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IDF Delegation Goes To Moscow To Brief Russian Military On ‘Operation Northern Shield And Other Operational Issues’

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IDF Delegation Goes To Moscow To Brief Russian Military On 'Operation Northern Shield And Other Operational Issues'

Major General Aharon Haliva, Head of the Operations Directorate of the Israeli Defense Forces

On December 11th, a delegation of IDF officers will visit Moscow to hoold a meeting with the Russian side, the Israeli Defense Forces announced over Twitter on December 10th.

The Israeli delegation is to be led by the Head of the Operations Directorate, Major General Aharon Haliva and will brief the Russian side on Operation Northern Shield and other operational issues.

Following a phone conversation on December 8th, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israeli Prime Minister, as well as Health, Foreign and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the countries’ two militaries may meet in the following days to discuss cooperation in Syria.

“I talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday. We agreed that the delegations of Russian and Israeli armies on coordination on Syria will meet as soon as possible. I hope this will be in the coming days, most likely in Moscow. And our meeting with President Putin will be held later,” Netanyahu said, according to his press service.

“This [phone conversation] was a follow-up to the talks in Paris, which were very crucial for ensuring the continuing cooperation, which the Russian Army and the Israeli Defense Forces have maintained for several years,” Netanyahu further said. The “talks in Paris” were a brief meeting between the two leaders on November 11th, on the Centenary of the World War I Armistice.

Israel launched the Northern Shield operation near the border with Lebanon on December 4th to spot and destroy tunnels dug by Hezbollah militants into Israel’s territory. It also trained Engineering Corps specialists in Europe in 2017, in preparation of the operation.

The Russian President in a statement “stressed the importance of ensuring stability in the region in strict accordance with Resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council,” referring to the 2006 UN Security Council resolution calling for Hezbollah to withdraw from southern Lebanon following the Second Lebanon War.

On December 7th, the Israeli Intelligence and Transport Minister Israel Katz, said that IDF may have to go into southern Lebanon to deal with the tunnels.

Israel also said that it would continue fighting against Iran’s expanding influence in the Middle East and in Syria in particular.

The relations between Russia and Israel took a downturn when on September 17th a Russian IL-20 was downed by Syrian S-200 missile defense systems, which were targeting four Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacking facilities in Latakia.

Israel denied responsibility. Vladimir Putin initially said that the incident was the result of a “chain of tragic accidental circumstances.”

However, later Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said that the Israeli Air Force and those who made the decision to use the Il-20 aircraft as cover are solely to blame for its crash. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenko also placed the entire responsibility for the downing of the Russian plane on Israel’s Air Forces and those who were behind the decision to use the Russian plane as a shield.

Following the incident, Russia supplied S-300 missile defense systems to Damascus in a move which Israel opposed. Moscow said the supply of the advanced anti-aircraft system was necessary in order to prevent further threats to Russian troops and to cool off “hot heads.”

Israel appears to be attempting to undertake steps to improve relations with Russia. However, in order to do so there will be a need for concessions, which Netanyahu’s, almost one-man, government may not be ready to provide.

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this would be a good time to shoot down Satan’Yahoo and the rest of his child raping minions , preferably with a S-300 or better.


They are afraid why do you think they are going to Moscow and talk with the Russians, to make sure they jets in their upcoming illegal campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon will be justified and that no S-300 missiles will be launched against them, the think from Zio-Benji is that we will fly and bomb Lebanon and our jets will fly close to Syrian border, and in this we might by mistake enter Syria air-space and we want no one to shot us, Ok Mr. Putin can you give this chance to us? Please Mr. Putin Netanyahu begs.


if there is one thing Satan’Yahoo is good at it would be begging, mouth open, knees bent, tongue swirling, it would make for a great christmas card no?


Putin and the Russian MOD are in no mood to appease or listen to Zionists, that come around and spill some pleasantries.

You can call me Al


Who founded HAMAS ?

Personally I think that is an Israeli rag, trying to stir up trouble, where there isn’t any.

Tommy Jensen

It just means the sanctions hurt as they should………………………..LOL. That means we can put more salt in the Russian wound…………………LOL. We dont need Russia to kick Iran out of Syria………………………………LOL


The Link above takes you to the ME monitor, why the dodgy link?

Promitheas Apollonious

if they was then explain why they keep accepting them and do them favors?

Tudor Miron

Is it Russian MOD coming to Israel to ask for something?

Concrete Mike

Hehe maybe its IDF asking russia permission.

Lets hope for a lound and firm NYET!

