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JULY 2020

IDF Amasses Troops Along Gaza Border As Hamas Unit Engages Israeli Snipers


IDF Amasses Troops Along Gaza Border As Hamas Unit Engages Israeli Snipers

Israeli soldiers and civilians take cover as air-raid siren sounds on a road at the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, November 12, 2018. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are amassing troops along the border with the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing encounter between Palestinian forces and the IDF.

“We are in the midst of a wide-scale process of accumulating more infantry, armored and other forces to the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and we are mobilizing reserves for Iron Dome operations and the Home Front Command,” IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said, according to Israeli media.

In a statement the IDF also claiemd that it had struck over 150 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets across the Gaza Strip, including an attack tunnel and four military compounds in Gaza City, Beit Hanun, Jabaliya and Khan Yunis.

The Israeli “security cabinet” is currently holding a meeting on the current situation. Israeli media outlets report that the IDF has alredy got a “green light” to continue strikes on Gaza.

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources reproted that a unit of “resistance” fighters entered the Israeli-held area, engaged a group of IDF sniers there and then returned to Gaza.

Later the IDF reported that its warplanes and helictoper had struck a group of “terrorists”, which infiltrated the border northeast of Gaza. One Hamas member was reprotedly injured.



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  • Nationaliste Traditionaliste

    Death to Israel !

  • That Guy

    This situation is where the “axis of resistance” should prove themselves worthy of being called so. Aside from showing that they have negative views about the situation, they should do something that would change anything on the ground, but I doubt they will do anything ever other than talking and telling empty threats.

    • Merijn

      Shooting ATGMs on buses ain’t Empty Threats…. Your ISIS…I mean IDF-Kid-Killer-Brigade should send in some F-35s…so that they can test the S-300 Systems…No Empty Threats right? Or are your Pilots still shittin’ their pants and we’ll have to wait until they have cleaned themselves…

      • Jens Holm

        The arabs there certainly gets decorated by that…

    • potcracker2588

      u have no idea what u r writing about…..on the one side u have satanicinvading creatures(i wont call them humans), with stockpiles of the most modern day weapons including attack choppers,airforce,satellites etc…. which are blocking all borders of gaza so that zero can get in(that alone is a war crime .period) and on the other side…the native population of palestinians, with no choopers,airforce,satellites..since 2017 gaza does not have a funcktioning sewage plant anymore..in short the shit that people shit out day in and day out runs open through the streets..hence disease spreading espeically by the very young is very very high..infant mortality rate going up per day……….its genocide………

      agter having written that…here is my question to u? wtf do u expect those poor people to do?attack the IDF on open field???with no airforce or tanks etc..
      the so called “rockets” for instance that resistance shoots at israel are firecrackers…they are not rockets and by no means missiles….they are kitchen homemade from second hand ie. thzey use old car exhauts or old gas czyklinders…the average amount of TNT explosive per “rocket” is 7TNT kg…the maximum lies between 17-20TNT kg….a fucking joke compared to the high explosive military grade IDF bombs and missiles with 1000 TNTkg.
      The resistance knows fully that their firecrackers dont hurt no one, but they inflict psycological pain…….the only possibility for hamas and islamic jihad(the 2 biggest factions in gaza) to inflict real casualties on IDF is if the IDF is sooo fucking stupid and leave their “nothing can happen to me castle” and invade gaza…..hamas would love it…islamic jihad would love it…but i doubt very much that the jews are soo fucking stupid.They will probably escalate with a 2 week bombing campaign, but no ground forces espeically after hamas showed yesterday it has modern day ATGM´s.

      • That Guy

        I’m not talking about Hamas or other Palestinians, I know they can’t help themselves since they have their limbs cut by this siege. I’m talking about outer forces such as Iran and Hezbollah, they should try to change this situation in any way.

      • R Trojson

        Israeli air power is destroying Gaza with impunity. They can destroy anything they want in Gaza anytime they want.

        • Merijn

          Yeah and some more Warcrimes…..wait what will happen…. you Folks are done…bring on your desperate attempt to save your sorry asses….

          • R Trojson

            Those living off the misery in Gaza in their mini waterfront palaces are the worst. No wonder you defend them so vigorously since they are the ones who pay for your posts.

          • Merijn

            All I care for is that Beachhead IsraHell disappears…Let these Illegal Fascist ZioNazi Occupants go back to the shithole they came from….they got no Right & No Business being there in the first place… go Find your Holy Land somewhere else…

          • Jens Holm

            It seemes You have forgotten most facts before and even after the 2 Balfours.

            WW2 as well as WW1 was not at all connected to, what happend with many jews in eastern europe at all.

            The Brittish themselves has descriebed what they did and in numbers very well. Strange You are not allowed to read that.

            They would devellop their new taken lands to protect them. A good reason was Suez, but some right here also forget they has Cyprus and oil in Kirkuk.

