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IDF Strikes 8 Hamas Positions In Gaza After Projectile Is Being Launched At Southern Israel (Video)

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Last night, a projectile was launched from the Gaza Strip at a target in southern Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated on October 25. According to the IDF, the projectile was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-misisle system.

After this, IDF aircraft struck 8 targets belonging  to the Palestinian movement Hamas. The targets included three military compounds and a munitions manufacturing site, the IDF claimed.

This escalation took place amid the growing threat of a new Israeli military invasion in the Gaza Strip. Most recently, the IDF deployed at least 60 battle tanks and armoured vehicles near the contact line between Gaza and the Israeli-held area. Meanwhile, top Israeli oofficials are openly calling for a large-scale military action against Hamas.

Israel’s Iron Dome ABM System. Threats, Peculiarities and Development Prospects

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I believe that they shoot their by themselves, considering that they always destroy them.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I was thinking the same thing; “If they wont give us a reason for attacking, we´ll do it ourself”


utube.com/watch?v=MRcDZmBrdKw Tell the Fucking Honest Truth


Yeah, ask the congregation over at the Moon about how anti-semtitc the Palestinians are, huh, pal-arabs, right, invented by Arrafath to suck welfare money from the west, because they are anti-semits, isnt it so, Moon of A.
An war against Gazans, instigated by an scumbag from Lihuanian and an door guard from Moldova, and I am an anti.semit.
Yeah, twisting and shouting.

Its always enlightening this days, when the Joohos is shooting fish in an barrel, I bet they are having an out door bargeque will they watch this pasky anti-semits is been killed, since any Palestinian is an legitim target, right MoA and Saker, both whom is becomed obvious rotten to their core, they always comes out for what they are, ISISraeli bitches, sooner or later, thats why they are alowed to grow and others crushed.

Thats why I dont bother to debate anyone of this so called alt-sites, most of them is everything but alt-anything but do what they are payd to do, lie, divert, dilute and fake the rest.
Of course, after been beaten in Syria, they attack Gaza, and Egypt, is also an part of it, not videly debated, why, because this ISIS is an Jew and even Russia is dead slient, nice huh, like they suck up to the Saudi-barbarians, the hypocrasy dieplayed by both sides makes me sick.
And they dont even bother to hide iit, whines abit about humanism and justice but when it comes to Palestina and Yemen they are all dead silent, the Norwegians never write anything unless they can squice Iran into whatever they can manfacture of whatever is soposedly happening, down there.

Again, like Yemen, everybody is covering this up, every god dammed site, and like Norway, the MSM blames Iran for everything apart from the weather because thats blamed on Putin.

This Khazams, are always fired into souther ISISrael for an reason, IDF cant kill their own all the time, and I dont belive an single word of their so called reasons, the Jews dont need an reason other than the joy of slaughtering people.
And somehow this jewish rats gets away with everything, because of what, holohoax, huh, Russia, do enlighten me, when you dont even know what happened under the Bolshewiks revolution and the great partotic war, witch is an flat out lie.
Do you expect anything sane coming from Russia, I dont for an second, its after all, about the mooney aka plain and simple Greed.

Aka Genuie oil, isnt it.
Sore-ass and the rockerFellas, or Im I just an jew hating, white trashonalist or just plain Nazi, I await in awe.

Yup, and watch how silent it becomes..



The Washington and England stooges Israeli terrorism is continue in Palestine. They have contaminated with biological substance their drinking water and are blockade since 1947.


Israel has recruited a substantial number of Palestinians in Israel to do this sort of job. Usually it is via blackmail – we let your relative get medical treatment if you do these few things for us. Otherwise we lock you away forever. These insiders are used by Israel to break truces.

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