Pave Way IV

The truth of the extent of Israel’s collusion with the Democratic Party to take out Trump (before and after the 2016 election) with the manufactured Russia collusion story will come out soon. Assange is the key – they don’t want to kill him because the all the secrets WikiLeaks still has will be released in bulk, ‘raw’. They can at least do a little damage control through secrecy if they can get him to the U.S. and manage the release through the courts. A U.S. war with someone during that trial will help to distract the U.S. public a little, but not nearly enough.

Netanyahu and the Israeli military have no doubt that the revelations will cause an uproar of anti-Israeli sentiment in the U.S. and they will be fucked. They have to suck up to Russia in the hopes of some sympathy and future military support. Putin and Russia are being polite and suffer the Israeli visits in the name of diplomacy, but there will be no support. In fact, there will be jubilation in Russia when the American blowback begins against Israel and its influence, and it is left twisting in the wind.


” Assange is the key – they don’t want to kill him because the all the secrets WikiLeaks still has will be released in bulk, ‘raw’. They can at least do a little damage control through secrecy if they can get him to the U.S. and manage the release through the courts. ”

Do you think that he is still in the embassy? It has been quite a while since there has been a proof of life on him. His lawyers were denied access to him a couple of weeks ago.

Last January he sent out an odd message on twitter and since then there are rumors that he was out of the embassy with no guesses where he ended up.

Pave Way IV

No idea, but they would have whacked him years ago if he didn’t have something yet to be revealed that would bring them (well, some of them) down. If some faction within the U.S. government found him useful, they might have spirited him off for safekeeping before his testimony. That’s what I would have done knowing the extent and capabilities of all the other evil fucks within the USG. But who knows? Maybe they whacked him anyway…


I am thinking along the same lines. Thanks.

Joe Kerr

The J. mafia owns the U.S. elite and its lackeys, including Trump. The only thing they understand is a dose of their own meds., something China has just given Canada.


No, wonder what weather in Sochi is like, or better yet, meet in Yalta! :)


What favors is Puting granting the Zionists?
The Zionist are always going to Moscow to suck up to Putin and his leadership.

Promitheas Apollonious

just seen them it is a favor and giving them credibility that should never have given them. But on the other hand let time show to all what is not clear yet.

You can call me Al

“Following a phone conversation on December 8th, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Israeli Prime Minister, as well as Health, Foreign and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the countries’ two militaries may meet in the following days to discuss cooperation in Syria.”

What bloody co-operation on Syria, keep your hooked noses out and stay away head bang your wall. Arrogant chopped pricks.


Promitheas Apollonious

now you know why many times I express doubts of the motives and the way the russians operated with their partners and this goes with all of them in syria minus Iran. They fight the mercenaries of SA-turkey and israel, but at the same time are in bed with their supporters and creators and to me that makes very little sense.

Does it to you?

Tudor Miron

Contacts between miltaries are normal. Russia’s unique position is in its ability to talk to all sides. Bibi hopes that he can get back to situation that was before downing of IL-20. Who says that it will happen as he wants to?


Yes,Churchills quote ( that he largely ignored) was that ‘ Its better to jaw jaw than war war ‘.

Promitheas Apollonious

And that was right the situation before the downing of the IL-20? To me it seems same shit different day. I say this because I see where all the moves all the players there are doing and not only in Syria but every where is an open conflict and what I see and where it leads, strongly reminds me of a jewish foreplay.

Tommy Jensen

Just remember all wars are bankers wars. Follow the money!

Syria war is about government owned central bank plus a Rothschild´s investment in a gas pipe from the Qatar field to Europe, plus Rothschild dream plus Great Israel plus the ice cream of closing Russian gas sale.

Russia´s intervention is to secure Russia´s gas sale on the market. As long as Russia occupy West Syria and the US Rotschild East Syria is insecure, then Russia has secured its economic interest.

Promitheas Apollonious

not really. The bed partners they chosen to play with and the national interest of russia dont go hand in hand and time will prove who is able to see in the future based on facts and not likes and dislikes or personal opinions.

You can call me Al

To be honest, no not really;however I do understand your view, but I think that there are means reasons to remain mature and diplomatic…. we never know what will happen in the future.

Concrete Mike

You still want contacts between 2 nuclear armed militaries. Its ” du gros bon sense” wich mean it only.makes sense…

Although i agree and understand your position, your dealing the right hand while the left hand is constantly throwing rocks at you.

A snake can only be one thing…a fucking snake.

Thank god russians are smart and patient.


Thank god there are sane Americans such as you Mike :)

Concrete Mike

Im an insane french canadian actually, but these days id rathe be insane than”sane”. At least i can be insane on my own terms.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont disagree with your logic. But watch where every thing will lead to. West is completely losing the economic as well the energy war and it stop been a food supplier to many countries they try to control via that.

