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ICC Investigation Of Israeli War Crimes Is “Pure Anti-Semitism”: Benjamin Netanyahu

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ICC Investigation Of Israeli War Crimes Is "Pure Anti-Semitism": Benjamin Netanyahu

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On February 6th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement saying that the International Criminal Court investigating Israeli war crimes would be “pure anti-Semitism”.

“When the ICC investigates Israel for fake war crimes, this is pure anti-Semitism,” Netanyahu said in an English-language video sent out by his office.

He also alleged that the ICC was created to investigate Nazi atrocities, and that it had no right to investigate what Israel did.

Netanyahu lamented that “the court established to prevent atrocities like the Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish people is now targeting the one state of the Jewish people.”

He further asserted that the ICC is “outrageously” claiming “that when Jews live in our homeland, this is a war crime.” Commenting on the Israeli settlement policy that nobody apart from the United States recognizes.

And, he added, “it claims that when democratic Israel defends itself against terrorists who murder our children, rocket our cities, we’re committing another war crime.”

The prime minister complained that the ICC “refuses to investigate brutal dictatorships like Iran and Syria who commit horrific atrocities almost daily.”

The difference here is that one side’s atrocities actually have evidence, and the others are simply accusations by MSM and the West.

ICC chief prosecutor Bensouda indicated in 2019 that a criminal investigation, if approved, would focus on the 2014 Israel-Hamas conflict (Operation Protective Edge), on Israeli settlement policy and on the Israeli response to protests at the Gaza border.

Netanyahu earlier also commented on this, on February 5th:

“Today the ICC proved once again that it is a political body and not a judicial institution. The ICC ignores the real war crimes and instead pursues the State of Israel, a state with a strong democratic government that sanctifies the rule of law, and is not a member of the ICC.”

“In this decision,” Netanyahu added, “the ICC violated the right of democracies to defend themselves against terrorism, and played into the hands of those who undermine efforts to expand the circle of peace. We will continue to protect our citizens and soldiers in every way from legal persecution.”

Israel is not a member of the ICC and neither is the US. The Palestinians joined the court in 2015.

If Israel and/or Hamas are ultimately convicted of war crimes, and if senior officials are named in such a verdict, they could be subject to international arrest warrants upon travel abroad.

The US State Department also objected to the decision.

“We have serious concerns about the ICC’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel. The United States has always taken the position that the court’s jurisdiction should be reserved for countries that consent to it, or that are referred by the UN Security Council,” it said.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh praised the decision, calling it “a victory for justice and humanity, for the values of truth, fairness and freedom, and for the blood of the victims and their families,” according to the official Wafa news agency.

Hamas said “any decision that contributes to supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and defends their freedom is an appropriate decision.”

“The Palestinian people await the day that the occupation and its leaders are brought to trial for their crimes against it. We call to use all means to stop Zionist terror and crimes against the Palestinian people,” Hamas said in a statement.

As such the pure hypocrisy is evident: war crimes and atrocities are only that if another actor, and not Israel, carries them out.


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In Exile

Idi got the wrong brother but at least he made Kenya Jew free for a time.

John Wallace

Idi Amin . ?? He had nothing to do with Kenya. Uganda’s most decorated war hero expelled Asians , mostly Indians at one stage but relented shortly afterwards. He expelled some Israeli advisors when he had a tiff with Israel so must be another Idi but then Jews were never eliminated in Kenya. Stuff all of them there for a start.


They built Entebbe airport in Uganda … in the years before the ARAB OIL EMBARGO … Israel did lots of ‘good works’ in Africa … eh?

After Abraham Accords … that should start again in earnest

John Wallace

I forgot about that and of course the hijacking . Dementia must be setting in. Yes Israel did a lot of work in South Africa in the 1970;s.. Stuff that people weren’t supposed to talk about but they did.


South Africa … not

The Israelis attempted to help Africans in agriculture / engineering / construction projects BEFORE the Arab Oil Boycott ended ALL Israeli ties … the Arabs making sure to inflict pain on Israel when they could … eh? Following the SHAME & HUMILIATION of their defeat AGAIN in 1973 … eh?

Yes … the Arab Terrorist hijacking … the Israelis knew every nook and cranny of the Airport THEY BUILT … eh?

