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IDF Thwarts Alleged Hezbollah Infiltration, But Did It Really Happen?

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IDF Thwarts Alleged Hezbollah Infiltration, But Did It Really Happen?

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On July 27th, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported of a great success of thwarting an infiltration by Hezbollah in northern Israel.


According to Israeli media, No Israeli soldiers were injured, and the IDF denied Lebanese media reports that a Kornet anti-tank guided missile was fired at an Israeli tank on Mount Dov.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said at least some members of the Hezbollah cell fled back to Lebanon, but added:

“We don’t know their conditions for sure at this point.”

The alleged Hezbollah assault was in retaliation for the death of one of its fighters in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria.

Zilberman said the military did not yet know if Hezbollah would consider this failed attack to be a sufficient form of revenge, but that the IDF would remain on high alert for the time being.

According to Zilberman the Hezbollah cell entered a few meters into Israeli territory, heading toward a military position on Mount Dov, before troops opened fire with machine guns, tanks and artillery cannons, driving them back into Lebanese territory.

The IDF’s side of the story was entirely debunked just hours later, showing that Israel essentially assaulted their own fence.

The IDF’s two Merkava battle tanks also withdrew as soon as they saw Lebanese troops positioned on Lebanon’s side of the border.

What’s true, however, is that smoke shells were fired by IDF and one fell into a civilian home.

It caused damage but no injuries, according to local Lebanese media.

An IDF soldier died in the entire fiasco, and not due to enemy fire or in a clash, but because a vehicle turned around and he died as a result.

Israel also managed to break its own border fence.

And of course, the IDF was made fun of from the Lebanese side.


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  1. <> says:

    Your lying propaganda won’t fool anyone SF, you can cry all that you want and say “It never happened”, but we did hit and killed that squad that tried to enter Israel. Their bodies are somewhere in the field, unless Hezbollah already recovered them. I’m sure at the right time the IDF will publish the proof.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Hush little TWAT :)

    2. Rhodium 10 says:

      The only killed is a IDF soldier smashed by its own vehicle

      1. <> says:

        I don’t deny the rollvover accident, but they lie about their casualties because they failed. To be honest, it changes nothing. If they make any hostile move again and this time they succeed, then the war is on.

        1. Rhodium 10 says:

          What can do IDF?…move vehicles and tanks that can be hitted by massive ATGM?…helicopters that can be shot down by Manpads?…warships that can be sink by antiship missile?…infantery troops advancing under Hezbollah snipers teams?..thats happened in 2006 and IDF is going to stumble over the same stone..

          1. d'Artagnan says:

            They will not do anything, and this was game of chicken as they fear a Hezbollah retaliatory strike. There is a remote chance of any conflict at this time. The Zionists are well aware of the striking power of Hezbollah and destruction of Zionist cities. This was more a cry for help, than anything.

          2. <> says:

            Only in your twisted mind, but I gave up on the discussions with you you should do the same with me.

          3. guest says:

            Talking about twisted mind ;D

          4. <> says:

            You will see exactly what we can do at the right time, no point to discuss it here.

          5. guest says:

            and what time would that be child? after your milk and cookies?

          6. Garga says:

            Oh we already exactly know what you can do, mein schwartze fraind:

            Sniping the cripple, hitting the women, raiding in the middle of the night, arresting and putting in jail 16 years old girls, ganging up armed to the teeth on single 14 years old boys, burning olive trees, shooting from the shadow of commercial airplanes, taking selfie above a city with no air defence then boasting how invisible your plane is (while storks f*ck it sideways), managing to tip over your own tanks, when feeling cornered and need a morale boost aerial attacking Gaza which can’t defend against it and many, many, more artful skills.

            PS. I hear Mekava 4’s reverse gear is much faster than its forward gears, can you confirm it? If you do, I’ll wish you to have a training in one, in a safe place and also I’ll wish it won’t tip over while you’re in it. I told you I’m nice!

          7. <> says:

            You are laughing Garga and it’s all good, but I’m ready to make a bet with you.
            If your mullah regime falls down before Israel, you leave this forum forever. If Israel loses the next war against Hezbollah, I leave this forum forever.
            How’s that sound? :)

          8. Superfly says:

            You can’t leave the forum, as where else can you get so much humiliation?

          9. Garga says:

            I’m game, and you know I hold people to their promises. But these conditions need to be more specified.

            – If Iran’s Islamic republic collapses and a new form of government which is not Islamic Republic forms, with the condition that it happens before the same happened in Israel I’ll leave this forum and won’t return in this or any other name. This part is clear enough. If the same happened in Israel first, then what?

