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IDF Conducts Massive Exercise To “Simulate Conditions Of War With Hezbollah”


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a massive military exercise last week which was designed to prepare soldiers for combat operations in “topographical conditions” comparable to those in Lebanon, The Times of Israel reported.

Carried out by the 401st Brigade of the Armored Corps, the exercise was the largest in years.

IDF Conducts Massive Exercise To "Simulate Conditions Of War With Hezbollah"

IDF forces completed the field training exercise alongside the Israeli Air Force, in addition to the engineering and intelligence corps.

According to the IDF and also seen on specific Twitter feeds, dozens of armored personnel carriers, main battle tanks, attack aircraft, and helicopters were deployed in the training zone in the Jordan Valley.

One Twitter user said, “IDF temporarily evicted 291 people from 4 communities in the northern Jordan Valley, to conduct military drills on their lands.”

The brigade’s commander, Col. Dudu Sonago, said Hezbollah, the Lebanese Militant Group, has gained experience and developed sophisticated battle techniques after fighting in neighboring Syria’s civil war.

“As the situation in Syria stabilizes, Hezbollah is returning its forces to Lebanon,” Col. Dudu Sonago told Channel 12. “They are no longer a guerrilla organization, but a real army. They fought there in regiments of companies and battalions, very similar to the military.”

“They operate in civilian areas and are ready with a large quantity of anti-tank missiles,” added Sonago. “This is a challenge the IDF must train for.”

The Times of Israel says tensions between Israel and Lebanon “have heightened in recent months ” following IDF operations to “locate and destroy Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnels reaching into the country.”

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah dismissed the effectiveness of the Israeli operation, which ended in January.

Nasrallah criticized Israel earlier this month over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warmongering attitude against Lebanon over the “inclusion of the Iran-backed organization in the country’s new government,” said The Times of Israel.

On Tuesday, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said the new government would allow Hezbollah to keep its weapons, which some of the military hardware was used against Israel in 2006 and are used regularly to threaten Jerusalem.

Former Defense Ministry Ombudsman Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Brick has recently claimed that IDF forces are not ready to wage war on Hezbollah, arguing in a damning report that the military is “worse than it was at the time of the Yom Kippur War” in 1973.

With war drums beating between Israel and Hezbollah (and even maybe Iran), the IDF has completed its latest large scale war drill, simulating a fierce battle between its adversaries.

With the global economy going down the tubes, Zero Hedge readers must be on the watch for geopolitical flashpoints in the coming quarters.




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  • H Eccles

    May Hezbollah kick their squatter asses….

    • Zionism = EVIL

      This farce is all about domestic Zionist politics as the flat head ugly Polish Khazar Nutter Yahoo is running scared. The so-called IDF has not fought a war since it suffered the 33 day humiliation at the hands of Hezbollah in 2006. The Zionists are good at beating up unarmed Palestinian women and children but fighting a battle tested and hardened force like Hezbollah is a totally different story. The pathetic condition of Zionist equipment like the converted Centurion tank APC sums in all up. In the age of super Kornets and tandem warhead Iranian Dehaleveih, the Zionist scum have surprise coming.

      Lebanese Hezbollah 9M133 Kornet Dehaleveih Iranian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system near Shebba Farms.


  • verner

    yes please hezbollah, join up with syria, with turkey, with iraq, with iran, with saudi arabia, with egypt and kick them squatters to kingdom come so that they never ever again is seen in the neighbourhood. no one needs the squatters although the squatters need everyone to fleece, which is the survival method of the squatters. thus to kingdom come.

    • potcracker777

      Saudi arabia my dear friend was british created, and is british controlled to this day!!!!!
      Egpyt is a stooge state….and now the worst dictartorship on our planet, controlled by the british elite
      Iraq was utterly destroyed, their entire Society turned up side down, just as the british elites main theme ” Order out of Chaos”…
      Turkey is a Domino state……not trustworthy… falls down like Dominos, see syria…

      it will be SAA,Hezbollah,PMU in iraq and Iran against the satanic Entity and their Partners the british and their slaves U.S.A and other parts of EU!!!

      • verner

        they’ve tried before and one thing is certain, that if you want to kick them squatters to kingdom come, the more they are, the better off they will be and increasing the probability that the squatters will be kicked from here to eternity.

  • BlueInGreen

    Yeah, don’t see much other than standard exercises from the aggressor nation of Israel.

    What are you waiting for Israel? Hezbollah is only getting STRONGER, wouldn’t it be logical to attack them now rather than later?

