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IDF Claims There Is Iran-Sponsored Hezbollah Precision Guided Missile Factory In Lebanon


IDF Claims There Is Iran-Sponsored Hezbollah Precision Guided Missile Factory In Lebanon

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On September 3rd, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that a facility north of Nabi Chit, Lebanon was used by Hezbollah to produce precision guided missiles.

The precision guided missiles, with a accuracy of less than 10 meters are allegedly assembled using Iranian-supplied machinery.

“This facility is of superior importance to the Hezbollah precision-missile project, which is why Hezbollah, in fear of strikes, evacuated precious and unique equipment from the compound to civilian locations in Beirut,” the military said.

According to the IDF, Iran provides the special machinery, trains the production operators, and provides regular guidance and support.

On August 29th, the IDF accused Iran of wanting to supply Hezbollah with precision guided missiles since 2013.

The IDF claimed that Brigadier General Ali Asrar Nuruzi, Colonel Majid Nuab and Brigadier General Muhammad Hussein-Zada Hejazi were actively working with Hezbollah to provide the group with the missiles.

There is also a dramatic video revealing the information which was “declassified,” following a sort of social media game, in which IDF revealed “classified” information (and by no means simply propaganda) by getting retweets of its posts.

On the previous day, the IDF provided a tally, claiming that Iran was specifically using Hezbollah to force Lebanon into a war with Israel. Worst of all, Lebanon wasn’t doing anything to stop it.

On September 1st, Hezbollah fired “2-3” anti-tank missiles, hitting an IDF military outpost and ambulance in Northern Israel.

Reports from Lebanon say that the anti-tank attack was in response to an Israeli airstrike on August 24th in Syria, which killed two members of the group.

Lebanon’s LBCI TV news channel reported that Hezbollah warned, “Retaliation over drones will be in kind, and will be at its own time and according to its own circumstances.”

In response to the attack, on a battalion headquarters outside of the northern Israeli community of Avivim and at military vehicles nearby, the Israeli military said its artillery cannons and attack helicopters fired approximately 100 shells and bombs at Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah on August 31st said the anti-tank missile attack was in response to the two Hezbollah members being killed in Syria. He also said that there would be a response to an allegedly Israeli drone crashing on the roof of Hezbollah’s media office in southern Beirut, while another exploded and crashed nearby.




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