            – If Israel loses the next war against Hezbollah, you’ll leave the forum and won’t return. There’s just the matter of defining the “lose”. Is the butt-whooping of 2006 considered a loss? Does America’s Vietnam loss count? Or to be counted as losing side, Israel must be reduced to rubble?

            Clear these for me and I’ll tell you.

            Nevertheless, a match between Hezbollah’s David and Israel’s Goliath is always exciting to watch.

          10. <> says:

            Well my definition of “winning” is when no one will dare to question the outcome of the operation. Meaning, more deads on their side, SL in ruins, stopping the rockets, Nasrallah dead etc..
            If we don’t achieve that, then you can say we “lost”, and Hezbollah won us. I would consider that a loss on our side and accept our defeat.
            Regarding our political tensions, we might be going to a fourth elections soon because Bibi can’t escape his trial. Does that mean it’s a new government for you? if so, what do you suggest?
            P.S, this game is starting to be real fun Garga, you see we can play nice together when we want :)

          11. Garga says:

            So by your definition, if your soldiers killed many, many civilians and destroyed their villages/towns/cities. infrastructure you automatically won? Some winning…

            It’s a pity if he has to come down from the throne, it will be a sad day indeed (same with Trump) but hey, he managed to cost Israel 4 elections, the biggest divide in political arena, demonstrations (I hear Bin Meymoon boulevard was filled with protestors, is it true?), made fool of his most serious opponent and a lot of political cost including a possible fourth election in a year, but no. I consider a change of government if the new system stops the current apartheid, racist, supremacist and inhuman policies, a system where Mizrahim are equal to Ashkenazim, an Ethiopian Jew is not thrown out and Christians and Muslims considered to be human with equal rights. So I think you’re safe with a mere change in the PM position.

            Dammit. I think for the next election it will be much harder to sell him as a good choice for PM, but we can always play the card that he stopped Iran’s imminent nukes which will be ready next month for 25 years and made an American president his personal bitc#. Don’t underestimate these points!

            PS. About the fun part. It might be for you, but we are talking about many hundreds or thousands of dead and displaced. I see no fun in it. But Merkava’s reverse gear, sure!

          12. <> says:

            Yup Garga, tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated against him (including me in my hometown) since the biggest protests of 2011. He is going down the people are mad to where he leads us, for the sake of all of us he will go to jail. However, when it comes to fighting terrorism both Bibi and Gantz have the same views, so Gantz taking the power is a good thing for us.

            About my definition, well that’s just what’s going to happen whether I want it or not. All the Shia villages in SL will be wiped out because Hezbollah uses them as a rockets platform, so we would have to hit and kill everyone there in order to end that threat faster.

            Anyway, let’s stick to our deal. Who knows? I might just die in a battle against your terrorists and then you forfeit, I won’t be on this site :)

          13. Garga says:

            It’s a shame if Bibi goes away, I started to like him… In a few months it seems I have to take to defeats, Bibi going and then Trump replaced by Biden [shudders].

            One thing I find peculiar in what you wrote: You are talking about destroying the south part of a country, wiping out all its village and killing its civilian inhabitants, then proceed to calling them -the victims- my terrorists. The irony is so thick you can preserve Bibi a million years in it.
            I told you before, years and years of indoctrination and hate-education took a toll on you. Shame.

          14. <> says:

            Maybe it did took its toll on me, I have grown up into a reality where we are being shot with rockets or die from suicide bombers in buses and restaurants. I promised my self as a teenager, then when I grow up I will do whatever I can to stop it and that’s why I joined a SF unit after 2 years of hard training. 4 years of active service, 11 years as a reserve, 3 Gaza operations and many many nights of doing arrests in the West Bank. Am I a monster? I might just be, but it’s only because your Islamic friends have turned me into one.

          15. Garga says:

            The only thing that matters and is NOT within your power is, occupation tend to create resistance and violence. That is your reality.

            Yes, it took a very heavy toll on your soul. I pray for you (not you personally, all of you) so your heart softens a little bit so you can see things from the eyes of the ones you perceive as your enemy. The ones who wish they had nothing to do with you and did not bother with you if you didn’t occupy their homes or constantly attack them.

            You, my friend, whatever you are, a monster or not, are because you chose to be one. Please don’t make excuses, I know better to get fooled.