    • goingbrokes

      Fighting Hezbollah would weaken israel hugely, and losing any units in that fight would be all over the internet these days. Israel would be seen by the rest of the world as a weak country (like it is, as we know) instead of local super power.
      They have been testing Syria a lot recently, and they are finding that Syria’s response is very disciplined and rational. In short they are very scared of the Syrians. They are worried that the Americans will stop being ready to die for israel.
      The world’s unofficial opinion is against israel, unlike during Yom Kippur War. They are finding that money and weapons will not solve all of their problems. The truth is coming out, the scamsters are panicking, they are ending up in a very friendless place. They should’ve thought about that earlier, but insanity does as insanity is.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The Zionists had to cry Uncle Sam a few months ago when their incursion in totally isolated and embargoed Gaza gulag did not go too well and the scum suffered 8 casualties. Imagine what the Zionist parasites would face in Lebanon if they tangled with a beefed up Hezbollah which is now battle tested fighting force on steroids. The Zionist will avoid tangling with Hezbollah at all costs and the next war will last for years and end in the destruction of Zionst cancer and will not be confined to the border either.


    Seeing some tanks “immobilized” with rising smoke would add some realism to “simulate conditions of war with Hezbollah. :)

  • potcracker777

    jews are lousy combatants…. and their air superiority, which helped them win wars in the past, is totally useless against hezbollah……lol….. if the dirty satanic jews do decide to attack hezbollah again….. wooohoooh … this will be the beginning of the end of the evil satanic Entity…..and the jews know this…..thats why all this bs rhetoric by them jews is just another way of hoping its not the other way round… and hezbollah with SAA and Iran attack the satanic Entity… and as the great Qassem Soleimani pointed out and i´ll Quote him

    “in the next war with the Zionist Entity, we will push them into the mediteranian”

    and jews are not good swimmers…..gggggg

    • LR captain

      Hezbollah and the Zionists are cut from two different pieces of cloth thought. You need to stop thinking that Hezbollah will destroy the state of Israel,
      It will destroy what ever units are sent into Lebanon and sure northern Israels roads and settlements, airstrips, military bases and factories will reduced to rumble under Hezbollah missile bombardment. However Hezbollah will only take the first 3 lines of Israeli territory, not all of it.

      At the end of the war the positions in Israeli held by Hezbollah will handed over to UN security forces. Israel as oppressive state will still be breathing. The war would serve as idealistic defensive war.

      Even with losses that Israel would endure, because of nature of Hezbollah. Israel would basically be off the hook. Because any damage and losses would be considered self harm.

  • Syria insider

    Israel….. A western creation that should never have been made.

    • potcracker777


      British creation!!!!!!

      there is no USA Nation………the USA is british creation and to this day british controlled

      43 US presidents have a direct bloodline with the british royal elite!!!!
      some examples 4 u:

      34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

      This information comes from Burke’s Peerage, which is the Bible of aristocratic genealogy, based in London. Every presidential election in America, since and including George Washington in 1789 to Bill Clinton, has been won by the candidate with the most British and French royal genes. Of the 42 presidents to Clinton, 33 have been related to two people: Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of France. So it goes on: 19 of them are related to England’s Edward III, who has 2000 blood connections to Prince Charles. The same goes with the banking families in America. George Bush and Barbara Bush are from the same bloodline – the Pierce bloodline, which changed its name from Percy, when it crossed the Atlantic. Percy is one of the aristocratic families of Britain, to this day. They were involved in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament at the time of Guy Fawkes

      If America declared its Independence from the European monarchies in 1776, how is it possible that every single president has descended from European monarchs? If presidents are democratically elected as we are told, what are the odds that we would always choose members of British and French royal bloodlines to lead.

      The Americas have always been owned and governed by the same royal families of Britain and Europe that conventional history states as being among those defeated during the wars of so-called ‘Independence.’”
      If it really is the Land of the Free and if, as is claimed, anyone really can become the president, you would fairly expect that the 43 presidents from George Washington to
      George W. Bush would express that genetic diversity. You’re having a laugh. The presidents of the United States are as much a royal dynasty as anything in Europe, from whence their bloodlines came.

      Foundations like the New England Historical Genealogy Society, Burkes Peerage, the Roman Piso Homepage, and other reliable genealogical sources have documented these royal presidential bloodlines. Actually, by branching out far enough on the presidential family tree, the dedicated researcher will find that all 43 presidents share kinship, belonging to the same general ancestry, often called the 13th Illuminati bloodline, the Merovingian line, and/or the Windsor-Bush bloodline.