Funny that … lol

John Wallace

South Africa , oh yes they were and they weren’t there to grow plants or to build roads and we are not talking blacks here..


Aww … the country was what it was … they could use Israeli help today


John Wallace

You haven’t got a clue and showing total ignorance.


Stop speaking in code … you’re talking about nuclear cooperation … then say it … punk

John Wallace

whatever makes you happy arsehole. I was never into punk rock , not even close.


Still avoiding the SA issue … eh?

I still listen to the Ramones & the Clash


John Wallace

Of course it was the nuclear co operation. I was there at that time but not involved of course as I was an alien , to them I was , .


An alien … well you’re honest

Retired obviously …

John Wallace

I know what you are thinking. Did I fire six shots or was it 5. Well what do you think punk. Sorry Clint , I didn’t realise it was you …


Dirty Harry reference …. eh? hmm

Definitely retired …


Fool … Uganda and Udo was cookoo

Just Me

comment image


Your alleged point?


comment image

Just Me

Corrupt Nutty Yahoo has a point as Arabs are the only real Biblical Semites and Khazar criminals murdering them is indeed anti-Semitic

comment image .


Bibi Mate … The God of your fathers will judge both of us when he returns. I for one, would not like to be in your shoes when that happens. Had you believed Moses, you would recognize your error and turn to the one True God that your nation crucified Yeshua HaMashiach


Jews for Jesus … really? pmsl

Just Me

comment image


‘That’ll be the Day’

Buddy Holly


benjamin mileikowsky doesnt sound like a semite name neither do these white europeans look like semites so these imposters need to be taken away this label


They are ALL [fake/phony]Semites…they ARE infact the true Anti-Semites AKA Evil-Minded Racists.


this anti semitism label needs to be attacked these days to make the use of it into a joke


unfortunally nobody dares to touch it and make a comprehensive list of how many times they used it and how many times they indeed themselves were the anti semites while using this label and this has to be pressured into the peoples heads in the west that they stop being so cognitive retarded about all things that are connected to these zionist imps


this issue is basically over anyway the jews lost their biggest backers and now they are crying and screaming


Lost their biggest backers?

What a f/kn LIE … clown

Just Me

Jews are devious parasites.


comment image

Peter Jennings

Is it ‘democratic’ for the leader of a country to occupy more than one office simultaneously? Netty has more than a few and kicked up a real fuss when he lost one of his toys.
Is it ‘democratic’ to build walls in order to keep the indigenous people away from land stolen from them?
Is it ‘democratic’ to deny free speech?
Is it ‘democratic’ to deny open scrutiny and accountability?

I’m afraid the isreali apartheid regime is anything but democratic. The pig wears lipstick, but it’s still a pig.

Somehow i see only those of Hamas being held accountable for any crimes. Much like one Serbian leader who was declared innocent of all US/nato charges and hearsay, after they declared him dead.
The ICC are going to have to pull their finger out if they are to regain any of the credibility they once had.


Jeopardy question: Is it ‘democratic’ for the leader of a country to occupy more than one office simultaneously?

Jeopardy answer: Yes, of course

The rest of your questions are false questions … already answered seeking simple ‘yes’ … not very Socratic

The ICC will make fools of themselves by jailing Hamas leaders in an attempt harm the democratic State of Israel …


Potato Man

BiBi and his pigs in hell gonna call Satan anti-SEMITISM….

Hind Abyad

Israeli sportcomment image comment image comment image comment image


in view of the serious crimes by the jews in palestine against the indigenous population, like palestinians, like syrians, like iraqis and like lebanese, a fair bit of anti-semitism is to be expected and as long as the jews in palestine continue their crimes against humanity and war crimes and ethnic cleansing, they should just get used to being subjected to hate-crimes, to anti-semitic slurs and anti-jewish violence. simple as all that.

no way to get away from reality even by using the age-old catch-all defense of ‘ANTI-SEMITIC’ ! It’s so old and carry no persuasion with the non-jews.


anti-Judaism is the new nomenclature

Semites are arabs … eh?


Well, how about that? It’s no longer just “anti-Semitism” , it’s now “pure anti-Semitism”. Do they still believe that their old tricks still work?


It worked in my Country,they destroyed a political party with their vile lies.