          16. <> says:

            Okay let’s say we took their land. Now we have offered them atleast 3 deals to end this conflict, in one of the deals they would have gotten 91% of the West Bank. Still better than nothing but they want 100%. They will never get everything because some settlements now have 50K people and we won’t destroy them. They can however accept Trump’s plan and end it or continue fighting us, in that case they will create thousands more like me, if not even worse. It’s mostly their call now, Hamas included.

          17. Garga says:

            No, let’s not “say”. You DID take their land and nothing can replace a homeland. Is that so hard to grasp?
            That is a very lame excuse that because there are 50k settlers we can’t give it back. You had no problem kicking out its original inhabitant, there shouldn’t be a problem to do it again and make it right.

            In the next deal, offer them to return %100 of what you took and stole, and if they didn’t accept, it proves they’re illogical and crazy and I’ll take your side from that point forward.

          18. <> says:

            They won’t ever get 100%, sorry Garga, not even the leftist Israeli PM can agree to that. Right now it’s 70% according to Trump’s plan but it’s negotiable, they can ignore us or talk to us again. If they do ignore us, then Israelis will demand to do more unilateral steps.

        2. Séamus Ó Néill says:

          Think again, these are men, real men,….not your usual targets of unarmed women and children !

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        They are terrified of Hezbollah. Bibi pulled this stunt that backfired largely to deflect from Zionist weakness and his own problems. Hezbollah, perhaps finds this Zionist idiocy as hilarious as rest of the world. The Mighty Mouse of the middle east is just little rat now.

    3. d'Artagnan says:

      You don’t have to read SF and be here 24/7 cry baby. Teenager’s normally don’t fare well with reality or truth.

    4. guest says:

      Get some sleep, you spend all your time here. You have enough mental issues, sleep deprivation will add to your adolescent psychosis. I am here to help.

    5. guest says:

      Why all the teenage angst and anger at SF for promoting the truth? you a very peculiar queer child. You don’t have to spend all your time here, do you punk?

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says:

        The perfidy and cowardice of the IDF is on show, once again, for the whole world to see. What a bunch of losers…a sure sign Israel is finished !

    6. AJ says:

      Show a pic of the bodies, had you killed 4 Hezbollah it would be all over Israeli media being milked for all its worth

      1. guest says:

        You asking a teenager living with his mum difficult questions. Go easy on the demented child. I really am a practicing Psychiatrist.

      2. <> says:

        I don’t decide which pictures to publish, but according to IDF sources they were hit 100%. Anyway they promised to keep trying and respond, so lets see them do it again. If you ask me? a war is inevitable.

        1. alejandro casalegno says:

          Fag-Zion……….yes…….the war is inevitable…….but not today!!!

        2. Ashok Varma says:

          There are no pictures to show silly boy. These days nothing can remain hidden as everyone has a phone camera. You are like a child who wants adults to believe his fantasies. It is good that even Nethanyahu is wiser and backed off from a destructive war.

          1. <> says:

            The war will come, and we will destroy Hezbollah. Plain and simple.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            LOL, suck on mamma’s sagging titties first, you little TWAT!

          3. Superfly says:

            Pretty vivid imagination for a disturbed teenager on PlayStation.

  2. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Zionist cunts are running shit scared and this was panic episode and a hissy fit. Hezbollah is laughing as much as I am :)

    1. Simon Ndiritu says:

      The Zionist cowards need o be kept guessing for several months and receive their dues when they least expect. Next time they will think twice before bombing Damascus

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        They are running scared as they are petrified of Hezbollah. If you read Hezbollah’s quiet confidence, they are just laughing at Zionist cowardice and desperation like most of us.

        Nothing sends chills down the spine of Israel more than the mere mention of the name ‘Hezbollah’. Nothing, no superpower nor hurtling supernova petrifies Israel more than the existence of Hezbollah’s muscle and missile at its doorstep. Israel does not fear Egypt; it does not fear Jordan or Syria or even faraway Iran, but, it is indeed absolutely and
        positively petrified of little Lebanon with its uncontested resistance army: the Hezbollah. And this deep-seated pathological fear has found much gory and exuberant expression since the Israeli military was soundly defeated by Hezbollah back in 2006. Every single Israeli military project rightacross the Middle East since 2006 has been about defeating Hezbollah and stopping the spread of its popular resistor-culture. And evidently, every Israeli attempt to achieve this for the past decade and a half has flatly failed.

        1. verner says:

          sure but they fear the combined strength of the states you mention and in particular they know they can’t do anything about Iran and then there is the lurking threat of Turkey and rest assured, Erdogan hates Israel and netanyahu.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Well they can set fire to a few more cars and gardens in Iran :) what a bunch of impotent stupid pyromaniacs.

