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IDF Conducts Drills In Northern Israel Fearing Hezbollah Invasion

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IDF Conducts Drills In Northern Israel Fearing Hezbollah Invasion

Israeli military. Photo: IDF

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Command completed on December 17 wide-scale drills simulating a range of challenges and threats, according to the IDF Spokespersons’ Unit.

The drills, which were led by the Northern Command, covered the 91st Division,  the 366th Armored Division and many other regional units. Intelligence, combat and gathering efforts were reportedly conducted throughout the drill.

As part of the drills, all Northern Command officers holding the rank of company commander or higher took part in a learning day at the beginning of the week. The goal of the learning day was to learn from the operational incidents that occurred in the northern front in the past few months. Concentrated information was also given to the commanders.

Israel media speculated that the drills were focused on dealing with Hezbollah’s “Conquer the Galilee” plan. Under the plan, the Lebanese group’s elite forces would infiltrate northern Israel from attack tunnels, launching a wide-scale invasion.

Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, acknowledged the presence of the plan years ago, warning Israel on several occasions that Hezbollah has the ability to seize the Upper Galilee region.

Last year, the IDF carried out a large-scale operation, dubbed Northern Shield, to uncover and destroy Hezbollah attack tunnels. Several such tunnels were allegedly uncovered under the separation line with Lebanon.

The operation’s success was questioned by Nasrallah, who stressed in a recent interview that his group is still capable of attacking Upper Galilee settlements.

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Hassan Nasrallah: “the building of walls and placement of huge cement blocks, and even the transformation of the geography (by colossal excavation works conducted since 2015), even the disputes with Lebanon about the sovereignty over certain hills, the real reason for all this is Israel’s fear about the suspected Liberation of Galilee. For I have only said that it was a possibility. I said, “It is possible that…”, and they are frightened to this extent. What would it have been if we had said it was a certainty, huh? We have not yet reached the stage where we say it’s a certainty. The time has not yet come – it will come (later), with the grace of God.
All measures taken (by Israel) at the border confirmed that they consider Lebanon with confidence (in the seriousness of our threats). (They say): “If Hezbollah said that during the next war, they could invade Galilee, it means that they are able to do so.” They did not say it was (merely) hype, psychological warfare, (vain) pretensions from our part, the kind of (thunderous but worthless) speeches that some Arabs would make, and so there would be no importance to it. That’s why all this money is being spent on the border – as I said, for the construction of walls, (safety) measures, changing the very geography (flattening hills, erecting mounds, digging trenches, etc.).

2nd Video: https://thesaker.is/hassan-nasrallah-about-operation-northern-shield-we-are-still-able-to-liberate-galilee/

Karen Bartlett

These exercises won’t change the fact that the IDF’s is only practical experience is in beating up, arresting, torturing and shooting at unarmed civilians, and therefore as proven cowards with no concept of honor, would break and run under fire from well-disciplined veterans of Hezbollah.

Saso Mange

True, IDF will avoid conflict surely because they can’t fight battle hardened resistance.

Jimmy Jim

Yep, easier to beat up on women and children. Kike scum cowards.

Saso Mange

That’s Zionist doing. It takes soulless regime for them to act like that.


Hassan Nasrallah: (so ​​when Barak was) War Minister in the Netanyahu government, he was acting tough, and he came to the northern border, the border between northern Palestine and southern Lebanon, and made a speech to the Israeli military in which he said: “Get ready for the day when your government will order you to invade southern Lebanon.” The following day (16 February 2011), I had a scheduled speech, and I said: “O soldiers of the Islamic Resistance, get ready for the day when the leadership of the Resistance may ask you to take Galilee.” Ever since this speech and to date, there is an issue named “Galilee”, the “Hezbollah and Galilee” file.


Drill fast RETREAT, you will need it !

Azriel Herskowitz

IDF is always prepared if mullah backed terrorists try to start something. I suggest Hezbollah don’t do something unless they want destruction.

Alun Thomas

Prepared indeed, especially now they all have their diapers.


and loads of tissues for the balling when one of them gets liquidated

John Wallace

Do you ever tell the truth or is LIES and BULLSHIT all that spews forth from your mouth.

” US Is Still Lying About The Unwinnable War in Afghanistan
Azriel Herskowitz
Azriel Herskowitz a day ago
Nice piece of Kremlin propaganda here. The US is winning the war and the mullah backed Taliban terrorists are running.”

This story was by the Washington Post and you want to claim the WP who love the Democrats and Hate Trump are now a mouthpiece for the Kremlin. Deranged idiot.

Nothing you say is truth. Nothing but a Troll .
LIES LIES LIES .. Azriel Herskowitz or whatever name you wish to use is nothing but a LYING PIECE OF DOG SHIT> Probably not even Jewish and doing this to stir hatred against Jews. What a low life gutter dog.

R PLobo

How many Ethiopians, Somalis and North Africans do the zionazis have that will not turn and run?


and as if hezbollah would start something – won’t happen so it’s just a hymie ruse to try to convincee the world that they are under an imminent attack, which they are not. just the hymies trying to start something that will bring washington into the ruse. it’s really as pathetic as only the hymies can be – killing palestinians, stealing palestinan land and palestinian gas and operating concentration camp Gaza where the ethnical cleansing program is running full tilt. the quicker they can clean out the palestinians the better it is and they’re not holding back, full till in the palestinian holocaust and not one single party objecting!

time to clear palestine from all hymies and include the embedded and entrenched hymie settlements in certain western societies.


Please go there and join the effort to try that, Igor.

Concrete Mike

Shut up californian fucktard


At least you got the location correct. That’s a first. You never get anything else correct.


BS – You’re a 100% Brooklyn Kike

Lazy Gamer

Seems MADamage is not effective in this case. Is it because it is a damned if you do/nt situation for Israel while Hezbollah is also partly Iran controlled?

Concrete Mike

We are in this situation due to Israel’s intransigence on the palestinian issue.

Their leaders have painted themselves into a corner and are too cocky to negotiate a good deal for all.

Jimmy Jim

Chickenshit kikes in panic mode. Dumb fuckers won’t know what hit em!


Does your mom know you post this stuff, kid?

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