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JUNE 2021

IDF Responded With Strikes To Sniper Fire At Its Troops Around Gaza (Photos, Videos)

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On January 13, sniper fire targeted an engineer unit of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) north of the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

At first, an engineering vehicle – the armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozer – that was operating near the security fence east of Khan Yunis was targeted by an unidentified sniper.

The IDF responded to the attack, which damaged the bulldozer, by destroying an observation post of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement. The post was targeted by a battle tank.

Later, a second engineering vehicle operating in the same area was targeted by snipers. No casualties were reported. However, IDF tanks responded by firing at two posts of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The attacks were likely provoked by the movement of Israeli troops. IDF bulldozers can be seen in a video shared by the Masdar News operating a few meters away from Palestinian farmlands in the vicinity of Khan Yunis.

Earlier, the IDF dropped leaflets over Khan Yunis warning Palestrina farmers that it will “remove” their crops, if they do not move them away from the security fence.

No group has claimed responsibility for the sniper attacks yet. Israel, however, held the Hamas Movement responsible. The situation will not likely escalate any further. Such incidents are common around Gaza.


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A PM with balls would wipe out 100 Hamas rats for every incident, too bad we have a chickenshit in power.


Keep your powder dry … no Israeli was injured

Stay Safe


For me, everytime they attack our forces they need to pay with blood. Bibi protects them, I want to put more Hamas terrorists in the ground before I retire from service.




show a jew a kid and the chance to shoot and kill with little chance of being found out and the jew will say, yes, let’s do it. the same if you put something stealable right before a jew he will steal it and then deny deny deny ever having seen the stuff just stolen – and then you have the ethnic cleansing and then you have concentration camp gaza and then the theft of the golan heights and finally, the theft of the natural gas under the palestinian seabed, which belongs to the palestinians and the jews should just friggin hell leave it well alone.


Ever the Jew baiter … a non-stop
anti-Judaism Hater

verner … a comedic name

WTF is your interest in Arab/Israeli Conflict?

Tommy Jensen

Justice and the root of our civilisation troubles.


Arab/Muslim idiot …. the root of your civilizational troubles are:



Now … look in the mirror

Tommy Jensen

Got you. You forgot Justice………………LOL.
You forgot justice and revealed yourself and confirmed all I said……………LOL.


“Justice … Justice you shall seek”

Old Testament is the source of that admonition … hello?

In November 1947 … the UN gave voice to this … when it voted to create a Jewish State … 2 years after the Holocaust

73+ Years later … it’s a reality

Despite the displeasure of many Arabs … the Jews/Zionists/Israelis are entrenched from the River to the Sea … a military superpower


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