      If you go deeply enough into the genealogical research you will find that ALL the presidents are from this line …A spokesman for Burkes Peerage, the bible of royal and aristocratic genealogy based in London, has said that every presidential election since and including George Washington in 1789 has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes. Now we can see how and why. United States presidents are not chosen by ballot, they are chosen by blood.
      Granted the relationships are sometimes distant 10th or 15th cousins, but in a country with hundreds of millions to choose from, this simply cannot be chance or coincidence. Gary Boyd Roberts, a genealogist at the New England Historic Genealogical Society thoroughly traced these connections in his book “Ancestors of American Presidents.” George W. Bush himself is directly related to 16 former U.S. presidents including George Washington, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford.

      Bush is closely related to the king of Albania and has kinship with every member of the British royal family and the House of Windsor. He is related to 20 British Dukes, the 13th cousin of Britain’s Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth. He is 13th cousin once removed from Prince Charles and has direct descent from King Henry III, Charles II, and Edward I of England. Through the House of Windsor and King Henry III, the Bush’s and Bill Clinton are genetically related as well.

      According to Burke’s Peerage, even according to the official genealogy, Bill Clinton is genetically related to the House of Windsor, the present royal family in Britain; to every Scottish monarch; to King Henry III of England; and to Robert I of France.

      In 2004 George W. Bush ran as a “Republican” against “Democrat” John Forbes Kerry – his 16th cousin. These cousins, related to the same British and French monarchs, are also secret society brothers in the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity. John Kerry descends from King Henry II of England and Richard the Lionheart, leader of the third Christian crusade in 1189. He also has links to royalty in Albania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Persia, and France, but still not enough royal genes to top George Bush. Earlier in 2000 we see the same story – George W. Bush ran neck and neck with Al Gore; another supposed democrat and cousin of the Bush family.

      Al Gore is a descendant of Edward I, Roman Emperors Louis I, II, and Charles II and is direct descendant of Charlemagne which makes him a distant cousin of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. So the top “democratic” candidates against Bush in 2000 and 2004 were actually his Cousins.

      “Never in the history of the United States have two presidential candidates been as well endowed with royal alliances. There has always been a significant “royal factor,” in those who aspired to the White House, with Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, among others, all boasting blue blood links. Al Gore…a descendant of Edward I, he is also a cousin of former U.S. President Richard Nixon, who resigned from the White House in 1974 for his part in the Watergate scandal. However, Al Gore does have direct links to the Holy Roman Empire. He is descendant of Roman Emperors Louis II, Charles II, and Louis I and is therefore also a direct descendant of Charlemagne, the eighth-century Emperor. The problem is that Gore’s Charlemagne links also make him a cousin of George W. Bush.” -Harold Brooks-Baker, Burke’s Peerage Publishing Director from p. 7, NEXUS magazine, Vol. 8, No 1, January-February edition

      By placing bloodline members on both sides of America’s faux political dichotomy, the old monarchs have guaranteed their right to throne under the guise of democratic elections. Back in 1996 we see the same tactic as “Democrat” Bill Clinton defeated “Republican” Bob Dole, his cousin.

      Even Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, who ‘opposed’ each other at the 1996 election, are distant cousins. They can trace their ancestry to England’s King Henry III, who reigned from 1227 to 1273, and US Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison …Clinton has far more royal blood than Dole and is directly descended from the same bloodline as the House of Windsor, every Scottish monarch, and King Robert I of France. This is why he was the Brotherhood’s choice.

      The Windsor-Bush bloodline reaches from the American presidents, back to British/European royalty, and it doesn’t stop there. It continues back through Roman emperors, all the way to Babylonian Kings and Egyptian Pharaohs near the beginning of recorded history.

      From Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, the French line continues back through Louis XV-I, Charles XI-I, Henry IV-I, Philip V-I, Robert II and many other French monarchs. It passes the de Medici family, specifically Queen Catherine de Medici of France, who supported Columbus’ expedition to the “New World” along with bloodline Queen Isabella of Castile, King Ferdinand of Spain, and the House of Lorraine. It was also Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand who started the 350 year Spanish Inquisition, which ordered the murder of millions who refused to convert to Christianity. And from the House of Lorraine, Duke Godfroi de Bouillon became the first Crusader King of Jerusalem.

