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IDF Chief Of Staff Requests Over $1 Billion To Prepare Strike On Iran


IDF Chief Of Staff Requests Over $1 Billion To Prepare Strike On Iran

Israel’s first two F-35 stealth fighter jets on their maiden flight as part of the Israeli Air Force on December 13, 2016. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will request an additional NIS 4 billion (about $1.2 billion) for its budget this year, the Yent news site reported on January 26.

According to the site, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi demanded 3 billion in order to finance a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The additional amount is the is the bear minimum required by an Air Force estimate to prepare for the “Iranian threat.”

Yent expected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz to back Kochavi’s demands. The commander has already begun preparing blueprints for a possible strike on Iran.

In a livestreamed speech at the Institute for National Security Studies think tank’s conference, Kochavi acknowledged that the IDF is drawing up fresh operational plans to strike Iran’s nuclear program.

“In general, none of [our enemies] want to initiate anything against us. All of their actions — almost without exception — are retaliatory to our actions, not actions that they’ve initiated. And when they decide to carry out [an attack], they experience difficulties and decide to abandon their ways of acting,” Kohavi said. “And the most important thing, we do not now see — at least for now, this can change — that any of our enemies or any of the countries surrounding us that we categorize as belligerent plan or want or is considering initiating a war or a large-scale operation against the State of Israel.”

Kochavi filed his plans for an attack on Iran last Spring as Iran was reportedly boosting its uranium enrichment efforts by developing more advanced centrifuges.

While Israel claims that Iran may soon be able to build a nuclear bomb, what Tel Aviv really fears is the return of the US to the 2015 nuclear agreement under the Biden administration. An Israeli strike on Iran will not only lead to the collapse of the agreement, but would also drag the entire region into a dangerous military confrontation.




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