Corbyn was a vile anti-Judaism Hater … his 15 minutes are up


and for that the embedded and entrenched jews in uk should all be punished, many ways to do so, flog them, throw them out the window of the shard, drown them in the reservoir etc. must be some penalty for meddling in the domestic policies of uk.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

In my country to, We are helpless against this gangsters.


Of course its anti semitic,isn’t everythingcomment image ?


Corbynista …

Here’s looking at you kid …


The ICC is what this article was about … eh?

But after the 2014 War called ‘Protective Edge’ … a hue and cry erupted from the proles of the World … eh? These proles felt there was an issue of proportionality in deaths … too many women and children killed … eh?

2200+ Gazans killed but only a handful were combatants … isn’t that the point?

After the War … the IDF called a group of former military men made up of former generals / defense officials from Germany, Colombia, India, Spain, Australia, the USA, France, Italy and the UK who “found that Israel not only abided by the laws of armed conflict, but far surpassed their requirements, despite damning reports by the UN and non-governmental organizations that accused the IDF of potential war crimes.”

Cue the violins … the ICC will have to hear ALL the evidence these military experts used to come to their conclusions instead of the whiners … eh?

So whose gonna win?

The whiners or the military experts?

The non-governmental chorus vs the experts in the laws of armed conflicts

It’s a rhetorical question …. eh?


Arch Bungle

It’s a Trap.

The ICC is a zionist trojan horse.

This is the same court that goes after the enemies of the Anglo-American-Zionist imperial project.

The only Justice the Palestinians should trust is the justice of the Katyusha and Grad rocket.

The only court they should submit to is the court of Resistance to Occupation.


yep, but the idea to be able to giver netanyahu his gadaffi-moment should work a long way towards such end, and then the rest of the jews in palestine as well of course.


“The only Justice the Palestinians should trust is the justice of the Katyusha and Grad rocket.”

Don’t forget the kalashnikov and the machette.

Arch Bungle

Those are surgical instruments for later …


The use of ‘Double Standards’ against Israel is obvious … except for the blind

Ilya Grushevskiy

Starting wars of aggression (as any firing of a missile into Syrian territory is) is illegal under international law. Some nations do go for it, but here they break the law.

Israel is different: Deuteronomy 20 and Sanhedrin 2 claim that aggressive war is legal to the Jews.

Difference is when Israel attacks others – it is within its own laws, and it can show itself to be just de-jure.

So the former are psychopaths who at least care for the fig leaf (and the fig leaf helps to reduce wars of aggression), the latter is a psychopath that prides itself in murder and genocide.

Only standard is that the Talmudic faith is a Mafia. Look, they even have their own version of Omerta!



Wow … a goy with ‘Talmudic’ understanding … go figure rebbe

Israel fires at Iranian positions attempting to create ‘firing zones’ from which to attack Israel … hello?
It’s disingenuous to say otherwise … full stop

I’m keeping score … eh?

Whose winning so far?

It’s a rhetorical question … eh?

Just Me

comment image


Aww … no toys ?

I could give a sh Xt

Ilya Grushevskiy

Go read ‘The Jewish State’ by Herzl. You will find he makes it plain that Israel would be a colonial enterprise.

And it was – Europeans settling an area of the ME that has 1000 year of history of being crusaded at by Europe.

Israel can get its nation, I am not against Zionism in spirit, I am against it in its current letter – of gaining a nation through slow drip ethnic cleansing and genocide.

.. If only because it’s oxymoronic to say you want a geographic nation for security from fear. To do that you work with the people that live around you. (and no, not just bribing the Sheiks for a peace treaty).


The Great Powers gave the lands between the River and the Sea to the Jewish People as a Homeland … full stop

The Arab/Muslims from the beginning denied the Jews this ‘right’ …
• their relentless attacks: 1929 Hebron Pogrom / 1936-39 Civil
War / 1948-49 War of Independence/Naqba
• their intransigence: 1937 Peel Partition Plan / 1947 UN Partition Plan

The Jews/Zionists/Israelis were willing to compromise … the Arabs were NEVER GOING TO COMPROMISE … clearly

The two sides that were more or less equal are today vastly different in strength … the Jews/Zionists/Israelis are dictating terms going forward …

Ilya Grushevskiy

A thief talked to another thief and they agreed to split some loot.

