IDF Conducts Drills In Northern Israel Fearing Hezbollah Invasion


IDF Conducts Drills In Northern Israel Fearing Hezbollah Invasion

Israeli military. Photo: IDF

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Command completed on December 17 wide-scale drills simulating a range of challenges and threats, according to the IDF Spokespersons’ Unit.

The drills, which were led by the Northern Command, covered the 91st Division,  the 366th Armored Division and many other regional units. Intelligence, combat and gathering efforts were reportedly conducted throughout the drill.

As part of the drills, all Northern Command officers holding the rank of company commander or higher took part in a learning day at the beginning of the week. The goal of the learning day was to learn from the operational incidents that occurred in the northern front in the past few months. Concentrated information was also given to the commanders.

Israel media speculated that the drills were focused on dealing with Hezbollah’s “Conquer the Galilee” plan. Under the plan, the Lebanese group’s elite forces would infiltrate northern Israel from attack tunnels, launching a wide-scale invasion.

Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, acknowledged the presence of the plan years ago, warning Israel on several occasions that Hezbollah has the ability to seize the Upper Galilee region.

Last year, the IDF carried out a large-scale operation, dubbed Northern Shield, to uncover and destroy Hezbollah attack tunnels. Several such tunnels were allegedly uncovered under the separation line with Lebanon.

The operation’s success was questioned by Nasrallah, who stressed in a recent interview that his group is still capable of attacking Upper Galilee settlements.

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