      Father George and wife Barbara [Bush] are both descendants of Godfroi de Bouillon who, in 1099, led European noblemen in the successful Crusade to recapture Jerusalem from the Islamic faith and moved into the King’s palace at Temple Mount … Godfroi de Bouillon was the first king of Jerusalem and the Duke of Lower Lorraine, a major region for the Illuminati bloodline …So when George W. Bush, a descendant of the de Bouillon through his mother and father, talked of a “Crusade” against “Islamic” terrorism…this was no slip of the tongue…

      The British line goes back from Prince William and Harry, through Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI and V, King Edward VII, Queen Victoria, King Edward III, II, I, and King George III, II, I. Then it passes through King James I who ordered and financed the now most-widely read version of the Bible. Before James came Mary Stuart, King Henry III, II, I, King John (signer of the Magna Carta) and back to the Plantagenet and Habsburg dynasties under the Roman Empire. Other branches carried the bloodline to Scotland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden and even Mexico:

      This same bloodline also includes key Scottish families like the Lords of Galloway and the Comyns; Marie-Louise of Austria, who married Napoleon Bonaparte; Kaiser Wilhelm II, the king of Germany at the time of the First World War; and Maximilian, the Habsburg emperor of Mexico, who died in 1867. On and on it goes into country after country. This bloodline connects into every surviving royal family in Europe, including King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Dutch, Swedish, and Danish royal lines.
      Before the Habsburgs, the House of Lorraine and Charlemagne were the Merovingians (Meroveus/Merovee) who originally brought the bloodline to France and Northwest Europe. Back in 4th century Rome the bloodline passed through Emperor Constantine, the first professed Christian emperor who initiated the Roman Empire’s transition into a Christian State and presided over the first Council of Nicaea. He was preceded by the Roman Piso family whom will be discussed at length later. Before them came Herod the Great of Biblical fame and Ptolemy XIV, son of the most well-known Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Caesar actually married into the bloodline through Cleopatra, the most well-known Egyptian Queen. A little further down this very same bloodline brings us to Alexander the Great:
      One common link in this bloodline is Philip of Macedonia (382-336BC),who married Olympias, and their son was Alexander the Great (356-323BC), a tyrant who plundered that key region of Greece, Persia, Syria, Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, the former lands of Sumer, and across into India before dying in Babylon at the age of 33. During his rule of Egypt he founded the city of Alexandria, one the greatest centers for esoteric knowledge in the ancient world. Alexander was taught by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who in turn was taught by Plato and he by Socrates. The bloodline and the hidden advanced knowledge have always gone together.
      Back the bloodline goes past Alexander, past Nebuchadnezzar IV, III and other Kings of Babylon, all the way to ancient African Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt – Ramesis II, I, Tuthmosis IV, III, II, I, Amenhotep III, II, I and many more. For millennia these Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, and Emperors have obsessively interbred with themselves to preserve and spread their bloodline. They have ruled over us since the beginning of recorded history, claiming they were given divine right to the throne by God or gods.

      This ‘Divine right’ is simply the right to rule by DNA. We have a head of state in Britain to this day who is only there because of her DNA and the whole freeloading hierarchy of the royal family is structured according to a person’s DNA relationship to the king or queen …what is royal rule by DNA if not outrageous racial and genetic elitism? This ‘Divine’ right to rule has nothing to do with the ‘Divine’ and everything to do with the real origin of these bloodlines. They claim to descend from the ‘gods’ of the ancient world and who or what these ‘gods’ were and are, I will explain in detail later. The ‘royal’ families have interbred incessantly with each other since ancient times because they are seeking to retain the DNA corruption that can apparently be quickly diluted by breeding outside of itself. How interesting that the families of the Illuminati and the power elite do the same to this day. Why? They are the same bloodlines. The royal ‘Divine’ bloodlines of ancient Sumer and Babylon (now Iraq), Egypt, the Indus Valley and elsewhere expanded into Europe to become the royal and aristocratic families that ruled that continent and most of the world through the British Empire and those of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and so on. As the people began to challenge and reject the open dictatorship of royal rule the bloodlines began to move ‘underground’ by operating among the population in all the areas that control modern society …You will find a similar story all over the worl

    • Zionism = EVIL

      You mean western created CANCER in the heart of the Arab world!

  • Vitex

    Concentrating armour like that just makes it a juicy target for SSMs with anti-armour warheads (which Hezbollah has)

  • Tudor Miron

    “To simulate conditions of war with Hesbollah” – what, they started crying as they did in 2006?

  • Jim Prendergast

    LOL! Col. Dudu! Is that his real name? Dudu? The fearsome Dudu?

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah stronger than ever before

    The resistance axis is the one that defeated ISIS not that
    US hypocrite who came at the end of the battle trying to claim victory

    The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says
    the US-organized conference in the Polish capital Warsaw was a vain attempt to suffocate the Palestinian cause and isolate Iran. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the key goal of the event was to publicize ties between some Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  • gustavo

    Better to train since Hezbolah has a LOT of combat experience adquired in Syria. Without air power, IDF would look like rich children play war.

