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IDF Deployed Iron Dome Missile Defense Systems In Central Israel To Counter Possible Shelling By Islamic Jihad

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IDF Deployed Iron Dome Missile Defense Systems In Central Israel To Counter Possible Shelling By Islamic Jihad

On November 13 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have increased readiness, bracing from a possible retaliation from Islamic Jihad for the destruction of the tunnel near the border of the Gaza Strip, Nana10 reported.

According to state-run Israeli KAN 11 TV channel, IDF has deployed Iron Dome missile defense systems, with Ynet reporting that the systems were deployed in central Israel. Citing sources in Islamic Jihad, KAN 11 later reported that Islamic Jihad has no plans to conduct attacks on Israel, as they do not wish to endanger the population of the Gaza Strip.

However, Islamic Jihad said in a statement on November 12: “It is our right to respond to any aggression, including the right to respond to the crime of attacking the tunnel east of Dir al-Balah, where 12 Mujahideen from Al-Qassam and Saraya al-Quds fell. To clarify the matter, our children and our people are also dear to us, as are our leaders, and the terrorism and the threats of the enemy do not frighten us.”

IDF officials have refused to comment, although the deployment of Iron Domes suggests that the military anticipates missiles fired at Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem from the Gaza Strip.

On October 30th, the IDF blew up a tunnel via a series of airstrikes near the border of the Gaza Strip, an act the Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed killed 12 members of the group.

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MD Ranix

israhell is pretending to be a victim


Karma is looking for Israel, the only question is when it will be found.

Zainab Ali

the karma is inevitable https://youtu.be/aT6O4ivE9NQ

Serious Dude

I bet that the Imam Mahdi will be a Kurd.

Moussa Saab

You need to understand it does not matter race, but matters belief.

Brad Isherwood

Jordan is often off the radar as a place where Israel can be attacked. Anti Israeli groups could sneak in ATGMs,Artillery,Missiles. ..via trucking. Jordan – 3 Million + Palestinians If Israel did attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, A counterstrike from Jordan into Israel would scare the living @T out of the Jews. Israel projects this security dominance to satisfy the worrying Jews. A new Front vs Israel would be a game changer.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree, however Jordan and Jordanians unelected King is a Zionist. Jordan will be backing Israel in the next war, not attacking. At least the government and military anyway. However the millions of people with outside democratic support can change the direction of Jordan to side with the good guys this time. A peoples revolution must begin from within Jordan against the Government, overthrow the wicked King, and turn the military back into a force that protects and fortifies Al Quads!

Moussa Saab

False security


What is this Islamic jihad? Sounds like a fake terror group made by zionists

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