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IDF Twitter Publicity Stunt Over Gaza Situation Backfires

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IDF Twitter Publicity Stunt Over Gaza Situation Backfires

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Israel’s Defense Forces attempted to wittingly and mockingly explains why the Palestinians in Gaza organize “riots” and why they’re not “protests,” on Twitter.

It backfired.

On March 29th, the IDF’s Twitters posted a “witty” and “quirky” remark, comparing Palestinians protesting for the livelihood to looking for dates on popular app Tinder.

Then, some were arguably funny, but not really:

Then came the one that was simply awkward, arbitrary and needless, honestly:

Naturally, Twitter users sharpened their pitchforks and lit their torches and took to the IDF twitter account and applied the same tactic, making “quirky” remarks of the IDF’s actions. Many of the comments, were quite morbid and, honestly, right on track.

Then other users decided to apply the same approach to Israel as a whole.

Then some weren’t even trying to be funny, but simply to show the brutality of the situation:

Some where more moderate and simply commented on the poor taste of the IDF’s comments:

And, as expected, there were supporters of the Israeli position:

They, sadly, weren’t so funny.

Meanwhile, the IDF also warned Palestinians who are expected to attend mass protests on March 30th “Land Day.”

It is threatening Palestinians, with death, if they pass the “red line” – breaching or even approaching the separation fence.

“The IDF will not accept attempts to harm (Israeli) civilians, soldiers or the security fence,” Col. Iyad Sarhan, the Head of the IDF Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza, said in an Arabic-language video directed at Gaza residents on Friday, telling them that if they abide by the rules they could end the weekend “safe with your families.”

“It’s all up to you,” Sarhan said.

“I repeat. Keep away from the border and don’t approach the fence, stay at least 300 meters (320 yards) away,” he said. “Israel is determined to protect our citizens and will not tolerate any rocket fire or terrorist acts. Any such violations will draw a harsh response. Save your selves, keep innocents away from points of conflict and from terror instigators in the Strip,” he said.


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The Zionist entity must be defeated.


you wouldn’t expect anything more from the baby killers

We are learning to adapt to the enemies way of suppressing each tribes lands. Jews have invaded and stolen Palestinian lands just as Jews invaded and stole German lands. https://scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com/vp/6d98c4803d0249bde0e50ef6c6e6f5ad/5D43AA9F/t51.2885-15/e35/29736903_166890014020535_7813738898151964672_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com

alejandro casalegno

In the zionist mind, the palestinian are not people…………they are “Untermensch”……kill them is not a crime.


Zionism: the art of terrorism, genocide and greed fulfillment.

Zionist: psychopaths who practice the art of Zionism.

Israel: hotbed of Zionists practicing Zionism.

H Eccles

re.. ““I repeat. Keep away from the border and don’t approach the fence, stay at least 300 meters (320 yards) away,”

Interesting.. given that IDF scum are know to have killed protesters over 300m away form the fence. Might I also add that the border/fence was imposed on the Palestinians without them ever having a say on it. Palestinians have every right not to recognise it.

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