Control water -energy and food you control the world. The americans and masters try to do so via famine and money. They failed, so they only have they left now and need is a global war. There is no contact between the two bigger nuclear powers and the ones who pull the strings are the Brits not the americans who follow, not the british government they are also puppets of the same masters who pull west strings and colonies.

Something I do know is they will not back down because if they do then they will collapse by imploding and already they are half way there.


Russia, and more particularly Shoigu, are now running the dialogue over the control of Syrian, and de-facto Lebanese, airspace. Since the S-300 deployment Russia is quiet – rather, it is the braggart Netanyahu, and his officials, desperately wanting to go to Moscow. Yet they have been cold shouldered for months. Meanwhile, it is Netanyahu, who faces increasing domestic corruption and political numbers pressures. All Russia has to do is stand back and watch the Netanyahu desperation, until Russia wants to engage on their own terms. It is called teaching the recalcitrant a lesson.


It’s always depressing to hear about Moscow wanting to “coordinate” with the Israeli military, especially considering how well that’s worked out in the past. Satanyahoo has nothing to offer, save a reduction in the number of ‘accidents’ he’s been promising.


Politics is the art of the possible.
Haven’t you ever been in a situation where you were polite, but really you wanted to hit the prick?

Promitheas Apollonious

In my line of business, no. In my life never. Simple reason I never been an employee and never accepted orders, or have to be polite to as*sh*oles. I take care my people better than any system can so……

No I am not a polite person or a PC one.

Tommy Jensen

Great answer!


The people have a voice.
We speak the Truth, no more numbers.
We hear You speak and the people. We want to hear This voice. You sing the Truth.


Do You not see it?
This is what Victory smells like. Pain blood and tears. Was it worth it?

Tommy Jensen

It was worth all 500 000 goyim children. It was worth it.


The IDF is screwed. they tried it on Nov. 30 and failed miserably. This meeting is not surprising. I don’t think they will get much. Russia is not daft and has demonstrated quite a long memory. I perceive the IDF folks will try once more to shtick their way through it. I hope I am wrong. Russia has the US and Israel right where they want them in Syria. They played it at a snails pace so, frick and frack never saw it coming.

Pompeo’s reaction to the Russians arriving in Venezuela this week, will lessen pressure on Syria over time and increase the likelihood of an earlier withdrawal from a few different places; Syria being one of them. People constantly talk about weakness with Russia and frequently miss what is actually happening. The Syria deployment has thrown a dagger right in the middle of US policy, literally and figuratively, in the middle east. The US is getting pinched in the Gulf and split down the middle in Syria. Israel is not going go to Moscow, use a few Jewish wizards and alter the reality of what has developed. My take on things, I wish well to all.

Tommy Jensen

Russia should not show up in Venezuela breaking all International rules and treaties. We can also do something and we will do something against what Russia has been is doing.

We will sanction Russia and we will put more pressure on Russia out from a position of strength because thats the only thing these vodka alchoholics understand.


Who is we, your multiple personalities from your mental disorder? You certainly don’t speak for most Americans.


Stuff it Tommy.

Joe Kerr

The Khazar mob wants war with Iran, but it needs Russia to be compliant.

Tommy Jensen

Putin says that this time Israel can only be allowed 100 bombings/year on Syrian scientists, SAA military bases and Syrian anti-air installations to help ISIS, and only if they promise to advice at least 10 minutes before they bomb so Russian personel have the possibility to run all they can.

H Eccles

“IDF Delegation Goes To Moscow To Brief Russian Military On ‘Operation Northern Shield And Other Operational Issues”

Funny.. I do remember the leader of the illegal squatters telling us he will bomb whoever and wherever he wants.. but now apparently he’s heading to Moscow to seek permission.


the problem for israel is that they know they are sitting ducks for Russian ICBMs from the Caspian Sea (as you’ll recall from the early days of the attack on Syria by the disunited states and israel) should they get too far out of hand. No way the iron shield (or whatever it’s called) can stop a massive cloud of ICBMs
aimed at tel aviv – so this israeli mission is most likely to try to convince the Russians that it’s necessary for israel to do something about the threat they will claim is coming from Hezbollah and in that they will have no truck. Russia is not going to allow israel to start acting out towards a neighbouring country, however much they feel threatened,

please also note that the S-300 in Syria has stopped israel from doing their usual
fly by attacks and they are hard up, near impotent, and they need to apologize for the downing of the Russian airplane some time ago in order to get some kind of permission to either attack Lebanon/Hezbollah or get Russia to work towards a neutering of Iran. It won’t happen since Iran is in Syria on invitation and out of Russia immediate control.

Pls note, israel is facing some serious threats which they will not be able to neutralize. In fact and rest assured .israel is toast and they are probably already packing their stolen stuff – good riddance!!

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