If you believe that is just or reasonable, I wish you chance on a little growth in wisdom through life.


The victors of WWI … decided the fate of the Ottoman Empire’s lands … eh?

The Great Powers declared the lands between the River and the Sea to be a Homeland for the Jewish People … eh?

The Pals are finished …

The Jews/Zionists/Israelis are there by rights and International Law / Treaty … hello?

The Jews/Zionists/Israelis will remain sovereign by their might … a military superpower … an economic success … a vibrant and growing population … full stop

No regrets …


Ilya Grushevskiy

A subsidised welfare state. A leech.

May the Jewish nation reform its laws to not hate Gentiles one day, and live in peace with their neighbours, but until then Israel will neither be, nor feel safe.


The Torah states:

‘Love your brother as yourself’

‘To save a life is as if he has saved all humanity’

These are JEWISH PRECEPTS … originating from the JEWISH TORAH/Holy Bible/the Tanakh/the 5 Books of Moses/the Old Testament

The Gulf Arabs seem to have accepted the Jewish State as a neighbor … as have Jordan and Egypt …

Ilya Grushevskiy

Jews follow the TaImud, or are you a Karaite?

Here is the Tanya:

“The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot, which contain no good whatsoever, as is written in Etz Chaim, Portal 49, ch. 3, that all the good that the nations do is done out of selfish motives.

So the Gemara comments on the verse, “The kindness of the nations is sin”—that all the charity and kindness done by the nations of the world is only for their self-glorification.”

Jews are fairly exemplar in their behaviours to other Jews. But you can’t possibly swing that Jews have a good approach to Gentiles.

Remember Maimonides said blacks and asians had no potential for spiritual progress? Schneerson said some nice (old meaning, ignorant) stuff too. The list is long.


Commentary is what the Tanya/Gemara/Maimonides who lived 1000 yr ago … lots of opinions

Like here on this site … eh?

Your selective reading implies YOU’VE found anti-Judaism sites and ‘cherry-pick’ your faves to post … pmsl

Keep on reading you might learn something unexpectedly …


Ilya Grushevskiy

It’s not just the ideology that betrays that that side is which is most followed by Jews, but practical considerations.

How Jews cheer for the genocide of Palestine rhymes with how they get their kids to celebrate Purim by ceremonialy throwing stones at a name to ‘blot it out’ – emotionally reliving the experience of commiting genocide themselves.

How Israel steals nuclear tech and materials from the US, then kills servicemen of its allies, shows that most don’t have respect for Gentiles or their laws.

Or how during the expected post WWI ‘holocaust’ of 5.5m starving Jews, when organised Jewry gathered donations from their Gentile benefactors – to provide charity irregardless of creed – organised Jewry only helped their own.

Of course this is a broad brush, and there are good folk amongst the Jews, and good offshoots such as reform Judaism.

However whilst choseness remains, the supremacist complex that gets born of it will always hobble the Jewish mind that accepts the idea.

Saso Mange

”He also alleged that the ICC was created to investigate Nazi atrocities, and that it had no right to investigate what Israel did.”

As if Israel is above law because of what Jewish people suffered in WW2. Israel is not representative for all Jewish people no matter how hard it tries, never was. And that scam of representing itself as Jewish master is the only legitimacy Israel has, based on a lie. Actually this move by Bibi was fascist in itself, to dismiss investigation is shameful act!


Antisemitism is a term of the past, today misgendering is the most criminal thought.


In addition to all the well known examples of IIsraeli war crimes, they have been caught on camera numerous times dropping white phosphorus in civilian areas. If Syria did that then the US would be itching to launch another cruise missile strike.

But no, Israelis believe themselves to be special and above the law. Which is bound to happen when a people teach their children they are god’s chosen.

Black Waters

You hear it from the source guys, if you don’t allow israhell to bomb you to ashes you’re an antisemite ;)

This psychopath is crossing the red line, behaving like a fucking nazi.


Zionist definition of anti-semitism: “Any goyim who refuses to do what we tell him”

Just Me

comment image


Who takes any notice of the fake state’s liar in chief, this clown is the laughing stock of the entire world.

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