with nuclear weapons.

Tim Williams

Several dozen SAA & KURD sniper and sabotage squads have already infiltrated the city … just awaiting the signal … terminate all the top leadership regardless of the country they came from.


Source: DreamWorks Studio

Tim Williams

Aeroflot, Iraqi Airways, Iran Air, Cham Wings join Syrian Airlines in announcing they will serve the reopened Aleppo Airport

Liberal guy

Great news pal

Tim Williams

no gate fees, no landing fees, no terminal rent for 12 months .. a deal too good to pass up for airlines … offer is still in effect for all new comers


So…no …Turkish Airlines …

But that’s not fair ! CNN keeps advertising them so often…! They must be a good airline…
After all they brought so many European-mercenary-Jihadists in Syria …

comment image

Tim Williams

lol … A Jihadi preferred carrier … only problem you can only book one way flights

Bobo Voxar

no..they use ukrainian charters ..nobody other will clean up a lices


Russia should start importing Syrian olive oil also, for the fish it is very nice with salt!

Tim Williams

This was the offer presented to the TURKS today … the green area is a buffer zone … Turks would have to remove all posts in SAA territory … TURKS said no




Any buffer zone should really be in Turkey.
Twas the Turks who helped to feed the Syrian fires.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams


“Russian bombers destroyed Turkish tanks, 18 MLRS installations and about 50 armored personnel carriers, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing news agency Aviapro publication”


Aviapro lies 24/7. There is no other lying media that lie this bluntly all the time.

Tim Williams

French turning against the TURKS publicly now …



Rats always leave as first the sinking boat ….!

Tim Williams

they just don’t last very long anymore


Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Don’t make em like they used to, ay? LOL


If it was not for the crisis at the OPCW there would have been another fake chemical attack by now.

Tim Williams

likely 2 or 3 … they have lost all credibility


I hope they televise this parade. I’m sure most Syrians could use a good laugh.


you one of the lepers in the joke321 leper colony – seems t be the case.

so other people on this and other SF-threads, be ware that another leper has made his useless self visible on these threads

cechas vodobenikov

USA like turkey has no friends—-neither can be trusted


Good remark about the rhetoric changing, also the Western media names and map colors for the Idlib controlling groups changed in very short time.


sawyer, another useless turd out of the joke321 leper colony, 9 comments to his name which would indicate the jews intending to retire another of the lepers, maybe joke321. however ignore the leper as if he is a nonentity, which he is.

jim crowland

The options for the Idlib people are clear: red carpet or red gas courtesy of GAssad

Carlo s

red gas is that farting from your jihadist mouth

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