          2. Ashok Varma says:

            Iran and Turkey are getting closer and that could be the ultimate nightmare for Zionists.

    2. Crusader says:

      they are shitting pants from imaginery hezbollah “ghosts” and yet they still think they can go to war with Iran, buahahahahahaha :D

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        In their dreams they can, Nutter Yahoo must be related to the PUNK Iron Zion kid, you boasts of cutting fingers and genocide of Iran. These Zionist cunts are really quite pathetic. I have been laughing for a whole day now.

      2. Superfly says:

        After a phony south Lebanon flare-up, more questions than answers about Israel’s deteriorating military situation and panic.

        Fake Israeli narrative, lack of evidence leaves much about Monday’s phantom escalation between the Hezbollah and Israel remains unclear. However, it highlights Israel’s deep anxiety and perennial fear of Hezbollah.

  3. d'Artagnan says:

    Once again Southfront editorial staff should be commended on their objective questioning of a totally fake Zionist narrative, so blatant a lie that even MSM ignored it. I recall a time during Soviet era, when the hubris laden Zionists used to challenge Egypt, Jordan and Syria combined, now the Mighty Mouse of the middle east is scared of a small but ferocious Lebanese quasi political military organization. Hezbollah really has carved a name for itself in the annals of courage and truth. This is one of Hezbollah’s finest moments as it has really rattled the Zionists.

    1. Simon Ndiritu says:

      ” has carved a name for itself in the annals of courage and truth” this puts is across perfectly. There is no better way to put it across.

  4. guest says:

    Ooops, not a very good look running away for the Zionists. Kudos to Hezbollah. Zionist tanks in reverse gear.

    1. Superfly says:

      “So are there tapes of the incident on Har Dov on Monday? Or was it another Hollywood show?” the Israel-based Jerusalem Post asked in a Tuesday article, using the Hebrew name for the occupied Shebaa Farms area. The UNIFIL contingent dismissed Israeli version of the staged incident and Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah slammed the Israeli military as a “Hollywood army” and pledged a stronger response in the future.

  5. johnny rotten says:

    Well, israhell will now bring out its most powerful weapon, the uncompromising censorship on social media, it will no longer be allowed to show the weaknesses of the most powerful army in the world defending the only democracy in the middle east. What he cannot do in the real world maybe he will be able to do it in the virtual world, he has nothing else left not to be seen as the laughing stock he is in reality.

    1. guest says:

      Even by usual Zionist narrative of lies and criminality, this episode is quite hilarious. Shows how weak they are.

  6. Potato Man says:

    Hzb did said that Zion soldier don’t know what they are doing…
    Clown show

  7. alejandro casalegno says:

    Long time ago, in 1982, the zionists invade Lebanon………and there the Hezbollah born.

    Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Indeed, the PLO were corrupt cunts, Hezbollah is different league of born warriors. The IDF are basically spoilt punks who would last more than 2 weeks this time. But I don’t any major conflict until next year. The Zionists will keep groveling and scampering like shitting scared rats in the meantime.

      1. alejandro casalegno says:

        Bibi and Trump need the war RIGHT NOW!!!!!………….Nasrallah have all the time……….

        1. Superfly says:

          Israel is too weak and the cost of Hezbollah retaliation will be too high and US is beset with enough internal problems to start another war at time its economy is dead in the water.

          1. alejandro casalegno says:

            Wars are very good to cover internal problems…………….very good.

  8. Lazy Gamer says:

    Morale looks low. Israel will be left with just drones at the border. Why the hell would they even initiate this? lol

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Their manpower is very poor as the cowardly IDF has expertise in beating up unarmed women and children and Hezbollah are warriors, in the true sense. This is the reason the Zionists are groveling and issuing empty threats. Their 2006 defeat was the game changer.

  9. verner says:

    extremely unlikely but now that the jews are in a corner they resort to all kind of shit to make it appear as if they are the victims (the victim-card’s been used to exhaustion for the last 250 years and in particular the last 70 years) whereas they in fact are the thieving and murdering aggressors who deserve no mercy from their neighbours or the world. the explosions/fires in Iran lately are more than likely sabotage and the result of the rat in the corner effect, knowing there will be crushing wipe out blow in the offing.

  10. Ashok Varma says:

    Israel has hired Baghdad Bob as their new military spokesman.

    1. HiaNd says:


      Silly me.. I thought that he was back on unemployment benefits and his “good terrorist reintegration program” in UK

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