  • verner

    antisemitism on the streets of the west -yeah why not since most jewish organisations, most synagogue-congregations as well as jewish and non-jewish individuals across the west are subsidizing the squatters on palestinian land and in doing so they are complicit in the whole-sale murder of palestinians, complicit in the land theft the squatters are engaged in and complicit in the operation of the concentration camp a la dachau
    with an ethnic cleansing program instead of gas-chambers. so why not, clear them off the streets in the west, is a corollary, sooner or later.

    the best way to prevent antisemitism on the streets in the west will be that the western governments prohibit financial support to israel and that jewish groups can declare that they in no way are subsidizing the crimes against humanity, the murders, the land theft and the ethnic cleansing program which is and are perpetrated by the squatters on palestinian land. this is one way which the feeble west will never attempt which leaves us with antisemitism on the streets.

    • Vitex

      The best way to avoid antisemitism is for Jews to be like Paul Eisen and do their own thinking instead of thinking as they’re told. Same for us goyyim.

  • Barba_Papa

    Any army worth its name should and does regularly exercises for what it perceives to be its biggest threats. Hezbollah is that to Israel and I can find no fault for them to do so. The real question is in what ways has Israel studied and applied the lessons of the 2006 war. And studied Hezbollah’s performance in Syria. ANy poster here who thinks the next war with Hezbollah will be a repeat of 2006 will probably get a rude awakening, for we have to assume that Israel has studied this was and applied the lessons. And I hope that Hezbollah also studied that war and improved its game as well.

    • Bigaess Wangmane

      The next war Israel starts with Hezbollah/Lebanon will certainly not be a repeat of 2006, during the last conflict Hezbollah only had it’s Nasr Brigade (3000 strong) on the front lines, you can be sure there’ll be a hell of a lot more than 3000 and many more precision guided missiles launched not just into Northern Israel but as far as Tel Aviv or even the Knesset itself.

      • Barba_Papa

        The real interesting question remains however, how would Israel wage this war differently? And they will because no successive war is waged like the one before. I get the strong impression that every poster here expects the IDF to behave exactly like they did in 2006. And that’s 100% guaranteed not to be happening.

        • Bigaess Wangmane

          Of course they won’t do the same as in 2006. Two things I expect them to do differently is;
          1) use more UAV’s, UGV’s & other drones etc and much more importantly…
          2) utilize the US golems President Trump sent to protect Israel and march them into Southern Lebanon to fight Hezbollah & take the majority of casualties instead of the IDF, but don’t take my word for it, read it in US General Richard Clark’s own words.

        • FlorianGeyer

          NATO and Israel are all totally addicted to airpower.
          To combat Hezbollah , the Israelis would need to be willing to actually fight with infantry, and in my opinion this will not happen. Israeli infantry are far too precious to fight a real opponent. Kids and unarmed civilians are the IDF’s preferred victims.

          The Houthis have demonstrated the power of well motivated and small infantry groups in rugged ground and armed with long range ATGM’s, in an environment where their enemy has total air superiority.

          • Barba_Papa

            Yes, but you’d expect the Israelis to have found solutions to their ground war aversion. If you look at what happened in the 1973 they got a severe arse kicking in the first few days, took notice and applied those lessons with devastating results in the 1982 Lebanon invasion. Similarly they were taken quite by surprise when the First Intefadah erupted in the late 80’s and have by now developed quite an effective system to beat down Palestinian popular uprisings.

            It’s not that I want Israel to win, but to expect your enemies to make the same mistakes all over again is not a winning strategy. We have to assume that the IDF is studying Hezbollah’s ongoing battle tactics and organization and coming up with ways to counter them. Which means Hezbollah has to be even smarter. Because for all we know the IDF will do the unexpected and DOES go in with ground troops.

  • Davki

    Just a tidbit: It’s curious B’Tzelem writes his name
    נסראללה, not נצראללה the former translating as “eagle of G-d” rather than “victory of G-d”… perhaps also a fitting name.

  • Joe Kerr

    Doubtful if Israel would try again after its 2006 drubbing. Each time time it tries to “neutralise” Hezbollah, the latter comes out stronger. It now has 200,000 missiles instead of the 20,000 it had in 2006, which can target most of Israel. As the IDF tanks have improved, so have Hezbollah’s ATMs and other defences. A good SAM system would help, too bad Hariri hasn’t accepted Iran’s offer.