            The politics about it was clear. Arabs should be as they always were, and well educated jews being almost europeans or europeans should make new and modern jobs for themselves as well as arabs. They hardly should use land but be towners.

            A funny part was arab(men) uprising against equal rights at that time too(19136-39). Some not funny but well known person was Your belowed Mufti of Jerusalem even having Hitler support.

          • Merijn

            Jens Holm: The Brittish themselves has descriebed what they did and in numbers very well.

            Merijn: The British Government and their British His-Story-Tellers are Fucking Lying Parasites…..and they have spread their Filthy Lies in Education, Books, Television, Movies, Documentaries…everywhere… just to Sell their Bullshit…

          • Jens Holm

            Everybody is wrong ? Apart from whome. Many other then britts has writen about it beibg there themselves. Many photos as well.


          • Hasbara Hunter

            Fuck you Traitor…..

          • dontlietome

            I must admit to getting a laugh from the utter incomprehensible drivel that you vomit like some meth-addict. Your verbage would be at least half interesting if it were coherent, but alas it is not. Tell me, do you have the star of david tattooed on your sphincter ?

          • Jens Holm

            I have facts. You have nationalistic etnic garbage of the worst kind. It relative easy can be found on internet.

          • dontlietome

            …………What comes around, comes around you hasbara troll. You have earned your place at your master table, he will use your excrement encrusted rump upon which he will rest his cloven hooves.

        • dontlietome

          Hey toe-rag, what snuffed out an F35 over Israeli airspace a couple of nights ago and caused a complete news blackout there and elsewhere………………..the problem for those parasites is that there were eye-witnesses………………….apparently the remnants of the pilot were swept up with a dust-pan and brush………………………”Israeli air power”………….yeah you wanker, great against women and kids.

  • Merijn

    IsraHell….you got it comin’….You are Vermin…Send in the Pest-Control…..they got you cornered…wait until the U.S. leaves you…

  • Concrete Mike

    Funny how this incident happens at same time as saudi coalition getting bogged down in yemen?

    Is this a distraction??
    Whats going on in hodeydah??

  • R Trojson

    Palestinians have been played these many years and are headed toward even more death and destruction. Palestinians will never make peace so they will fight to their death. Naturally they do not benefit but their leaders grow fat and rich from the endless death and destruction. Just count the waterfront mansions in Gaza. Just follow the money, who is paying their leaders?

    Had Palestine made peace in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s … they would have their own country with tremendous wealth. They choose death and destruction instead of peace and prosperity. Some will say this is just Darwin at work.

    • Rakean Jaya

      ‘Peace” in Palestinian is easy and simple, just fulfill UN Res 242. It just need Israel, only Israel to take action, leaving all occupation lands back to 1967 green line. Is it hard enough for you to understand? It is Israel a culprit, an aggressor, invader not Palestinian.

      • R Trojson

        Yet Israel continues to expand, little by little. Iran is starting to fade away yet Israel get stronger and larger. If Palestinians were not fighting the Jews they would be fighting one of their other neighbors. Palestinians have been fighting to the death for 1000 years. Take your pick Jordan, Lebanon, Syria or Egypt

        • alejoeisabel

          Racist Zionist comment.

          • Jens Holm

            You might read other things written before You judge people like that. In the last one I saw right here 5 minutes ago, You right away would name him as Jihadist.

            Like You should behave Yourself and reflect in an entlighten context.

    • Merijn

      Yeah Pure Darwinism….Survival of the Fittest…The IDF-Kid-Killers won’t stand a chance against the comin’ Tsunami… We are watching The Extinction of IsraHell… Live on TV….ain’t that beautiful? Can hear that Roar in the far Distance boy? That is Death comin’……

      • russ

        What’s that guy’s name, I R. a Trojan (house)?

        • Merijn

          Trojan Horse…. I prefer Hasbara…. to keep it short & Simple…

    • H Eccles

      Hey R Tojson

      You talk like a trained hasbara cockroach. There’s plent of them springing into action just now to save Israel’s sorry ass. Anyway, that crap you’ve been told to spew.. do you even believe it yourself?

    • alejoeisabel

      The Israeli government is filled with thieves. Sending poor Hebrew boys to their deaths.

      • Jens Holm

        I dont see that. 1 now and then is not many.

        I see no sign of they are thieves as well as all in Israel has to be in their forces, so fx those boyes and girls can defend themselves against enemies of theirs.

        • Aen RaBeon

          The so called special forces didn’t engage their retaliating enemy but instead ran to save their skin under air cover. Without air cover they would have returned in body bags. Hamas should get more manpads.

  • LR captain

    The Isreali sniper spent all their shooting unarmed protesters, so we of comments secton asked what if real fighters moved in.
    Then hamas sent in their own home grown special forces to sneak across the boarder and most likely wounds some of the snipers.
    the response more armored men and machine in ensure the safety of Zionist butchers

  • Ezekiel Okeke

    No ceasefire. It is either Arab States take over Gaza adminstration or Israel take over Gaza adminstration.