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IDF Thwarts Alleged Hezbollah Infiltration, But Did It Really Happen?


IDF Thwarts Alleged Hezbollah Infiltration, But Did It Really Happen?

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On July 27th, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported of a great success of thwarting an infiltration by Hezbollah in northern Israel.


According to Israeli media, No Israeli soldiers were injured, and the IDF denied Lebanese media reports that a Kornet anti-tank guided missile was fired at an Israeli tank on Mount Dov.

IDF Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said at least some members of the Hezbollah cell fled back to Lebanon, but added:

“We don’t know their conditions for sure at this point.”

The alleged Hezbollah assault was in retaliation for the death of one of its fighters in an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria.

Zilberman said the military did not yet know if Hezbollah would consider this failed attack to be a sufficient form of revenge, but that the IDF would remain on high alert for the time being.

According to Zilberman the Hezbollah cell entered a few meters into Israeli territory, heading toward a military position on Mount Dov, before troops opened fire with machine guns, tanks and artillery cannons, driving them back into Lebanese territory.

The IDF’s side of the story was entirely debunked just hours later, showing that Israel essentially assaulted their own fence.

The IDF’s two Merkava battle tanks also withdrew as soon as they saw Lebanese troops positioned on Lebanon’s side of the border.

What’s true, however, is that smoke shells were fired by IDF and one fell into a civilian home.

It caused damage but no injuries, according to local Lebanese media.

An IDF soldier died in the entire fiasco, and not due to enemy fire or in a clash, but because a vehicle turned around and he died as a result.

Israel also managed to break its own border fence.

And of course, the IDF was made fun of from the Lebanese side.




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